August 1, 2013

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 1st

Greetings from TES Headquarters!

The Dog Days of summer have arrived, although here in Gotham, it's grey and raining.  But it's August, so the heat will return soon.

Wait - it's August!!!  NFL camps are open, and today several NCAA football camps opened up.  And when this month ends - Iowa Football returns.

That, Saturday August 31st.  But first, some things to figure out.  Namely, the new quarterback.  And, who the wideouts will be, as we can't line up 5 wide with tight ends.  Or can we...

Anyway, the Hawkeye incoming freshmen report on Saturday, the returning players Sunday, and Iowa fall camp opens on Monday August 5th.

And with the return of football, the TES schedule blows up, with the seamless transition to hoops and hockey.  It begins soon, and as the players, we must be ready.

But August can be slow, so to help kill the time, check out this webcam.  It's the construction of the new Iowa Football facilities.  Part of the never ending arms race in college sports:

A quick check of the surging @Dodgers has then 2.5 in front of the Snakes, and tonight opening up a 4 game set in Chicago.  August 1st - the Cubs are out of it.  A win tonight would mark the longest Dodger road winning streak in club history - 11 games.

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