April 8, 2013

TES - Monday April 8th: The Spring Sports Solstice

Hello again friends, The Eternal Season is back, on this night that closes the door on one half of the sports year, and begins the next.

That is, the NCAA title game, Louisville v. Michigan, a game that wraps up the major portion of the college sports calendar.  Football from the fall into winter, college hoops from winter into spring.

Sure, other winter sports are still going - the NBA, which we don't care about, and the NHL, which we do love.

And tonight, we find that our Caps are two points clear of the Jets for the southeast lead, and with one game in hand as well.  Washington won't be catching the Pens or Habs for first or second, but 3rd is fine, and all the Caps have to do it take care of business, and they can't be knocked out of the division lead.  They have put together a 4 game winning streak, with points in 6 straight, just as Winnipeg has gone into a tailspin.  A rather huge Caps/Habs game in Montreal tomorrow night - a chance to put more distance on the division.  But just as the team has surged, Alex The Gr8 has exploded from his early season slumber, to rocket to the top of the NHL in goals scored.  A great sign with the postseason looming.