August 30, 2018

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2018 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 1: Northern Illinois @ Iowa

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2018 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 0-0, 0-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
College Football Playoff:
*Times Eastern

September 1st, Northern Illinois, 3:30 pm, BTN
September 8th, Iowa State, 5:00 pm, FOX
September 15th, Northern Iowa, 7:30 pm,  BTN
September 22nd, •Wisconsin, TBD
October 6th, @ •Minnesota, 3:30 or 4:00 pm, TBD
October 13th, @ Indiana, 12:00 pm, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2
October 20th, Maryland, 12:00 pm, TBD Homecoming
October 27th, @ Penn State, TBD
November 3rd, @ •Purdue, TBD
November 10th, •Northwestern, TBD
November 17th, @ •Illinois, TBD
November 23rd (Friday), •Nebraska, 12:00 pm, FOX

•Big Ten West Division Game

December 1st, 2018
2018 Big Ten Title Game
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis  

Scouting next opponent
September 1st, South Dakota St @ Iowa State, 8:00 pm, Cyclones TV

*Wondering which BTN channel we are on? Click, enter, find.
September 1st, Northern Illinois Huskies, 0-0, 0-0 MAC West
Previous Meetings: 9, Iowa leads 8-1
Last Meeting: 2013, Northern Illinois 30, Iowa 27

Kinnick Color of the Week: Gold

Current Line: Iowa -10.5

Stanley Passing TD Count (record 27) 0

Turnover Margin: +/-,  B1G # FBS #

Interceptions: , B1G #, FBS #

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2017 season final
Total   340.3  Pass 197.8  Rush 142.4  Scoring 28.3
B1G    #10           #8                #11                 #5
FBS    #107     #88              #92                 #68
Total   355.3  Pass 213.3 Rush 142.1     Scoring 19.9
B1G    #8             #9              #8                  #6
FBS    #33           #48            #39                #19
Iowa                   0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Wisconsin   0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Northwestern   0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Purdue             0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Nebraska             0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Minnesota     0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Illinois             0-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West

WEEK 1: Northern Illinois

This week, Sedge’s Game Notes are brought to you by the Iowa Soybean Association!

Actually, that would be the game is brought to you by them.  I always liked Corn better (week 2 sponsor).

As we begin the 2018 Notes, the Hawkeyes are nearly done with the 2nd week of fall camp, and with just two weeks left until Swarm 2018 takes the field.  Yeah, it’s 91 out there right now, but soon enough it will feel like football season.

Let us begin with the players that will be taking the field to kick off the season.  We will start with the Iowa offense.

Due to Summer in Iowa City, the Hawks are down 3 starters and one reserve for this game, and 2 of those guys were O lineman.  Not injuries mind you, suspensions.  One game kind.  And who can say they spent, 5, 7 years in Iowa City and did find a little trouble now and then?

Iowa still runs a pro-style offense, so we shall start with the guys up front leading the way.

From the left, 

Kallenberger, #71, 6’6, 282, #RFr
Reynolds, #59, 6’4 295, Senior
Render, #69, 6’4, 307, Senior
Banwart, #61, 6’4, 296, Sophomore
Ferguson, #76, 6’4, 308, Senior

Ferguson has played little due to injuries early in his Iowa career, and Kallenberger is making his first start as a Hawkeye.  It is good to build some depth on the O line, as they set the plate for the Iowa offense to feast on.

Now into his second year as a starter at Quarterback, Stanley, #4.

Last year, he finished one TD pass shy of the Iowa single season passing TD record (26).  I am thinking he is going to make another run at that record this year, as it seems that Iowa may be finally getting enough talent to make us a pass first type offense.

That begins with pre-season All American tight end Fant, #87, the 6’5 junior.  His 11 td catches in 2017 were tied for the most of any tight ends in the country, and his 16.5 yards per reception lead all FBS tight ends.  A match up nightmare for defenses, it seemed Iowa was possibly using Fant as a slot receiver during some of the open workouts.  Look for him to have a huge stat stuffing year.

And we also have Hockenson back at the other tight end, he just a sophomore, look for him to take a major step forward this year.  

Could Nate throw 20 touchdowns to his tight ends in 2018?

That would just require 8 td passes to receivers - or fullbacks - to break the record.

We start there with now sophomore Smith, #12, at 6’3 and 220 with huge hands, he showed some very brief flashes of his potential last year, but now he has a year under his belt.  He could be another guy with a breakout season.

Then we have Easley #4, now a senior, he had 51 catches last year, he is already in tune with Staley to be the possessions type guy, a role recently played by First Down.

ISM #6, now a sophomore returns, he will get many snaps when Iowa goes 3 wide, he also has won the role as the primary punt and kickoff return man.  He has been proclaimed the fastest player on the team, so we are going to enjoy watching him with the ball and an open field ahead.

We are Iowa, so we will still run the ball.  Sophomore IKM #21 has emerged from camp as the new starter at running back.  At 5’10 200, he is more the elusive speed type back.  

And then we have Young, the 5’11 221 lbs sophomore, he more akin to a bull china shop tailback.  The thunder and lightening of the Iowa running game.  

Leading the way into that hole, the Iowa fullbacks, both juniors, Ross, #36, 6’0, 245, and Kelly #46 5’11, 245.  Both appear to have the size to open up those holes for the Iowa tailbacks.  And then slip into the wheel route to snag td passes from Stanley.

Recinos has once again won the kicking duties, he is now a senior .  

And now sophomore Gersonde, at 6’4, has won the punting battle.  We can use some improvement on our net punting numbers from last year.  

That takes care of the Iowa offense.  With a returning quarterback, a legit staple of Iowa wideouts, and an improved rushing attack, can Iowa top the 28.3 scoring average of 2017?

And then there are the Bullies of the Big Ten, the Iowa defense.  

We go quite deep and experienced at the front and back, with 3 new starters at linebacker.  Lets start at the front, again from the left side.

Nelson (Anthony), #98, 6’7, 291, a junior.
Brinks #90, 6’5, 275 senior.
Nelson (Matt), 6’8 295 senior.
Hesse, #40, 6’3, 291, senior.

Epenesa the Younger backs up Hesse, but expect his snap count to ramp up considerably now that he is a sophomore. D line is the deepest unit on the team, so it will be good to rotate those guys throughout the season. 

And then there are the all new linebackers, but at least we do know a bit about them. And here in the back of the Iowa defense, some of the guys who have been message board faves are finally hitting the field.

On the outside, Niemann #49 (Nick) the Younger, at 6’4 232, a sophomore, yes Neimann’s ‘little’ brother.

In the middle, Jones #52, a junior at 6’0, 238.

And the weakside, Welch, #38, a junior at 6’3, 238.

I think our linebackers will be good, they just need snaps.  Having a good front and back of the defense will help these guys get up to speed.  Onto the secondary.

At strong safety, Hooker, #27, a junior, at 6’0 and 210.  

At free safety, Gervase, #30, a senior, at 6’1 212.  Let’s see how many pics he gets this year.

The corners, left Hankins #8, a 6’1 185 lbs sophomore, and right Ojemudia #11, a 6’1 199 junior.

Iowa has been putting some cornerbacks into elite company over the past few seasons, Micah Hyde was an all pro in the NFL last season, and now Josh Jackson will be sniping passes on Sunday.  Lets see who will be next.

2018 marks the 20th season for Kirk (and the others from his first staff like Doyle).  With a win Saturday, Kirk will pass Hayden for most wins at Iowa with 144.

And that would be fitting, as Fry brought Kirk to Iowa in 1981.  There was hope that Hayden could be in Kinnick Saturday, but he was not able to make it up from Texas.

Here is all really need to know about Northern Illinois.  Sutton Smith, #15, a junior defensive end, at 6’1 237.

In 2017 he had 14 sacks and 29.5 tackles for a loss.  That was good enough for first team All American status.  

But he cant do much if Iowa runs the ball right at him and then passes the ball deep down the field to Smith.  

The Huskies were 8-5 last year, and they do have their sophomore QB back and all their O linemen.  But I think Iowa will have more sacks on Saturday.

Epenesa for one, and D line in particular, is not going to like having a kid from a MAC school dominate the story lines in Kinnick.  

Nate’s quest for 28+ plus TDs begins with 4 passing, including a play action pass of more than 70 yards.  And the new Iowa tailbacks put together a solid 210 on the ground, as Iowa pulls away from the Huskies.  Hawks 44, Huskies 14.

There are college football games tonight!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year.



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