September 24, 2015

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2015 Hawkeye Football Game Notes - Week 4: North Texas @ Iowa, 9/24/15

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2015 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 3-0, 0-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 13 votes
USA Today: 
College Football Playoff:

September 5th, v. Illinois State WIN 31-14
September 12th, @ Iowa State, WIN 31-17
September 19th, v. Pittsburgh, WIN 27-24
September 26th, v. North Texas, 3:32 pm, ESPNU
October 3rd, @ •Wisconsin, 12:00 pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2
October 10th, v. •Illinois, 12:00 pm, TBD
October 17th, @ •Northwestern, 12:00 pm, TBD
October 31st, v. Maryland, TBD
November 7th, @ Indiana,TBD
November 14th, v. •Minnesota, 8:00 pm, BTN
November 21st, v. •Purdue, TBD
November 27th, @ •Nebraska, TBD

•Big Ten West Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting next opponent:  Hawaii @ Wisconsin, 8:00 pm, BTN

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September 26th, 2015  Iowa v.  North Texas Mean Green, 0-2, 0-1 Conference USA
Previous Meetings: 0
Last Meeting: Never

Kinnick Color of the Week: Normal

Current Line: Iowa -25.5

Turnover Margin: Even,  B1G #7, FBS #61

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2015 
Total   423.0  Pass 231.3 Rush 191.7  Scoring 29.7
B1G    #3              #6                #7                    #10
FBS    #63            #68              #55                  #75
Total   274.3  Pass 222.3  Rush 51.0    Scoring 18.3
B1G    #4              #9                 #1                   #8
FBS    #16            #72               #5                   #35 

The New Big Ten:
West                             East
Iowa                              Michigan
Nebraska                      Michigan State
Minnesota                     Ohio State
Wisconsin                     Penn State
Illinois                            Indiana
Northwestern                Maryland
Purdue                          Rutgers

Big Ten West Standings:
Iowa                3-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Northwestern  3-0, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Wisconsin       2-1, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Illinois         2-1, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Minnesota       2-1, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Nebraska        1-2, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West
Purdue         1-2, 0-0 B1G, 0-0 B1G West

Week 3: Pitt

As we left the booth and made our way to Iowa City, the BTN opened with a shot of the Hawkeye Express pulling into its station.  It is the grandest way to make your way from the Coral Ridge parking lot to Kinnick, I highly recommend  it!

She’s a beauty, that train!

And now shots of glorious meat.  Oh, that tailgating in Iowa City on a beautiful fall (late summer) day.  Something you have to experience at least once.  

And now to the field - Kinnick set up in the Black and Gold by section, up to the booth, then down to chat with the Pitt head coach.  He says having been in Kinnick before will help him.  We shall see.

And now back up to the top of the field view, and we see the Hawks have come out of the tunnel, and they are queued in the corner of the field.  

And then we see why, as the camera moves down to the field.  Greenwood is seen with his walker, flanked by Chris White, and Pat Angerer, right in front of the Hawkeye Swarm.  They begin to walk out to the center of the field, the Hawkeyes hand in hand slowly walking behind them.  Kinnick is at full blast as Brett makes his way out, and then the players run out onto the field.  

Again, the meats.  

Now the Iowa Marching Band, playing the Iowa Fight Song.  Well done, BTN,

Now down to the coin flip, the Pitt players shake Brett’s hand.  We don’t see the actual flip, but per usual, Pitt is kicking off, and the Iowa return team takes the field.  

More shots of the crowd, and it does seem like the late start has really cranked up the energy.  

As the kickoff is launched, the booth points out that this is the first time an ACC football team has played in Kinnick Stadium since 1965.  Pitt was here in 2011 - but then a member of the Big East.  That 1965 Iowa football team was 1-9, and 0-7 in the Big Ten.  The ACC team was NC State, who visited Iowa Stadium to close that season.  NC State won, 28-20.  

The kickoff comes down in the end zone, King makes the catch and takes a knee, and the Hawkeye offense takes the field.  

In the booth, Glen Mason says ‘it’s unusual that Iowa started on offense, they usually like to start on defense.’  You would think the BTN crew would know that is not actually the case.

Iowa starts with C.J. in the gun, Jordan to his right, he snaps it, and the pressure quickly arrives, he tries for the far side, but he seems to get hit, and the ball falls to the turf.  2nd and 10.

Back to the gun again, C.J. snaps it, looks middle, then comes to the near side, VandeBerg, caught, 7 yards and out of bounds, 3rd and 3.

From the gun one more time, C.J. snaps it, looks, then he floats it to the far side, but VandeBerg is double teamed, and the pass sails out of bounds. Iowa has gone 3 and out, not the start we wanted, as the punt team takes the field.  

And its not Kidd back there, it’s Koehn, and he does a rugby style kick, it lands at the 26, and Boyd can only watch it bounce and roll down to the 4 yard line and out of bounds!  64 yards, and the Iowa fans voice their approval!!!

Soon we see that it is Peterman who is getting the start, and he also starts in the gun.  The fans bring the noise.  It’s a handoff to Hall, he tries the middle, but only gets 2 before the Hawks wrap him up.  2nd and 8.

From the gun again, another handoff to Hall, and he gets about 3 more, so it’s 3rd and 5.

Pitt has a pretty tight formation, only one wideout spread out wide on the far side.  Peterman snaps it, and quickly fires it to the near side, caught, Boyd, at the 15 yard line, and that is a Pitt 1st down.

From here, Pitt goes into the single back, wideout on each side look, Peterman is under center, he drops back, pumps the ball, then fires it deep down the far sideline - as the camera pans we see King is right behind Boyd, and as it comes down at the 50 King leaps up and snags it, PICKED OFF!!, and he falls down at the Iowa 48 and out of bounds, 1st down Hawkeyes!!!

We see on the replay that Pitt tried a double move on King - the pump was as Boyd seemed to cut in, but then he took off down the sideline, and he was not able to lose King.  We go to break.

Oh look, a fantasy football commercial.

Iowa comes out with C.J. in the gun, and 5 wide spread out across the field.  He snaps it and quickly fires to the near side, caught, VandeBerg, but then he gets clobbered, so it only picks up 4. 2nd and 6 from the Pitt 48.

C.J. is now under center, the I formation behind him, he snaps it, hands it off, it’s Jr, good, but he only gets 1 yard trying the middle, 3rd and 5.  But glad to see he is playing.

Back to the gun, Jordan is now on to C.J.’s left.  He snaps it, takes a step back, as Jordan races for the near side, C.J. has pressure from the near side so he dumps it to Jordan, caught, he steps around one tackle and seems to have room, but he loses his balance and falls down across the yellow line, 6 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 41!

C.J. is now in the gun, he has 3 wideouts on the far side in the triangle pattern, as Jordan goes in motion to set up outside them.  C.J. snaps it and quickly fires to the near side, Smith, but the ball falls to the ground, Smith looks like he thinks there should be a flag, and there is, but it’s in the backfield, and it’s a personal foul on Pitt for a head to head shot on C.J.  15 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 26!

Jr now gets the ball, he tries the middle, but only gets about 3 yards. 2nd and 7.

C.J. now tries a quick pass to Jordan on the near side, he catches it, but loses 2 in the process.  3rd and 9.

C.J. is back in the gun, he snaps the ball, looks, throws it far side but we see VandeBerg is on the ground as the ball falls to the turf.  Then we see why - he was shoved to the ground by a Pitt player while the ball was in the air. That is clear pass interference, but the ACC officiating crew blows it.

So Koehn comes in, it’s a 43 yard kick, from the left hash, it’s up, and it’s good, and the Hawks lead it 3-0 at the 8:59 point of the 1st quarter.


And we are back, the Koehn kickoff lands about 9 yards deep in the end zone, touchback.  Pitt ball at the 25.

Pitt starts in the gun, and Boyd gets handed the ball on a jet sweep, but he can’t get the far corner turned, and Lomax drops him after a 2 yard gain.  2nd and 8.

Now a handoff to Hall, he gets the ball and races to the near corner then out of bounds, but that is a 9 yard gain, 1st down Pitt at their 36.

From the gun, Peterman snaps it, has pressure, but he gets it off  deep down the near hash, the ball comes down and Boyd leaps, snags it, and comes down, Mabin was right there, he just missed.  It’s 36 yards, and Pitt has a 1st down at the Iowa 28.  

Now from the pistol, Peterman drops back, has no pressure, and then he floats it to the far sideline - Boyd is there again, he makes the catch and hops out of bounds, 22 yards, and it’s 1st and goal from the Iowa 6.  King was on the coverage, just a step or two slow.

Pitt tries a handoff to Hall, he tries the middle, gets just 1. 2nd and goal from the 5.

Back to the pistol with a wideout on each side, Peterman snaps it, looks to the near side, pumps the ball, then moves toward the near side, no, pressure, turns and runs for the far corner, but the Hawks string him along and drop him at the 5, 3rd and goal from the Iowa 5.

Kinnick cranks up the noise.  Peterman is in the gun, a tailback to his right, one wideout on the left side, and two on the right.  He snaps it, drops back, looks, then he fires it over the middle, for Boyd, but King dives in front of him and PICKS IT OFF!!!  And he falls to the ground cradling the ball as the Hawkeye defense jumps in celebration!  A touchback, Iowa ball at the 20!!!


Iowa opens with C.J. under center, Jordan behind him, a wideout on each side, Jordan gets it, he tries the middle, gets about 3, 2nd and 7 from the 23.  

C.J. now to the gun, with two wideouts on each side.  He snaps it, looks, then he takes the crossing route, caught, HKC, 11 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the 34!

C.J. is back under center, he snaps it, looks, fires near side for Smith, caught, and pushed out, 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

Now the Hawks try the stretch run to Jr to the near side, but Pitt clogs the lane, and they drop him for a 2 yard loss.  3rd and 8.

C.J to the gun - he snaps it, there is a blitz from the near side, he tries for the far sideline, but gets hit, and the ball falls to the turf. 4th down, and the Iowa punt team takes the field.  

Iowa is punting from the 36, and Kidd is now back in there, it bounces at the 6, and rolls into the end zone, a touchback, but the dangerous Boyd could not get a return.  Pitt 1st down, clock at 2:54 of the 1st.  Timeout.

But we stay at Kinnick as the booth talks about the new permanent lights that were installed this summer.  They are doing the trick, Kinnick looks stunning as the darkness overtakes Iowa City.

From the 20, Pitt is in the gun, with the tailback to Peterman’s right, and three wideouts on the left side.  Boyd gets the handoff again, he tries the far side, gets a bit of the corner turned, 5 yards, 2nd and 5.

And it’s not Peterman, now it’s Voytik, he snaps the ball, hands it off, but the run up the middle is stuffed, no gain, 3rd and 5.  

Voytik snaps the ball, rolls to the near side, and lets it fly down the near sideline, but it flies out of bounds, no good, 4th down, and the Pitt punt team must take the field.

King makes the catch at the 28, he starts up field, but then cuts it toward the near side, across the near hash he tries to cut back upfield, but Pitt catches him, and as we go to break, we heard the referee saying there was a hold on the play, so Iowa has to start at the 19 yard line. Timeout.

Iowa comes out at 1:26 of the 1st, C.J. is under center, with Jr back behind him.  He snaps it, drops back, fakes the handoff, looks, then he fires it deep down the middle of the field, it comes down on the far hash, Smith has tight coverage, but he leaps up and snags it, and he falls to the turf, 51 yards and an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 30!!!  Kinnick explodes!

Iowa to the base formation, C.J. under center, Jr behind him, a wideout on each side.  C.J. snaps it, and quickly fires near side, caught, Vandeberg, but he gets wrapped up, it only gains 1.  2nd and 9.

But there is a flag on the play.  It’s a personal foul, facemask, on Pitt, that is an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 14!   And then we see it, it was on the tackle of VandeBerg, and Iowa will take it.

C.J. is back under center, Jr behind him a trio of wideouts right off the line on the right side. And Smith on the left side.  It’s snapped, he steps back, and quickly takes the under on the far side, caught, Kittle, he bounces of one tackle and turns the corner, picks up 3 yards, 2nd and 7, as the 1st quarter coms to a close.  Timeout.

During the break Robert Gallery goes up onto the ANF Wall of Honor, he retired from the NFL in 2012, and still has the great hair he had back in the Iowa colors.  

Ok we are back on the field, C.J. under center, Jr behind him, he barks out his orders at the line, he snaps it, turns, hands it to Jr, he plows straight ahead, but only picks up 2.  3rd and 5 from the 9.

C.J. is now in the gun, only Smith spread out on the near side. The heavy formation, he snaps it, looks, far side, no, pulls it down, and takes off, across the 10, the 5, and he takes a hit and dives for the pylon, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!! Koehn drills the extra point and it’s 10-0 at the 14:12 mark of the 2nd quarter!!!  Timeout.

Koehn gives no return.

Gallery is talking as Pitt tries a run to the far side, but it only goes for a yard.  2nd and 9.

Now Pitt completes a quick pass to Boyd, caught, he gets 8, so that brings up a 3rd and 1 from the 34.  

Voytik is under center, he snaps it, and flips it back to his tailback, he tries the far side, but Iowa strings him along and drops him for no gain. 4th and 1, and Pitt has to bring out the punt team.

King makes the fair catch at the Iowa 19. Timeout.

This drive starts with a run by C.J. that nets 10, but a flag flies, holding, and it’s 1st and 20 from the Iowa 9.

Kirk pulls out his pad and makes his notes.  

From the gun, C.J. snaps it, has immediate pressure, but he gets it off far side, caught, Hillyer, and he has blockers as he races up the far sideline, 20 yards before he is pushed out, 1st down Iowa at the 29!!!

From the gun, C.J. hands it to Jordan, but that play was slow to develop, and Pitt stuffs it for no gain.  2nd and 10.

Now C.J. takes Jordan on the underneath route, caught, but hit right away, 4 yards.  3rd and 6.

From the gun, C.J. snaps the ball, steps back, looks left, fires that way, but a Pitt defender tips it with one hand, and then pulls it in, picked off, and he races down the far sideline, only VandeBerg hitting him and forcing him out at the 15 saves the touchdown.  C.J.’s first interception this season, and in a bad place on the field.  

From the gun, Peterman is back in, he snaps the ball, and quickly fires it over the middle, caught by his tight end at the 7, and he just walks into the end zone. Touchdown Pitt, and the Iowa players are looking around at each other, wondering who had the blown coverage on that one.  The extra point is good, and Iowa leads 10-7 at the 10:11 mark of the 2nd quarter.

There is a flag on the play, and Iowa is hit with a personal foul for a ‘head slap’.  It will be enforced on the kickoff.  Timeout.

Of course, this kickoff sails through the end zone, Iowa 1st down at the 25.

C.J. starts in the gun, he snaps the ball, and he does not see the immediate pressure and he gets drilled, and goes down, the ball flies out, and Pitt picks it up, but it looks like he was down.  It goes to a review. The review does confirm that C.J. was down, but it also shows that the Pitt defender put his helmet right on C.J.’s chin, which should have been called for the head shot, and was not.  

So it’s Iowa’s ball, 2nd and 21 from the Iowa 14.

C.J. is back in the gun, he snaps it, rolls to the near side, has pressure, but then he flips it far side, the screen, caught, Kittle, and he gets 4 yards.  3rd and 17, the replay showed that if he had cut the ball outside, he had a lot of room to run.

Pitt calls timeout - clock at 9:08 of the 2nd quarter.

And - it’s a false start.  Now 3rd and 22.

Finally the play gets off, it is a screen to Jordan, caught, but he only gets 6 yards, the Iowa punt team comes onto the field.

Kidd’s punt lands at the Pitt 38 where Boyd makes the fair catch.  1st down Pitt, clock at 8:25 of the 2nd.

Pitt gets 4 yards on 1st down, but then loses 5 yards on 2nd down, and on the 3rd and 11, Peterman has to run for his life, so the Hawks force the punt team to come out again.  A 3 and out, and Kinnick roars its approval.

King makes the fair catch at the 26.  Clock at 6:43 of the 2nd.  

Iowa starts in the I formation, it goes to Jr, he tries the middle, gets just 2. 2nd and 8.

From under center, C.J. changes the play at the line - he snaps it, drops back, then quickly fires it over the middle, and a very tight window, but Smith snags it, comes down, and drags a Pitt defender about 3 more yards, 18 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the 46!!

C.J. tries again for Smith down the near sideline, but it’s too long, no good. 2nd and 10.
Once more from the gun, C.J. snaps it, quickly fires across the middle, caught, HKC, 14 yards, 1st down Iowa at the Pitt 40!

C.J. now hands it to Jr, he tries straight ahead, gets only about 2.  2nd and 8.

Again from the gun, C.J. snaps the ball, looks, then fires it far side, the slant, VandeBerg, caught, then he takes a big hit, 7 yards, that brings up a 3rd and 1.

Pitt calls timeout at 3:22 of the 2nd, with Iowa facing a 3rd and 1 from the Pitt 31 yard line.

After the break, C.J. runs the QB sneak, and he gets 4 yards so that is a 1st down Iowa at the Pitt 27!

C.J. is back under center, he takes the snap, turns and fires down the middle, as the pass falls to the ground, we see that Smith has been knocked down, again with the ball in the air, and no flags fly.  Kinnick voices its displeasure, apparently they are now showing replays like this on the displays.  2nd and 10.

C.J. now snaps it, and fires it far side, caught, HKC, 6 yards, bringing up 3rd and 4.

We now see another angle of that previous play, and sure enough, the safety just plows into Smith before the ball arrives.  Can’t wait until we have Big Ten crews in every game.

From the gun again, it’s a quick pass over the middle, caught, VandeBerg, 1st down Iowa at the Pitt 11!

From under center, Iowa fakes the reverse, it goes to Jordan out of the backfield, he churns straight ahead, takes a hit, spins, dives forward, 7 yards, 2nd and 3 from the Pitt 4!

Iowa runs the same play, Jordan gets it again, goes straight ahead, gets hit at the 1 but he falls into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  Canzeri with the score, and Koehn makes it 17-7 at the 44 second mark of the 2nd quarter!!!

This kickoff lands at the 4, Boyd makes the catch and runs for the far side, he gets it out to the Pitt 23 before he is forced out of bounds.

Pitt would get 1 first down, but then Iowa killed the drive with a sack of Peterman, with Pitt facing a 4th and long, Iowa called timeout with 3 seconds left.  But Pitt did not punt the ball, they tried a pass that was no good, and halftime arrived with Iowa leading 17-7.

We see the usual recaps of other games, the B1G did ok this week, but OSU sure had trouble with Northern Illinois, and the Huskers had a great rally to catch Miami, only to fall in OT.  

The Hawks have about 200 yards at halftime compared to Pitt with about 120.  Iowa also has about 8 more minutes in time of possession.  We would see if that would make a difference in the 4th quarter.

Koehn boots the kickoff out of the endzone, and Pitt starts from the 25.

Pitt starts in the I formation, Peterman drops back, and he dumps it to his fullback in the far side flat, caught, 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

Now from the gun, Peterman fakes the handoff then quickly fires it down the far hash, caught, 11 yards, and a Pitt 1st down at the 39.

Now a handoff to Hall, he tries the right side, but Jewel wraps him up after 4 yards. 2nd and 6.

Hall gets the ball again, and tries the middle, he gets about 5 to bring up a 3rd and 1.

And one more time, he gets hit at the line, but then falls forward into space, that gets him 3 yards, and a Pitt 1st down at the Iowa 49.

Pitt now runs play action after the snap, Peterman has no pressure as he fires it far side, caught, his tight end, 13 yards, and another Pitt 1st down at the Iowa 36.

Now from the pistol, Hall gets the ball again and he plunges forward, that gets 4, 2nd and 6.

Hall gets the ball again, but the Hawks only give him 1 yard up the middle, so it’s now 3rd and 5.

One more time, Hall tries the middle, but Lomax is there to stand him up, and the Hawks swarm and shove him backwards, no gain, 4th and 5.  On comes the Pitt kicking team to try the 48 yard field goal.

It’s not pretty, but it’s long enough, and good, and Pitt climbs to within 17-10 with 9:40 left in the 3rd.

The Pitt kickoff lands 5 yards deep, King makes the catch, and takes a knee.  Iowa ball at the 25, 1st and 10.

From the base formation, Jr gets the ball, he goes straight ahead, about 4.5 yards. 2nd and a long 5.

From the I formation, Daniels gets the ball again - he has a seem to slip through, but he gets tripped up to gain 4, bringing up 3rd and 1.  But he does look to be running more aggressively in these two carries, perhaps he was a bit cautious on the ankle to start the game.

C.J. brings them to the line, they are set, and he snaps the ball and the Iowa line surges forward, the sneak, but C.J. busts through the line and almost is in the clear, but he gets taken down after he picks up about 4.  1st down Iowa, now at the 38!!

C.J. now runs the play action and he rolls to the near side, but he has pressure in his face so he just throws the ball out of bounds.  2nd and 10.

From the gun, C.J. snaps the ball, and quickly turns to his left to dump it to Jordan, he makes the catch but gets hit right away, to pick up nothing.  3rd and 10.

Again in the gun, C.J. has blitz pressure, but he stands in there, and fires a frozen rope for HKC, caught, 13 yards, 1st down Iowa at the Pitt 49!

C.J. is back under center, he snaps it, fakes the handoff, then he turns and floats it deep down the far side, but he overshoots VandeBerg and the pass falls to the ground. 2nd and 10.

Now C.J. tries a shovel pass to Jordan, but it gets blown up, no gain, 3rd and 10.

A Pitt player is injured on the play, a timeout is taken at the 6:20 mark of the 3rd.

After the break, C.J. is in the gun, he snaps the ball, drops back, has time, looks, then finally throws it deep down the near hash - Smith has a step, but this pass is just out of reach, no good.  4th down, on came the Iowa punt team.

Kidd takes the snap, as the booth mentioned he averaged over 47 yards a kick last week, but somehow the Iowa blocking falls asleep, and at least two Pitt players get around the wall, the punt is blocked, they pick it up at the 29 and run into the end zone, touchdown Pitt, and just like that, the game is tied at 17.

The clock is at 5:51 of the 3rd.

We go to a timeout as Kinnick goes nearly silent.

In the replay, we see that Kidd was shoved down from the back in pursuit of the ball carrier.  At least two officials were right there.  And again, they missed it.

King brings this kickoff out from just inside the goal line, he runs for the far side, and gets it out to the 21 before Pitt catches up.  1st down Iowa.  Can the offense respond?

From the I formation, Jordan gets the ball, he goes straight ahead, he just plows into the back of an Iowa blocker to pick up 10 yards, and an Iowa 1st down!

Once again, Jordan gets the ball, starts ahead, but then quickly turns and races for the near corner, he can’t get it turned, and gets forced out after a 3 yard gain. 2nd and 7.

Jordan gets the ball one more time, he starts right but then cuts it straight ahead, that picks up 6, 3rd and 1.

Jordan departs as C.J. goes under center with Jr behind him.  He gets the ball and tries going right into the pile, and they drop him for only about half a yard, so that brings up 4th down.  

For a moment, the Iowa offense stays on the field, but then the punt team runs on, and Iowa fans hold their breath.

But the punt is away safely, it bounces at the 5, and into the end zone. A touchback, but no return for Boyd.  Pitt ball at the 20, clock at 3:09 of the 3rd.

Pitt starts in the I formation, Peterman turns, fakes the handoff, then spins and fires it short, far side, caught, Boyd, about 3 yards.  2nd and 7.

Peterman now keeps the ball, and he just plows straight ahead, and picks up 3.  3rd and 4.

Kinnick again cranks up the volume.  Peterman snaps the ball, looks left, then comes back right and he zips it short to Boyd, caught, 7 yards, a Pitt 1st and 10, ball at the 33.

Peterman snaps the ball, and the pressure soon comes up the middle, he has to backpedal, and he tries dumping it far side, but his pass is too low and dropped, 2nd and 10.

Peterman now hands the ball to Hall, he tries the far side, but the Hawks drop it for no gain.  3rd and 10.

The Iowa D line goes into the berserker mode, but Peterman has time to get it off, he finds Boyd right over the middle, caught, 16 yards, and a Pitt 1st down at their 49.  That brings the 3rd quarter to a close, as the Pitt players all jump around, and the Iowa players are more calm and listening to the coaches bark out their orders.  Timeout.

After the break, Pitt is in the I formation, they snap the ball, it goes to Hall, he tries the far side, but King wraps him up and drops him, 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

Now Peterman fakes the handoff and flips the ball the far side, it’s his tight end, caught, 5 yards, and King again throws him down out of bounds.  3rd and 2.

Now again from the I formation, he snaps it, turns, and flips the ball to Hall, who tries to get to the far corner but can’t, the Hawks drill him and drop him one yard short! 4th and 1!

But the officials still kill the clock (at 13:36) to measure the ball, and yes, it’s short.  4th and 1.

Pitt leaves the offense on the field.  They huddle up, the Kinnick noise swells, and then Pitt races up to the line, they have guys shifting on both sides of the line, but the Iowa defense does not move, and finally the play clock hits 0, and that is a 5 yard penalty.  Pitt brings out the punt team.

King runs up to fair catch the punt, right on the 20, and he makes the catch, clock at 12:50 of the 4th, 1st and 10 for the Iowa offense.

Iowa starts with a handoff to Jordan, he plows straight ahead, a pile forms, but it keeps moving forward, 9 yards, 2nd and 1!

Jordan again from the I formation, he gets 2, 1st down Iowa out at the 31.

Again from the I, C.J. snaps it, fakes the handoff, rises, fires over the middle, caught, Hillyer, he bounces off one tackle into the clear! They do catch him from behind, but he drags the defender another 7 yards before he goes down, 32 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 37!!!

C.J. snaps the ball from the I, he rolls to the far side, but he has pressure, so he dumps it off to Plewa, caught, 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

From the I again, Jordan gets the ball, starts straight ahead, hops out of one tackle before he goes down, 5 yards, bringing up a 3rd and 2.

C.J. is alone in the backfield, in the gun, 5 wideouts spread across the field.  He snaps it, looks, the pressure comes so he pulls it down and runs straight ahead, he gets through the line before he is tripped up, but that is an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 24!

The next play is a handoff to Jordan who takes it all the way to the Pitt 5, but a flag flies, and Iowa is called for holding, but the replay sure does not show it.  1st and 20, now back at the Pitt 34.

C.J. drops back and faces a blitz, but he calmly fires it far side, caught, VandeBerg, he gets hit, but stays on his feet, he almost breaks away, but they do catch him and drop him after 4 yards. 2nd and 16.

C.J. now snaps the ball, he drops back, then he floats the ball far side to Jordan, the screen, caught, he has blockers as he races down the far sideline, he gets to the yellow line, and as a defender dives to tackle him, he leaps over him, across the yellow line, and out of bounds, 17 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 13!!!

C.J. now, feeling it, he snaps it, drops back, then fires a rope over the middle, caught, VandeBerg, he falls down and rolls into the end zone, but the side judge moves in and says he is down at the 1, 1st and goal Iowa from the Pitt 1 yard line!!!

Iowa goes to the heavy I formation, Jordan gets the ball, hops into the hole, but then gets knocked sideways and down, no gain. 2nd and goal from the 1.

Iowa is having trouble getting the play in (where are you Ken) and Kirk calls timeout with 1 second left on the play clock.  Time at 6:14 of the 4th.

Once again to the Power I, it goes to Jordan, he surges straight ahead and dives forward, there is such a pile there we can’t tell, the Iowa players are holding up their arms, the near side judge comes in and takes a closer look, and then he does, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!  The play is reviewed and upheld, and the Hawks had a 24-17 lead with 6:04 left in the 4th.

After Koehn puts the extra point through, we learn this is the 59th straight game without a missed or blocked PAT, and that is the longest streak in the country.

Now, can the Iowa defense get a stop?  Or better yet, a turnover?

Koehn gives no return on this kickoff.  Pitt begins at the 25 yard line.

Peterman starts out in the gun, he drops back, and then fires it near side, but no one is there, 2nd and 10.

The Kinnick crowd begins the I O W A chant.

From the gun again, Peterman drops back, then floats it near side, caught, Boyd again, 19 yards, 1st down Pitt at their 44.

Now Peterman fakes the pass to the near side, then turns and fires it far side, caught, the Hawks seem to push him out but no, he escapes, and picks up 22 more for a Pitt 1st down at the Iowa 34.

Peterman has to shove Boyd to the correct side of the field, but the pass goes the other way, caught, 3 yards, 2nd and 7 at the Iowa 31.

Another pass to the near side flat, caught, 4 more yards, 3rd and 3.

Now Peterman tries a quick pass to the far side, but the pass is tipped by the Iowa defense and by the time it’s caught, the receiver is out of bounds.  4th and 3.  Clock at 3:31. Ball on the Iowa 27.

Peterman is in the gun, he drops back has time, his crossing route is open, caught, Boyd, 5 yards, a Pitt 1st down at the Iowa 22.

From the pistol now, Peterman quickly fires the ball into the far flat, caught, but quickly dropped, 2 yards.  2nd and 8.

Peterman now is looking downfield, but he has to dump it off far side, caught, but driven out of bounds and it loses 1!  3rd and 9!

The clock stops at 2:11.  Then restarts when the ball is placed.

Iowa goes into the berserker one more time - Peterman snaps the ball, is looking, the pocket collapses, and Meier flies in and drills the Pitt QB, a 6 yard sack!  4th and 15!!!  Clock at 1:29 and counting!!!

Pitt calls timeout.  Clock at 1:28 of the 4th.

Iowa again to the berserker as the Kinnick faithful bring the volume to 11.  Peterman snaps the ball, drops back, has pressure so he steps up and fires down the middle, he finds his tight end and he makes the catch and dives to the ground, 19 yards, 1st and goal Pitt from the Iowa 8 yard line.

Peterman from the gun.  He snaps and looks, then fires near side - the pass is deflected at the line and no good.  2nd and goal.  Clock at 57 seconds.

Peterman now snaps the ball, there is pressure and he steps up and floats it to the back corner of the end zone, caught, Boyd, touchdown Pitt, Mabin was there be he could not stop it.  And we are tied at 24 with 52 seconds left in the game.

Pitt squibs the kick, and it rolls all the way inside the 5, as the Hawks seem a bit confused, finally King picks the ball up and races for the far side, he gets the corner turned, and he gets it out to the Iowa 30! 1st down Hawks, clock at 44 seconds left, and Iowa has 2 timeouts. Will Iowa play for overtime, or try to win the game here, Hawk fans are left to wonder.

From the gun - C.J. drops back, does not like it, so he pulls it down, and races for the far sideline, he hops out at the 42, the clock stops with 37 seconds left. 1st and 10.

Now C.J. finds HKC in the nearside flat, he makes the catch but can’t get away, 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

Iowa calls timeout with 30 seconds left.  2nd and 6, from the Iowa 46 yard line.

C.J. once again pulls the ball down under pressure, he goes straight ahead, and picks up 7 yards for an Iowa 1st down at the Pitt 47!

C.J. gets the guys to the line quickly, he waits, fires it near side for Smith, but he can’t make the grab on the near sideline, 2nd and 10.

Clock at 15 seconds. Pitt calls timeout.  2nd and 10 from the Pitt 47.

From the gun with Jordan just to his right, and 4 wideouts on the field.  He snaps the ball, steps back, and then fires it for Smith on the near side, he makes the catch, but gets hit, and they rule he is out of bounds. Smith thinks he is not.  It goes to a review, and the call is upheld.  3rd and 10 from the 47.  Clock at 8 seconds.  

C.J. back to the gun, the same formation as the last down.  He snaps it, the blitz comes from the far side, he pulls it down, and takes off!  He dives forward to about the 39 yard line and immediately signals timeout, and there are 2 seconds left. 

It’s 4th and 2 from the Pitt 39.  Koehn takes the field, to attempt the 57 yard field goal.

Just as Iowa goes to snap the ball, the whistles blow, Pitt has called timeout, but the snap has happened, so Koehn has kicked the ball, and it comes up about 8 or so yards short.  But the play has not happened, so all that really did with give Koehn a feel for the wind and distance he needed.

Pitt puts a player in the end zone, so he can return a short attempt, ala Auburn against Alabama.

The players take their stance.  It’s actually Boyd back there in the end zone.

The snap is away, the hold down, the kick is away - it’s long enough, it’s high enough, it gently curves and IT’S GOOD!! IT’S GOOD!!! THE HAWKEYES WIN!!! THE HAWKEYES WIN!!! THE HAWKEYES WIN!!!  (channeling Zabal)

Kinnick erupts as the players race onto the field - Koehn racing ahead of them, presumably to not be in the bottom of the pile.

And for the punt of 64 yards, the 2 for 2 on the field goals, and giving no return on 4 of 5 kickoffs, Koehn is your Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week!

C.J. 27 for 40 for 258, with his first interception of the season, and the rushing touchdown.  He had 8 carries for 39 yards on the day, perhaps second only to the TD, the last carry, when he got down in time to save 2 seconds for Koehn to work his magic.  He continues to spread the ball around, and soon enough when Duzey is back - another very dangerous weapon will be at his disposal.  

Catching those passes, VandeBerg - 7 for 45 yards.  He is now leading the B1G in catches.
Jordan, 7 for 30 yards.  Smith, 3 for 73, with that 51 yard bomb.  Hillyer, 2 for 52, including that clutch conversion on 3rd and long.  HKC, 5 for 48, and Kittle 2 for 7 for the tight ends.  

Rushing yards where not easy to come by for either team.  Jordan, 12 carries for 49.  Daniels Jr, 9 for 17, but again, he seemed to be running with more determination in the 2nd half, so perhaps he is close to 100% and ready to unleash the thunder.  

The Iowa defense did give up 227 passing yards to the combined QBs, but King’s two interceptions loomed especially large in the final outcome.  When we get Ott back for good, I expect the passing numbers to drop - the QBs won’t have time.

Yes, Boyd got his 10 for 131, and the one TD inside a minute that tied the game.  Apparently he was open because he pushed off on Mabin - I could not see that on the tv replay.  If so, just another blown call on a day full of them by the ACC crew.

We won’t be seeing him again, nor will any other schools after this year - he is surely off to the Sunday league.

5 different Panthers rushed with the ball for a total of 27 times - for 55 net yards.  I will let you do that math.  Domination, and that too to improve when Ott returns.

So the Hawks survived a Pitt team that may do decent in the ACC, and the officials, to move to 3-0, with a chance to finish the non-con at 4-0 for the 1st time since 2009.  

And to do so, they will have to beat an old friend.  And enemy.

Week 4: North Texas

So, it’s a showdown between two birds of prey this week.  The Mean Green (Eagles) v the Hawkeyes.  

North Texas is in Denton, a far north suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth, that has about 37,000 students (29,000 undergrad), and was founded in 1890.  The University of North Texas is the 7th name the school has had since it was founded.  

And their coach - Dan McCarney.  Yup, that one.

As  you may know, Dan was born and raised in Iowa City, and he played for the Hawkeyes from 1972 to 1974.  This was during the Dark Ages of Iowa Football before Hayden arrived, but at least the 1974 Hawkeye team (3-8) did beat #12 UCLA 21-10 in Kinnick Stadium.  (that team’s out of conference games in 1974? #12 UCLA, #19 Penn State, and @ #9 USC. A different era).

After graduating, Dan was an Iowa graduate assistant from 1977 to 1978, then the defensive line coach from 1979 to 1989 - all under Hayden.  Of course, Hayden had come to Iowa from - North Texas State.  AKA University of North Texas.

From 1990 to 1994, Dan was the defensive coordinator for the Badgers.  Then in 1995, he found his way to the head coaching seat at Iowa State.  

1998 was the last year of Hayden, and it was the year the 15 game Hawkeye winning streak against the Clowns was broken - the 27-9 loss in Kinnick (we were favored by about 30) foretold the 3-8 season that ended Hayden’s run.  

Dan would be at ISU through 2006, leaving with an overall record of 56 and 85, and 27 and 68 in the Big 12.  From there, to South Florida as Defensive Line coach for the 2007 season, then to the Gators as the same from 2008-2010.  He became the head coach at North Texas in 2011, and to date, he is 22 and 29 overall there.

And he is off to an 0-2 start so far this season.  In week 2, they traveled to SMU and lost 31-13, then last week they hosted Rice and lost 38-24.  Once again, Iowa will be a bit different.

Their QB is senior McNulty, #5, from, you guessed it, Iowa City.  In 2 games, he is 35 for 69 - a not great 50.7%, for 431 yards (a long of 93), with 2 touchdowns, but 3 interceptions. He has also been sacked 4 times.  

Their top pass catcher is senior Harris, #9, who has 13 catches for 233 yards, and 2 tds.  The next best is senior tight end Loving, #14, with 7 catches for 89 yards.

When it comes to running the ball, senior Jimmerson #22, has 22 carries for 134 yards, with 1 touchdown.  That is a 6.1 yard average, which is good.  But we shall see what he can do against Iowa’s top 10 rush defense. 

Special teams - their kicker is 4 for 4 on extra points.  But just 3 for 5 on field goals.

In other stats - UNT’s 3rd down percentage - defense - 61.8%.  There are 128 FBS teams this year.  That ranks #127.  Result - long Iowa drives.

That 50.7% completion percentage:  114th nationally.

Net punting - 33.4 yards.  #109.  Result - King punt return touchdown.

Rushing defense - 231 yards per game.  Again, SMU and Rice.  #114.

Time of possession - 21:10.  #127. 

And total defense  - 503 yards per game.  #116.

So, it would not appear they have much of a chance against the balanced Iowa offense.  

And they probably can’t run much against the Iowa defense.  

If the QB was more like a 70% passer, maybe.  But 50% - I think the Hawks snag 3 of them this week.

Yes, the reserves play in the 4th quarter.

Hawkeyes 44, Mean Green 13.