November 7, 2013


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2013 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 5-4, 2-3 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

August 31st v. Northern Illinois, loss 30-27
September 7th v. Missouri State, WIN 28-14
September 14th @ Iowa State, WIN 27-21
September 21st v. Western Michigan, WIN 59-3
September 28th, @ •Minnesota, WIN 23-7
October 5th v. •Michigan State, loss 26-14
October 12th - Bye Week #1
October 19th @ Ohio State, loss 34-24
October 26th v. •Northwestern, WIN 17-10 OT
November 2nd v. Wisconsin, loss 28-9
November 9th @ Purdue, 12:00 pm, BTN
November 16th - Bye Week #2
November 23rd v. •Michigan, TBD
November 29th @ •Nebraska, 12:05 pm, ABC

•Big Ten Legends Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Nebraska @ Michigan, 3:30 pm, ABC

November 9th, 2013.  Iowa @ Purdue Boilermakers, 1-7, 0-4 Big Ten, 0-2 Leaders
Previous Meetings: 83, Purdue leads 46-34-3
Last Meeting:  2012, Purdue 27, Iowa 24

Current Line: Iowa -16

Turnover Margin: -1,  B1G #6, FBS #60

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack 
Total   386.1  Pass  205.4  Rush 180.7  Scoring 25.3
B1G    #9              #9               #7                  #11
FBS    #80            #90             #54                #82
Total   325.1  Pass  186.6  Rush 138.6   Scoring 19.2
B1G    #4            #2                 #5                   #4
FBS    #13          #12               #33                 #17 
Week 10: Wisconsin

During the ABC pregame, we learned that Wisconsin’s top linebacker, Borland, would not be able to go, due to a bad hamstring.  That should help the Iowa running game.

As the Hawks took the field, we saw a bunch of red poms being waved by the crowd - as the camera panned back, there were also white and blue ones, to honor Veteran’s Day, but from that corner the camera was in you would have thought we were the road team.

The temp is a brisk 47, but with 13 to 15 mile an hour winds, and they would play a role in the game.  November in Iowa.

The Hawkeyes won the toss - and deferred.  I’ll type that again.  Iowa won the toss - and deferred.

So Meyer lines it up, and he boots it deep into the end zone and out of play, a touchback, Badger ball at the 25.

The Badgers start in the I formation, White gets the ball and tries the right side, 3 yards then wrapped up, 2nd and 7.

White is now at tailback with a fullback offset to his right.  Stave changes the play.  White gets it again, tries the left side, picks up 4 more, and that forces a 3rd and 3 from the Badger 32.

Stave is back in the gun with White to his left, he snaps it, drops back, Iowa brings the blitz right up the gut, it arrives as Stave tries to step forward, he can’t, so the ball floats up into the air, and down into the arms of Miller, INTERCEPTION!!!!  And he gets about 8 yards to give the Hawks the ball at midfield!!!

Jake starts under center with Mark at tailback, two wideouts on the low side.  He snaps and drops straight back, looking downfield, he then fires it down the far sideline, Duzey, he seems to have a step but the defensive back gets his hand in there to knock it down, no good.  2nd and 10.

Same formation, Jake now fakes the handoff to Mark, pulls it down, and rolls to the near side.  He takes the under, flips it to Duzey, caught at the 50, but he can’t turn the corner and only gets 3.  3rd and 7.

The Hawks don’t huddle up, but it’s hardly no huddle, as it takes the coaches a bit to get the play in.   Jake to the gun with Damon to his right, he snaps it, drops back, feels pressure from the near side so he pulls it down and takes off, but gets bumped so he only gets 4, and that brings up a 4th and 3.  

Kirk sends the punt team out immediately, Kornbrath drops at down at the 8, fair catch, Badger ball at 12:03.  Timeout.

That’s wasted opportunity 1.  

After the break, the Kinnick faithful bring the noise.  

Stave is in the gun, he snaps it, he faces pressure so he quickly dumps it over the middle, dive and caught, Abbrederis, 5 yards.  

Stave is back under center, now with Gordon behind him.  He gets the ball and tries the right side, but runs right into Hitchens, it only gains 2, that’s a 3rd and 3.  The noise intensifies.  

And we see Iowa fans waving the red poms.  

Stave back to the gun, he snaps it, quickly fires to the far side, the slant, but Lowery flies over the top of Abbrederis and knocks it away!  4th down, and on comes the Badger punt team!

Punting into the wind, the ball lands at the 45, and bounces backwards, and it gets to the 39 before the Badgers can down it!  1st down Hawkeyes, clock at 10:27.  Timeout.

During this break, we see the pink visitor locker room.  But just the lockers, not the pink bathroom and showers.  

Jake is under center, with the I formation behind him.  It goes to Mark, he heads straight ahead, gets hit about 3 yards past the line, but just runs him over, and then gets 4 more yards before they can get him down, 8 total, 2nd and 2!

Same formation, Jake snaps it, and quickly floats it down the far sideline, we see KMM there, but the pass drops down right at the sideline and just behind him, he never finds it, no good.  3rd and 2.

Jake again with the I, he seems to change the play, it goes to Damon, he tries the left side, gets a step and gets to the yellow line, it’s close, but then we see the side judge walk in and he’s across the line, an Iowa 1st down at the 29!

Jake snaps the ball, but whistles sound, and the Hawks are nailed for a false start.  CJF - who just has to watch the ball.

Now 1st and 15, Jake is back under center, Damon alone behind him.  Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, rolls to the near side, then fires a rope to the near sideline, KMM dives, gets his hands on it, but can’t bring it down.  2nd and 15.

Jake now to the gun, Damon to his left, he snaps the ball, drops back, and then floats it to Damon - the screen - the pass is a bit high but he reaches up with one hand and snags it at the 39, now gets the corner turned and gets it down to the 22, 12 yards, 3rd and 3!

Same formation, Jake snaps it, drops back, but then quickly pulls it down to take off, straight ahead, he dives forward to get about 11 feet, and that’s 4th and less-than-one.

We get a measurement, and sure enough, only about 18 inches to go.  

Jake has been on the sideline during the measurement, he runs back onto the field, signaling the play, and then he lines up in the I formation.  Everyone assumes, the QB sneak is coming.  

Nope, he turns and gives it to Mark, he heads straight ahead and plows through a tackle, 6 yards, an Iowa 1st down at the 14!

The I formation again, Jake hands it to Mark, he heads left and seems to have a seem, but a Badger dives at his legs to only give him 2.  2nd and 8.

Mark leaves the field, and seems to be favoring his right arm or elbow.  He gets to the sideline and drops down, the trainers rush over, the Damon takes the field.

He is alone at tailback, he gets it and tries the stretch play to the near side, it gets bottled up, just 1.  3rd and 7.

Jake to the gun, Damon to his left.  Jake snaps it, drops back, has lots of time, grabs a bagel, then dances a bit to the left, then comes back this way and tries dropping it to KMM, it hits his hands, but he has turned his head to look downfield, and it falls to the turf.  4th down.

Meyer comes in, just a 28 yard kick, and good.  Hawks lead it 3-0, but it should have been 7.  6:20 to go in the 1st, timeout.  

Meyer again puts it deep into the end zone, and the Badgers start from the 25.

Stave is under center, with White behind him, he gets the ball and tries the middle, 3 yards, 2nd and 7.

Now the Badgers go no huddle, Stave under center, White at tailback, and Gordon lined up at wideout on the far side.  Now he goes into motion toward the middle, the jet sweep is on, he gets the  ball as he crosses Stave, he has to cut it back a bit to get around a block, but then he gets  drilled from behind by Lowdermilk and loses 5 yards!  

3rd and 12, Stave in back in the gun with a White to his right, and the Iowa defense is again dancing around with no down linemen, Stave snaps it, steps back, then fires it short, near side, it’s caught, but Kirksey is there to take him down immediately, it goes for just 6, and it’s now 4th and 6, and the Badgers must punt again!

This snap is kind of high, so the punter snags it and goes into a rugby style kick, he just barely gets it off, and it bounces at about the Iowa 38 and again backwards to the 44!  

Jake is in the gun with Damon alone behind him, Jake fakes the handoff, drops back, is looking deep down field, he tries to get if off but gets hit, and the pass falls dead to the turf.  2nd and 10.

Daniels is now the one behind Jake, he gets the ball and tries the near side, but gets just 2, 3rd and 8.

Jake goes to the gun, Damon to his right.  He snaps it, drops back, then quickly fires it to the near side, targeting Smith, but the pass is too high and it sails out of bounds.  On comes the punt team, another wasted opportunity.

Kornbrath seems to kick the ball just as a gust picks up, it sails into the end zone for a touchback.  Badger ball at 3:41.

Again, the Hawkeye defense forces a 3 and out, helped by a Badger false start on 3rd down, and the Badger punter must kick into the wind again!

This punt lands at the 47, and again bounces backwards, and the Badgers can’t stop it until it hits the 41!  1st down Iowa, clock at 1:38. 

Daniels is alone behind Jake, who changes the play, it goes to the freshmen, he heads to the far side, gets the corner turned, but then gets drilled and he loses the ball, but it sails out of bounds, 6 yards, 2nd and 4!

Mark is now back at tailback, he gets the ball and tries the near side, but the Badgers blow it up and he loses 2. 3rd and 6.

Jake to the gun with Damon to his left, a wideout low, and the triangle pattern up top, Jake snaps it and quickly fires it far side to KMM, caught, but it only gets 2 yards.  The Hawks are right on the ABC/ESPN green field goal line, but Kirk sends the punt team on. 

They rush on to get the punt off before the quarter ends, and Kornbrath does a better job with this one, he drops it at the 8.  Fair catch, the 1st quarter ends, and Hawk fans are feeling like we should be up by at least two scores.  

After the break we see the winds have not let up in the least, so now the Badgers had them at their back.  The drive started from the 8.

Stave starts with a semi deep pass to Abbrederis on the far sideline - a bit high, but he got his hands on it, only to lose it going down.   It would be followed by two White rushes, gaining 8 then 5 yards, to get the Badgers off the goal line.  

They would get as far as their 35, but from there, on a 3rd and 5, Stave is drilled by Morris for a 5 yard sack, and the Badgers had to punt yet again.

This punt, with the wind, better - it lands at the 20, KMM heads right up field to get 10 yards, and the Hawks started with the ball at the 30; 11:17 of the 2nd quarter.

In the break, we are obliged to see pictures of long-dead corn stalks - as is usually the case on the national networks.  One upside to the BTN - they tend to show more on-campus shots.

The Hawks start with Jake under center, Mark behind him, and a wideout on each side.  Jake snaps it, looks to the right, then quickly turns and around the fires it to Vandenberg, he makes the catch and gets 6 yards.  2nd and 4.

Same formation, Mark gets it and heads right up the middle, 3 yards, now a 3rd and 1.

Hawks now to the I formation, Jake appears to change the play, he snaps it, Daniels gets it, starts right, cuts it back, and gets 3 yards for a Hawkeye 1st down at the 42!

Iowa is back to the single setback, Jake snaps it and drops straight back, the Badgers are blitzing but James gets it off the far side - the slant - caught, Smith, at the Wisconsin 46 and he gets it down to the 41, 17 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!

Same formation, Jake snaps it, he drops back, but immediately has to step forward, it looks like he will run, but at the 43 he just flips it forward to Damon, he makes the catch and sprints for the far corner, 35, 30, he could go, 25, 20, and finally cut off and downed at the 17, 
24 yards, and the Hawks were inside the red zone with a 1st down!!!

Once again to the single back, Damon gets and heads for the near side, 4 yards, 2nd and 6.

The Hawks now have a fullback in the H slot on the far side, Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, and rolls to the far side - but as he does we see a flag, and CJF is nailed for another penalty, holding, and now it’s 2nd and 16.

Jake to the gun, with 5 wide.  He snaps it, and immediately fires it to the far side, the wideout screen to Powell, caught, but he gets hit as soon as he catches it and loses a yard.  3rd and 17.

4 wide now with Damon to Jake’s right, he snaps it, drops back, feels the pressure from the far side so he steps up, and then takes off toward the far side, and then he fires it down the far sideline, and CJF dives and makes the catch!  16 yards, and it’s just 4th and 1!!!

It’s clearly a catch, and the Hawks are trying to get to the line quickly to run the QB sneak, and the officials blow the play dead.  Review.

It’s still a catch, and all this has done is kill Iowa’s momentum, and the booth agrees that this is a waste of time, and finally, yes, it’s a catch, 4th and 1 from the 8.  Of course, Wisconsin can get their defense set with all this dead time.

The Hawks actually huddle up, and emerge in the I formation, Jake hands it to Mark, he heads straight ahead and gets hit, but falls down over the yellow line, and it’s an Iowa 1st and goal from the 6!!!

Hawks now to the heavy line with just one wideout low, and Mark again at tailback.  Mark gets it and tries the left side, but runs right into a blitz, and loses a yard.  2nd and goal from the 7.

Jake to the gun now.  He snaps the ball, and starts for the far side, then he fires it for KMM, caught, but he’s too close to the sideline so he can’t turn for the pylon, 4 yards, 3rd and goal from the 3.

From here, the Badgers must be aware the Jake is able to run it in, and must account for that risk.

But as the players return to the line, we see a Hawkeye on the ground, and it’s right guard Jordan Walsh, and he finally gets up but has to go out.  In his place, Donnal takes the field.

Jake is in the gun with Damon to his left, a prime place to run from, he is looking over the field, an as Jake snaps it, a flag flies, and Donnal is tagged with a false start.  Wow.

Now back at the 8, Jake is again in the gun, he snaps it, drops back, looks, but then pulls it down and heads for the far corner, he gets down the the 4 but then gets forced out of bounds.  4th and goal.

So, the 4 yards Jake ran from there - would have been a touchdown from the previous spot.  

Meyer comes in, it’s just a 22 yard field goal, and it’s good.  Iowa leads 6-0, but that’s another missed opportunity, thanks to penalties.

Meyer’s kick into the wind lands at the 5, and he brings it out to the 28.  Badger ball, clock at 4:52, timeout.

This drive would start with a regular handoff to Gordon out of the I, he takes the ball to the near corner and picks up 13 yards.  

Gordon gets the ball again, but this time he cant’ get away, and the Hawks drop him for a gain of just 1.  2nd and 9.

Now the Badgers run the jet sweep again, but the ball goes to White at tailback, and he heads right up the middle for 11 yards, a Badger 1st down at the Iowa 47.

Back to the I formation, White gets the ball and tries the far side, but Hitchens has none of it and drops him for a 1 yard loss!  2nd and 11!

The Badgers get to the line quickly, Stave snaps it, looks downfield, but then has pressure, has to step up, the Hawk should have him behind the line but he spins away to pick up 4.  3rd and 7, from the Iowa 44.

Badgers to the gun, as the Iowa defense dances around across the line.  Stave snaps it, drops back, has time, steps forward, then fires the ball down the far hash, it’s caught at the 8 and the Hawks hit him - but he stays in his feet and strolls into the end zone, and just like that, the Hawks trailed 7-6.

Cotton brings the ball out to the 20 on the kickoff, and the Hawks start with 1:49 on the clock.  

It seems Kirk doesn’t want to run the 2 minute offense, as Jake hands it to Damon, he tries the left side to get 2.  The Badgers call timeout.

Jake now to the gun, with Damon to his left, he snaps it, and quickly fires it to the near side, short, Smith reaches up with one hand, grabs it, but in bringing it down, loses it.  Jake had him open and missed it.

3rd and 8, Jake again in the gun, he snaps it and faces a blitz up the middle, but he is able to get it away only to no one in particular, it falls dead with no one in the area, and the Hawks have gone 3 and out and must now punt into the wind.

The punt lands at the Badger 48, but rolls forward, and as the return man is thinking of trying to grab it, one of his blockers seems to have the ball go off his foot, and the Hawkeyes fall on it!!!

No, the officials say he didn’t touch it.  The Badgers are lining up when the whistles blow, and it goes to a review.

It’s held up, it didn’t miss him by much, but it did miss.  The punt goes for 36, which is a good effort into the wind.

So the Badgers start with 1:17 left, the ball at their 42, and the wind at their back.

And they start with a false start.  1st and 15.

But they get 14 of those back with a pass to his tight end, and on 2nd and 1, Stave hit Abbrederis for 
5 yards, and then a White run gets 9, and the Badgers were at the Iowa 35.  The Badgers take a timeout with 45 seconds left.  

From here, it’s a 2nd and 1, and Stave fires for Abbrederis on the near side, but Lowery knocks it away, 3rd and 1.

From the I formation, the Badgers give the ball to White, he tries the far side of the line, but the Hawks swarm him and drop him for a 1 yard loss, 4th and 2!

We hear the story that the Badgers have had some field goal issues, and in fact had demoted the kicker from the last game, and the new guy was unproven.

The Badgers let the clock run down to 1 second, and then take a timeout.  From here, it’s a 54 yard kick, but with the wind.

The kick is up, it’s long enough, and it’s good - but the whistles were blowing as the ball was in the air, because Iowa had called timeout right before the snap.

The Badger kicker is lining it up, and the Hawks call timeout again.

And now he is lining it up, and once again, a Hawkeye timeout.  The last Hawkeye timeout.

Finally, he gets the kick off, and he misses it wide right, and short, and the icing strategy has worked!  Halftime, the Hawks trail 7-6.

The first time all year the Hawks have not lead at the half.  So I think a lot of Hawkeye fans were thinking things would be different in the second half.

Of course, they were not, continuing a trend that has gone on for too long, and so, we build the fence in the hope it works, and this week, the Hawkeye offense can put together an entire game.


Week 11: Purdue

Which if they can’t do this week - we must wonder if they can at all this season.

Ah, our rival, Purdue.  For one more time.

You might recall - we losing to them last year on the final play, 27-24.  So it’s time for a bit of payback before we go our separate ways in the Big Ten East and West.

Purdue started the season with a 42-7 loss to Cincinnati.  The loss, respectable, if not the margin, the Bearcats are now 6-2 on the season.

In week 2, the Boilermakers entertained Indiana State - and had to hold on in the final minute to beat the Sycamores, an FCS team, 20-14.  Indiana State is 1-8 on the season.

And for wins - that would be it.

Next they played Notre Dame, and earned the scorn of Big Ten fans by losing, 31-24.  The scorn as the Irish had to score three 4th quarter touchdowns to win the game.  

Next, a trip to Camp Randall, and a loss to the Badgers, 41-10.  The 10, noteworthy.

They then went back to the non-con part with a visit from our friends from Northern Illinois.  Purdue got  24 points in this one - but gave up 55.

The Huskers came calling next, and left town with a 44-7 win.  You’ve seen the train wreck the Huskers have been on of late.

Next, Purdue went to East Lansing, and played well, but lost 14-0.  Sparty only got 1 offensive td in this one, and Purdue’s kicker missed two field goals, so it was definitely a scare for Michigan State.

And then last week, they had the Buckeyes come to town, and that game was 28-0 after 1, and 42-0 at halftime, en route to a 56-0 final.  Bringing the Boilermakers to their current 1-7 mark.

If you think the Iowa offense has troubles, look at Purdue.  In 4 Big Ten games - shut out twice, and averaging just over 4 points scored.  

How do you get there?  Well, you rush for an average of 70 yards per game - good for #121 in the FBS.  Of 124.

Passing - 188 per game, a much better #100 nationally.  

Points scored for the season - 11.5.  The Division 1 rank - dead last.

And the points against, 37.1, where only 9 teams nationally are worse.

It’s so bad, they benched senior QB Henry at the start of the Nebraska game, and he hasn’t played since.  In his place, true freshman Etling, #5. 

Thrown into the fire as he was, he has 3 passing touchdowns - but 5 interceptions.  In 4 games played, he has been sacked a staggering 19 times.  

Jake, sacked 6 times in 8 games.  That, 5th best in the country.   Yes, he left the game early in the 4th last week, a tweaked knee, but as of now, he is a go for Saturday.  

As you might expect from a team that does so little with the ball, the Boilermakers are giving up 212 rushing yards per game, good for 111th.

At least Purdue has a decent punter.  No surprise, with practice, you get better.  43.12 is the average - and that is number 1 in all the land.  

If we hadn’t lost to this team last year, I might worry that the Hawks would be looking past this game.  They won’t be.
In fact, they will be looking to knock Purdue out of this game long before the 4th quarter, so that the critical 6th win can be secured, and they can head into the bye week knowing they will have that extra month of practice.  

Iowa finds the running game again to the tune of 225 yards, and that frees up Jake to find some down field passes and rack up 260 with 3 tds.  The Hawkeye defense suffocates the Purdue offense with 5 sacks and two interceptions, as they limit the Boilermakers to 160 net.  Good riddance to our protected 'rival!'  

Hawks 34, Boilermakers 10.

You don't have to wait until Saturday to get your football fix.  Tonight, two top ten matchups, Oklahoma (10) v. Baylor (6), 7:30 pm on FoxSports1, and then at 9:00, Oregon (3) v. Stanford (5) on ESPN.  Can't have too much football!

Oh, and at 8:25, tune in to NFL Network for Redskins/Vikings.  


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