March 16, 2016

The Eternal Season - Wednesday March 16th, 2016

So we at TES survived the spring forward loss of 1 hour, and the always ominous Ides Of March.  Of course, we are not in any real position of power - NY Metro Iowa Club VP notwithstanding, so I guess we should have no fear of the knives.  

What has been going on since our last post, the 2016 Rose Bowl Notes?  Which went - poorly, for we Hawkeye fans.  171 days, 12 hours, and counting until the 2016 Hawkeye football team takes the field.  Unfinished business.

In more recent sports, (tonight) our Capitals became the first NHL team to clinch the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  They are going to win the Metro division and Presidents Cup.  Cap fans are hoping that this team is deep enough across 4 lines to finally get back to, and claim, Lord Stanley's Cup this summer.

And of course, we are super excited that our Iowa Hawkeye hoops and wrestling teams will be here in New York this weekend.  The grapplers at MSG for the NCAA Championships, and the hoopsters at Barclay's Center for the NCAA March Madness Round of 64 at 3:00 pm on Friday.  Temple the opponent, a win there would likely mean a showdown with the #2 seed Villanova.  If the Hawks can play like they did in January and the first part of February - a sweet 16 bid can be in the works come Sunday night.  We will be there in Barclay's Friday afternoon, and should we win, back there on Sunday.  Go Hawks.

Baseball returns on Sunday April 3rd, with a triple header.  Then our Dodgers kick off on Monday the 4th down the coast at San Diego.  Very happy this year, MLB TV will allow you to sign up for single teams games for just $84.99.  So I can watch virtually all my Dodger games via my PS3 on my 48 inch tv for 85 bucks.  Signing up the week before the season starts.

Oh, and it's 2016.  Summer Olympics in Rio.  Where swimming will cause digestive system complications.  Per usual, hoping the USA runs away with the medal count.  

We returned tonight as we are coming up on the end of one cycle, with a new one to begin.  As we are not really NBA fans, our hoops season ends at the Final 4.  Right at the same time that baseball starts.  Baseball is the bridge, the sport that starts in the spring, and ends in the fall, when the winter sports start up.  A new cycle soon, as The Eternal Season keeps plugging along.