July 16, 2013

TES - Tuesday July 16th - The Halfway Point

And we're back, on this, one of those few days in the Eternal Season when there are no actual major  sporting events in the USA.

There is the MLB All Star Game, from right here in New York City.  Well, Queens, at Citi Field.  And the Mets fans are booing the Philly players, as to be expected.

Oh, and this also brings us to the Dumbest Rule In All Of Pro Sports: the winning side getting home field in the World Series.  Just barely beating out the Designated Hitter rule.

39 of these players are first time All Stars, so it appears that a new era for baseball may be upon us.  There are a lot of young, exciting players around the league; perhaps this will be viewed as a new golden age, the post-steroids golden age, to be exact.

And of course, it's not actually the halfway point - my Dodgers have played 94 games of the 162 game season  And their recent surge has them just 2.5 games back of the Snakes, and ready to make the second half run.  And with Matt Kemp coming off the DL on July 21st - the run should only get better!

Baseball is the bridge that carries us form the winter sports to the fall sports of the next year, and sure enough, the Iowa Football season kicks off in 45 days, and counting.  Only 43 days if you count down to that Thursday night when things kick off.  Here are a couple videos for ya to get you in the proper frame of mind for the dog days of summer:



(pausing for the National Anthem)

Football will then take us to hockey, and then to college hoops.  Hockey realigns into it's new era, and Iowa Hoops returns to the Madness.  These final lazy days of summer will lead to about 9 months of sports insanity - and it will be wonderful.

Ok, it's time to watch some baseball, pulling of course for the Senior Circuit. Enjoy the quick break from the TES calendar, things ramp back up soon.