October 13, 2016

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2016 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 7: Hawks @ Boilermakers

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2016 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 4-2, 2-1 Big Ten, 1-1 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 3 votes
College Football Playoff:
*Times Eastern

September 3rd, v. Miami (Ohio), WIN 45-21
September 10th, v. Iowa State, WIN 42-3
September 17th, v. North Dakota State, Loss 23-21
September 24th, @ Rutgers, WIN 14-7
October 1st, v. •Northwestern, Loss 38-31
October 8th, @ Minnesota, WIN 14-7
October 15th, @ •Purdue, 12:00 pm, ESPN2
October 22nd, v. •Wisconsin, 12:00 pm, ABC, ESPN/ESPN2
October 29th, Bye Week
November 5th, @ Penn State, 7:30 pm, BTN
November 12th, v. Michigan, 8:00 pm, ABC/ESPN2
November 19th, @ •Illinois, TBD
November 25th, v. •Nebraska, TBD

•Big Ten West Division Game

December 3rd, Big Ten Title Game, 8:00 pm, FOX

Scouting next opponent: Week 7
Ohio State @ Wisconsin, 8:00 pm, ABC

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October 15th, 2016  Iowa @ Purdue Boilermakers, 3-2, 1-1 Big Ten, 1-0 B1G West
Previous Meetings: 86, Purdue leads 46-37-3
Last Meeting: 2015, Boilermakers 20, Hawkeyes 40

Kinnick Color of the Week:

Current Line: Iowa -13

Turnover Margin: +5,  B1G #3, FBS #20

Interceptions: 4, B1G #8, FBS #72

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2016
Total   338.2  Pass 189.0  Rush 149.2  Scoring 27.8
B1G    #13           #12               #13                   #7
FBS    #116         #101             #94                   #74
Total   348.5  Pass 179.2  Rush 169.3    Scoring 16.5
B1G    #5               #4                  #8                 #4
FBS    #31             #20                #72               #13
Nebraska     5-0, 2-0 B1G, 2-0 B1G West
Iowa                 4-2, 2-1 B1G, 1-1 B1G West
Wisconsin   4-1, 1-1 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Purdue     3-2, 1-1 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Northwestern   2-3, 1-1 B1G, 1-1 B1G West
Minnesota   3-2, 0-2 B1G, 0-1 B1G West
Illinois     1-4, 0-2 B1G, 0-2 B1G West
 Week 6: Rodents

As ESPN2 leaves the studio, they show us the equipment room in Iowa City, where Floyd is being loaded up into his travel crate.  If you listen closely, you could hear him say ‘please don’t let me stay 4 hours north of Iowa City in the wintertime.’

Sure enough, high 40s in the Twin Cities, but with a pretty calm breeze.  Perfect for football players, if not some of the fans.  

And then onto the field, where Iowa wins the toss, and defers - the booth points out that bucks the Hawkeye trend of taking the ball first.  Indeed it has.

The kick lands right at the goal line, and the return man brings it out to the 25.

Leidner starts with a very quick pass to the far side, his man is open right on the far sideline, the pass hits him in the hands, and he drops it.  2nd and 10.

Now they try a handoff right up the middle, but it’s not the two tailbacks who are the main guys, it’s McCrary, and he gets just 2 yards before the Hawks wrap him up.  3rd and 8.

Iowa has the lineman all down in the 3 point (not the berserker), and the pressure is quickly in Leidner’s face, he tries a quick pass over the middle to his tight end, but King is right there and he knocks the ball to the turf!  4th down, and on comes the Rodent punt team.

The punt lands at about the 26 along the far sideline, King makes the catch, and runs up the far sideline, he gets to the 40 before he is dropped, a Hawkeye 1st down.

The booth mentions the reshuffling of the Iowa O line, as Jr gets the ball and tries the far side, but the Rodents stuff it for no gain.  2nd and 10.

This time, he barely gets the ball before the Rodents are in the backfield, he is dropped for a 2 yard loss.  3rd and 12.
It looks like C.J. is in trouble right at the snap, but it’s a screen pass, caught, Mitchell, and he has blockers, but he gets hit at the line, spins out, hit again, spins, but is finally brought down after just 6 yards gained, 4th down, on comes the Iowa punt team.

Coluzzi’s punt lands at the 13, a fair catch, a Rodents 1st down. Timeout.  

As we go to break, we see the Rodents trainers working on Smith’s left hand/wrist.  Not sure what happened there. 

DJSedge spins a tune as Hawk fans are hoping that the defense can make a quick stand here.

Yo quiero Taco Bell.

All right, we are back.  The booth tells us that Leidner does not like Iowa, as we did not recruit him.  That’s ok, we don’t much like the Rodents either.

Ok back to the field, Leidner is in the gun, he snaps it, looks and quickly fires it near side, but King flies in, tips it, and almost brings it down for a walk in pick 6! But it falls to the turf, and Desmond throws his hands up onto his helmet.  So close. 2nd and 10.

A few of us in the bar shout ‘keep throwing it at King.’

The Rodents are in the pistol now, he snaps it and hands it to Brooks, he gains 5 before he is wrapped up, 3rd and 5.

From the pistol again, Leidner snaps the ball, looks, has pressure from the near side, he steps up and tries a pass over the middle, but the Outlaw sticks his hand in there, the ball flips up over the receiver, where it falls to the ground, King a couple steps away from it.  4th down, the Rodent punt team takes the field.

The punt again lands on the far side, King makes the catch right at the 30, he makes the first man miss, then he starts up the far sideline, across the 35, the 40, the 45, the 50, then he is finally cut off and forced out at the Rodent 43, a 22 yard return, 1st down Hawkeyes!!!

From the 43, C.J. is under center, with two wideouts near side, one far, Wadley behind him. He snaps it, steps back, then quickly fires it near side, caught, McCarron, and he gets hit, 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

Now the Hawks go to the I formation, with two wideouts on the far side.  It goes to Wadley and he tries the middle, but only gets 1 yard, 3rd and 5.

C.J. is back in the gun with Mitchell to his right, he snaps it, looks, then quickly fires it near side, it’s low but Smith the Younger goes down and snags it, that is about 4.5 yards, so it’s 4th and about a foot.  

Iowa comes to the line as soon as the officials spot the ball, C.J. snaps it, hesitates, then dives across the pile two pick up 2 yards to pick up a Hawkeye 1st down at the Rodent 33!

Hawks are back in the I formation with Jr at tailback.  He gets the ball and tries off tackle left, but that only goes for about 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

C.J. is back under center, as the Hawks are called for a false start.  2nd and 12.

C.J. now drops back, the line holds up, and he tries a pass to the far side, Kittle, but it’s broken up, it looks like Kittle has to knock the ball down so it’s not picked off, 3rd and 12.
From the gun, C.J. snaps it, looks middle, looks near side, then he feels pressure, so he drifts to the far side, then as a man flies in he dumps it to Mitchell, caught, but then dropped, just 2 yards, 4th and 10.

Iowa actually brings out the field goal team, but it’s Recinos doing the kick, and it is 50 yards out.  The kick is up, and it drifts to wide right, and falls down in the end zone, no good, at 7:08 of the 1st period the score is still 0-0.  Timeout.

After the break the ESPN2 crew is showing us Iowa fans in the stadium, there is Elvis, and we don't see the snap, the Rodents hand the ball to Smith and he gets around the far corner to pick up 9, 2nd and 1.

It goes to Smith again, he gets about 4 yards, that is a Rodent 1st down at the 46.

Now the Rodents are in the pistol with a tailback just to Leidner’s left.  He snaps it, runs the read/option, hands it to Smith, he goes straight ahead, but has he crossed the 50, the ball comes out!  FUMBLE, and Iowa falls on it!!  Bower makes the hit that knocks the ball out, and Snyder recovers, that is a Hawkeye 1st down at the Iowa 48!!!  Timeout.

During the break, we discuss if Iowa will take a shot here.  

Iowa comes out with C.J. under center, Wadley behind him, a solo wideout on each side.  He snaps it, drops, fakes the handoff, then yes, takes the deep throw down the far hash, as it comes down for Smith, the Rodents defender gets his hands in there, it flips up, and he picks it off, and he spins and races up the near sideline, and he gets it out to the Rodent 31 before he is forced out of bounds. 

Looking at the replay, it seems like Smith had a step, if the pass had been more toward the far sideline, he probably could have run under it to make the catch.  Alas, it was not. it’s a Rodent 1st down.  Clock at 5:51 of the 1st.

But the Rodents commit holding on 2nd down, and then they are flagged for delay of game, and they have to punt it back to Iowa, Smith makes the catch at the 30 and is pushed out at the 36, a Hawkeye 1st down, clock at 2:59 of the 1st.  

Iowa starts in the base formation, it goes to Wadley, he gets 2 yards.  2nd and 8.

Now C.J. snaps it, looks middle, then takes the under on the far side, caught, McCarron, he is about two yards short of the yellow line, but he spins, and then as he gets hit he falls across the line, that is a Hawkeye 1st down at the 46!

Wadley gets the ball again and tries the far side, but he gets tripped up, 1 yard.  2nd and 9.

Wadley again, same side, about 2 more yards. Right at midfield, 3rd and 7.

From the gun, C.J. snaps it, looks, then fires a rope near side, caught, Scheel, and he turns the corner and picks up about 7 more, that is 12 yards total, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Rodent 38!

From here, Iowa goes back to the base formation, with Jr at tailback.  It goes to Jr, he gets the ball and crosses the 40, cuts through the traffic, and now is in the clear!  Across the 35, the 30, across the 20, the 15, and he is finally tripped up as he crosses the 10, and falls forward, a Hawkeye 1st and goal from the Rodent 7 after the 31 yard run!!!

That brings the 1st quarter to a close.  Timeout.

After the break, two Jr runs only get the ball to the 4, and on 3rd and goal, C.J. has the triangle bunch on his right side, Smith goes into motion to the near side, C.J. snaps it, looks, then fires to the far corner, McCarron, he gets his hands on it but it is knocked away. 4th down, Duncan comes in and makes the 22 yard kick, and the Hawkeye lead it 3-0.  Timeout.  

The Rodents bring the ensuing kickoff out the 34, but again the Iowa defense forces a 3 and out.  Rodents punt the ball back to King, who brings the ball out to the Iowa 22, but a holding call knocks the Hawks back to the 7 yard line.  Timeout.

After the break, Iowa starts in the I formation.

C.J. snaps the ball and rolls to the near side, he tries a pass just across the yellow line, but it’s too low and no good.  2nd and 10.

Now with the triangle of wideouts on the near side, Wadley gets the ball, and plows straight ahead, across the 10, the 15, finally dropped at the 19, a Hawkeye 1st down!

Now back to the base formation, C.J. snaps it and quickly fires it near side, McCarron, caught, and it kind of looks like he gets pulled down by his helmet, but no flags fly, 6 yards, 2rd and 4.

Now C.J. tries to the same play to the far side, McCarron, but he drops the ball.  3rd and 4.

C.J. goes to the gun with Mitchell to his right.  He snaps it, looks, then fires it far side, caught, Smith, and he spins his way out of one, then two tackles, and he gets the ball to the 41 yard line, 16 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!

Now to the I formation, it goes to Jr, he gets 4 yards going straight ahead.  2nd and 6.

He gets the ball again, but can’t get to the near corner, dropped, a 1 yard loss. 3rd and 7.

C.J. back to the gun, with Mitchell again next to him.  He snaps it, looks middle, has near side pressure, but he fires a rope down the far hash, caught, Kittle in double coverage, and he is dropped at the Rodent 45, another Hawkeye 1st down!!!

Now C.J. is again under pressure, but he gets the ball away deep down the far sideline, targeting Fant, the ball comes down and is knocked away, no good., 2nd and 10.

C.J. now pulls the ball down and ventures to the near side, he picks up about 6 yards to the Rodent 45, that is 3rd down and 4 yards to go.

From the snap, C.J. drops back, then quickly fires far side for Smith, the slant, but there are too many Rodents there, and it’s no good.  4th down, and on comes the Hawkeye punt team.

No, actually, the offense stays on the field! C.J. is in the gun, he snaps it, then steps forward and pooch punts it! It lands about the 12, and rolls down inside the 5 where the Hawks down it, a Rodent 1st down at their own 3 yard line!!!  Timeout.

This Rodent drive would get as far as the Iowa 45, but from here, the Hawks would force the Rodents back 2 yards, and on the 3rd and 12, Leidner is in the gun, he snaps the ball, looks, then fires it down the far hash, PICKED OFF!! Rugamba, number 5, a freshman out of Naperville with his first Iowa pick, and he takes it back 7 yards before he is pushed out, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Iowa 42!!! 

Timeout, clock at 1:44 of the 2nd quarter.

After the break, Iowa starts with a handoff to Wadley, he goes straight ahead and picks up 6. 2nd and 4.

On 2nd down, C.J. hits Kittle for what appears to be a 1st down, but a flag flies, and Iowa is called for a chop block.  In the replay it sure looks like Wadley never makes contact with the Rodent defender, but it’s a 15 yard penalty, and Iowa is now back at the Iowa 32.  Now 2nd and 20, Iowa just kills the clock, and the 1st half comes to an end with the Hawks leading 3-0.

Well, the Iowa defense is playing well. The offense has been moving the ball, but then bogging down once near the red zone.  Hopefully those halftime adjustments will have different results in the 2nd.

DJSedge starts up his Rodents and Hawks based playlist, as Hawkeye fans break for the restrooms, concession stands, or order another drink at the bar.  Ugly, but at least, leading at the break.  And the Hawks will start with the ball in the 3rd quarter.  

Nothing really of note during the halftime, other than the rather funny video of NC State and Notre Dame trying to play football in a hurricane.  The Domers lost 10-3, to fall to 2-4 on the season.  And you thought Hawkeye fans were depressed.  

Ok, we are back.  King makes the kickoff catch at the 4 yard line, and he gets out to the 30 yard line, but as he goes down the ball comes out, and it squirts around and then rolls out of bounds, disaster averted, Hawkeye 1st down at the 30.

The Hawks start in the I formation.  C.J. snaps the ball, quickly fires it near side, caught, McCarron, and he has a blocker in front that he uses, and he gets it out to the Rodent 49, 21 yards!!! 1st and 10 Hawkeyes!

Now to the power I, just one solitary wideout to the far side. It goes to Jr, who goes off tackle - right, and he just darts through the hole to pick up 8! 2nd and 2.

He gets the ball again, and gets hit at the line, he falls forward and seems to be about a foot short of the yellow line.  3rd and less than 1.

Back to the power I, C.J. keeps it, and just plows straight ahead, 2 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Rodent 38!

Again to the I, C.J. snaps it, fakes the handoff, looks, but doesn’t like it, so he pulls it down and takes off for the near side!  Across the 35, the 30, and finally caught and dropped at the Rodent 29, 12 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!!

Now Wadley gets the ball - he goes straight ahead, after 5 yards he spins out of a tackle and dives forward, 14 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the Rodents 13!!!

Wadley again, but the Rodents are ready, they drop it for a 1 yard loss.  2nd and 11.

Now C.J. finds Fant on a quick strike, caught, 4 yards, 3rd and a long 6 from the Rodent 10.

C.J. to the gun with Mitchell to his left, three wideouts on the far side, 1 on the near.  He snaps it, looks, then fires a back shoulder toss to Smith, caught in the end zone, but the official waves it out of bounds, and in the replay, we do see his toe was on the white.  Literally an inch away.

Duncan hits the 28 yard field goal, the Hawks lead 6-0 at 10:10 of the 3rd.  Timeout.  

Coming out of the break, they are asking Rodent and Hawkeye fans if they could say anything nice about the other team.  No one seems able to do it, though a couple Hawkeye girls say the Rodents colors look like wine.  Winner.

The kickoff lands at the 10 yard line, and the return man bring it out to the 43.  Ugh.  

The Rodents start with a handoff, it gets about 1 before the Hawks stuff it.  2nd and 9.

Now a pass to Smith on the far side is caught, almost knocked down, and he gets it just across mid field to bring up a 3rd and 2.

It goes to Brooks, he goes straight ahead and picks up 8 yards, a Rodent 1st down at the Iowa 42.

Now a long pass to the near side is caught, and he gets away to pick up a few more, 22 yards, a Rodent 1st down at the Iowa 20.

Brooks with another carry to the near side, the Hawks seem have him stopped, but they seem more interested in trying to knock the ball out, and he gets away, but then is dropped.  About 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

Leidner now keeps the ball, and he runs it near side, and steps out at about the 12.  3rd and 2.

It goes to Smith, he goes straight ahead and gets 2, but that is enough.  1st and goal Rodents.

And then Leidner hands the ball to Brooks, he comes to the near side, gets around the corner, a Hawk is there, but he just bounces off the hit and strolls into the end zone, touchdown Rodents, and just like that the Hawks are now trailing 7-6.  Clock at 6:17 of the 3rd. Timeout.

The kickoff lands at the 4, King starts up the far hash, as he crosses the 20 he sees a pile in front of him, he tries to leap over it, but that brings him down at the 25.  1st and 10 Hawkeyes.

Wadley gets 6 yards on 1st down, but this Iowa drive dies after 3rd and 3, when C.J. is sacked.  That loses 12 yards, and the Iowa punt team takes the field.

Coluzzi’s punt lands at the 40, a fair catch, clock at 4:04 of the 3rd, come on defense get a stop!  Timeout.

After the break, the Rodents complete a pass for 12 yards, but then Leidner gets drilled by Bower and Snyder as he tries to go around the near corner, and that drive dies.  The Rodent punt is a touchback.

Iowa ball at the 20, 1:57 left in the 3rd quarter.

The Hawks start with a quick pass to Kittle, juggled but caught, 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

Now C.J. floats the ball to the far side, caught, McCarron, 9 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the 33!

Jr, right side, 11 more yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the 44!

Now  C.J. tries play action, but he has pressure and has to back up, he just throws it away, 2nd and 10.

Now C.J. tries a receiver screen to McCarron, he bobbles the ball and the Rodents have a shot at it, but it falls to the turf.  3rd and 10.

As the 3rd quarter comes to a close, C.J. snaps the ball, drops back, looks, steps up, then fires a rope to Kittle, caught, he struggles to get out of the hit and falls forward, about 9 plus yards, 4th and about 2 feet as the 3rd quarter has ended.  Timeout.

After the break, C.J. tries to get the Rodents to jump offside, they don’t.  Iowa takes the delay of game, and Coluzzi comes in to punt.

The punt lands at the 12 where Iowa downs it.  Rodent ball, 14:42 of the 4th.  Timeout.

The Rodents go 3 and out.  On the punt the Rodents are flagged for an illegal formation, 5 men in the backfield, so Iowa has the ball at the Hawkeye 48.  Timeout.

After the break, we see Floyd coming out of the Iowa locker room and making his appearance on the Hawkeye sideline.  Let’s bring him home Hawkeyes!!!

The Hawks open in the power I.  It goes to Jr, he gets about 5 yards exploring the near side.  

Now C.J. does the quick strike to McCarron far side, caught, he has blockers as he surges ahead, but as he gets across the 40 he gets hit and loses the ball, and after the scrum, the Rodents have it.  

The Rodents have the ball at their 35, clock at 12:42.

But the Iowa defense forces another quick 3 and out.  King catches the punt at the 28 and gets it up to about the 33.  Iowa 1st down, clock at 11:46.

On 1st down, C.J. tries to rollout to the far side, but he has a man flying in on him, so his pass to the far side is no good.  2nd and 10.

Now C.J. gets hit as he tries to pass the ball, it dangerously floats into the air but then hits the turf. 3rd and 10.

Now C.J. hits Kittle on the far side, caught, he steps out of a tackle and across the yellow line!  1st and 10 at the 47 after a 15 yard gain!!

Jr gets the ball, goes straight ahead. 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

C.J. gets hit again as he tries the near side throw, no good, 3rd and 7.

The snap from Daniels the Younger is low, but C.J. snags it, looks, then fires it deep down the far side, as it comes down we see Smith and the defender are tied up, and flags fly, pass interference, a 15 yard penalty, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the Rodent 36!!!

Now Hawks to the power I.  Wadley gets it, and picks up 5.  2nd and 5.

But the coaches are slow to get the play in, and Kirk runs down to the side judge to call timeout.  Clock at 9:32 of the 4th.  

After the break, the Hawks return to the power I, Wadley gets it, goes straight ahead, and picks up about 4. It’s 3rd and a long 1.

At the snap, C.J. fakes the handoff, rolls to the far side, the pulls it down and races for the yellow stripe, right as he gets across it, he gets drilled, but hangs onto the ball, and he is slow to get up.  It looks at first like an injury, but in fact it was his knee brace that was broken on the play.  Still, Stanley is over on the sideline, warming up by taking snaps.  C.J. does depart to get the brace fixed, and Stanley huddles up the team.

He snaps it and hands it to Jr, he tries straight ahead, and that only goes for about 1.  2nd and 9.

C.J. returns.  But he and Daniels the Younger mess up the snap and it falls to the turf, but the Hawks recover.  3rd and 13.

Now from the gun, C.J. has a blitz right in his face, so he lobs the ball near side, targeting Mitchell, but the Rodent defender leaps and snags the ball, and hangs on as Mitchell drills him, picked off.  Rodent ball at the 21, clock at 6:49 of the 4th.  

But to start this drive, Leidner tries keeping the ball and running near side, the Hawks close him down and drop him for a 2 yard loss!  2nd and 12.

Now Leidner tries a quick pass to his tight end, near side, and he just drops it.  King flies and hits him for his troubles.  3rd and 12.

And the Rodents are flagged for a false start!  3rd and 17!

Now Leidner is rolling to the far side as the Hawks chase, he fires a pass down the far sideline, caught, but then shoved out by King, and that leaves a 4th and 7.  On comes the Rodent punt team.

And it’s a terrible punt, it just goes 30 yards and out of bounds at the Iowa 46! 1st down Hawkeyes, clock at 5:36 of the 4th.  Timeout.

After the break, the Hawks have C.J. under center, Wadley alone behind him, and the triangle set up wideouts on the near side.  

C.J. snaps it, turns, hands it to Wadley, he takes the ball and heads for the far side - he flashes across the LOS on the far hash, and he is still on his feet!!  One man to beat and he cuts outside and the Rodent misses!  Across the 45, the 40, the 30, 20, 10, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!! 54 yards, and in the bar and I assume all across Hawkeye Nation fans are yelling ‘go for 2.’!!!

And Kirk obliges!  Now the Hawks have the triplets on the far side, with Jr behind C.J.  He gets the ball and just goes straight ahead, at the 1 a Rodent grabs him but Jr just carries him into the end zone, and the Hawks have a 14-7 lead with just 5:28 left on the clock!!!

Coluzzi gives no return. Rodent ball at the 25, clock at 5:28.

And the Rodents start with a false start.  Thank you, 2nd and 15.

His 1st down pass is down the far side, but way too long, it sails out of bounds.  2nd and 15.

Now again to the pistol, he snaps it, looks, but then the pocket collapses and the Hawks drop him for 4 yard sack!  3rd and 19!

This time Leidner tries to escape going forward, but the Hawks cut him off and drop it for no gain.  4th and 19, and on comes the Rodent punt unit.

The punt lands at the 33, where King makes the catch, but he can’t get away. Iowa ball at the 32, 1st and 10, clock at 3:50 of the 4th.

The Hawks give the ball to Jr, he tries the far side, but just picks up 3.  2nd and 7.
Jr again, he loses a yard, 3rd and 8, and the Rodents call timeout.  Clock at 2:59.

C.J. snaps the ball, looks, then he pulls it down and rolls to the far side, he then takes off for the far corner, as he gets to the sideline he tries to jump over the Rodent diving at him, and gets flipped upside down and lands out of bounds, killing the clock.  A bad decision there, and he did not get the 1st down.  Iowa has to punt with 2:54 left on the clock.

The Iowa punt lands at the 28 where the Rodents make the fair catch. Clock at 2:39 of the 4th, both teams have 2 timeouts left.

Rodents to the pistol, he quickly fires it far side, but his target drops it. 2nd and 10.

Again to the pistol with two wideouts on each side, he snaps it, looks then floats it down the far hash, but as it comes down his wideout is not looking, and Snyder picks it off!!!!  Hawkeye ball at the Rodent 44!  Clock at 2:30!!!

But the Hawks again go conservative, after 1st down Rodents use their 2nd timeout.  2nd and 12.

Wadley gets the ball now, and almost breaks it, just gets tackled by his shoestrings.  The Rodents use their final timeout, clock at 2:21.

After the break, Hawks to the power I. C.J. just rolls to the near side and basically takes a knee, and the Hawks are punting as the clock continues to roll.  

As the Hawkeye punt team rushes onto the field, the bench calls timeout, Iowa’s 2nd. Clock at 1:33.

After the break, back out there.  The punt lands at the 12 where the Rodents make the fair catch.  Clock at 1:26 of the 4th.

On first down, Leidner hits a crossing route, caught, and he steps out of bounds at the 28.  16 yards, a Rodent 1st down.

Now Liedner floats a pass down the far side, they at first signal catch, then no, no good.  It goes to review.  He does get his right foot down just before the left foot lands out of bounds.  21 more yards, and the Rodents are at their 49.

Another pass to the far side is caught, then the ball comes out. They rule it incomplete, and in fact it is again reviewed, and the catch was made but then fumbled, but it went right out of bounds.  Still Rodent ball.  Clock at 1:09, and the Rodents are at the Iowa 36.

A pass to the far side it too low and dropped. 2nd and 10.

Now a pass down the near side is caught, right on the line, and the Rodents are at the Iowa 13. Clock at 1:00 of the 4th.

Now the Rodents try rolling to the far side, then flipping the ball back to the near, but the pass is closer to King than anyone else. 2nd and 10.  Clock at :56.

And the Rodents false start!  2nd and 15 from the 18.

A pass now to the end zone is too high, no good.  3rd and 15.

Now a pass to the far side front corner of the end zone, but too long and out of bounds.  4th down and 15!
As the Rodents line up, the Hawks call timeout.  Clock at :48 seconds.

All right, the Rodents come out with Leidner in the pistol, one wideout on the near side, two on the far.  

He snaps the ball, the pocket closes very quickly but he floats the pass down toward the far side of the end zone, as it comes down his receiver and Mabin are kind of hand fighting with each other, and the pass falls to the turf!!   Rodent fans want a flag, but none come, and the Hawkeyes have held!!!

One kneel down does it, and the Hawks rush over to pick up Floyd, as the Beer Song rings out in both the stadium and Iowa bars across the country!  GO HOME FLOYD!!!

Against the worse pass defense in the Big Ten, C.J. was just 17 for 31 for 142 yards, with the two interceptions.  He rushed for a net 7 yards, but one of those converted a 3rd down.

McCarron, 6 catches for 62 yards, but of course that fumble in Rodent territory.

Kittle 4 for 39, Smith 2 for 20, Scheel 1 for 12 (converted a 3rd down), Mitchell 2 for 7, Fant 1 for 4, and Wadley 1 for -2.

Rushing, Wadley 14 for 107, and, the decisive touchdown.  That is 7.6 per carry.

Jr, 17 for 66, and 10 yards short of the long td run.  That was only 3.9 per carry, down from his 5.0 yard average.  We will see if he and Wadley can do more this week.

On the defensive side, the Hawks held Leidner to just 13 of 33, for 166 yards, and the two interceptions. With the game on the, his pass to the end zone was under thrown, his wideout had about 5 inches on Mabin.  

And yes, the Hawkeye defense did hold the Rodent rushing attack to half (less, actually) their average!  Just 102 net.  Let’s see if this was an aberration, or maybe the Iowa defense has figured something out.

Bower lead the D with 7 stops, the Outlaw had 5 on the day.  Well done Hawkeye defense.

So the Hawks have now tied their all time record for consecutive road wins with 8. Up next, Our Rival for the record 9 away from Kinnick.

Week 7: Purdue

Before the season started, the conventional wisdom was that if Purdue could not have a considerable improvement this year, it would be the last for coach Hazell.  With a 9-32 record since 2013, the Boilermaker fans are restless.  

But so far, I think they might consider their start of 3-2 to be progress.  They miss OSU, Michigan, and Sparty from the east, so maybe they can get close to bowl eligibility this year.  But not this week.

Their offense is run by now sophomore QB Blough, #11.  He is 6’1 and 200 lbs. To date, 118 for 206, for 1298 yards, with 7 tds, but alarmingly, 9 interceptions.  He has rushed for as much as 36 yards in a game this season, so more just a threat to keep plays alive rather than running called plays for the QB.

The top tailback is Jones, #8, also a sophomore.  He has 73 carries for 339 yards, and 2 touchdowns.  He also has 10 catches out of the backfield for 47 yards.  The next most carries is 27, so Jones will be the primary ball carrier.  Hawks will look to build off the Rodent shut down and take him away.
Their top wideout is Young, with 29 catches for 338 yards and 1 td, but he is out with an injury, which means the #2 receiver Yancey, #7, a senior, will be King’s focus. He has 22 catches for 299 yards and 2 tds.   Their top tight end Herdman #88 has 10 catches for 110 yards on the season. 

The Purdue defense? Allows 31.4 points per game.  431 yards allowed per game.  And most alarmingly - 224 rushing yards allowed per game.  The Iowa O line and Wadley and Jr must be licking their chops at the moment.  In their Big Ten opener at Maryland, they allowed a Terp tailback to rack up 204 yards…on just 7 carries.  The Terps racked up an even 400 on the ground in that 50-7 wipeout.  

Even in beating Illinois in OT last week, the Boilermakers gave up 315 on the ground.  

Obviously, if Iowa can get the effective running game going, it opens up the play action shots down the field.  

McCarron has moved in as the #1 target since First Down went down, he just needs to catch any ball that hits his hands. Likewise Smith.  Look for C.J. and the coaches to maybe look for freshman tight end Fant a bit more to help take the double teams off of Kittle.  Yes, I am sure we will see some more of those wideout screens if the Purdue corners are hanging back off the line. If they press, look for C.J. to use play action to go over the top.  And there is maybe a chance the Hawks will use Demond King for a couple plays as a slot receiver.  Not much, due to his defense and return workload.  Maybe just a few to get the ball to a playmaker in space.  

If the Hawks are going to keep playing for the Big Ten West, they must maintain their focus each week.  Sorry Purdue.  Hawks rush for 225, C.J. throws 3 td passes and rushes for one himself. Hawks 41, Purdue 16.



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