October 16, 2014

The Eternal Season - 10/16/14 - Sedge's 2014 Hawkeye Football Game Notes, Week 8: Iowa @ Maryland

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2014 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 5-1, 2-0 Big Ten, 1-0 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
AP: 6 votes
USA Today: 15 votes

August 30th v. Northern Iowa, WIN 31-23
September 6th v. Ball State, WIN 17-13
September 13th v. Iowa State, Loss 20-17
September 20th @ Pittsburg, WIN 24-20
September 27th @ •Purdue, WIN 24-10
October 11th v. Indiana, WIN 45-29
October 18th @ Maryland, 12:00 pm, ESPN2
November 1st v. •Northwestern, TBD
November 8th, @ •Minnesota, TBD
November 15th @ •Illinois, TBD
November 22nd v. •Wisconsin, TBD
November 28th v. •Nebraska (Black Friday), TBD

•Big Ten West Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting next opponent:
Nebraska @ Mildcats, 7:30 pm, BTN

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October 18th, 2014.  Iowa @ Maryland Terrapins, 4-2, 1-1 Big Ten, 1-1 B1G East
Previous Meetings: 0
Last Meeting: 

Current Line: Iowa +4

Turnover Margin: +3,  B1G #5, FBS #30

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2014
Total   381.3  Pass  230.0  Rush 151.3  Scoring 26.3
B1G    #9             #8               #10                  #11
FBS    #89            #70             #80                  #86
Total   330.7  Pass  200.3  Rush 130.3    Scoring 19.2
B1G    #6              #3                  #7                   #5
FBS    #26            #24                #40                 #19 
The New Big Ten:
West                             East
Iowa                              Michigan
Nebraska                      Michigan State
Minnesota                     Ohio State
Wisconsin                     Penn State
Illinois                           Indiana
Northwestern               Maryland
Purdue                         Rutgers

Big Ten West Standings:
Iowa                  5-1, 2-0 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Minnesota   5-1, 2-0 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Northwestern   3-3, 2-1 B1G, 1-1 B1G West
Nebraska           5-1, 1-1 B1G, 1-0 B1G West
Wisconsin   4-2, 1-1 B1G, 1-1 B1G West
Purdue           3-4, 1-2 B1G, 1-1 B1G West
Illinois           3-4, 0-3 B1G, 0-3 B1G West
Week 7 Recap: Indiana

As we head into Kinnick we hear the booth confirm that both Iowa QBs would likely play, and then down on the field we see them both warming up. It's a bright blue day in Iowa City, and Kinnick is once again striped in the black and gold by section.  

We then see highlights of Coleman’s work to date - and before the day would be done, he would have more of them.  Too many more.

Indiana’s kickoff lands in back of the end zone, so Iowa starts at the 25, and Jake begins under center.

He begins with a quick screen to KMM, caught, he gets 6 yards before he is forced out of bounds.  On the 2nd and 4, Mark tries the stretch play to the right, it only gains 1, and on the play, Jordan Walsh (right guard) is hurt, and it takes a minute for him to get up, and he is finally helped off the field.  

We finally resume with Jake in the gun, he snaps it and is looking downfield, and he never sees the pressure coming right up the gut and he gets drilled for a 10 yard sack.  On comes the Iowa punt team.

And it’s not a good one - only 31 yards, and Indiana makes the fair catch in traffic at their 47 yard line.  

On comes the Indiana offense, with Sudfeld in the gun, and Coleman to his left.  They have 4 wideouts spread across the field, and it’s a fake handoff, then a quick flip to the far side, the wideout screen, caught, but Iowa kills it for a 1 yard loss.   2nd and 11.

Coleman is now in the pistol behind Sudfeld, he gets the ball and tries the right side, and gets about 3 to midfield, so that brings up a 3rd and 7.

The Iowa fans crank up the noise, and Sudfeld’s pass to the far side is no good, too high and Spearman was right there, 4th down, and Indiana must punt.

Indiana is lining up to punt when the whistles blow, that’s an Iowa timeout with 12:14 left in the 1st.  Iowa fans not really sure why, maybe the coaches saw something in the formation.  

The referee says it's a 30 second timeout, but then it becomes a full one.  

We then learn we had 12 men on the field, yes, the formation was wrong, and that is why the sideline called the timeout.   

The kick is away, and McCarron runs away from it as it falls at about the 5, then just barely into the end zone for a touchback, but there is a flag on the field.   And it’s offsides on Iowa, that makes it just 4th and 2, but the Hoosiers leave the punt team in there.  This time McCarron slides away and it lands 5 yards deep in the end zone.  Iowa ball at the 20.  Clock at 11:54 of the 1st.

Iowa starts with Jake under center, Jordan behind him, and two wideouts on the low side.  Jake snaps it, stands, and fires it near side, caught, Smith, the screen, and he breaks one tackle to pick up 10, that's a 1st down at the 30!

Iowa now has two wideouts high and one low.  Jordan still behind Jake.  He changes the play at the line.  It goes to Jordan, he starts straight ahead, sidesteps a Hoosier then cuts it near side, and picks up 8, 2nd and 2.

Iowa now to the I formation with twin wideouts on the high side.  Jake snaps it,  turns, then flips the ball to the tailback, Parker, caught, and he tries the far side to pick up 3, that is an Iowa 1st down at our 41!

Jake to the gun with Jordan to his right, one wideout on the low side two on the high.  Jake snaps it and Indiana blitzes from the far side, Jake rolls to the near side to escape and he flips it to no one, 2nd and 10.

Iowa to the offset I, with a wideout on each side.  Jake snaps it, looks, the pocket collapses so he pulls it down and takes off, that gets 4 yards, so Iowa faced a 3rd and 6.

Jake to the gun with Damon to his left.   He snaps it, then quickly fires it over the middle, it’s very tight but Smith makes the grab and goes down at the Indiana 41, 14 yards, and an Iowa 1st down!

Iowa  to the I formation with Smith on the high side, and Powell on the low.  He goes into motion like maybe it’s the jet sweep, but he keeps going and takes up position in the slot on the far side.  Jake snaps it, looks, then takes the under, caught, Plewa, 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

Iowa again to the I with a wideout on each side.  Jake makes his call at the line.  It goes to Jordan, he heads straight ahead and hops over a tackle to get it down to the Hoosier 27, 11 yards, and 1st down Iowa!  

Iowa now to the single high tailback, Jordan, Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, then pulls it down and rolls to the near side. He then fires it deep down the near sideline where we see KMM has a step, but the ball is perhaps a second too late, as it comes down just as the defender arrives, no good.  2nd and 10.

Jake to the gun with Damon to his left, one wideout high, two low.  He snaps it, then fires it near side for VandeBerg, caught, and out of bounds, 3 yards, and a 3rd and 7.

Jake is just getting the guys in position when he steps back and calls Iowa’s second timeout, at 7:06 of the 1st.

Then we see why, as the Hawks only have 10 men on the field.

After the break, we see some shot of the Iowa Hall of Fame, and there is Nile Kinnick, and your scribe raises his glass to his memory.

Now back to the field, Jake is under center, Damon behind him, and two wideouts line up side by side out on the far hash mark.  Jake then steps back and changes the play.  Jake snaps it, steps back, then fires it near side, caught, Duzey, but it only gains about 5 yards to bring up 4th and 2, ball at the Indiana 19.

But Iowa keeps the offense on the field.  They go to the Power I, just one wideout outside the far side hash.  It goes to Mark, he heads straight ahead and gets hit, but he shakes it off and dives forward across the yellow line, and Iowa 1st down at the Indiana 16!

Iowa now to the I formation with two wideouts on the high side. Jake changes things at the line.  It goes to Mark, he tries the stretch to the near side, it only gains 1.  2nd and 9 from the 15.

Jake to the gun with Damon to his right, two wideouts high, one low.  He snaps it, drops back, then quickly dumps it over the middle, caught, Damon, but in heavy traffic and he is dropped, 3 yards, that brings up 3rd and 6 from the 12.

Jake back to the gun, with Damon again to his right, a wideout on the low side, and three on the high side, in the triangle pattern.  Jake snaps it, takes two steps back, then he steps forward and fires a rope down the middle of the field, and Duzey snags it for an IOWA TOUCHDOWN!   And he flips the ball to the back judge to celebrate and Iowa would lead it 7-0.  The drive, 15 plays, 80 yards, and 7:13 off the game clock.  Which now stands at 4:41of the 1st.  

But there is a flag on the extra point, and Indiana is nailed for a personal foul, so Koehn is kicking off from the 50.  It’s the rarely seen Leaping penalty, where the player jumps over the line and lands on the offensive players.  

And going to break, ESPNU says that the college football doubleheader will begin at 3:30.  Umm, there is a game on ESPNU now.  

The kickoff is well behind the back of the end zone, so Indiana takes the ball from their 25 with 4:41 left in the 1st.  

Catch. Your. Breath.

All right, Indiana comes on in the gun, Coleman to the QB’s right, with three wideout on the high side, with one on the low.  It goes to Coleman, he heads straight ahead and picks up about 5.  2nd and 5.

Now Indiana is in the gun with Coleman to his left, one wideout low side, and two who are stacked up on the far side.  It’s another handoff, and again straight ahead, that gets about 2, 3rd and 3 from the 32.

Indian again to the gun - Coleman to his right.  Twin wideouts on each side.  Iowa has the defenders right up to the line, playing the bump and run with the short yardage needed.  Sudfeld snaps it, drops back two steps, then raises his arm and fires it for the near sideline, but King sees it coming all the way and he reaches out his right hand, snags the ball, and takes off down the near sideline!!! 30, 20, 15, the receiver dives at him at the 10 and misses, and he strolls in for the IOWA TOUCHDOWN, THE PICK SIX, and the Hawkeyes lead it 14-0!!!

That is King’s first career interception, and clearly first pick-six, and I think it is the first of many.

The clock is at 3:37, Koehn gives no return.  Indiana ball at their 25.

Indiana again in the gun, Coleman to his left, two wideouts stacked up on the low side.  It goes to Coleman, he tries the far side, and picks up 3.  2nd and 7.

Coleman gets it again, tries the middle to get about 3 more yards, that’s a 3rd and 4.

Indiana has trouble getting the play in, and they have to call timeout, clock at 2:19 of the 1st.

After the break, Indiana again to the gun, Coleman there next to him, twin wideouts stacked up on both sides of the line.  He snaps it, Iowa blitzes, and he fires it far side, but too far outside, no good, 4th down Indiana.  On comes the punt team.

The punt is up, and McCarron makes the fair catch at the Iowa 28.  Clock at 2:06 of the 1st.

Jake is under center, Jordan behind him, with twin wideouts stacked up on the near side hash.  Jake snaps it, lunges out like he is going to hand off the ball, but no, he keeps it, takes two steps back, then steps forward and fires it deep down the middle, and as the camera pans we see Powell has two or three steps, and it comes down at the 26 and he makes the catch and sprints into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  72 YARDS, and just like that it’s 21-0!!!!

We see in the replay the stacking of the wideouts confused Indiana, and Powell is in cruise mode and then he explodes by the cornerback, and Jake just has to put the ball into space, there is no safety back there, and it works to perfection, the longest play of the season for the Iowa offense.  21-zip, clock at 1:55 of the 1st.

Koehn does not boom this one deep, he kind of squibs it, and Indiana can’t get a handle on it, and they have to fall on it at their 15.

Indiana to the gun, again with the duel stacked up wideouts on each side.  But it goes to Coleman, he goes straight ahead, and gets 2 yards.  2nd and 8.

Coleman is now to Sudfeld’s left, with an H back in front of him.  He snaps it, and then just gently flips it to Coleman, he gets around one tackle in the backfield, and then he gets into space, and Iowa can’t catch him, and he takes it 83 yards for the Indiana touchdown, and all of a sudden, Iowa’s lead is 21-7.  The clock at 1:12 of the 1st.

Indiana is lining up the kickoff, and they execute a perfect onside kick, just booting the ball beyond the last of the Iowa front line to the far side, but there is a flag on the play.

And it’s offsides on Indiana, and unlike the Iowa call in the second bowl game against Florida, this one was plainly obvious.  5 yard penalty, and Indiana must kick again.

The kick is deep, but it goes out of bounds at about the Iowa 10 yard line, flags fly, and that is a penalty.  Iowa ball at the 40.

Iowa comes to the line with Jordan at tailback, Jake under center, and Parker starts out on the far side, but then comes over to the near side to line us as a wideout just inside the numbers.  But then he goes into motion, Jake snaps it, it’s the jet sweep, he gets the ball and heads for the far side, as he gets toward the far hash he cuts it upfield and he’s in the clear!!! 50, 40 30, they can’t catch him, 10, 5. TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  60 YARDS, and Iowa leads it 28-7!!!

We see after that Hillyer and Duzey sealed the far corner, all Parker had to do was get there and he was gone.  The clock is still in the 1st quarter, with 1:03 left.

Indiana brings the kickoff out of the end zone, and wished they hadn’t.  They are dropped at the 14.

But Sudfeld is able to escape pressure and roll to the near side, where again the Hawks have a shot, but he gets the ball away and King is too far behind the receiver, caught, and King has to wrestle him down at the Iowa 24, 62 yards later.  

One more handoff gains 1 yard and that brings the 1st quarter to a close.  The teams racked up 373 total yards in the 1st, as the booth comments, not exactly your typical Big Ten game.
Hawk fans are left to wonder during the break if the offense can keep up the pace.  That would be over 100 points on the day.  So not likely.

After the break, Indiana opens again in the gun, a tailback to his left, and two wideouts on the low side, one on the high.  2nd and 9.

Sudfeld hands the ball off and the tailback starts for the near side, but then he flips it to the wideout who is cutting back across the middle, the reverse, and he gets to the far corner and picks up 6 yards before the Hawks stop him at the 17. 3rd and 3.

Hoosiers to the same formation, the tailback is Roberts, he gets the ball and tries straight ahead, but LTP grabs him and hauls him down about 2 feet short of the yellow line.  4th and 1.

Indiana now goes to a heavy set, Coleman to the left of Sudfeld, and just one wideout up high.  But then Sudfeld moves up under center, and it’s a sneak, and he is just able to dive across to pick up the 1st down at the 13 yard line.

Still in a heavy formation, Indiana now has two wideouts stacked on the near side hash.  He snaps it, looks near side, pumps the ball, and then floats it to the near corner of the end zone, and his receiver is so wide open it’s almost a joke, he makes the catch, and that is an Indiana touchdown, and Iowa leads 28-14 with the clock at 13:04 left in the 2nd.  Timeout.

After the break, Indiana tries the onside kick again, but the ball bounces about 5 yards away and slowly starts rolling toward the 10 yard mark (where it must go before Indiana can touch it), but as it gets close to the line an Iowa player dives in to snag it, misses, and that is all Indiana needs to fall on it.  They have the ball at their 46.

The play is reviewed, but it’s upheld, and the Iowa defense is right back on the field.

The Hoosiers come out the 4 wide, attack formation.  At the snap, Bower blitzes from the near side, but Sudfeld just floats it over his head to Coleman, caught, and he gets 11 before the Hawks can get him down.  1st down Indiana at the Iowa 43.

Indiana gets right to the line and snaps it, Sudfeld drops back, and then he floats the ball down the middle of the field, and his receiver has two steps on the Iowa defenders - and it hits him on his hands and falls to the ground.  2nd and 10.

Indiana now to the pistol, they are snapping the ball just as we come out of the replay, and Sudfeld and Coleman get mixed up and turn the wrong way, so he has to throw it away to the near sideline.  3rd and 10.

Indiana now with three wideouts high, one low, and Coleman to Sudfeld’s left.  Sudfeld approaches the line as he looks back to the sideline for the play, but then as the play clock dips under 10, he scrambles back into the gun, and he is frantically waving his arms trying to get his center to snap the ball, which he does, but the flags have fallen.  Delay of game, and it’s now 3rd and 15 from the Iowa 48.

Sudfeld to the gun, Coleman to his left, and H back to the far side of the line, solo wideouts on each side.  He snaps it, drops back, sees pressure so he starts to move forward, but that is right into the arms of Davis and Ott, and they drill him for a 6 yard sack!  And both of them land on the Indiana QB as the play is ending.  That’s a lot of beef.

There is a flag on the play, and Indiana is nailed for an illegal formation, which Iowa declines, and Sudfeld seems to be favoring his left arm as he walks off the field.
The Indiana punt team takes the field, and McCarron makes the catch at the 10 and gets hit immediately, Iowa ball at 12:14 of the 2nd quarter.

Iowa tries Jordan twice, and each carry only nets him 2 yards.  And it’s 3rd and 6.

From the gun, Jake tries KMM down the far hash, and he had him open between the corner and the safety, but the pass sails long, and no good, and the Hawks have quickly gone 3 and out.  On comes the punt team.

Kidd’s punt lands at the 50 and bounces forward, the return man picks it up off the bounce and gets to the far corner, and gets it just inside the Iowa 45 before the Hawks force him out of bounds.

As we return from the break, we see Sudfeld leaving the field, clearly having problems with his left arm.  On Monday, we would learn why.  Separated left shoulder, and Sudfeld is done for the 2014 season.  

In his place, Covington, #2, a freshman, who to date, has only been in as the wildcat QB - not a single pass in a game.

But all he has to do is hand it to Coleman, he heads for the near corner, and Indiana gets it blocked, and he is gone.  45 yards, and just like that, Iowa’s lead is cut to 28-21.  Clock at 10:33 of the 2nd.

Indiana does kick it deep this time, Parker makes the catch right at the goal line, and he surges right up the middle and out to the 33, 1st down Hawkeyes.

And it’s C.J. who emerges from the sideline. He starts from the gun with Parker to his right, he snaps the ball and takes off for the far side, it’s the option - that’s right, the option - and he keeps it to pick up about 6.  2nd and 4.

From the gun, C.J. tries a quick near side screen to KMM, but it’s just out of his reach, 3rd and 4.

The gun one more time, C.J. has the time and has KMM open across the yellow line, but the pass is at his feet and no good.  4th and 4, that’s the second straight series that Iowa has gone 3 and out.

Under pressure, Kidd gets the punt away, and it’s a good one, 44 yards, and it forces the Hoosier to take a fair catch at the 17.  

Still from the gun with the backup QB, he hands it to Coleman, but Iowa is in the backfield, and they drop him for a 3 yard loss.  2nd and 13.

The backup then snaps the ball, starts to roll to the far side, gets cut off, cuts it back to the near side, as the booth mentions he has never thrown a pass, and he finally lets it go down the near sideline, but it’s a risky pass and he is lucky it hits the turf.  3rd and 13.

This time it’s a QB draw all the way, he heads right up the middle for about 8, but that is 4th down.  On comes the Hoosier punt team.

McCarron makes the fair catch at the Iowa 36, clock at 8:16 of the 2nd quarter.

Jake is back in there now, with the I formation behind him.  He snaps the ball, turns, does not hand it off, then he fires it for the far side, caught, Smith, at the 45, he steps aside the diving tackle, and heads put the far hash all the way to the Indiana 33, 31 yards, and an Iowa 1st down!

I formation again, it goes to Mark, he starts right, but then cuts it straight up field, he is in the clear, and he gets 11 yards before they get him down, 1st down Iowa at the Indiana 21!

Mark one more time, he goes straight ahead, dropped at the 15, that’s 6 yards, 2nd and 4.

Mark again, to the 10, that’s an Iowa 1st and goal!

Once more with feeling, but this time Mark tries the stretch play to the far side, and the Hoosiers drop him after 2 yards.  2nd and goal from the 8.

Still in the I formation, but with Jordan back there.  He gets the ball, starts right, but then cuts it back to the middle, it looks like he can go, but a defender trips him up and he can’t regain his balance, and it’s down at the 4.  3rd and goal from the 4.

From the I, Jake snaps it, looks far side, and then fires for Hamilton, but he is covered and it is really just thrown away.  4th down, and the Iowa kicking team took the field.

It’s a 22 yard kick from the far hash, a tough angle, but Koehn drills it right down the middle, and the score is Iowa 31, Indiana 21, with 4:57 left in the 2nd quarter.

Koehn, no return.  

The backup QB comes back out, and Coleman is on the sideline for this series.  Roberts is the tailback next to the QB.  He gets the ball and tries the far side, but the Hawks cut it off and drop him for no gain.  2nd and 10.

Roberts gets the ball again, heads for the far side, and gets about 5 as he twists his way forward while going down.  3rd and 5.

From the gun with Roberts to his left, three wideouts on the low side, one on the high.  He snaps it, drops back, then fires it over the middle, and it’s too hot for his receiver who bats the ball into the air, it looks like it will hit the turf but Bower dives and snags it!  Picked off!! Iowa ball at the Indiana 37!!!

Jake to the line with the single tailback, Jake snaps it, feels early pressure so starts forward,  but he gets cut off and loses 1 yard, 2nd and 11.

The clock drops under 3 minutes of the 2nd before the next snap.  From the gun with 4 wide, Jake tries a far side screen to Parker, but Indiana blows that up and he loses 2.  3rd and 13.

Jake again to the gun, two low and one high, he pumps his leg, snaps it, then he fires it down the far hash, Smith, caught, 14 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the Indiana 25!  The clock stops for a moment at 2:14.

Now to the I formation, Jake now tries a near side screen to KMM, caught, but he can’t escape, 2 yards, 2nd and 8.

Back to the I formation with a solo wideout on each side, Jake drops back, then fires a rope for KMM down the middle, and as he and two defenders collide across the goal line, and flags fly, that’s pass interference, an Iowa 1st and goal from the 9!

From the gun, Jake does his pre snap surveying.  He snaps it, rolls to the far side, and then he fires it that way, caught, Hillyer, he gets pushed out at the Indiana 3, 2nd and goal.  The clock stops at 1:07 of the 2nd.

Iowa to the I formation with two wideouts on the near side.  It goes to Mark, he starts right but then cuts up the middle, but he gets as far as the 2 before Indiana gets him, 3rd and goal.

The clock dips under 1 minute, Iowa to the Power I - no wideouts in the game.  It goes to Mark and he plows straight ahead, it looks like he can dive in but he gets cut off, and he is down inside the 1.  The clock winds down to 3 seconds, and Iowa calls timeout.  Hawkeye fans everywhere, waiting for the kicking team to take the field.  4th and goal.

No wait - the Kinnick fans suddenly get loud, and the Iowa offense is back on the field!!!

Again, only the heavy beef is in the game.  Iowa is about to snap the ball when Indiana calls timeout.

Once again to the same formation, Jake snaps the ball as soon as the players are set, it goes to Mark, he tries the right side of the line, and dives into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  No time on the clock, Koehn makes it 38-21 as the halftime begins.

Nobody would get across the 50 in the sleep inducing 3rd quarter, but it would end with C.J. running for 20 yards on a 3rd and 9, and the 3rd ended with an Iowa 1st down at the Indiana 39.

About 1:50 into the 4th, Mark would cram another in from the 1 yard line, and Iowa had a 45-21 lead.  The next drive, Coleman would go off on a 69 yard td run, but Indiana could get no closer than the 45-29 final.  They were inside the Iowa 10 with about 2 minutes left, but Lomax baited the freshman QB and picked off his pass in the end zone, and that was it.

So the Hawks won a game where they were actually out gained by 6 yards (432 to 426), but the Hawks were very balanced (219 pass, 207 rush) while Indiana was 316 rushing and 116 passing.  Coleman responsible for 219 of those yards, on just 15 carries.

But the Hoosiers were done when Sudfeld went down, the backup could only manage 3 of 12 for 31 yards, and he was picked off twice.  That made the Hawks +3 on the turnover battle, and that is how they won it comfortably.  

 One of those games that was a good win, but also one that had a lot that could have been done better.  This time it was more on the defense than offense.  Lowdermilk even said in the postgame interview that he would have ‘benched’ himself for taking poor angles on those Coleman runs.  So an off week for that part of the defense - but if the defense can play up to their previous expectation with our new found offense - look out.

Week 8 Preview: Maryland

You know things have changed when the Hawks are about to meet someone on the gridiron for the first time - and it’s a conference game.  

Yup, the second of our cross over games, after this one, the bye week, and then the showdowns against the rest of the Big Ten West. 

Up until now, you probably know of Maryland for their ACC basketball exploits, and the fact they are one of the Under Armour schools, mainly due to the fact the UA founder is a Maryland grad.  

As such, they are inclined to change uniforms - often.  Not to the degree Oregon does with their patron Nike, but way more often than normal.

Maryland students may have been sad to leave the ACC, but once the Big Ten said something to the effect of ‘you can get about 24 million per year now, and somewhere around 45 million a year with the new tv deal coming up in two years.  And that is just from the Big Ten Network’

And thus, Maryland to the Big Ten East.  

Of course, they met several other Big Ten factors, one of which was being in the middle of a crap load of tv sets, and so the Big Ten goes from Central Nebraska all the way to the Atlantic ocean.

Of course, the upside for your scribe and other east coast Hawks - Iowa games within train and/or bus distance.  

The Terrapins, a turtle, are 4-2 on the year, looked pretty good some weeks, and not so much others.  Kind of like the Hawks.

They started against James Madison, and no problem there, winning 52-7.  In week 2, they went on the road to South Florida (the school), and rallied to win it 24-17.  They were 2-0 and feeling good.

In week 3 they hosted West Virginia, and this was a back and forth game that went down to the final second, with the Mountaineers kicking a 47 yard field goal as time expired to beat Maryland 40-37.  In that game, West Virginia racked up 694 yards - including 511 through the air.

In week 4, Maryland went to visit Syracuse, which was too bad for them, a September game in the un-air conditioned Carrier Dome.  But the Cuse made several mistakes and lost to the Terps 34-20.  But the Maryland defense game up 589 yards in that one.

And then Maryland won their Big Ten opener, the 37-15 win over Indiana.  That had them at 4-1, 1-0 Big Ten.

Alas - Ohio State came calling the next week.

Maryland had 4 turnovers (OSU - 0) and their defense gave up 533 yards, and the result was predictable.  Buckeyes 52, Maryland 24.

Last week, they were on their first bye week.  I believe this is the first of four straight games where Iowa will face a team coming off a bye week.  

Maryland is lead by senior QB Brown, #16.  To date, he has completed 84 of 146 passes (57.5 %, average) with 7 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.  He has also been sacked 12 times.

However, a pocket passer alone, he is not.

He has rushed for as many as 161 yards in one game (on 18 carries), that the game against West Virginia.  

But against the Ohio State defense, 8 carriers for -3 yards.

The Terps may also use a second QB, Rowe, #7, a junior.  He has appeared in 4 games, completing 34 of 54 passes, 5 tds - and also 4 interceptions.  He has played, mainly as the running of Brown tends to get him hit hard.

Brown in fact is the top rusher on the team - 64 carries for 263 yards.  The top tailback, Ross, #45, a junior, has 43 carries for 216 yards.

So, the Hawkeye defensive line is going to have to stay in place as they rush, and not allow the QB to escape pressure, and the linebackers must be ready for his dedicated runs.  We should be able to snag a couple of his passes - especially if we are making him put it up on 3rd and longs.

Maryland’s defensive numbers didn’t look so good above, and looking at the stats, it’s the same.

Total defense, 451 yards per game, 13th in the conference, #100 overall.

Rushing defense, 212 per game, #13 in the B1G, #104 in the FBS.

Pass defense, just about 240 a game, 11th in the conference, and 69th overall.

So the Iowa offense should be able to move the ball and control the clock in this one.  That will help keep the defense fresh to contain the Maryland running game.

But - the Iowa special teams must be on high alert Saturday.

Maryland has blocked 3 field goals, and 2 punts so far this season.  They have also given up one of each, but this is a place where Iowa cannot allow Maryland to change the game.  

And it goes without typing, but the Hawks must also protect the ball, and win the turnover battle.  Iowa has been very good away from home the past couple seasons - so there is no reason to think they won’t come out focused and ready to play on Saturday.

There is also the small fact that as of Wednesday, there seems to be about 10,000 tickets still available for this game.  Iowa not a big draw for Maryland fans apparently   We shall see just how many Hawkeyes are taking up those empty spaces.  It may not be so quiet when the Hawks do something well.

The revelation that was the Iowa offense of last week will continue to push the ball down the field and get the ball into the playmakers’ hands, and the defense will atone for their poor rush defense against one of the best tailbacks in the country.  I expect the d-line is kind of mad about that.  And Maryland is next up in front of them.

Jake and CJ go over 300 with 3 tds, Mark and Co top the 225 mark with 2 more.  Iowa keeps it rolling to head into the second bye week at 6-1 and 3-0.  Hawks 41, Terrapins 20.

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