September 26, 2019

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2019 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 5: Middle Tennessee @ Iowa

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2019 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 3-0, 1-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: votes #14, 714 points
Coaches:  #14, 778 points
College Football Playoff:
*Times Eastern

August 31st, Miami (Ohio) @ Iowa, WIN 38-14
September 7th, Rutgers @ Iowa, WIN 30-0
September 14th, Iowa @ Iowa State, WIN 18-17
September 21st, Bye Week #1
September 28th, Middle Tennessee State @ Iowa, 12:05 pm, ESPN2
October 5th, Iowa @ Michigan, 12:00 pm, FOX
October 12th, Penn State @ Iowa, TBD
October 19th, •Purdue @ Iowa, 12:00 pm, TBD
October 26th, Iowa @ •Northwestern, 12:00 pm, TBD
November 2nd, Bye Week #2
November 9th, Iowa @ •Wisconsin, TBD
November 16th, •Minnesota @ Iowa, TBD
November 23rd, •Illinois @ Iowa, TBD
November 29th (Friday), Iowa @ •Nebraska 2:30 pm, BTN

•Ten West Division Game

Scouting next opponent
Rutgers @ Michigan, 9/28, 12:00 pm, BTN

*Wondering which BTN channel we are on? Click, enter, find.
 September 28h, Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders, 1-2, 0-0 Conference USA East. @ Iowa Hawkeyes, 3-0, 1-0 Big 10 West 
Previous Meetings: 0
Last Meeting: Never

Kinnick Color of the Week: Home, go with black.

Current Line: Iowa -24.5

Stanley Passing TD Count  6, (season record 27) 
Stanley Career Passing TD Count (record 74 Chuck Long), 
Stanley career to date 58

Turnover Margin: +5,  B1G #1 FBS #7

Interceptions:  3 B1G #2, FBS #25

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2019 through week 3
Total   405.3 Pass 232.3  Rush 173.0  Scoring 28.7
B1G    #10            #10                #6                 #10
FBS    #73        #74                #65               #73
Total   262.7  Pass 186.7 Rush 76.0     Scoring 10.
B1G    #4             #6              #6                  #3
FBS    #17           #42            #15                #10

Iowa                          3-0, 1-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West #14 AP
Wisconsin     3-0, 1-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West #8 AP
Minnesota     3-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West 
Nebraska              3-1, 1-0 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Illinois               2-2, 0-1 B1G, 0-1 B1G West
Purdue               1-2, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Northwestern   1-2, 0-1 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Week 3: Iowa State

As the game begins, we see the coaches and players talking about the CyHawks series, and then Kirk answers a few questions.  We get some more FS1 pregame, and then finally get to the field, and the booth says that there will be some showers moving in.  Indeed.  It is very overcast as ISU kicks off.

And ISU is kicking from the open end of the wind tunnel that is Jack Trice, and the kickoff sails out bounds behind the end zone.  Iowa starts from the 25.

The booth points out that ISU issuing a 3-3-5 defensive formation, as Iowa starts with Nate in the gun, and he snaps the ball, and quickly tries the far side, the quick out pattern to his tight end Weiting but and ISU defender knocks the ball away, 2nd and 10.

Nate to the gun again with IKM next to him, and 3 wideouts on the near side, 1 on the far.  He runs the read/option, it goes to IKM, he tries the middle but gets only 1.  3rd and 9 from the 26.

Nate has the team in the same look, after the snap, the pocket begins to close, but Nate fires a rope down the far hash, ISM, caught, and downed but that is an Iowa 1st down at the 37!

Nate now under center, with Sargent alone behind him, and 2 wideouts low, 1 high.  It goes to Sargent at the snap. he dives right up the middle, gets hit, but manages to fall forward.  That is good for 5, a 2nd and 5 coming up.  

Nate again under center, with Ross the fullback offset in the H back position, Sargent again in the tailback spot.  He snaps it, fakes the hand off, then rolls to the near side, he tries the deep pass to Smith but it is off target and no good, 3rd and 5.  

Nate goes back to the gun with IKM next to him, he snaps it, drops back, looks middle but then comes back near side and fires it, caught, Raganini, he turns the corner and is then dropped, but that is 8 yards and a Hawkeye 1st down right at the 50 yard line!

Iowa to the I formation.  Nate snaps it, turns, hands it to Sargent, he plows straight ahead, and picks up about 6 more.  2nd and 4.

Hawks now to the offset I.  Nate snaps it, fakes the handoff, looks, then fires it far side, caught and then falling down in bounds, Tracy, that is 15 more yards and an Iowa 1st down at the ISU 29!

Nate goes back to the gun, the freshman Goodson is just to his left but behind him, Nate hands it to him, he tires going off tackle right, that gets about 3 yards, so its 2nd and 7.  

Now Nate tries a deep pass to Tracy along the far sideline, he was open, but the pass sails out of bounds, and its 3rd and 7.  

Nate to the gun again, he looks to the near side and points down the field, he snaps it, pauses a second, then takes off up the middle, across the 25, the 20, and finally dropped at the 16, that is 10 yards running for Nate, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the ISU 16!!

Nate back to the gun as Iowa threatens.  He snaps it, it goes to Sargent, he tries the far side, but gets dropped for no gain.  2nd and 10.  

Nate to the gun again, he snaps it, drops, looks near side, nothing, looks far side, noting, still no pressure on him, then he fires it down the far has, caught, Ragaini, 6 more yards, and Iowa was at the ISU 10 with a 3rd and 4.

Nate from the gun again, but it goes to Sargent, he starts middle, but then cuts it to the near side, he gets hit, but can’t fall forward over the yellow line, its a 3 yard gain, and Iowa brings out the field goal unit.  

Its just a 25 yard kick and its no sweat for Duncan, and Iowa leads it 3-0 at the 7:37 mark of the 1st.  It was a 15 play drive that took half the 1st quarter, a TD there would be been better.  Timeout.  

During that Iowa drive, a light rain had been falling.  

After the break, Shudak handles the kickoff, he the ball lands at the 5, the return man starts up middle, but then tries to go to the far side, but the Iowa coverage team flies and and drops him, that is an ISU 1st down at their 14.  Timeout.

After the break the teams took the field, the booth says the rain is coming down harder, and that they also saw a lightning strike.  

Purdy is in the gun to start, and the snap is high, he has to reach up with his right hand to snag it, he steps to the right, then quickly fires it down the far hash, caught, but an Iowa defense has just missed snagging it as he dove in front of the receiver, that is that is 12 yards, and a State 1st down at their 26.  As ISU lines up for the next play, the officials announce that the play is under review, as the booth notes that because of the lighting strike, Fox has pulled their cameramen off the field, so we just have the view from the press box camera.  The catch is good, and then the official says that there is a lightning delay.  1st down ISU at their 26, clock at 7:18 of the 1st quarter, and the wait for the weather begins.  

After 49 minutes the game resumes.  

Purdy is in the gun, and has he snaps the ball, he fakes the handoff, but then he is under heavy pressure as he fires it down the middle, the receiver jumps and snags it, 12 yards, an ISU 1st down at their 38.

Now a tailback gets it, he tries the middle, Stone hits him and drives him back, but it’s 7 yards, 2nd and 3.

From the gun again, Purdy floats a quick pass near side, the Hawks have him, but he sidesteps the tackle and shuffles his way to a 1st down at the ISU 49.

ISU returns to the gun, a tailback next to Purdy’s right, 2 wideouts far side, one near, he snaps it, then fires a pass behind the line far side, but indeed of running, he turns and fires the pass down the far side of the field, and the ISU receiver is wide open, the pass is caught, and he strolls into the end zone, touchdown ISU, and the kick is good, ISU leads it 7-3.  The booth point out that Iowa has 4 defensive backs who are out of this game.  at 5:44 of the 1st the Hawks trail.

As ISU kicks off, it looks like sunshine above Jack Trice.  ISM makes the catch just inside the goal line, and tries to take it up the middle, but he is caught and dropped at the 13 yard line.  An Iowa 1st down.  Iowa starts in the I formation.  

Nate snaps it, turns, hands it to Sargent, he goes right up the middle to pick up 6, 2nd and 4.

Now to the gun with Sargent to his right, Nate snaps it, looks left and quickly fires it to ISM, but the pass is too high, ISM gets his hands on it, but it falls to the near near an ISU defender.  3rd and 4.

Nate to the gun, with 5 wide on the field. He snaps it, drops back two steps, is looking middle, then first it, but it is batted down just behind the line, no good, and Iowa has gone 3 and out after the Clone TD.  The Iowa punt team takes the field. 

Sleep-Dalton punts the ball from about the 7 yard line, it falls at the ISU 33 where a fair catch is made.  1st down ISU, clock at 4:42.  A 48 yard punt.  Timeout.

The booth shows us the history of the CyHawk series.  With a note that Iowa has won the last 4 meetings.  

Purdy is in the gun, with a tailback to his left. Purdy keeps the ball and takes off down the near sideline, he scoots out of bounds just past the sticks, that is 11 yards, and an ISU 1st down at the 44.

This drive would last 6 plays and get to the Iowa 32, but the Iowa defense stopped them there, and the Hawks got the ball back.  

Iowa starts from the 20 at the 1:34 mark of the 1st.  Iowa to the I formation, Young gets it, he goes right up the middle to get 9 yards, that is a good start, 2nd and 1.  

Young gets it again, but gets nothing.  3rd and 1. 

Iowa to the power I, no wideouts outside the hashmarks.  It goes to the fullback Ross and he just dives over the pile, 2 yards, that is an Iowa 1st down.  

The first quarter comes to and end.  Iowa trails 7-3, timeout.  

After the break, we see a field level view.  And the sun is gone. And black clouds loom over Jack Trice.  

Nate starts in the gun, he snaps it, looks middle, quickly fires there, caught, Ragaini, the crossing route, he turns the corner and picks up 18, that is a Hawkeye 1st down at the 50 yard line!

Nate down tries a deep pass down the middle, but as the ball comes down, Tracy is double covered, and the pass was too long anyway, no good, 2nd and 10.

Nate to the gun, with a tailback to his right, and 3 wideouts on the near side, but Iowa is nailed for a false start, once again, the booth points out that lightning appeared, and Fox has pulled all their cameramen off the field, so we just have the press box camera.  Iowa to the I formation.

It’s a screen pass, caught, Sargent, he gets to the far sideline, but then gets forced out, it nets only 6 yards.  3rd and 9.

Nate snaps the ball, looks, he has pressure so he moves to the near side, he spins out of a tackle and looks downfield, points to a wide out, then wires it down the near hash, for Ragaini, but its too hight, and the Iowa punt team took the field.

The punt lands at the 5 yard line, there are Hawks there, but they can’t down it, and it bounces into the end zone. Timeout.  Clock at 13:24 of the 2nd.

After the break, the players are leaving the field.  Lightning again in the area, and this time, we would settle in for a 2 hour break this time.  After the game, we learned that the Iowa training staff had fanned out across Ames to find a deli where they could get 60 sandwiches.  Eventually they did, so the Hawks were able to carb up again during this long weather delay. 

The Clones would get to the Iowa 48 on this drive, but Iowa would stop them there.  The Hawks would get the ball at their 4 yard line after the punt.  Clock at 9:34 of the 2nd.

But Iowa would get 4 on a run by Young, then a quick pass to Sargent and he was down just inside the yellow line.  3rd and a long 1.

Iowa is in the I formation, but Nate does not hand it off, he drops back, but then an ISU defender flew in and Nate could not spin away, he is sacked at the 5 yard line, and Iowa has gone 3 and out and the punt team takes the field.

Sleep-Daltons punt lands at the ISU 48, where a fair catch is made.  ISU 1st down, clock at 7:23 of the 2nd.  

ISU would get to the Iowa 30 after 4 plays, with a 2nd and 7.

Purdy snaps the ball, and keeps it, as he tries gaining speed he gets it, and then we seeN the ball on the ground, Stone with hit, and now it is rolling around, some players dive at it, and finally a Hawkeye falls on and and pulls it into his body, a TURNOVER, and Iowa has the ball at the Iowa 19, 1st and 10, clock at 5:01 of the 2nd.  

Nate to the gun, with Sargent to his left.  He snaps it, looks far side, fires, caught, ISM, he pauses a second to left some Clones fly by, then surges forward to get 8 yards to the Iowa 27.  2nd and 3.

Nate to the gun again, but it goes to Sargent, he tries the middle, gets about 1, 3rd and 1.

Nate runs the QB sneak and plows across the yellow line.  Iowa 1st down, clock at 3:44 and counting,31 yard line. 

Now to the I formation.  Sargent gets the ball, goes up the middle, across the line, now at high speed, across the yellow line, across the 45, the 50, and finally caught and dropped, 22 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the ISU 47!!!

With Iowa at the ISU 47 with a 1st down, the clock is at 3:00 minutes, and counting.  

Sargent tries the right side this time , but that goes nowhere.  2nd and 10.

Iowa to the I formation, but Nate fakes the handoff, he turns, fires it down the far side, caught, Smith, and out of bounds, 12 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the ISU 35!

Iowa to the power I.  Just one wideout off the line on the near side. 

It goes to Young who tries the middle but gets nothing.  2nd and 10.  Clock at 1:22.

Nate to the gun, he snaps it, looks far side, then comes back near, takes the under, Ragaini, caught, he steps thru one tackle, then gets more upfield.  7 yards, 3rd and 7, as the clock drops under 1:00 minute of the 2nd.  Iowa has 3 timeouts.

Iowa does not snap the ball until their are 29 seconds left on the clock, Nate snaps it, looks, fires near hash, caught Ragaini again, that is enough for a 1st down at the ISU 24, and Iowa finally calls timeout. Clock at 21 seconds of the 2nd. 

After the break, Iowa to the gun.  Nate snaps it, looks, the fires far side, caught, Smith, but it only goes for 3.  The pass was behind Smith so he can’t turn upfield.  It only nets 2 yards.  2nd and 8.  Timeout Iowa.  Clock at 13 seconds. 

Nate now hits ISM on the near side, he gets just a few yards, and Iowa calls timeout with 1 second left.  On comes the field goal team, and its a 40 yard kick.  And its no problem for Duncan, and we got to the half trailing 7-6.  

At the bar Hawk fans were grumbling that Iowa did not have more urgency on that drive.  

We had leaned during the final minutes that the teams had agreed to a 17 minute halftime, as opposed to the usual 20 minute.

At least we are not Sparty.  Ha!

And we return.  Puny press box there ISU.  But the skies are clear.

Half-time stats.  Iowa has 170 total yards, ISU 185.  But Iowa has had 18:59 of possession, ISU only 11:01.

Shudak kicks the ball into the end zone, and ISU brings it out to the 24.  1st down ISU.

Purdy to the gun.  He hands it off, he goes up the middle, gets 3. 2nd and 7.

Same look, Purdy snaps it, drops aback. then fires it deep over the middle, it’s caught, and the Hawks have no angle to stop him going 73 yards for the touchdown.  ISU now leads it 14-6 just two plays into the 3rd quarter.  

ISM brings the kickoff from the 6 out to the 24.  1st and 10 Hawkeyes.  

Nate to the gun, Nate snaps it, drops back, then fires it near side - his man is open, but the pass is low - and an ISU defender gets his hands on it, but then falls to the true, as does the ball.  Incomplete.  The both points out that Nate has thrown 99 passes on the season and has not been picked off yet.  

2nd 10, Nate quickly hits Smith, and he jumps over the diving tackler, he starts up field, and gets hit just short of the yellow stripe, but as he comes down he lands on the defender, and does in fact roll off him across the yellow line.  But they mark it one yard short, I think Kirk could have challenged that.

Because on the 3rd and 1, Iowa goes to the Power I, but Sargent can not get the 1 yard needed, and Iowa has gone 3 and out after ISU scored.  Hawks fans with a bad feeling.  On comes the punt team, Sleep-Dalton a 51 yard punt, fair catch at the ISU 11.

Clones would go on an 8 play drive that would get them to the Iowa 37, but from there, the Hawkeye defense would stop the Clones, and their punt bounced into the end zone for a touchback.  

We hear that ISU is on a 7 game home winning steak.  And the Hawks have won 9 straight non conference games.

Oh and the Nebraska game has been moved to the Fox Business Channel.  

Nate starts in the gun - he looks, then is pressured to he turns and heads for the far sideline, he is looking downfield, then he fires it along the far sideline, caught, Weiting, and then he falls out of bounds, that is 6 yards for a 2nd and 4 at the 26.

Now Nate hits a quick swing pass to Goodson, he makes the catch, sidesteps a tackle and turns the corner, 5 yards, that is an Iowa 1st down at the 31!!!

Nate to the gun again, he snaps it, has pressure, spins away has more pressure, and then tries to throw the ball away, but flags fly, and he is called for intentional grounding.  2nd and now 26.

Nate now has split backs on either side of him, he snaps it, looks far, comes back to take the under to Goodson, a screen, but he just gets 4 yards to bring up a 3rd and 22.

The ISU fans crank the noise up to another level.  

Nate to the gun, Goodson to his right, 2 wideouts on the far side, and 1 one the near.  He snaps it, looks, then fires a rope down the near hash, it’s a VERY tight window but caught, ISM, and that is a 27 yard gain and an Iowa 1st down!  ISM stands up and points the 1st down signal as the Hawk fans in the stadium are now being heard!!!

IKM now gets 9 cards on a carry, he dives and weaves his way along the near side.  2nd and 1 from the ISU 45.

IKM again, off tackle right, he crosses the yellow line, then gets hit and dives forward.  5 yards, first down Iowa at the ISU 40.  

Now Goodson gets the ball, he stops and swings around two tackles, then gets to the corner and accelerates into the open field - finally a corner comes up to challenge as he nears the sideline, Goodson just runs into the guy who flies back into the sideline, as Goodson stares him down.  1st down Hawks at the ISU 26!!!

Now Nate tries for Smith right at the goal line - Smith got his hands on it, but he had to leap, and he can’t bring it down.  If Nate could have hit him in the numbers that would have been a Hawkeye TD.  2nd and 10.

Now the Hawks run a jet sweep to ISM, but he can’t turn the corner.  3rd and 10 from the 26.

Nate has immediate pressure after he snaps the ball. He steps up, but then takes the under to Goodson, but this time he can’t outrun the coverage and he gets dropped after a 2 yard gain.  On coms the field goal team.

This is a 42 yard attempt, and it’s good!  Hawks climb back to 14-9 with 2:15 left in the 3rd quarter.

Shudak boots the kickoff to the ISU 17, but there are flags on the field.  ISU is called for a block in the back, that is half the distance, and ISU must start from their 6.  The Hawkeye defense becomes a shark, smelling blood in the water.  

A handoff, Iowa stuffs it for no gain.  2nd and 10.

Purdy now hits a crossing route, the catch is made, but he shakes off the initial tackle, and puts his hand down to steady himself - but then Stone flies in and drills him on the spot, and that is no gain again, 3rd and 10 from the ISU 6!!!

On 3rd down Purdy tries to float the ball deep down the near side, but as it comes down it’s closer to being picked off then caught, and falls to the turf.  4th down, the booth points out that is the first 3 and out for ISU this season.  On comes the State punt team.

The punter is deep in his end zone, Ragaini makes the catch at the ISU 40, with blockers he heads to the far side, turns the corner, and takes off - and is finally forced out of bounds at the ISU 25, a 15 yard return, 1st down Hawkeyes!!!!!

Iowa starts in the power I, just one wideout on the near side, Goodson at tailback.  Goodson gets it and tries the far side, but he gets tripped up, and loses a yard.  2nd and 11.  That brings an end to the 3rd quarter. Timeout.  

The 4th begins with Iowa having and 2nd and 11 from the ISU 26.

Nate tries a quick under pass to Meyer, it’s no good, 3rd and 11.

Now Nate back to the gun, he looks down field, but then pulls it down and heads to the near side, he turns the corner, and then steps out of bounds, 14 yards, that is an Iowa 1st down at the ISU 12!!!

Iowa to the power I,  Nate barks out commands as he goes under center. It goes to IKM, he tries off tackle left, but is soon hit, and can’t spin out of it.  2 yards, 2nd and 8 from the ISU 10.

Nate to the gun, Nate snaps it, looks middle, but has pressure, so he pulls it down and takes off, he gets to the 4 yard line and gets popped. That brings up a 3rd and 2 at the ISU 4.  

Nate to the gun.  Nate steps up the the line to change the call.  Then back to the gun, he snaps it, runs the read/option to ISM, he heads off tackle left, gets the corner turned, and falls down on  Iowa State 1 yard line, 1st down Hawkeyes!!!

Nate under center, he snaps the ball, and the Iowa O line surges forward, as the fullback shoves Nate in the back, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  But the Hawks go for two, and Nate has quick pressure, and as he rolls he throws into traffic, and the ball falls to the turf.  Hawks lead now 15-14 with the clock at 12:10 off the 4th.  

Shudak gives no return.  ISU starts at the 25. 

Purdy has to to bring him his arm down after two Hawks leap to knock down his pass, so he just just underhand flips the ball to the right, but he can’t hit the under, and it falls to the turf.  2nd and 10.

Now he has almost immediate pressure, he spins and rolls out to the near side, he tries throwing the back back across his body, but he can’t hit his open man.  3rd and 10.  

Under almost immediate pressure again, he fires it near side, and caught right on the sideline, 11 yards, a Clone 1st down.  

Now Purdy hits passes of 13 and 15 yards.  And ISU was at the Iowa 36.  1st down.

Now Epenesa puts serious heat on Purdy, he escapes and picks up 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

Now a quick pass to the near sideline picks up 7.  1st down ISU.  

And another pass to the near side, caught, 8 more yards,  2nd and 2.

Now a hand off and he gets a 1st down on the Iowa 11.  

Can the Iowa defense hold, Hawk fans wonder.

Now Purdy keeps it, and tries the far side.  He gets a couple.  2nd and 8.

Now a quick pass to the tight end in the back of the end zone, but the pass is too high, and sails out of bounds.  Stone is dinged up on the play and heads to the sideline.  

3rd and 8.  Iowa State calls time out.  Clock at 7:56 of the 4th.

Now Purdy has to deal with Epenesa spinning him around, and  his fade pass to the near side of the end zone sails long, and the Iowa defense has held  On come the ISU field goal team.

Its just a 26 yard kick, and it’s good the Clones regain the lead 17-15 with 7:46 left in the game.

This kickoff sails out the back of the end zone. Hawks start at the 25. 

Nate is under center, he snaps it, fakes the handoff, then rolls to the near side, he floats the ball deep down the near sideline, but ISM had fallen down as he broke on his route, and the pass falls to the turf.  2nd and 10.

Iowa to the I formation.  It goes to Sargent who tries the far side, that gets 6 yards.  3rd and 4.

Now Nate hits Sargent on the under, caught, he strolls around the corner to pick up 14 yards for an Iowa 1st down out at the 45!!!

Now Nate has immediate pressure be he stands tall and kind of side arms the pass to the near side, caught, Smith, and he turns and runs up field before he is finally pushed out.  28 yards, and Iowa 1st down at the ISU 27!!!

Nate now tries to find Meyer over the middle, the pass is knocked away, tho it seemed like the defender had too much of Meyers jersey in his hands as the pass arrived.  2nd and 10.

Nate hands it to Sargent, he comes to the near side and picks up 6. 3rd and 4 from the ISU 20.

Now Nate tries to hit Ragaini in the end zone, but there is triple coverage there, and the pass gets knocked up in the air, and finally falls to the turf.  Iowa brings on Duncan and the field goal team.

It’s a 39 yard kick and Duncan is good again, and Iowa now leads 18-17!!! Clock at 4:51 of the 4th.

Shudak gives no return.  ISU from the 25.

Purdy starts with a pass over the middle, caught, 21 yards, 1st down at the ISU 46.

Now a tailback gets 17 yards to near side, and ISU is at the Iowa 36.

There is flag, and ISU is called from not having all 11 members set for a full second before the snap.  A false start.  1st and 15.

Now a quick pass to the near side is caught by the tight end, 7 yards.  2nd and 8.

Now Purdy fakes the handoff and tries for the near side, but he slips!  And falls down 5 yards behind the line!  3rd and 13!!!

For the first time all game the Hawkeye D line shows the Berserker -  standing on the D line, trying to confuse the ISU O line.

Now Iowa brings extra pressure and Purdy has to quickly float it to the far side, his man seems open, but then Johnson flies in and knocks it away!  And there is a flag on the play. And - it’s on ISU.  A personal foul for hands to the face by on O lineman.  But Iowa declines the penalty to bring up 4th and 13.  Clock at 2:13 of the 4th.

Iowa State has to call a timeout as the play clock was at 2 seconds.  

Purdy takes and extra deep drop and tries the far side, Johnson arrives just a second too soon and knocks the ball to the turf, but also the wideout.  A flag flies. But then - the referee said there were to fouls on the play.  Holding on ISU.  And pass interference on Iowa.  And those fouls offset.  So we have one more 4th and 13 for Iowa State.  

Hawks again have the D line standing up, milling around. Purdy snaps it then fires it far down the far side, but it’s too far, and a Hawkeye defender just knocks the ball to the turf, and the Iowa defense has held!!!  Iowa ball at their 39!!!

Clock at 2:00 left in the game.

Hawks just need one 1st down.  It goes to Sargent, he gets about 2 yards going up the middle, ISU calls timeout.  Their 2nd.  Clock 1:52.

Sargent now to the far side, he gets 1, timeout Clones, clock at 1:45, the last Clones timeout.

3rd and 7.  Nate snaps it and rolls far side, he find Weiting, but it’s not enough for a 1st down.  So on comes the Iowa punt team.  Clock at 1:37.

Sleep-Dalton is lined up, and Iowa is hit for a delay of game.  Sleep-Dalton now kicking from the 25.  And now a false start on Iowa.  Now punting from the 20, Sleep-Dalton does the running kick, as the ball is flying, one of the Iowa gunners is being harassed by a Clone defender all the way down the field, and as the ball is coming down, he shoves the Iowa gunner to the sideline, but his momentum carries him into the return man, and the ball hits him in the back and falls to the turf, and a Hawkeye flies in and falls in it before it rolls out of bounds!!!!!!  Another turnover, and Iowa can now kneel on the ball to kill the clock!!!!!!!

At first the booth wonders if there would be a flag, but no, it was the Clone who ran into the return man, a catastrophic mistake, and Iowa has not had a turnover against Iowa State in the last 4 meetings. The same can’t be said for Iowa State. 

It was recovered by Young, #17, a senior defensive back who never cracked the two deep.  But he made the play of the game.  

Iowa assumed the position 3 times and that was it, 5 times in a row over the Clowns, final 18-17!  The Beer Song rang out in Jack Trice and Iowa bars across the country.  See you next September Clones!

For the game, Nate was 22 for 35 for 201 yards, and the one TD on the day for the Hawks was his plunge in from a yard out.  Other than that one pass that the defender dropped while falling down, none of the other misses were risky on the pick front.  Still none for Nate thru 3 games.

Rushing, the Hawks were never able to get the grand and pound going like we wanted, but on the scoring drive getting the Hawks to the red zone it did fairly well.  Net 112 on the day, Sargent with 13 for 58, IKM 5 for 20, Goodson 3 for 16, and Young 4 for 13.  I trust the Iowa running game will be chompin’ at the bit to do better this week.

In the end, it was those two turnovers that loomed so large in the outcome.  The Purdy fumble was within Clone field goal range, and of course, the late muffed punt fumble cost the Clones a chance to get the ball back and win the game with a field goal.  Now 4 straight games in the CyHawks series that the Hawks have not committed a turnover.  That is how you win rivalry games.

Oh, and have the Big 10 Special Teams player of the week in Duncan for his 4 for 4 field goal, and even Johnson was Big 10 Freshman Defender of the week, who was torched on the Clones first double pass TD, then came back strong after.  Sure the Clones had 126 more passing yards than Nate, but the Hawk D held them to just 91 on the ground.  And we forced their 1st 3 and out on the season, no small fact in a game won by a single point.  

So the Hawks were able to gut out an emotional, 6 hour plus long win, to secure the 1st Trophy of the season, and then cruise into the bye week and let mayhem unleash itself on college football.  Ha!  Michigan.

Hawks move up to 14th in both polls, and we shall learn in the next day or two what players may be back in the lineup after the bye week.  Those Hawkeye teams of yore often had some hiccups in September - but then come October, things begin to come together. One more game this month to clean up the non con slate.  Focus on this game Hawks, then look to next week.  

WEEK 5: Middle Tennessee 

Welcome Blue Raiders to Iowa City! Hope you enjoy the stay - except for the score.

They are 1-2 one the young season, falling to Michigan in week 1, 40-21. Course Michigan just got steamrolled by the Badgers so hard to get a read on that one.  

In week two, they beat Tennessee State 45-26 to move to 1-1 on the season.  While Middle Tennessee got 237 on the ground in that one, they gave up 207.

Then in week 3, a 41-18 loss to Duke (football), where the Blue Devils racked up 226 on the ground.  They had a bye in week 4, as did the Hawks.

Of note of course, the back to back 200 yard running days against the Blue Raiders defense.  With Nate quite adept at play action, a strong Hawkeye running game could lead to some deep passes down the field.  And it does seem like Iowa will have their initial O line back, at least for a while, if Jackson will be able to go Saturday.  

The Raiders are lead by a sophomore QB, O’Hara, #10. He is 6’0 190 lbs, and while he is obviously the leading passer, he is also the leading rusher, with 202 yards to date.  So a week (well two) after dealing with a less mobile than anticipate Purdy, the Hawkeye defense will have to contain and then drop the young quarterback.  Season to date he has completed 71%  of his passes, for  785 yards, 8 TDS, and 2 interceptions.  

He has 42 rushing attempts through 3 games, the next most for an actual tailback is 18.  That is Mobley, #44, also a sophomore.  He has 18 carries for 107 and 2 TDs, for a 5.9 yard average.

Clearly, shutting him down so the only real threat to run being the QB will be key for the Iowa defense.  

And let’s talk about the front of the Iowa defense.  While they are generally stopping the run, and getting pressure, it has not resulted in sacks (just 1 season to date) yet.  Of course both Miami and ISU tried to get the ball out ASAP so that had something to do with it, and they totally shut down Rutgers.  So let’s see some more success chasing down the elusive QB.  

At this point the Hawks have been playing a bit more of the regular 4-3 in most spots, due to some of the injuries we have on the back end.  No official word on who from the secondary might be back this week, but with Johnson taking a big step forward last week, we may be ok back there.  

They will be contending with two wideouts with the most catches, Lee, #8, a 5’9 senior, with 12 catches for 135 and 1 TD, and and Pierce, #86, a 5’11 junior, with 10 catches for 128 and 2 TDs. Neither very big by wideout standards, or at least compared to Iowa State.  But if the Iowa D line has been invigorated by the bye week, then perhaps the backend won’t have to cover for long.

When Vegas sticks a line on a game like the one above, it probably tells you something.  I will assume the Hawks are substantially better than Duke - in football.  So that leads to the Iowa running game getting over 225, Nate with 4 TD passes, and the Hawk defense hold the Raiders to just 155 net.  Hawkeye 48, Blue Raiders 10.

Go Hawks!!!


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