February 3, 2014

TES - Sedge's Hawkeye Hoops Update, Monday February 3rd

Sedge’s Hawkeye Hoops Update - February 3rd,  2014
Iowa’s Record: 17-5, 6-3 Big Ten

AP: #17
USA Today: #13

Big Ten Standings:
Michigan, 8-1
Michigan State, 8-1
Iowa, 6-3
Northwestern, 5-5
Ohio State, 4-5
Iowa Games This Week:  Times Eastern

Tuesday February 4th,  v. Ohio State, 7:00 pm, ESPN
Game Watch - On, Front Bar (Comedy Night in the back)

Saturday February 8th, @ v. #10 Michigan, 2:00 pm, ESPN
Game Watch - On, the entire bar
Games of Note this week:
Wednesday, Nebraska @ Michigan, 6:30 pm, BTN
stranger things have happened

Thursday, Penn State @ Michigan State, 9:00 pm, ESPN2
see above

Well one of these days, we will play a game against Michigan State where the officials have nothing to do with it.  Sure, they called the fouls on Sparty to give Iowa the advantage at the line, but that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  But it was the play they completely blew that was the difference in the game.

Of course, Fran was not happy, he got teed up, and those 4 points sure made the difference in a game that would go to overtime.

Then again, the fact the Hawks went almost 15 minutes without a field goal - from the 9 minute mark in the second half through the first 4 minutes of OT, that also contributed to the loss.  Hawks fans were left to wonder if the team could get off the mat again.

It sure looked like it, halfway through the first half in Illinois, and the Hawks had a 21 point lead.  But then things began to change, and Iowa only had a 4 point lead going into the break.

From there, it was a dogfight, Illinois would eventually get up by 5 points, but then Marble Junior drained a 3, and soon after an ally-oop to Gabe was laid in, and the Hawks had tied the game up, and this time, they pulled away down the stretch to make that Illini losing streak stand at 7 games.

And thanks to other general chaos around the Big Ten, when Saturday night ended, Iowa sat alone in 3rd, still, but now 2 games up on 4th, which was now the Mildcats, who I remind you we swept by 26 points each time - and thus, hold every possible tiebreaker against jNW.

Now, two home games, and two that the Hawks must get.

Ohio State, you may recall, lost to Iowa in Columbus, and it was even sweeter when Craft fouled out.  Iowa had success both inside and out in that game, and with the Carver crowd providing the energy, I don’t think this one is going to be close.  Still, it’s Ohio State, so the Hawks must come out with energy and not look ahead to the weekend.

Because on Saturday, the Hawks have a chance to climb within one game of Michigan for the Big Ten lead. 
That’s because the Wolverines fell to Indiana yesterday, 63-52, in Bloomington.  Michigan only shot 40% from the field, and 23% from the arc, so they were exposed a bit.  Let’s see if being in Carver with the crowd at a frenzy can cause the same result this weekend.  

The BIg Ten season is now halfway done, but things are a long way from set.  The Hawks will have much to say in how the race unfolds.  Join us at the Irish Exit twice this week as Iowa looks to begin the second half with two statement wins.  

Go Hawks!!!

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