October 17, 2013


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2013 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 4-2, 1-1 Big Ten, 1-1 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

August 31st v. Northern Illinois, loss 30-27
September 7th v. Missouri State, WIN 28-14
September 14th @ Iowa State, WIN 27-21
September 21st v. Western Michigan, WIN 59-3
September 28th, @ •Minnesota, WIN 23-7
October 5th v. •Michigan State, loss 26-14
October 12th - Bye Week #1
October 19th @ Ohio State, 3:36 pm, ABC/ESPN2*  ABC in NYC
October 26th v. •Northwestern, 12:01 pm, BTN
November 2nd v. Wisconsin, TBD
November 9th @ Purdue, TBD
November 16th - Bye Week #2
November 23rd v. •Michigan, TBD
November 29th @ •Nebraska, 12:05 pm, ABC

•Big Ten Legends Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Rodents @ Mildcats, Noon, ESPN2

October 19th, 2013.  Iowa @ #4 Ohio State Buckeyes, 6-0, 2-0 Big Ten
Previous Meetings: 63, Ohio State leads 46-14-3
Last Meeting:  2010, Ohio State 20, Iowa 17

Current Line: Iowa +16

Turnover Margin: +2,  B1G #8, FBS #63

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack 
Total   416.8  Pass  209.3  Rush 207.5  Scoring 29.7
B1G    #8              #9               #5                  #11
FBS    #63            #85             #33                #66
Total   290.0  Pass  201.5  Rush 88.5   Scoring 16.8
B1G    #3            #3                 #3                  #3
FBS    #9           #28                #8                  #12 
Week 6: Michigan State

This game is in the past, back beyond the bye week, and so we are going to leave it there, knowing we won’t be facing a defense like that again.  

The 4 week gauntlet, in which we are now into week 2, required the team, and the fans, to look ahead.  What’s done is done, we can hope the time off helped the team recover and perhaps find some new wrinkles that could come in very handy this week.  We’ll see you again next year Sparty.  

Week 8: Ohio State

Stranger Things Have Happened.

We lead this segment with a little history lesson, courtesy of youtube.  In the way-back machine to 1987.  By the way, this game was not on tv; for you kids, many games were not back in the day.  

Many Hawkeye fans consider this the greatest play in Iowa history, mainly as this win in Columbus was the first one the Hawkeyes had - since 1959.  That 59 team also took the Buckeyes down in 1960 back in Iowa Stadium.

The Hawks would also down Ohio State in 1962, but the Buckeyes then started a run that the Hawks could’t break until 1983, finally winning in Kinnick 20-14.  

Three more losses ensued before Hartlieb to Cook ended the futility in Columbus.  That win gave the Hawks some momentum, as they would tie the Buckeyes in 1988 24-24.  

But then in your scribe’s freshmen year, 1989, the Hawks would fall 28-0 in Columbus, and then the next year saw a heartbreaking 28-27 loss in Kinnick.  

The Hawkeyes returned to the Horseshoe in 1991, but this time the helmets were solid black, as this game occurred just one day after the darkest day in the University of Iowa history.

It was, of course, the mass shooting at the hands of Gang Lu, which resulted in the deaths of 5 people, 6 if you count the cowered who took his own life as the police closed in.  

It was hard to think about things as trivial as a football game in that environment, but somehow the Iowa Football team found a way to win in Columbus again, 16-9.  Here is the highlight video:

The Hawks would then drop the next 8 meetings, and we didn’t get a chance to play them in 2002 - when we would have destroyed the Buckeyes, who barely won almost half their games, it seemed, and then won the national title that was stolen from Miami.  

We did meet them in 2003, and fell 19-10 on the road, but the next year we had perhaps our most satisfying win in the series, crushing the Sweater Vests 33-7.

We have met 4 times since, most famously losing the de-facto 2009 Big Ten title game in Columbus 27-24 in overtime, a game we would have won in regulation if Kirk believed in attacking when you have momentum.

And then our last meeting, another one of those close losses, 20-17, and we have not met since that game in 2010.

A lot has happened since then, namely at Ohio State, where the Sweater Vest was felled by Tattoo-Gate, and so the Buckeyes went out and got Urban Meyer, formerly of Florida.  A coach with 2 national titles thanks to Tim Tebow.  This all was after the 2011 season ended.

So last year, the Buckeyes go 12-0, and that was it, as they were blocked from both the Big Ten title game, and any bowl games, due to the typical NCAA policy of punishing the kids that didn’t do the crime.

This year, they are off to a 6-0 start.  That’s 18 games in a row if you are scoring at home.  Let’s take a look at this season.

Week 1, and Buffalo came calling.  The Buckeyes won it 40-20, but it was just a 10 point game in the 3rd quarter, and was almost a 3 point game, but a Buckeye turnover at their 1 yard line was erased by a penalty on Buffalo.  In this game, junior QB Braxton Miller hit 15 of 22 passes for 178 yards, with two tds and one pick.  But he also ran for 77 yards on 14 carries.

Miller would not get out of the 1st quarter in week 2, against San Diego State.  He was 2 of 2 for 30 yards, and had rushed 1 time for 5 yards, but that play resulted in a knee injury that sidelined him for the rest of the game.  

In stepped 5th year senior Guiton, and he went 19 for 28 for 152, and he rushed for 9 times for 83 yards.  Ohio State won this one 42-7.

The Buckeyes then travelled to Berkeley, visiting the Bears, and Guiton made his first career start.  It went rather well, as he tossed 3 td passes before the 1st quarter was half done, en route to a 21 of 32 day for 276 and 4 tds, along with his rushing 14 times for 92. The Buckeyes were also aided by tailback Hall hauling it 30 times for 168 yards, and 3 tds. Ohio State won it 52-34.

Miller was still out in week 4 as FCS Florida A&M came to Columbus, and Guiton was a rather bad host, tossing 6 td passes - in the first half - as Ohio State won it 76-0.

Ohio State had 603 total yards in this one, with 388 of them coming on the ground.  Only 5 of them came from the QB, who didn’t need to run, obviously.  

So many Buckeye were wondering if the non-conference season season had the team ready for the Big Ten slate.  It began with a night game with the Badgers coming to visit.

OSU started fast, but then the Badgers made a game of it, finally falling 31-24.  Miller returned and played the whole game, tossing 4 tds on 17 of 25 passing, for 198 yards.  He also rushed 83 yards on 22 carries.  

Ohio State allowed the Badgers to stay in it by giving up 295 passing yards to Wisconsin QB Stave, but they held the Badger rushing attack to just 104 yards net.  Wisconsin did get the ball back with just over a minute left, but couldn’t do anything with it to preserve the Buckeye victory.  Of note in this game, senior Buckeye tailback Hyde rushed 17 times for 85 yards.  Hyde, 6 feet even - and 242 pounds.  He would play a major factor in the next game.

That one was another night game, with the Buckeyes in Evanston to see the Mildcats.  It was a dark and stormy night, and the Cats actually had the lead in this game at the half 20-13, and then again at the end of the 3rd, 23-20.

But Hyde was a major factor in the 4th, as he had 2 rushing touchdowns, his mass wearing down the Cats, and Ohio State had a 34-30 lead with the clock just about expired.  I say just about, because the Cats had one final snap from deep in their own end.  

They tried flipping the ball around, but it went backwards and into the end zone, where the Buckeyes fell on it as the clock was at 0:00 - making the final 40-30.  

Of note, the spread was 6.  Millions of dollars changed hands on that one play.

Miller, 15 of 26 for 203, with no tds, and one interception.  But he rushed for 68 yards on 17 carries, and it was Hyde, toting it 26 times for 168 yards and three tds, that killed the Cats.

Also of note, the dual QBs of Northwestern passed for 343 yards on the Buckeye defense.  We need Jake to have his best passing day of his career, and the Ohio State defense may set up for him to have it.

In fact, the Buckeyes defense gives up an average of 240 passing yards per game, only 8th in the conference and 77th nationally.  Diving further, the 11.17 yards their give up per pass is 10th in the B1G AND 93rd in FBS.  Look down the field Jake.

They do a better job at rush defense, to the tune of just over 86 yards per game, good for 2nd and in the Big Ten and 6th nationally.  As you can see above, not much different to the Iowa rush defense.  Something will have to give.  

With the ball, the Buckeyes pass for 212 yards per game, which for such an offense is not spectacular at 7th and 78th, but when you combine it with the 280 rushing (3rd and 11th ranking), it adds up.  

Then again, when you consider that many of those passes come from defenses lining up to stop the running QBs, and tailbacks - you might think they would have better numbers going downfield.

So, how can the Hawkeyes shock the college football world, and bring Ohio State’s 18 game winning streak to an end?

  1. Win the Time of Possession by at least a count of 34:00 to 26:00.  How.
  a: Run for at least 160 yards net.  Yes, I know that’s double what OSU allows.  We must use Mark, Damon, Jordan, LeShun, and even Jake when he finds room on his scrambles.  Keep our guys fresh, and keep the defense honest by subbing in backs of different size and speed.
 b: Not drop any passes that Jake puts into the hands of the receivers.  
 c: Convert 3rd downs at 57% or better.

   2. Win the turnover battle by at least 2.
  a: and convert those to 14 points.

  3. Score a special teams touchdown.  Cotton - you’re up.

  4. Go at least 2 if not 3 deep on the D line.  They must contain the running QB and sell out to stop the battering ram at tailback.  We need to cut their rushing average in half.

If the Hawks can do these things, we can perhaps be there midway though the 4th quarter, and from there, anything can happen.

Let’s face it, at really no point since the early 1960s, have the Hawks been able to put as many skilled players on the field as Ohio State, those 3, 4, 5 star athletes.  Not even once.  But we have found ways, albeit few, but ways to beat them.  Punch them in the face, and out execute them with discipline and purpose.   

If OSU starts fast it may be too much, but if the Hawks can be there at halftime, and then again at the end of the 3rd, the Buckeyes will begin to wonder if their winning streak, which has been under threat a couple times already this year, has finally meets it’s match.

Stranger things have happened.