September 6, 2018

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2018 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 2: Iowa State @ Iowa

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2018 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 1-0, 0-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 2 votes
Coaches: 8 votes 
College Football Playoff:
*Times Eastern

September 1st, Northern Illinois, WIN 33-7
September 8th, Iowa State, 5:05 pm, FOX
September 15th, Northern Iowa, 7:30 pm,  BTN
September 22nd, •Wisconsin, TBD
October 6th, @ •Minnesota, 3:30 or 4:00 pm, TBD
October 13th, @ Indiana, 12:00 pm, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2
October 20th, Maryland, 12:00 pm, TBD Homecoming
October 27th, @ Penn State, TBD
November 3rd, @ •Purdue, TBD
November 10th, •Northwestern, TBD
November 17th, @ •Illinois, TBD
November 23rd (Friday), •Nebraska, 12:00 pm, FOX

•Big Ten West Division Game

December 1st, 2018
2018 Big Ten Title Game
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis  

Scouting next opponent
September 8th, Northern Iowa bye week

*Wondering which BTN channel we are on? Click, enter, find.
September 8th, Iowa State, 0-0,  0-0 Big 12, 0-0 Big 12 North
Previous Meetings: 65, Iowa leads 43-22
Last Meeting: 2017 Hawkeyes 44 Cyclones 41, OT

Kinnick Color of the Week: None - go with Black

Current Line: Iowa -3.5

Stanley Passing TD Count (record 27) 1

Turnover Margin: +1,  B1G #4 FBS #24

Interceptions: 1, B1G #5, FBS #28

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2017 season final
Total   352.0  Pass 143.0  Rush 209.0  Scoring 33.0
B1G    #12           #13                #7                 #9
FBS    #91     #106              #52               #67
Total   211.0  Pass 110.0 Rush 101.0     Scoring 7.0
B1G    #2             #2              #4                  #2
FBS    #13           #17            #32                #11
Iowa                   1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Wisconsin   1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Northwestern   1-0, 1-0 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Minnesota     1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Illinois           1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Nebraska             0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Purdue             0-1, 0-1 B1G, 0-1 B1G West

WEEK 1: Northern Illinois

Well, if that was not the most Kirk Ferentz type game to claim the record, I don’t know what would be!

Slow start, only a 3-0 lead at halftime, Hawk fans worried, but then, halftime adjustments, and the Hawks cruised to a 33-7 victory, giving Kirk win #144 in his Hawkeye career.

And while it was not the most pretty game to watch (aside from the slow start, at least 5 dropped passes that Nate had on target), it was a comfortable win for most of the second half, and we did not really show any kind of new wrinkles in the offense for the Clown coaches to game plan on.

And as the second half wore on, the Hawks were able to get well into the depth chart, and that will pay dividends as the season goes on.  One thing we did not note last week, the NCAA changed the rule book this summer regarding games played and redshirts - now players can play in up to 4 games in a season and keep their redshirt status.  That will allow the Hawks to use some young players in certain spot duties, but keep their 4 years of eligibility still intact.  

Let’s look at the offense first, which as noted took about 30 minutes to find their footing.

Nate, 11 for 23 for 108 yards, with the 1 short td to Fant, and the 1 interception targeting Smith, who had triple coverage on him.  He also had a fumble that was credited to the otherwise ghosted Smith, but in fact Nate bumped into one of his linemen on the scramble and that lost the ball.  But Iowa got that back.

And then the backup Mansell got in for the 2nd half of the 4th quarter, and he was 2 for 2 for 35 yards, and also had a 1 yard TD plunge.  He does have a gun himself, and the more we can get him snaps during the non con season will be huge if he is needed later.  

Snagging those passes, Hockenson 4 for 64, Weiting 1 for 30, ISM 3 for 28, Fant 3 for 10, and the short 2 yard td, Sargent 1 for 6 and Cooper 1 for 5.  Fant also dropped a sure td pass in the 1st quarter that Nate put right on his hands.  

Sargent who?  #10, a sophomore, Mekhi, was not on the depth chart, but aside from his one catch he had 12 carries for 40 yards, with a long of 7.

But the main two tailbacks we expected, Young, 8 for 84, with a long of 40, on a drive that Iowa served notice the game would be out of reach.  And IKM, 16 for 62, with a long to 10.

But Iowa had 8 penalties for 66 yards, including two that brought back long runs by the tailbacks.  They are going to need to clean that up in a hurry this week.

Meanwhile, the Iowa defense was about as good as expected, again really turning it on after the break.  Yes the new linebackers looked a bit out of place on some plays, Jones in particular got benched for Hockaday after looking pretty lost on the field.  Clearly all 3 linebackers were making their first start, but Neimann the Younger looked the part, and he had 4 tackles and 1 in the backfield.

The tackle leader was the other linebacker Welch, who had 11, 7 solo, 1 sack, 1 tackle for a loss.

Hesse had 4 tackles 2 sacks and 2 tackles for a loss, and his understudy Epenesa had 4 tackles, a sack, and a tackle for a loss as well.  

As the 2nd half moved along, the Iowa D line was wreaking havoc in the NIU backfield.  In the final two quarters, the Huskies tried 20 running plays - for a net for 38 yards.

And Hooker played well in the back end, as did the Iowa corners, Hooker with the key interception deep in Iowa territory as NIU was driving to take the lead.  Then again, with the chaos caused by the Iowa D line, the corners did not have much to do as the game went on.

So the Hawks were able to get control of the game, and just wear down the Huskies.  Just as the Hawks fans would have liked.  Only a couple (or 4) tds in the 1st half please this week.  

And those 4 suspended Iowa players, two starting D lineman, and both starting offensive tackles, are back this week.   So both the Iowa D line and Iowa O line depth gets better as Hate Week moves into focus.

Week 2: Iowa State

This week, the Iowa Corn CyHawk Series returns!  Iowa sweet corn.  So good.  

But we have nothing to really go on!  The Clowns avoided a season opening loss to South Dakota State when the game was delayed by over 2.5 hours due to lightening, a 7:00 pm local start game.  And by the time the storm cleared, the game had been called off (Nebraska’s game also called off due to the same storm front).

So while the conventional wisdom holds that football teams can take big leaps between week 1 and week 2, for the Clowns, it’s their first action of the season, on the road in a suddenly much louder Kinnick with the new, still not completed North End Zone project.  Well, they did get 4 minutes into game 1 before the skies opened up.  Welcome, Clowns.

They are lead by now senior (6th year!) QB Kempt, #17.  He is 6’5 224.  He took over starting after the 4th game last year, and he was 161 for 243 (66.3%), for 1798 yards, with 15 tds, and just 3 picks.  He was sacked 12 times, and his season long for rushing yards in a game is 11, so he is in there to sling the ball, not run it.  

The top Clown tailback, Montgomery, #32. is now a junior.  Through his first two seasons, he has 367 carries for 1709 yards, and 13 rushing tds.  He also has 49 catches for 425 yards, but no receiving tds yet.  He is 5’11 216, so a bit of a combo bull and scat back - taking him away will be a challenge, but one that the Hawkeye D line is going to shoot for, and with two starters back, the lethal Iowa D line just got deeper and more dangerous.  

And the top wideout threat is also a junior, as the Clowns sent most of there top wideouts on to graduation last year.  Butler, #18, is 6’6 and 225 - and has 50 catches for 831 yards and 9 tds so far in his career.  The Iowa secondary seemed to play quite well in week 1,  of course that is easier when your D line is mowing down linemen en route to the QB. But remember, we have been putting All American defensive backs into the NFL quite a bit of late, so lets see some more of that swiping happening Saturday.  

There is talk on the Iowa message boards that the Clowns may start a redshirt freshman center, and true freshman middle linebacker.  So the Hawks won’t be the only ones breaking in new linebackers.  And a center who has never played more than 4 minutes - well, hello Iowa D line.

Oh, and there is also this - for the SDSU game, ISU had 4 players suspended - more or less stupid summer time stuff like the Iowa players.  But then shortly after the suspended game was called - the Clowns announced that the suspensions were complete, and the players would be in the lineup for the Hawkeye game.  So those 1 game suspensions lasted, 4 minutes.

Little matter to the Hawks, they were mostly young guys, and Iowa has all 4 of their guys back in the 2 Deep this week (both offensive tackles are back in their starting spots, and D linemen are backups to start the game).

Of course, Iowa played a great game with the backup offensive tackles last week - Smith, the all everything from NIU barely made a blip on the game, and the Hawks mostly had just 1 man on him most of the snaps.  

I expect Iowa to start quicker in game 2 (that Fant drop on the 3rd play of the game would probably have been a touchdown had he snagged it), and the Clowns will probably sell out to try and stop the Iowa tight ends from running free down the middle.  But if they do that, it opens up the Iowa running game - not to mention the outside receivers, who have to do a major job of stepping up this week.

And lets not forget, this is the first time this year the Clowns will be hearing opposing fan noise - which is now louder with the sort of new north end zone, and unlike game 1, this one is a sell out.  

And, there is one more thing.  The Clowns have now finally fully embraced life in the Big 12.  That is, (no defense allowed, optional defense, maybe token defense) high octane spread type offenses, as witnessed by some of the shootouts they were involved in after Kempt took over last year.

Well - Iowa does not run a spread offense, and yes, we do have a defense, perhaps molding into an elite one before the clock turns to Rocktober.

And we run a pro style offense, run first, then deep play action passes when your secondary steps up to stop the running game.  We are not a Big 12 team.

Again, it’s the first game for Iowa State, and it’s not in the friendly confines of Jack Trice.

We trust that Nate and his wideouts have been staying after practice this week.  In the scant public practices this summer it did look like Iowa receivers knew how to catch passes.  Let’s see it in the game this week, please.

There was word early in the week that IKM was seen in a boot that could indicated ankle problems.  If true, then the Hawks would be best to let Young and Sargent get the bulk of carries this week (and next), and let IKM return healthy for the Badgers.

Iowa starts quickly as Stanley finds Fant from 27 yards out, and from there, there floodgates open - Iowa rushes for  225 and Nate throws 4 td passes as he throws for 275 on the day.  The Iowa defense holds State to just 65 rushing net, and the Hawks pull away in the 2nd, keeping the CyHawk Trophy in Iowa City for another year.  State 17, Hawkeyes 47




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