November 16, 2013

TES - Bye Week Blues, 11/16/13

Here at TES we are a little lost without a Hawkeye football game on a November Saturday.  We are just killing time until 3:30 eastern, when we get the Michigan/Northwestern game (BTN) and the Michigan State/Nebraska game (ESPN2 in NYC).  To kill that time, a re-viewing of the Iowa/Purdue win from last week.

The bye week may be miserable for the fans, but for the players, a chance to rest, recover, and game plan for the final two games.  The Hawks have achieved the 6th win to secure a bowl game - but they can move up the Big Ten Bowl ladder in bowl prestigue (and payouts) by winning the final 2.  And win them, they can.

In other news, the Iowa Basketball team is off to a 3-0 start, and while just one of them has been on actual tv, we have been able to see all 3, and suffice to say, the Hawks will present major problems with our depth this season.  All the hype has been saying we will be back in the tourney, and maybe even out of the first weekend - but there has even been a whispering of late of even more.  First things first, let's get a top 3 Big Ten finish, and from there, focus on bigger targets.  The Hawkeyes resume play Sunday at 4:30 eastern against Abilene Christian, but we won't see it on tv again.  Let's see, it's football season, the BTN has the extra overflow channels - and tomorrow all 3 of them are showing Stony Brook at Indiana.  You can find the Iowa game BTN2Go, and on streaming sites not based in the USA...

We also got to spend a great time with our New York Capitals Fans family last night, and what a game it was - the Caps blew a 1-0 lead and trailed 3-1 entering the 3rd, but rallied to tie it, and in the OT both teams had a chance with a four on three, but it ended to force the shootout.  There, the Wings were unable to score on Holtby, who aggresivly came out to knock the puck away on 2 of the 3 chances.  The Caps failed on their first 2, but then Backstrom took the ice, skated into the zone, and he looked like he would move to the left, and Crawford bit, and Nicklas burned him with a shot back to the right and under the pads, and the Caps won it 4-3.  That kept them just 1 point behind the Penguins for the top spot in the Metro Conference.  And they meet this Wednesday night, 8:00 pm, on the NBCSN.

And KMM has just blown the fair catch and Purdue has it at the 35.

All right, warming up for the games we must scout with a game we know we won.  It's not the same as having a real Iowa Football game - but it's more or less the norm now that we play games post Thanksgiving.  And when the Hawks do return next week - we won't have to watch it on tv - we'll be there in Kinnick!

Go Hawks!!!