November 5, 2015

The Eternal Season - Sedge's 2015 Hawkeye Football Game Notes - Week 10: Iowa @ Indiana, 11/5/15

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2015 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 8-0, 4-0 Big Ten, 3-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 10th
USA Today: 11th
College Football Playoff: 9th

September 5th, v. Illinois State WIN 31-14
September 12th, @ Iowa State, WIN 31-17
September 19th, v. Pittsburgh, WIN 27-24
September 26th, v. North Texas, WIN 62-16
October 3rd, @ •Wisconsin, WIN 10-6
October 10th, v. •Illinois, WIN 29-20
October 17th, @ •Northwestern, WIN 40-10
October 31st, v. Maryland, WIN 31-15
November 7th, @ Indiana, 3:30 pm, ESPN
November 14th, v. •Minnesota, 8:00 pm, BTN
November 21st, v. •Purdue, TBD
November 27th, @ •Nebraska, TBD

•Big Ten West Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting next opponent: Rodents @ Ohio State, 8:00 pm, ABC

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November 7th, 2015  Iowa v. Indiana Hoosiers, 4-4. 0-4 Big Ten, 0-4 B1G East
Previous Meetings: 75, Iowa leads 43-28-4, leads in Bloomington 19-18-1
Last Meeting: 2014, Hoosiers 29, Hawkeyes 45

Kinnick Color of the Week:

Current Line: Iowa -7

Turnover Margin: +10,  B1G #1, FBS #6

Interceptions: 12, B1G #1, FBS #11

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2015
Total   405.1  Pass 203.8  Rush 201.4  Scoring 32.6
B1G    #6              #11                #2                    #5
FBS    #65            #89               #33                  #47
Total   287.6  Pass 201.9  Rush 85.8    Scoring 15.3
B1G    #3              #7                 #2                   #4
FBS    #7              #41               #5                   #6
The New Big Ten:
West                             East
Iowa                              Michigan
Nebraska                      Michigan State
Minnesota                     Ohio State
Wisconsin                     Penn State
Illinois                            Indiana
Northwestern                Maryland
Purdue                          Rutgers

Big Ten West Standings:
Iowa                   8-0, 4-0 B1G, 3-0 B1G West
Wisconsin   7-2, 4-1 B1G, 3-1 B1G West
Northwestern   6-2, 2-2 B1G, 2-1 B1G West
Illinois           4-4, 1-3 B1G, 1-2 B1G West
Minnesota   4-4, 1-3 B1G, 1-2 B1G West
Purdue           2-6, 1-4 B1G, 1-4 B1G West
Nebraska           3-6, 1-4 B1G, 1-4 B1G West
Week 9: Maryland

As we leave the ABC booth (and then a few commercials), we see a shot of the new (as of the remodel) Hawkeye press box.  What a facility it is, I got to attend a wedding reception there back during the rout of the Rodents to close out the Metrodome in 2008.  A great place for a party, if you plan on having one in Iowa City.

And then to the stands, where we see a horse, a Chewbacca, and many other Hawkeye fans dressed for the Halloween festivities.  

The booth talks about Iowa’s strength of schedule to that point (6th, nationally), and points out the thing we keep hearing about the games of the last month.  Of course, there are no givens in the Big Ten, as Iowa fans have learned over the years.

We then meet Maryland’s interim coach, he has been with the program for quite a while, and maybe is a candidate to become the new actual coach, if the Terps can finish November with some wins.  
Just not today, thank you Hawkeyes.

And then we see the Hawks swarm onto the field, and then we step away again, life on ABC, lots of time killed during commercial breaks.

We then see Zach Johnson, honorary captain, all decked out in Hawkeye black, and carrying the Claret Jug, his prize for winning the 2015 Open Championship. That jug first awarded to the winner in 1873.

 And now Maryland is kicking off, the booth points out that the Hawks have won the toss in 7 of 8 games.  It lands at the 4, King makes the catch, starts up the near side, then cuts it across the near hash, and he gets it out to the 29.  1st down Hawkeyes.

The Hawks come to the line with C.J. under center, the I formation behind him, and two wideouts on the left side.  He snaps it, turns, and fires for the far side, the wideout screen, targeting Vandeberg, but that guy Likely flies in and knocks the ball to the ground.  2nd and 10.  

C.J. now drops back to the gun, he has two wideouts on the left, and one on the right.  He snaps it, drops back, and then fires the ball down the far hash, Vandeberg, but the pass is just behind him and the coverage is good, 3rd and 10.

Hawks to the same look, C.J. barks out his orders from the gun.  He snaps it, drops back, has pressure, so he flips the ball to the far side, the screen, caught, Mitchell, at the 28, he has space, and he takes off down the far hash, across the 30, the 35, the 40, and finally caught and dropped at the Iowa 48, 19 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!  

Now C.J. heads back under center, he has one wideout on the left side, and two on the right.  He turns, hands the ball to Wadley, and he goes straight ahead, 7 yards to the Terp 45, 2nd and 3.

Iowa now to the I formation, with a wideout on each side.  C.J. changes the play.  He snaps the ball, turns, hands it to Wadley, he goes off tackle, left, and picks up about 2.5 yards before he is spun down, so that brings up a Hawkeye 3rd and a short 1.  

Iowa comes to the line in the I formation, and as soon as everyone is set, C.J. snaps the ball, the line surges forward, and he follows them, the QB sneak, 2 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Maryland 40!

C.J. now, back under center, Wadley alone behind him. He snaps the ball, turns, and then flips the ball to Wadley, he starts far side, spins, and picks up 7 yards, 2nd and 3.

Back to the I formation, Wadley gets the ball, tries following Cox up the far side, but he gets tripped up again just short of the yellow line, 3rd and a short 1.

Up to the line, C.J. snaps the ball, and tries the right side of the line, he kind of submarines his way in there, but he gets enough, an Iowa 1st down at the Terp 30!

C.J. is now alone in the gun, he has two wideouts on each side, and a tight end lined up just off the right tackle  He snaps the ball, looks, then quickly fires it far side, he dives, caught, Hillyer, but it gains just 3.  2nd and 7.

C.J. goes back under center, Wadley behind him, and two wideouts on the near side.  C.J. steps back to change the play.  He snaps it, drops back, then he fires it deep down the near sideline, Vandeberg, but this pass is just behind him again, and broken up.  If C.J. had lead him, I think that was an Iowa TD.  3rd and 7.

From the gun again, C.J. snaps the ball, looks, has pressure from the far side, he then fires a rope down the far sideline, targeting Smith the Elder, but it is too hard and it flies out of bounds. Smith is looking for a flag, as the replay shows the defender has his arm in Smith’s chest, but no flags come.  4th and 7, and on comes the Iowa kicking team to try the 45 yard field goal.

Iowa comes to the line quickly, snaps the ball, it’s up, and it never curls in from the far hash, and just misses wide left.  Koehn’s 3rd field goal miss, and a trend of late of him missing his 1st kick of the day.  

Maryland 1st down from the 27, and timeout.

Hills does get the start, and he starts in the gun with a tailback to his right, he snaps the ball, runs the read/option, hands it off, he tries the far side to pick up about 2, 2nd and 8.

Now from the pistol with another tailback to Hills’ left, he snaps the ball, turns, fakes the handoff, stands, and fires it across the near hash, caught, 14 yards, a Maryland 1st down out at their 43.

Maryland quickly to the line, Hills alone in the gun, three wideouts on the far side, and two on the near.  He snaps the ball, Fisher blitzes from the near side, he gets into the backfield, but Hills takes off for the far side, he gets the corner turned, and picks up 14 before he steps out, 1st down Terps at the Iowa 43.

Now Hills is in the gun, with a triangle of tailbacks around him.  He snaps it, shuffles, then flips the ball outside, the option, caught, he turns the corner, across the 40, the 35, but then he goes down and the ball is on the turf, and Taylor picks it up, and moves up the far sideline to the 40, Iowa ball after the fumble!!!!  We see in the replay that Mabin knocked the ball out, and Taylor stepped out at the 38.  1st down Hawkeyes!!!

C.J. goes under center, with Wadley alone behind him, and two wideouts on the right side.  He steps out to change the play.  He snaps it, turns, hands it to Wadley, he tries the far side, across the 40, he juke steps outside a block, across the 45, and then he is shoved out, but that gains 8, 2nd and 2 at the Iowa 46!

C.J. is again under center with Wadley behind him, a solo wideout on each side - Hawks are going heavy with extra tight ends.  C.J. changes the play at the line.  It goes to Wadley, again he goes left, turns the corner, across the yellow line, the 50, the 45, and finally caught and downed at the 40, 14 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Terp 40!

Now from the far hash, C.J. has twin wideouts on the strong side, and now Jr is in at tailback.  C.J. snaps it, and drops straight back to pass, and he fires it deep down the near side, but again he is off with Vandeberg, this time too long, and no good.  2nd and 10.

Now to the I formation, C.J. barks out his call.  He snaps the ball, drops straight back, and then he fires it over the middle caught, Smith (Elder), 21 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Maryland 19!!!

Back to the I formation, but C.J. stands back there to point and set his protections.  He snaps it, turns, hands it to Junior, he goes straight ahead, blasts through the line, across the 15, the 10, he is hit at the 8 but he falls forward to the 5, 14 yards, a Hawkeye 1st and goal from the Maryland 5!!!

Now to the power I, a solo wideout on the right side, it goes to Jr, he plows straight ahead, gets hit, but then spins and falls down backwards, 4 yards, 2nd and goal Iowa from the 1!

Now Iowa goes super I, no wideouts in there, C.J. snaps it, turns, hands it to Jr, he starts right and just plows his way forward, and he falls across the goal line, TOUCHDOWN IOWA  - and welcome back Daniels Jr!  Koehn comes in an drills the extra point, and it’s 7-0 Hawkeyes at the 4:42 mark of the 1st!!!  Timeout.

After the break, Koehn’s kick comes down at the 5, Likely makes the catch and starts up the middle, and he just guns it straight ahead into the crowd, he gets it out to the 31.  1st down Terps.

Hills starts in the gun, with a tailback to his right. He snaps it, hesitates, then takes off for the near side, turns the corner, and gets about 7 before he gets tripped up.  2nd and 3.

Hills again to the 3 tailback triangle look.  He runs the read/option to the tailback to his left, he gets the ball, tries the far side, but the Hawks drop him for no gain.  3rd and 3.

Again from the gun, Hills snaps the ball, looks middle, then tries right side, but his pass is tipped at the line, and Taylor picks it off!!  But then he tries a spin move as he moves forward, and he gets popped and the ball falls out, and Maryland falls on it just before it rolls out of bounds.   It is ruled an interception followed by a fumble, a Maryland 1st and 10 at their 32.  

But they would go 3 and out from here, and their punt would land at the 19, where King would make the fair catch.  1st down Hawkeyes, clock at 1:45 of the 1st.  Timeout.

After the break, C.J. is under center, with Wadley behind him.  He snaps it, turns, then turns back, looks, then he fires right down the middle, where Kittle reaches up with one hand and snags it, then he falls to the turf and holds on!  26 yards, and a ESPN Top 10 play for sure!!!

But from here, C.J. gets drilled for a 10 yard sack, but one of the Terps that was involved is hurt on the play.  

So that brings up 2nd and 20.  C.J. now to the gun, he has a tailback behind and to his left, and a triangle of wideouts just across the near hash.  He snaps it, drops back, then quickly fires over the middle, caught, Mitchell, but he only gets about 5.  3rd and 15.

And that brings an end to the 1st quarter, with the Hawks up 7-0.  Timeout.

And now after the break, we see a dancing T-Rex.  Not something you see every day.

From the gun, C.J. drops back, but has pressure, so he starts forward, but gets hit, to lose about 4 more, and so the Hawkeye punt team takes the field.  

Kidd drops his punt at the 22, where Likely makes the fair catch.  A Maryland 1st down, clock at 14:20 of the 2nd quarter.

No break here, just an ESPN promo of their night games.  Maryland has Hills in the gun with a tailback to his left.  He snaps it, drops, then quickly fires over the middle, caught, 13 yards, a Maryland 1st down at their 36.

Maryland quickly to the line, two wideouts on each side, Hills to the gun.  He snaps it, drops back, then he floats it deep down the far hash, but King is right there, and the pass is no good.  2nd and 10.

Hills again has the trio of tailbacks around him, he snaps it, hands it to the guy on his right, he tries the far side, but the Hawks blow it up and drop him for a 4 yard loss!! 3rd and 14!

The Terps now have 5 wide, but the Iowa defense goes into the dancing mode, he snaps it, drops back, is looking middle, but he does not feel the pressure from the far side and they drop him for a 6 yard sack!  Meier!  That’s 4th and 20!!!

Now the Terps false start with their punt unit, that makes it 4th and 25.

This kick is kind of shanked, it comes down at about the Iowa 45, King kind of overruns it, but then turns, and picks it up, but he gets hit and goes down, so it’s an Iowa 1st down at their 37.  Clock at 12:15 of the 2nd.  Timeout.

After the break, Iowa comes out in the I formation, a wideout on each side.  C.J. changes the play.  He turns, hands it to Wadley, he goes straight ahead to pick up 5.  2nd and 5.

Now the Hawks flip a fullback for a tight end, otherwise same look. It goes to Wadley again, he tries to cut the ball to the near side, but he slips, and picks up nothing. 3rd and 5.

C.J. now to the gun, Mitchell to his left, the triangle of wideouts on the far side.  He snaps it, drops, then quickly fires it deep down the far sideline, caught, Vandeberg, there we go!  23 yards and out of bounds, a Hawkeye 1st down at the Maryland 35!!!

Back to the I formation, it seems like C.J. is just calling the plays at the line.  It goes to Jr, he plows straight ahead, gets hit but keeps his legs moving, that picks up 7, 2nd and 3.

But this time, Daniels gets hit in the backfield and loses 2.  3rd and 5.

Again with the triangle wideouts to the far side, C.J. snaps the ball, and tries the quick strike that way, but the ball is tipped at the line and falls to the turf.  4th and 5 from the Maryland 30.

The booth points out that the Hawks are in field goal range - but Kirk leaves the offense on the field.  

C.J. drops back into the gun - with 5 wide spread out across the field.  He snaps it, looks, then fires it near side, for Smith (Elder), as the camera pans it seems Smith is tied up with the corner, the pass falls to the turf, but then from the far side a flag flies in, that is pass interference, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the Maryland 15!!!

Now from the I formation, with a wideout on each side.  It goes to Wadley, he tries the middle, dances a bit, and picks up about 4. 2nd and 6 from the Maryland 11.

Again to the I formation, with two wideouts on the far side.  C.J. snaps it, turns, hands it to Wadley, he goes off tackle, right, it seems there is a mess there, but he emerges, and turns on the jets and fires his way through a tackle and into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  Wadley now has a td, and Koehn comes in and makes it 14-0!  Clock at 8:30 of the 2nd quarter.  Timeout.

After the break, Likely brings the kickoff out to the 23.  Maryland would get one 1st down in this drive, but then the Hawks would kill the drive, and Maryland punted the ball back to King, who picked the ball up at the 19 and stepped out, and he may have been bumped after stepping out, he asks for the flag, but none comes.  An Iowa 1st down from there, with  5:30 left in the 2nd quarter.   Timeout.

After this break, Iowa is in the I formation, with a wideout on each side.  C.J. snaps it, drops back, then quickly fires a rope to the far side, caught, Smith (the Younger), he steps out, 14 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the 33!

Same formation, C.J. again appears to be making the play call at the line.  It goes to Wadley, and he tries middle and gets hit immediately, no gain.  2nd and 10.  

Iowa finally gets set with about 3 seconds on the play clock, C.J. is in the gun, Wadley to his left.  He snaps it, drops back, the pressure comes, but he flips it near side - the jailbreak screen - Vandeberg, caught, he turns the corner around his blocks and takes off!  Across the 35, the 40, the 45, the 50, and finally caught and dropped at the Maryland 46!  22 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!!!

Now Jr gets the ball, he tries middle, and picks up 5.  2nd and 5.

Jr one more time, but he hesitates, and is dropped for no gain.  3rd and 5.

C.J. is again in the gun, with his triangle wideouts on the far side.  He snaps it, looks middle, then flips the ball deep down the far sideline, Vandeberg, but not really close, no good. 4th and 5, and on comes the Iowa punt team.  

Kidd kind of line drives the punt, it comes down at the Maryland 4, and bounces sideways!  And the Hawks pounce on it, and Kidd had put the Terps at their 3 yard line, with 2:07 left in the 2nd!!!

Maryland comes out with Hills in the gun, and the trio of tailbacks around him.  He snaps it, turns, hands it to the tail-ing back, he gets the ball and the Hawks are right there and stuff it for no gain. 2nd and 10 from the 3.
The Hawks don’t call timeout, as Maryland now goes to the I formation.  It goes to the tailback, and he again tries the middle, but the Hawks drop him after about 6 feet. 3rd and 8, and the Hawkeyes now call timeout, with 1:17 left in the 2nd.

After the break, the Terps are again in the I formation, Hills snaps the ball, rolls to the near side, but he holds on, and only picks up 1.  The Hawks call timeout, as Maryland faces a 4th and 7, clock at 1:11.

Punting from their 6 yard line, the Terps have their punter right at the back of the end zone, and that is still not the normal distance back for a punter.  He snaps the ball, and in flies the Iowa defense, and Mends dives forward and hits the ball!!!  And it flies up into the air and bounces at the 15, an the Terps have to down it at their 19!  Iowa ball, with 1:01 left in the 2nd quarter!!!

Iowa comes in out of the gun, C.J. again has his triples on the far side.  This is screen that only picks up one, but Myers is hit with a holding call.  Now 1st and 20, from the Maryland 29.

As Iowa comes to the line, the clock is running, now at 40 seconds and counting.  C.J., alone in the gun, with 5 wide.  He snaps it, drops back, then he dumps it near side, caught, Hillyer, and he has some blockers as he races up the near sideline, that picks up 12 yards, 2nd and 8 from the Maryland 17!  The clock stops at 27 seconds.

Now C.J. has 3 wideout, and Wadley to his left.  He snaps it, looks, steps up, then just dumps it to HKC, caught, and he rumbles forward for 15 yards to the Maryland 2 yard line! 1st and goal Hawkeyes, clock at 19 seconds!

C.J. has the Hawks right at the line as the ball is set, and as the clock starts again, he snaps and spikes the ball, 2nd and goal, the clock stops with 16 seconds left. 

Now C.J. tries rolling to the far side, and hitting Vandeberg on the out pattern, but the pass is too low.  3rd and goal from the 2, clock at 13 seconds.

C.J. is back in the gun, with Mitchell to his right, and wideouts spread out on each side.  He snaps it, runs a quasi read/option, hands it to Mitchell, he takes two steps and dives forward, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!! And Koehn makes it 21-0 with 9 seconds left!!!

Likely brings the kickoff out to the 35, but that kills the final 9 seconds, and the Hawks took the 21-nil lead into the half.  

The halftime stats back up the score.  Total yards, Hawks 240, Terps 68.  5.7 yards per play for the Iowa offense, with 13 1st down to Maryland’s 4.  

The second half was a bit of a downer for the Hawkeye offense - the only td scored was King’s 88 yard pick 6.  His 7th interception of the season, now just one short of the Iowa single season record of 8.

And of course, as soon as King was back on the bench catching his breath, the Hawkeye special teams gave up the 100+ yard kickoff return to Likely, and they got a 2 point conversion off of that, to make their total 15.  But Maryland would also try two onside kicks in the 2nd half, and Iowa would fall on them both, so really the 4th quarter was pretty low stress for Hawkeye fans.  

Likely may have gotten his kickoff touchdown, but Kidd’s excellent day punting only gave Likely 4 total punt return yards.  So one glaring weakness for the special teams - ok, 2, with Koehn’s opening field goal miss.  But a great day by the punter, and the punt gunners.

Oh, and Koehn did get in there for one of his rugby style punts - and it went for 46.  

C.J., 12 for 23, with 183 yards, no tds, and no interceptions.  He clearly was hobbled still by his lower body injury, but he also did seem to move around a bit better in the 2nd half.  So maybe he is on the way back for the final 4, able to use all his weapons.  

Wadley, 19 for 68, and 1 td,  Jr, 13 for 60, and 1 td.  The best he has looked since the opening salvo of the season.  Mitchell only had 1 carry for 2 yards - and of course it went for a td.  3 rushing touchdowns by 3 different tailbacks.  Not sure when the last time was that the Hawks did that.

The Hawkeye defense did allow Hills to rush for 104 yards on 19 carries, but of course, they snagged 3 of his passes (though we gave one back).  Keeping the Maryland passing horror show going for yet another week.  

So the Hawkeyes got through the first of the games they were supposed to win.  Now onto the next one.

Week 10: Indiana

Another week, another opponent on a 4 game losing streak.  In this case, also every B1G game they have played.   Let’s take a look at how they got there.

The Hoosiers hosted Southern Illinois to open the season.  This was a very back and forth game, SIU up 32-21 at the half, and after scoring 17 in the 3rd quarter, the Hoosier scored with 58 seconds left to take a 48-41 lead.  

But they then allowed SIU to drive 75 yards in 5 plays and just 40 seconds to score a TD with 18 seconds left - and the visitor then went for a two point conversion, and the win.

But their pass was just barely knocked down at the goal line, and Indiana hung on for the 48-47 win.

But ominously - SIU, 659 total yards.  Indiana 595.

In week 2, Florida International paid a visit to Bloomington.  This was another close game, as the 4th quarter began, FIU scored a td and 2 point conversion to go up 22-19 on the Hoosiers.  Indiana would get a field goal to tie the game on on their next possession, and one minute later go up 29-22 on a passing td after an FIU turnover.

But FIU was driving to tie the game up at the 5 minute mark, and they got all the way inside the Indiana 10 yard line.

But then the Hoosiers picked off a pass, and took it back 96 yards for the pick 6, and final score of 36-22.  The Hoosiers were 2-0.  FIU is currently 4-5.

In week 3, Indiana hosted Western Kentucky.  

Here the Hoosiers found themselves down 28-17 at the halftime break.  But they would score 17 in the 3rd, and then hold off WKU 38-35 for their 3rd straight win.  In this one, Indiana 639 yards, WKU 568.

In week 4, Indiana also participated in the gridiron version of the ACC Big Ten Challenge, and they travelled to Winston-Salem to take on Wake Forest.  Not one of the football powers in the ACC.

Indiana scored early in the 4th to go up 31-10, but Wake got two touchdowns after that to close to 31-24.  But they could get no closer, as the Hoosiers held on to finish the non-con at 4-0 for the first time since 1990.

Wake Forest is currently 3-6 overall, and 1-5 in the ACC Atlantic.

To open the Big Ten, Indiana welcomed in Ohio State.

OSU was still using Cardale Jones in those days, and they started slowly, tailing the Hoosiers 3-0 after the 1st quarter.

But OSU woke up just a bit in the 2nd, and they lead 10-6 at the half.

At the end of 3, OSU had a 20-17 lead.  But in the 4th, the Buckeyes scored 6 seconds into the quarter to go up 27-17, and then 4 minutes later, to go up 34-20.

But after the ensuing Buckeye kickoff, Indiana took one play to run 79 yards, and close within 34-27 of the Buckeyes.

OSU had 517 yards in this one - and junior tailback Elliot had 23 carries for 274 yards, and 3 touchdowns.  That was the difference.  The Buckeyes actually had 3 turnovers in this one, and still held on to win.  The Hoosiers were now 4-1.

Up next, the Hoosiers went to Happy Valley.

And this was rather a snoozer, PSU winning 29-7.  Their defense only gave Indiana 234 total yards.  At the moment, Penn State’s defense is ranked 15th in Total Defense.

So now 4-2, 0-2 Big Ten, things really got interesting for Indiana.

They hosted Rutgers next.

This, a rather nondescript 10-7 Indiana lead after 1 quarter.

But things got a bit more interesting in the 2nd, and Rutgers lead it 27-24 at the halftime.

But then in the 3rd, Indiana outscored Rutgers 28-6 to take they 52-33 lead with 15 minutes to play.

And then, the wheels fell off.

The Hoosiers had 3 4th quarter turnovers, and the Scarlett Knights scored touchdowns on all 3 of them, as they tied the game at 52 with 6:59 to play.

Rutgers would get the ball back with 4:47 in the 4th quarter.

And they went on a 13 play, 49 yard drive, that killed all but 5 of those seconds.  There, facing a 4th and 5 from the Indiana 9, they kicked a 26 yard field goal as time expired to shock the Hoosiers 55-52.

Indiana, 627 yards.  Rutgers, 596.

So now 4-3 and 0-3 in the Big Ten, the Hoosiers got to go to East Lansing.

Here, Sparty was generous for much of the 1st half, as MSU only lead it 21-20 at the halftime break.

Even at the end of the 3rd, it was only 28-26 MSU.

But in the 4th, State kicked one field goal, and scored 3 touchdowns, to beat the Hoosiers 52-26.  MSU, 540 total yards in this one.

So the Hoosiers were now 4-4, and 0-4 in the Big Ten, and then last week they had a bye to try and find a defense.

It’s only a rumor they were having open tryouts from any Indiana students that wanted to show up.

So what you get is a rather perplexing mix.  Indiana, lead by senior QB Sudfeld, #7, has the best offense in the Big Ten at 467.7 yards per game.  

But they also have the worst defense in the Big Ten, allowing 508.6 yards per game.  Their offensive number ranks #26 nationally.

The defensive number - 119th nationally.

Sudfeld is 142 for 226 for 2049 yards, with 14 touchdowns, and just 4 interceptions.  He did miss the Penn State game with some nagging injuries.  

His top tailback is junior Howard, #8.  He has 136 carries for 787 yards, and 5 rushing tds.  He did miss both the Penn State and Rutgers games, but he was back for Sparty with 11 carries for 79 yards.

Other interesting Indiana stats.  Passing yards allowed - 342.1  Dead last in Division 1.

You might think that practicing against a very good passing quarterback would make your pass defense at least semi-decent.  Not in Indiana’s case apparently. 

All those yards add up to a scoring defense of 37.3.  111th in the country.  

They are also dead last in the conference and 110th overall in 1st down defense.  Meaning, they give up a lot of 1st downs.  Iowa, a very balanced team - chews up much clock and 1st downs.  

3rd down conversion defense - dead last B1G, 106 overall.  And they give up about 170 per game on the ground.  12th in the conference.  

Oh, and they may not punt all that often, but when they do, only 35.1 net.  11th in the Big Ten, 104th overall.  Alert King.

Indiana does enough on offense that there is no way the Hawks are looking past them to focus on the looming rematch with the Golden Rodents.  It’s a Big 10 road game, and Iowa knows they must be ready to play 60 minutes.

Meanwhile, when King picks off his first pass on Saturday, he will be tied for the Iowa single season interception mark, 8, a record first set by Nile Kinnick in 1939 (later matched, but never topped).

And as an addendum to last week’s notes - Nile Kinnick set his Big Ten punt return record of 201 yards against a Big Ten opponent, Indiana.  When Likely broke his record against Richmond, it was against an FCS team. 

But we digress.  Easy to do, when you start reading about the 1939 Iowa football team, and its leader, Nile Kinnick.

Back to Indiana’s 5 game losing streak.

Iowa picks off 3 Sudfeld passes, as Indiana must press because Iowa’s offensive balance will limit their offensive opportunities.  The Hawkeyes rush for 225, and C.J. hits the 300 mark himself, with passing tds to Smith (the Elder), Mitchell, HKC, and Vandeberg.  Iowa shows Indiana what a top 5 defense can do, and holds the Hoosiers to 57% of their season yardage average.

Hawkeyes 44, Hoosiers 23.



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