February 24, 2014

TES - Sedge's Hawkeye Hoops Update - February 24, 2014. @IowaHoops

Sedge’s Hawkeye Hoops Update - February 24th,  2014
Iowa’s Record: 19-7, 8-5 Big Ten

AP: #20
USA Today: #19

Big Ten Standings:
1. Michigan, 11-3
2. Michigan State, 11-4
3. Wisconsin, 9-5
4. Iowa, 8-5
5. Ohio State, 9-6
Iowa Games This Week:  Times Eastern

Tuesday February 25th, #20 Iowa @ Minnesota, 7:00 pm, BTN Game Watch - On, Front Bar

Thursday, February 27th, #20 Iowa @ Indiana, 9:05 pm, ESPN Game Watch - on, Front Bar

Sunday March 2nd, #20 Iowa v. Purdue, 2:00 pm, BTN
Game Watch - On, entire bar
Games of Note this week:

Indiana @ Wisconsin, 9:00 pm, ESPN  We want Indiana.

Michigan @ Purdue, 7:00 pm, BTN  We want Purdue.
Nebraska @ Illinois, 9:00 pm, BTN  We want Illinois.

Ohio State @ Penn State, 7:00 pm, ESPN2  We want Penn State.

Illinois @ Michigan State, 4:00 pm, ESPN  We want Illinois.
Northwestern @ Nebraska, 5:00 pm, ESPNU  We want jNW.
Minnesota @ Michigan, 6:00 pm, BTN  We want the Rodents.

Suffice to say, your scribe was not too bummed to be helping some friends move, and thus miss seeing large chunks of this game.  As some might of guessed, the two games in two weeks had the Hawks coming out flat, as they fell behind Wisconsin 40-31 at the break.  Probably the biggest factor was that Basabe was sick and could only play a minute, and that hurt the Hawkeyes interior D, not to mention he has been playing very well on the offensive zone of late.

Iowa would come all the way back in the second half, mainly by throwing the zone defense at the Badgers, and the Hawks were able to take the lead and get up by as much as 4, but as we now know, too many mistakes in the last minute did us in, another brutal loss.

Marble Junior, 21 points, but it was his turnover with the Hawks down 1 in the final minute that sealed the Badger win.

White, seven boards, but just 4 points on 2-5 shooting.  There has been increasing criticism of White, as when he can’t score in transition, he seems to really bog down in the half court offense, in fact he didn’t shoot a single free throw in this game.  Iowa only had 9, which leads you to believe the officials swallowed the whistles for much of the game.

McCabe played 19 minutes, largely in Melsahn’s spot, and it was not a good game for him.  0-3 from the field for 0 points, and he fouled out at the end.  But what got many Hawks fans upset was his air-balled 3 from the top of the key, with about 14 seconds left, that would have tied the game had it gone in.

Of course, with Josh hitting his season high with 17 points, the play should have gone to him or to Marble, but McCabe was wide open, the ball just slipped out of his hands.

What happened afterwords was disgusting.

Unlike Kirk, who bans Iowa Football players from being on social media, Fran does not.

And so, some Hawk ‘fans’ took to ripping McCabe on Twitter, such things that I won’t copy into this blog, and it got to him enough that he responded to it.

Fortunately many people came to his aid, but by then, the damage was done.  We will see how he responds when he gets on the court Tuesday night.  Me, I hope he hits a shot to win of these remaining games.

So now it’s two games on the road with our 4th place position in the Big Team secured by just half a game.  If we win out, we can do no worse than 4th - and secure the critical 1st round bye at the Big Ten tourney.  

We hope the Twin Cities Hawks fill the fieldhouse tomorrow night to get the Hawks started on the right foot.  You recall we beat them by 21 in Carver.

And then onto Indiana, where Iowa running the Hoosiers off the floor will hopefully not involve chunks of the ceiling falling down.

Because that game got moved to Thursday, Iowa’s home game against the Boilermakers was moved from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.  That, good, 3 games in 5 days would have been taxing.

Simply put, the Hawks have got to take these 3 games, because game number 4 takes Iowa to East Lansing.

Winning the Big Ten title seems out of reach, but getting 3rd or even 2nd, not done yet.  It kicks off tomorrow night at 7:00.  Be there to cheer the Hawks on for the final stretch before March Madness.

Go Hawks!!!


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