January 27, 2014

TES Sedge's Iowa Hoops Update, Monday January 27th

Sedge’s Hawkeye Hoops Update - January 27th 2014
Iowa’s Record: 16-4, 5-2 Big Ten

AP: #15
USA Today: #12

Big Ten Standings:
Michigan 7-0
Michigan State 7-1
Iowa, 5-2
Wisconsin 4-3
Minnesota 4-4
Iowa Games This Week:  Times Eastern

Tuesday January 28th,  v. #7 Michigan State 7:00 pm, ESPN
Game Watch - On, Front Bar (Comedy Night in the back)

Saturday February 1st, @ Illinois, 7:30 pm, BTN
Game Watch - On, Back Bar, Carver Clubhouse
Games of Note this week:
Thursday, Purdue @ Michigan, 9:00 pm, ESPN
somebody else has to beat Michigan.  

Saturday, Ohio State @ Wisconsin, 12:00 pm, ESPN
loser probably out of the top 4.
Well, Hawk fans had some solace that the team was just a bit off at Michigan and still had a great chance to win the game.  Just 2 of 10 from three, and on a few different occasions in the second half, careless turnovers when we could have tied the game up.  

The other major factor was the bench, who could only combine for 8 points.  Josh played 15 minutes and only attempted 1 three pointer, it was close, but not in.  Jerrod just 2 points on 1 of 5 shooting,  Zach was just 1-3, and Gabe just 1 for 2 in 7 minutes.  That, combined with slow starts from Whitey and Junior made the difference.  They all play better, we win the game going away.  We shall see you in Carver soon, Michigan.

So then the Hawks went back out onto the road, this time to Chicago, and we have to hand it to the 2nd City Hawkeye fans - they clearly outnumbered the Mildcat fans in the stands.