July 24, 2018

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 24th, 2018

Welcome to the Dog Days of summer.  Here in Gotham. a stretch of mid 80s days, all with a decent chance of storms and rain.  In fact, the bright sky begins to cloud up as I type these words.

But what a great summer it is!  It started with my Capitals claiming their first Stanley Cup in Vegas.  And while things that happen in Vegas are supposed to stay there, it has been great fun seeing each Cap spend their Day With the Cup, as it travels around the country (and world) to the hometowns of every player and staff member.  And based on the offseason moves, the Caps seem ready to make another run for Cup glory in 2018-19.

The Dodgers have reclaimed their place atop the NL West, with Arizona and Colorado hanging close here in late July.  They are Philly for a series to start the week, where Utley is getting huge ovations when he comes to the plate, in this his final season.

And of course, we are now 39 days from the start of Hawkeye Football.

Which leads us to the Big Ten Media Days, from Chicago, going on right now.  Kirk, in year 20, the dead of all FBS coaches.  The Hawks are getting ready to challenge the Badgers for West supremacy, and in fact they open the B1G slate against Wisconsin.  It all kicks off on September 1st.

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Oh.  Yeah, September 1st also my birthday.  Alas.

Locally, NYC FC stands 4 points shy of Atlanta United for the lead in the Eastern Division of the MLS.  The only pro team born in New York City since I moved here, so my go to MLS team.  They just need their own soccer only stadium.  Yankee Stadium is not a soccer stadium. As of this writing there are no solutions for a stadium in place, but there seems to be growing momentum on the south Bronx.

Now time to jump back into the Week 1 Hawkeye Game Notes, with the new news coming out of the B1G Media Days.

Have a great day, and enjoy all the games!