November 13, 2014

The Eternal Season - 11/13/14 - Sedge's 2014 Hawkeye Football Game Notes - Week 12: Iowa @ Illinois

Sedge's Hawkeye Football Game Notes - 2014 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 6-3, 3-2 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G West 
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:
College Football Playoff:

August 30th v. Northern Iowa, WIN 31-23
September 6th v. Ball State, WIN 17-13
September 13th v. Iowa State, Loss 20-17
September 20th @ Pittsburg, WIN 24-20
September 27th @ •Purdue, WIN 24-10
October 11th v. Indiana, WIN 45-29
October 18th @ Maryland, Loss 38-31
November 1st v. •Northwestern, WIN 48-7
November 8th, @ •Minnesota, Loss 51-14
November 15th @ •Illinois, 12:00 pm, BTN
November 22nd v. •Wisconsin, TBD
November 28th v. •Nebraska (Black Friday), TBD

•Big Ten West Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting next opponent:
Huskers @ Badgers, 3:30 pm, ABC

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November 15th, 2014.  Iowa @ Illinois Fighting Illini, 4-5, 1-4 Big Ten, 1-3 B1G West
Previous Meetings: 75, Illinois leads 38-29-2
Last Meeting: 2008, Hawkeyes 24, Illini 27

Current Line: Iowa -3.5

Turnover Margin: -1,  B1G #7, FBS #70

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack - 2014
Total   378.8  Pass 231.1 Rush 147.7  Scoring 27.9
B1G    #6             #5               #9                    #7
FBS    #84           #64             #86                  #74
Total   334.6  Pass 180.1  Rush 154.4    Scoring 23.4
B1G    #6              #2                #8                   #8
FBS    #19            #8                #60                 #41 
Big Ten West Standings:
Nebraska           8-1, 4-1 B1G, 3-0 B1G West
Minnesota   7-2, 4-1 B1G, 3-1 B1G West
Wisconsin   7-2, 4-1 B1G, 2-1 B1G West
Iowa                  6-3, 3-2 B1G, 2-1 B1G West
Illinois           4-5, 1-4 B1G, 1-3 B1G West
Northwestern   3-6, 2-4 B1G, 1-3 B1G West
Purdue          3 -7, 1-5 B1G, 1-4 B1G West

Week 11 Recap: Golden Rodents

We are sorry Floyd.

There really is no other way to describe it, with what we had on the line, this has to be the worse loss of the Ferentz era.  And so, we leave it in the past, if you really want to rehash it there are plenty of places where you can read the bloody details.  Floyd, when you finally travel to Iowa City next fall (that was 4 out of 5 years we have played @ the Rodents), we will have payback, and in Iowa City you will stay.

Week 12 Preview: Fighting Illini

But as bad as that game was - in all areas, offense, defense, and special teams, the season is not over.  There is still much to play for.  

Take a look at the Big Ten West standings above - the 3rd column, the division standings.  

The Rodents, Badgers, and Hawkeyes all have 1 division loss.  

The Rodents must play Ohio State this week, that will be a loss, but not in the division.  They follow with Huskers then Badgers.

They will have 2 division losses if they are lucky - perhaps 3.

If that happens, the division is in Iowa’s hands.  

I know, we have to look a lot better than we did last week going forward.  Kind of, say, like we did two weeks ago.  Stranger things have happened.  

But without looking too far ahead, we, and the Hawkeyes, must focus on the task at hand.


Who. We. Hate.

I know, it’s been 6 years, very young Iowa alumni probably don’t even know how Iowa and Illinois got to be such bitter rivals.

Time may heal all wounds - but not hatred.

Illinois, you may recall, was forced to retire their mascot - Chief Illiniwek in 2007, but he still has a habit of showing up now and then.  That tells you want you need to know about Illinois.  

The football team is 4-5 on the year, and they have been hampered by some key injuries to get to this point.

They started with a win over Youngstown State, 28-17.  But Illinois had to score 3 touchdowns in the final 10:37 to escape with the win.  

In week 2 they hosted Western Kentucky, and here, Illinois trailed 27-21 at the end of the 3rd, and one again scored 3 tds in the 4th to win it 42-34.

For week 3, the Illini went on the road to Seattle to face the Washington Huskies, and Washington jumped out to a 38-12 halftime lead, and coasted to a 44-19 win.  Big Ten teams on the west coast.  Rarely pretty.

In that game the Illini gave up a pick-six and a fumbled returned for a td, and their offense was 1 out of 11 on 3rd down.  

The Illini returned home to face Texas - State, the Bobcats.  

The Bobcats had a 21-6 lead on Illinois when lightning caused a nearly 2 hour delay in the 2nd quarter.  

That must have awakened the Illini, as they jumped ahead 25-21, but then Texas State regained the lead at 28-25 to end the 3rd.

But Illinois again scored 3 times in the 4th, two tds and one field goal, to build a 42-28 lead, and the Bobcats got within 42-35 with 1:12 left in the game, but their onside kick failed, so that was the final.

But in that game, the Illini starting QB Lunt suffered a leg injury, and though he would warm up the following week, he could not go.

And that game was in Lincoln.

There, Abdullah rushed for 208 yards and 3 tds, as the Huskers crushed the Illini 45-14.  

Illinois back up QB, O’Toole. was just 17 of 38 for 261 - with 1 td, and 3 interceptions.

The next week, the starter Lunt was back, and he passed for 332 yards - but that was not enough to offset the 349 rushing yards the Boilermakers racked up.  And Purdue won the game 38-27, to knock the Illini to 0-2 in the Big Ten.  

Purdue, you remember, rushed for 80 against Iowa.

And Lunt did not last that game, leaving early in the 4th after a being hit.  

He would not play at all as the Illini made their way to Madison.

Here, Gordon had 175 rushing yards with 4 tds, and the Badgers rushed for 401 total - as they built a 38-14 lead, and they hung on as the Illini got two 4th quarter touchdowns, to win 38-28.  Illinois was 0-3 in the conference.

They then hosted the Rodents, and you recall from last week’s notes that it was the Cobb fumble midway through the 4th that Illinois returned for a td and the 28-24 win.  That’s the Rodent’s loss in the division.  Their first one.

Lunt did not play in that game either.

Nor did he as the Illini went to the Horseshoe.

Here, Ohio State had a 17-0 lead at the end of the 1st, and a 31-0 at halftime, and they cruised to a 55-14 win.  The backup QB, O’Toole, was benched for the 3rd stringer after starting 4 of 11 with two interceptions.

That got the Illini to 4-5, 1-4 Big Ten.

But with Illinois on a bye week last week, it seems Lunt is back.

He is a sophomore, #12.  To date, 127 for 191, with 1569 yards, 13 tds, and 3 interceptions.

He is a true pocket passer - to date he is in the hole for rushing yards due do his sacks (9).

Which means he has to hand the ball off to gain rushing yards - to Ferguson, #6, a junior, he has 110 carries for 552 yards, and 6 rushing tds.

Or Young, #5, a senior.  For him, 60 carries for 223 yards, and 5 rushing tds.

Both running backs are threats to catch the ball out of the backfield. The Iowa secondary must be ready.

But, those running totals only add up to 106.4 yards per game - #116th in the country.  

Hawkeye defense, play like you did to start the season, and take the running game away.  Please.

There was even word today (Wednesday) that the Iowa defense had a players only film session this week.  Let’s see how that transfers to the gridiron.

On the converse, when the Hawks have the ball, the Illini defense allows opposing offenses to convert 42% of 3rd downs, when combined with the 263 yards of rush offense they give up, the Iowa O line has to play to their potential and get the ground game going.  That will open up the passing game, to which Illinois allows 220 yards per game.  The Hawks must get the running game going from the start, and that will allow the play action down field passes as we had against the Mildcats.  Right out of the gate as you recall.

Jake (maybe C.J) can be aggressive, the Illini defense has only picked of 4 passes all year, dead last in the conference.

If the Hawks can stay ahead of the chains, they should be able to control the time of possession.  

Filed position was very critical last week, and it could be again - the Illini punter gets 41.2 yards per kick - number 1 in the Big Ten, and 8th overall.  But they do give up about 10 yards per return, so maybe we can get the punt return spark this week.  Still, the Hawkeye offense has got to avoid multiple 3 and outs.  In a punt fest, we will lose.  

But when it comes to the other kind of kicking - advantage Hawkeyes.  Illinois kickers - 2 for 6 on field goals.

I think the Hawkeyes are embarrassed at the way they let Floyd get away, and while there is no trophy for this game, Illinois has the misfortune of being the team we play next.  

The Illini give up nearly 37 points per game, and their rush defense gives up over 100 more yards than our (disappointing) stats to date.  It’s the 10th game for both teams.  The stats mean something.

Iowa get the running game going to the tune of 210, Mark picks up two more touchdowns to stand within 1 of the Iowa all time record.  Jake throws for 265, and the Hawks hit the Illini number, final Iowa 38, Illini 24.


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