September 7, 2017

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2017 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 2: Iowa @ Iowa State

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2017 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 1-0, 0-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 3 votes
Coaches: 8 votes
College Football Playoff:
*Times Eastern

September 2nd, v. Wyoming, WIN 24-3
September 9th, @ Iowa State, 12:01 pm, ESPN2
September 16th, v. North Texas, 3:30 pm, ESPN2
September 23rd, v. Penn State, TBD
September 30th,  @ Michigan State, TBD
October 7th, v. •Illinois, 12:00 pm, TBD
October 15th, Bye Week
October 21st, @ •Northwestern, TBD
October 28th, v. •Minnesota, TBD
November 4th, v. Ohio State, TBD
November 11th, @ •Wisconsin, TBD
November 18th, v. •Purdue, TBD
November 24th, @ •Nebraska, 4:00 pm, FS1 Black Friday

•Big Ten West Division Game

December 2nd, Big Ten Championship Game
Lucas Oil Arena, Indianapolis  

Scouting next opponent: 
September 9th, North Texas @ SMU, 7:00 pm, ESPN3

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September 9th, 2017, Iowa @ Iowa State Cyclones, 1-0, 0-0 Big 12
Previous Meetings: 64, Iowa leads 42-22
Last Meeting: 2016 Cyclones 3 Hawkeyes 42

Kinnick Color of the Week:

Current Line: Iowa -2.5

Turnover Margin: -2,  B1G #11, FBS #105

Interceptions: 2, B1G #2, FBS #9

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2017 Through Week 1
Total   263.0  Pass 125.0  Rush 138.0  Scoring 24.0
B1G    #13           #14               #10                  #10
FBS    #110     #113             #82                  #89
Total   233.0  Pass 174.0 Rush 59.0     Scoring 3.0
B1G    #4               #3              #4                    #2
FBS    #25             #45            #22                  #9
Wisconsin   1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Iowa                 1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Nebraska     1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Minnesota   1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Northwestern   1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Illinois     1-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Purdue     0-1, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
WEEK 1 Wyoming:

Like it was in Gotham, the game started with a bit of a chill in the air, perfect for football games.  It was sunny and Kinnick was almost entirely full (67,000) as the Hawks took the field to accept the kickoff (Wyoming won the toss and deferred).  The kick lands at the goal line, and Wadley brings it out to the 31, and Stanley takes the field for his first start.

The Hawks start with Nate in the gun, Butler to his left, and Wadley lined up in the slot on the near side - Wadley goes into motion toward the line, and Stanley snaps it, hands it to Wadley, a strange, shotgun jet sweep, Wadley sprints for the far side, but as he gets to the corner, he is tripped up, and the play goes for a loss of 1 yard.

He would get 5+ on a traditional carry to bring up a 3rd and a long 5, but Nate’s pass over the middle is no good, and the Hawks start 3 and out.  Rastetter’s punt is downed at the Cowboy 30, a net of 35, but we would have liked that ball inside the 20.

But the Hawkeye defense only gives up 4 yards, so Wyoming goes 3 and out.  Their punt is caught by First Down at the Iowa 30, he starts upfield, the cuts to the near side, and he crosses the 50 before he is shoved out!  An Iowa 1st down at the Cowboy 47, a 23 yard return for First Down on his 1st punt return!

But this possession ends with a tipped ball that Wyoming picks off.  Their ball, 1st down, at their 32.

After 6 plays, Wyoming is at the Iowa 34 (they have already recovered one fumble caused by the Iowa D), and from here, the Cowboys face a 4th and 1.  They leave the offense on the field, and Allen tries handling the ball to his tailback, but the Hawks are there and they blow it up, and drop him for a 2 yard loss!  Iowa ball, 1st down, at the Hawkeye 36!

But again, the Hawks go 3 and out.  This time, the punt lands at the Cowboy 19, where it is downed.  That is better.

Wyoming would get out to their 39 yard line, where they would face a 3rd and 1, but again, the Hawkeyes are there, they string the running back and drill him in the backfield for a 3 yard loss!  Wyoming punts, First Down fair catch at the Iowa 29.

This drive starts with Butler going right up the middle for 10, a Hawkeye 1st down!!!

Now he gets 7 more, 2nd and 3, and the Hawks are at the 46.

Stanley scrambles to the 50 for another Hawkeye 1st down, but there is a flag on the play, and Wyoming is called for defensive holding, and in the review, we see the defender grabbing Fant who would have been running free down the middle.  Another Hawkeye 1st down, at the Cowboy 40!

Butler, 5 more yards.  2nd and 5.  He departs, Wadley comes in.  

He gets the next carry, but Stanley and he seemed mixed up, and the net is a 2 yard loss.  3rd and 5.

Now Smith-Marsette gets a carry, he gets 4 yards, but as he is hit he loses the ball, and Wyoming recovers.  Another Iowa turnover, now Cowboy ball at their 33.

Thanks to a face mask penalty on Taylor, the Wyoming offense would end the 1st quarter facing  a 1st and 10 for the Iowa 39.  During the break, Hawkeye fans hoping the defense can end the threat here.

After the break, Wyoming takes 5 plays to get to the Iowa 26, but here they are called for holding, and that drops them back to the Iowa 36.  From a 3rd and 10 here at the Iowa 27, Allen is trying to escape the pocket but The Outlaw drills him for a 5 yard sack!  On comes the Cowboys kicking team, it’s a 49 yard field goal, and it is up and good, and Wyoming leads the game 3-0.  Hawk fans are a little restless.

Iowa starts from their 35 after the kickoff, and Wadley gets 5, 3, 1, and then 2 yards on 4th and 1, to give Iowa a 1st down at the 46!  New Kirk.

Now Stanley hits Easley on a crossing route, he makes the catch and darts out of bounds, 19 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Cowboy 35!!!

Wadley now, 6 yards up the middle, 2nd and 4.

Wadley again, he gets the ball, and sees a huge hole by breaking the ball to the far side, he gets past the line, and it’s a foot race, 19 yards before he his forced out, a Hawkeye 1st down the Wyoming 10!!!

Stanley, feeling it, hits Easley again, but it’s just a dump off, it nets 2 yards.  2nd and goal from the 8.

Now Butler gets it, he slams right up the middle, it looks like he could go, but then he gets tripped up at the 2, 3rd and goal from the 2.

Butler gets it again, but Wyoming is waiting, they drop it for no loss. 4th and 2, and Kirk leaves the Iowa offense on the field. New Kirk.

Stanley snaps it, immediately rolls out to the far side, as he is running he flips the ball up over the hands of the defense and into the hands of Fant, caught, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  Stanley was cool as a cucumber on that play and Iowa leads it 7-3 after Recinos drills the extra point.  Our sophomore QB growing up before our eyes.  Now time for the Iowa defense.  

Recinos gives no return, and Wyoming starts from their 25.

This drive would get them out to their 43, but Allen would be caught trying to scramble, and they are forced to punt.  First Down returns the ball 7 yards to give Iowa  a 1st down at their 24.

Wadley, off tackle, right, 10 yards.  Iowa 1st down at the 34.

Wadley, 7 yards, then 5 more.  A Hawkeye 1st down at the 46!  Wadley heating up.
But, here Stanley is hit when he fails to see the blitz, and he loses the ball, another Iowa turnover, and Wyoming has it at the Iowa 43.  Come on Iowa defense!

And the Iowa defense responds.  Allen takes too long scanning the field, and The Outlaw flies in an wraps him up. Allen tries flinging the ball downfield, but it dies on the far sideline about 4 yards short of the yellow line.  Hawkeye fans in the bar all yelling ‘intentional grounding’ as the zebras congregate to discuss, and then a flag comes out, and that is the call, that is a 19 yard loss with a loss of down, making it 2nd and 29 from the Wyoming 38!!!

Allen, figuring even he does not have a pass for that one, runs, 2 yards.

Wyoming calls timeout with 50 seconds left in the 2nd quarter.

Then as Wyoming is lining up the play, Iowa takes a timeout with 38 seconds left. But we stay here at Kinnick for this one.

Now on a 3rd and 27, Allen snaps the ball, looks, and then out of nowhere, Epenesa is right there in front of him, Allen ties to juke him, but A.J. just drills him in the stomach for a 3 yard sack, his 1st of his Hawkeye career!!!  Good job Hawkeye defense, on comes the Wyoming punt team.

The Hawks do bring pressure, but the punter seems to have time, he steps forward, but then the ball falls out of his hand, and he misses the punt!!!  Whif!!!  And Iowa falls on it, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Cowboy 32 with 27 seconds left in the quarter!!!!

Kirk and Brian attack from here - Stanley, runs play action, turns, and floats the ball down the middle, caught, Fant, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!! A beautiful pass, that is how you use a tight end to attack defenses hedging the run, and Recinos drills the extras point, and Iowa leads 14-3!!!

Recinos gives no return, and Wyoming just downs the ball to bring the 1st half to an end, with the Hawkeyes leading 14-3, up a comfortable 2 scores, and hoping  our team has learned some things they can apply to the 2nd half.  My alt/ego boots up the halftime playlist, as I step outside to cool down, and Hawkeye fans everywhere grab a burger and crack open another beer, at long last, football season is here.

And Tara must be happy that we seem to have a solid kicker in Recinos.  

After the break, Recinos would again boot a touchback, so Wyoming starts at their 25.

Here Wyoming makes a bit of noise, they do get the ball all the way to the Iowa 37, but there, facing a 3rd and 1, Iowa again gets into the backfield to force a 1 yards loss, and on comes the Cowboy punt team.

This one works, and bounces out of bounds at the Iowa 8.  A Hawkeye 1st down.

Stanley snaps it, looks, then fires a rope to the far side, caught, First Down, 14 yards, and he is forced out, and yes, he gives the signal, that is a Hawkeye 1st down at the Iowa 22!

But this drive would die 3 plays later, and Rastetter boots this next punt 42 yards, out of bounds at the Wyoming 31.

In this drive, Wyoming would get to the Iowa 49, but they had to burn two timeouts in the process, and from here, they have to punt, and it is downed at the Iowa 24.

After the break, Butler gets the ball, 5 yards.  2nd and 5.

Now Iowa calls timeout, with the clock at 6:12 of the 3rd.

After this break, Stanley ties a pass to Fant over the middle, but it’s broken up, 3rd and 5.

Warming up, Stanley hits Easley for 11 more, that is a Hawkeye 1st down, but wait, a flag, and Wyoming his hit with a personal foul, that is 15 more yards, and the Hawks have a 1st and 10 at the Wyoming 45!!!

Stanley, feeling it, runs play action, turns and floats the ball deep down the far sideline, Easley, caught at the 5, he gets hit, but stays on his feet, takes one step and dives across the goal line, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  How bout that, an Iowa wide receiver scoring a TD, and Recinos makes it Hawkeyes 21 Cowboys 3.

From here, Stanley would lose the ball again on another sack/fumble, but the Hawkeyes would pick off Allen twice in the 4th quarter, and Recinos would drill his 1st first goal attempt, 44 yards, and that would lead to the final score of Hawkeyes 24 Cowboys 3.

For the game, Stanley, 8 for 15 for 125, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception, but considering he misfired on his first 4 passes, things improved as the game went on.  Of course, the two fumbles lost by him (and one more he did recover) is something that must be cleaned up.  But, part of that issue may have been the Daniels the Younger missed the game at center, we were never clear why, so the Iowa O line had to shuffle guys around.  Daniels is back this week (as is Manny), so Iowa will be heading to Ames with all 22 planned starters.

Wadley, 24 carries for 116, and Butler, 10 for 47.  I expect their production to be even better this week, with our starting O line back.

Catches, Easley 4 for 77 and the td, Fant 2 for 29 with 2 tds, and First Down with 2 for 19.

So, the Iowa offense did struggle out of the gate, but things improved as the game went on.  Most importantly, they did not really show any new wrinkles to the play book, so there is not much the SuckClone coaches can go on, film wise.  

The Iowa defense held Allen to 23 of 40 for 174, with 2 interceptions, and only gave the Cowboys 59 net rushing yards on 30 carries.  We knew going into the back end was the biggest question mark, and they played well, Jackson denying that long touchdown pass with his tip at the goal line.  Things will be even better this week with Manny back.  

Kicking with Recinos, fine, but we have yet to see him try a field goal in a pressure situation.  In time.

Rastetter averaged 38.1 on is punts, he does get them high up into the sky (at least twice, Iowa defenders were right there with the punt return man as the ball came down, but as Bob ‘The Hitman’ Sanders was not out there, the Hawkeyes did not drill those punt returns guys BEFORE the ball arrived).  What we need is for him to get that average up about 5 yards, and of course, work on putting the ball inside the 20 or 10 when punting from near mid field.  But like all other new starters, I’m sure he will improve as the season goes on.

Time to see if that conventional first week - to second week - improvement will happen to the Hawks.  Not a lot the defense can do better, offense just needs to quit turning the ball over, and they should be fine.  This week, let’s see that Iowa running game really get going, as our young QB seems able to well sell the play action, and this week would be a great time for some back breaking long TD passes.  

It was a lazy Sunday here as I was recovering from birthday/first Iowa football madness, and I was perusing the Iowa message boards.  I came a across an article by one of the Iowa State beat writers, where he basically said that Iowa State was trying to mimic some of it’s Big 12 brethren, that is, don’t worry about the defense, just build an explosive offense that can outscore other teams.  We shall see.  We do know, on the trip to Ames this weekend, Iowa will be bringing our defense.

WEEK 2 Iowa State:

Who are these Clones, who struggled with UNI before wining 42-24 (ISU got 2 pick sixes on very bad passes by UNI, essentially the winning margin), and who are coming off their usual disappointing season, at 3-9; the first under Matt Campbell.

And you probably saw Brian Ferentz’s comments when he became the OC this past winter, lobbing shots at both Iowa State and the Golden Rodents, who both just seem to offer high schools kids AFTER Iowa does.  Just adding a little fuel to the in-state, and Floyd rivalries.  

State is now lead by junior QB Park, #10.  He replaced Lanning last year, and Lanning is in fact now a senior linebacker for the Clones.  In that first game, Park was 27 for 35 for 231, with 2 tds and 1 interception.  He is running what is probably best called a spread offense, but one that still does feature a running game.  

Lazard, now a senior, lead the Clones with 8 catches for 80 yards, with a long of 24, and after that, Butler, 7 for 75, with 1 td.  He, a sophomore, who is 6’6.   Those two are the main outside receiving threats the Iowa defense must contend with, this may be another week needing the nickel and dime formations.    

Rush wise, Montgomery, #32, a soph, had 14 carries for 82 yards, and 2 tds, as ISU rushed for 134 (on 35 carries) against UNI.  Park, just 1 carry for 3 yards, so not a running QB.  Other than for his life, when the Iowa D line gets back there.

But I think the Iowa defensive front will once again take away the ISU running game, and we will see what Park can do if we know passes are coming.  

Yes, strange things can happen in the wind tunnel known as Cyclone Stadium.  Yes the Clones seem to treat this game like the Big 12 title game they have never been to.  Yes, Campbell may be able to make them competitive in the Big 12 one of these years.  But I don’t think any of that will be a problem for the Hawks this Saturday.

With our O line back, look for Iowa to get the running game going early - take away the 4 turnovers Iowa had last week, and you figure we would have been clearly over 200 on the day on the ground - I think we should get there this week.  That will keep the ball in Iowa’s hands, limiting chances for ISU and their perceived good passing attack.

Also, there had been some questions about Nate’s ‘touch’ after some of the open practices - but after his 3 TD passes in his first start, I think those questions have been answered.  He can zip the ball in there when needed (low 90s fastball as a high school senior pitcher) but on all 3 of those touchdowns he dropped the ball only where his guys could bring it in.  Sure, the Clones will try to sell out to stop our running game - tight ends like Fant are a total matchup problem, and having First Down back in the slot means he can work the middle of the field, right behind where some of those defensive players will be hedging to stop the Iowa running game.  Nate already showed that he is into selling the play action fake (better than C.J. did in my opinion), and don’t be surprised to see him look deep very early if he does see linebackers and safeties creeping too close to the line.  

On the flip side, Iowa was able to rotate 8 defensive linemen in game 1, and that was giving Epenesa The Younger just 10 snaps.  I think he will get at least 30 this week, and this time, 2 sacks (after his first last week).  And UNI was able to get pressure on the ISU front, and Iowa’s D line, > UNI’s.

We know from player interviews this week that Nate (the team, really) has been doing ‘hold onto the ball drills’ in practice.  In his defense, he really has not been hit since his high school senior year (can’t really recall a good shot he took in his few snaps last year).  I expect him to take a step forward in his second start (he missed his first 4 passes last week, so if you take those out, he was 8 for 11 with 3 TDs).  I think this week he does go over 250, with two long TDs of over 45 yards.

And if we are rushing for something like 235 - well that is a few TDs for Wadley, and The Butler Did It. (new nickname alert!)

It may not quite be a Hayden worthy 42-3 again, but I have a feeling Brain will not be calling of the dogs until very late in the game.  While his Dad is pretty calm about this game (all of them, really) Brian and his brothers played in this series.  As such, Brain will try to make it - Hayden worthy.

Maybe next year Clones.  Until then, good luck in the defense optional Big 12.  Ours will see you at high noon on Saturday.

Hawkeyes 38, Clones 20 



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