April 28, 2015

The Eternal Season - Tuesday April 28th, 2015

Welcome to TES - post number 251!  The seasons - never end!

As April winds down, our Caps are moving onto the Eastern Conference Semifinals after their Game 7 win over the Islanders.  And in doing so, closing down the Nassau Collisum.

Well sort of - there will still be monster truck shows - and The Who is playing there next month.  But starting with the 2015-16 NHL season, we at TES can just hop the 4 or 5 train and express our way to Barclay's Center.  A vast improvement to seeing our Caps take on the Isles.

And oh the stress of those game 7 hockey games.  But our stress turned to elation after this happened:


And with that, the Isles went sent to the golf course, and the Caps move on to the Eastern Conference Semifinals starting Thursday night.  Where the Caps/Rangers feud begins again.

7:30 eastern, Thursday.  On NBCSN.

And now to the other coast - where our Dodgers currently sit at 12-7, one game up on the Rockies, and tonight, The Best Rivalry In Baseball is the game of the night, as the Dodgers face the Giants, and it's Bumgarner v Kershaw.  10:00 pm Eastern on MLB Network.

And in the middle of the country, our Iowa Baseball team is having their best season in the last quarter century or so, currently ranked #16 in the nation, and sitting at 30-11 and 13-2 in the Big Ten.  Right now they are playing Sacramento State, but alas, the Big Ten Network just shows their spring football report all day.  You can however follow the Iowa Baseball Twitter Feed at @UIBaseball, and they do an excellent job of updating the action throughout the game.

And now, we at TES must get through some of our stuff on our DVR, and catch a nap, so we can watch the Dodgers game at 10:00.  Yes, not so easy being a Dodgers fan on the East Coast.  But we manage.

The march to 500 Eternal Season posts has begun! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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