October 31, 2013


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2013 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 5-3, 2-2 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

August 31st v. Northern Illinois, loss 30-27
September 7th v. Missouri State, WIN 28-14
September 14th @ Iowa State, WIN 27-21
September 21st v. Western Michigan, WIN 59-3
September 28th, @ •Minnesota, WIN 23-7
October 5th v. •Michigan State, loss 26-14
October 12th - Bye Week #1
October 19th @ Ohio State, loss 34-24
October 26th v. •Northwestern, WIN 17-10 OT
November 2nd v. Wisconsin, 12:00 pm, ABC/ESPN2 - ABC in NYC
November 9th @ Purdue, TBD
November 16th - Bye Week #2
November 23rd v. •Michigan, TBD
November 29th @ •Nebraska, 12:05 pm, ABC

•Big Ten Legends Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Ohio State @ Purdue, Noon, BTN

November 2nd, 2013.  Iowa v. #24 Wisconsin Badgers, 5-2, 3-1 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G Leaders
Previous Meetings: 86, Tied 42-42-2
Last Meeting:  2010, Iowa 30, Wisconsin 31

Current Line: Iowa +7

Turnover Margin: +2,  B1G #7, FBS #52

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack 
Total   397.6  Pass  208.8  Rush 188.9  Scoring 27.4
B1G    #9              #8               #6                  #11
FBS    #74            #86             #47                #79
Total   320.5  Pass  191.9  Rush 128.6   Scoring 18.1
B1G    #3            #2                 #5                   #3
FBS    #12          #14               #24                 #12 

Week 9: Northwestern

As the week begin, the line for the game was set at about -3.5 for Iowa, which is basically the points the home teams gets for what’s considered a push.  Then early in the week it inched up to over 5, as word seemed to indicate Colter would not be ready to go.  But then by Thursday it seemed like he would, and so the line came back down to where it started.

The game, of course, would be a push, through regulation.  But Hawk fans were hoping it would be nowhere near that close.

And hoping that the Iowa offense would not be asleep after halftime.  

As the cameras came into Kinnick, it seemed a pretty typical Iowa October day - cool, cloudy, but not raining, and ideal for a football game.

The Cats won the toss but deferred, so the Hawks lined up to return the kick.

The kickoff landed at the 9, and it was Canzeri who caught it, and he took it up the middle to the 26.  The Iowa offense took the field, and away we went.

Jake is under center, with Mark behind him, KMM in the slot on the far side, with Smith on the near.  Duzey goes into motion from the side, but then stops and lines up as an H back. Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff to Mark, then pulls it down, steps back, turns, and looks as if he is looking deep down field - but then comes back to the near side, dumps it off to Mark, he makes the catch at the 29 yard line, and cuts in toward the hash and puts his head down to pick up 9!  

Jake has the Hawks right to the line, this time both wideouts are on the far side.  He hands it to Mark, he heads near side, seems to pause a second as he reads his block, then surges forward, across the yellow line, across the 45, and finally down at the 46, an 11 yard gain, and a Hawkeye 1st down!

It’s the same formation, but now Damon is at tailback, and he gets the ball, tries the same side, and picks his way for 6 yards.  Staying ahead of the chains!

Now the Hawks enter the 3 tight end set, a solo wideout up high.  The ball goes to Damon again, he heads to the near side one more time, gets hit, but dives forward, close, but not quite, it’s 3rd and less than 1.

Jake gets the team to the line immediately, and as soon as they are set, he snaps it, and surges forward, the QB sneak, and he picks up 3 yards, and that’s a Hawkeye 1st down at the Wildcat 42!

Now Jake goes to the gun, he has three wideouts high, and two low - 5 wide.  Jake snaps it, drops back a step, and then fires a strike down the near hash, but he overshoots Hamilton, and that’s probably best, as he was double covered, no good.  2nd and 10.

Jake is back in the gun, Damon to his right, Smith on the low side, and two wideouts high.  Jake runs the quasi read/option, gives it to Damon, and he tries the near side, to get only 2.  Had he kept it, Jake had all kinds of room.  3rd and 8.

Same formation, but now Damon is to Jake’s left.  Jake snaps it, steps back, but quickly feels the heat, he pulls it down, and heads for the near side, trying to get the corner turned to get to the down marker, he dives and seems like he might have just made it!

Nope, it’s 4th and about 18 inches, Jake lines them up, snaps it, and starts forward, but then rolls off the Iowa line and forward, that goes for 2 and an Iowa 1st down at the Wildcat 31!

Jake is back under center with Mark behind him.  He gets the ball starts left, but then cuts it back inside, he gets about 3 yards past the line, but keeps his legs moving, after about 5 yards he plants his helmet in the chest of a dback and they go down, but that’s another 9 yard run!  2nd and 1!

Once more, with feeling!  Mark gets it and heads to the right side, it’s a huge hole at the line, he flies through and into the secondary, where once again they struggle to get him down, 9 more yards, that's an 1st down Iowa at the jNW 13!

Hawks now to the power I - just a solo wideout on the low side.  It goes again to Mark, he tries the middle, gets only 3, but again supplied a good hit on the defense.  

Same formation but now Damon is at tailback.  He gets the ball, starts for the far side, but then cuts it back, through the line, and across the 5 and down to the 3!  An Iowa 1st and goal!

But - the Hawks can’t seem to get the right players onto the field, and Jake has to call a timeout.  Clock at 9:26 of the 1st.

Ok, we are back and the Hawks are in the Power I.  He snaps it, hands it to Damon, he heads to the far corner but then turns it upfield and he dives into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!  Meyer comes in and makes it 7-0, and the Hawks have started quickly once again.  

The drive, 14 plays, 74 yards, and 5:38 off the clock.

Meyer is now kicking off into the wind, so he boots a low squib kick, and they grab it at the 30, and get it out to the 38.  

Colter is in, and the Cats start with a 7 yard run, but then on the next play they are hit with a 15 yard personal foul penalty.   The zebra’s mike does not work, so we don’t know exactly what the penalty was for.  Net result, 2nd and 18.

Colter gains 5 yards on this down, but on the 3rd and 13, as the Cats line up - we see something very different from the Iowa defense.  

There are not 4 down linemen - there are no down linemen.  They are all standing up, kind of moving back and forth, right on the LOS, but obviously trying to confuse the Cat O line.  

Coulter snaps the ball, he is looking downfield, and the Hawks have him bottled up on all sides, so he tries to pull it down, but Morris flies and and drops him for a 3 yard sack!  4th and 16, and the Wildcat punt team took the field.  

We just come out of the replay as the Cats snap the ball, but it seems the Iowa punt coverage team does a good job looking at the punter until the kick is away - it comes down and KMM snags it, a fair catch, Iowa ball at the 31, timeout.

So the Hawkeye defense has forced the Cat offense into a  3 and out.  A great start on both sides of the ball!

The Hawks line up, and run the ball.

Damon, 7 yards.   Mark, 3 yards.  1st down.

Mark, 4 yards.  LeShun, 5 yards.  Jake, 2 yards, 1st down.

The Hawks were now at the Wildcat 48, and Jake runs the play action, but his pass to the far side is knocked down at the line.  2nd and 10.

Jake is under center with Daniels behind him, and two wideouts on the near side.  Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, and starts to roll to the far side, then he flips it to Duzey, caught, he gets 7 yards, 3rd and 3.

Damon gets the ball and he tries the right side, but the Cats see it coming and they stuff him for no gain.  4th and 3 at the 41, and the Hawkeye offense stays on the field.

Jake us under center, but it doesn't seem the Hawks intended to snap the ball, in fact the play clock winds down and Jake must take another timeout.  

After the break Kornbrath comes in - and the Hawks have burned a timeout to punt - and he drops the ball at the 12, and the ball rolls down to the 1 and is downed!  

The Hawk fans bring the noise - but they let the Cats get as far as the 31 before we get the stop, and the 1st quarter has ended during this drive, so Iowa starts with the ball at 14:45 of the 2nd, with the ball at the Iowa 38, after a 10 yard punt return by KMM.

The Hawks actually huddle up to start this drive, and Iowa is in the I formation with a wideout on each side.  The ball goes to Mark, he heads to the far side, gets part way around the corner, that’s 6 yards, a good start!

Same formation, Jake snaps it, immediately turns to the near side and fires the ball to KMM, caught, he turns upfield and gets the 4 he needs for a Hawkeye 1st down!

And once again, the Hawks can’t get the right players on the field, and they burn their 3rd and final timeout at 13:24 of the 2nd.  

After the break the Hawks have Jake under center, Damon behind him, and a wideout on each side.  It goes to Damon, he tries the near side but gets only 2.  2nd and 8.

Jake to the gun, Damon to his left.  Two wideouts on the high side, one low.  Jake snaps it, steps back, and then floats it to the far sideline, Smith, caught, he turns and steps out of bounds, that’s  
16 yards and a Hawkeye 1st down at the jNW 34!

Jake is back under center, and Mark is now at tailback.  It goes to Mark and he tries the far side, but gets popped at the line and dropped for no gain.  2nd and 10.

Jake now fakes the handoff to Mark, he turns and rolls toward the near side, and then he flips to Duzey - the under route - but he forgets to catch the ball before looking upfield, and it falls to the turf.  3rd and 10.

Jake is back in the gun with 4 wide.  He snaps it, drops back, then he fires it far side, Smith, caught, and he falls down across the yellow line, an Iowa 1st down at the 23!

Hawks are back in the I formation with Daniels at tailback, he heads right to pick up 3, 2nd and 7.

Daniels gets the ball again, but he gets stacked up at the line to gain nothing, 3rd and 7.

Jake is in the gun with Daniels to his left, a solo wideout high side, and three on the near side, stacked up in the triangle pattern.  Jake snaps it, looks left, then he comes back right and quickly fires it deep down the near side - KMM has a step, he reaches up - but it’s too high, no good.  4th down.

Meyer comes in to boot the 38 yard attempt, and it’s good, and the Hawks lead it 10-0 and 9:56 of the 2nd.  

With the wind, Meyer boots this kickoff out of the end zone, at the Cats start at their 25.

The Cats would overcome a 1st down sack, and soon after a holding penalty, and after 7 more plays had the ball at the Iowa 34, and a 1st down.

The Cats are in the gun and Colter hands the ball to Trumpy - he gets the ball on the read option and starts right, but then cuts it back inside, and wishes he hadn’t, as he gets drilled by Hitchens and he loses the ball!!! Morris falls on it, Iowa ball at the 30!  Clock at 5:58.

A drive here to push the margin to 3 scores before halftime - just what we need.

But the Hawks begin the drive with a false start.  Jake then steps back into the deep drop, but he feels the pressure, pulls it down, and takes off - pointing downfield to his blockers.   He gets 8 yards before he gets popped, and a Wildcat defender comes in and lands on Jake after he is already down, but no call, 2nd and 7.

Bullock now gets the ball, he tries the far side, puts his head down to pick up 5, but had he kept it up, he probably could have bounced around the pile to easily get the 1st down.  3rd and 2.

The Hawks are in the power I, Jake snaps the ball, fakes the handoff, turns, and then floats the ball to the near side - to no one.   It falls to the turf as CFJ looks back at Jake, and the Iowa punt team takes the field.  

Kornbrath kills this punt at the 20, and the Cats had the ball at 4:13 of the 2nd.  

After 7 plays the Cats would be out to their 46, but then another holding call put them into a 2nd and 15, and from there the Iowa defense would only give up 1 more yard.  Of course, we couldn't use timeouts to get the ball back…

When we finally did, there were just 19 seconds left, and Jake tried one pass, it was no good, so from there the Hawks killed the half, leading 10-0.

As we went to the break, Iowa fans were wondering if the Iowa offense - and defense - could keep it going for 30 more minutes.  

Still, the Hawk fans had to feel good that they had kept the Wildcat offense at 0 for 30 minutes with their starting quarterback playing.  Now we would see if those halftime adjustments would be in the favor of Iowa.

The Hawks only have a 155 to 122 lead in yards, but we also learn that’s the first time the Cats have been shut out in the first 30 minutes - since 2007.

We also learn that the Rodents have a 17-10 lead on Nebraska at the half.  

We finally return to Kinnick, and Meyer boots his kick to the 3, and the return team lets him come up the near side all the way to the 40.  

The Cats start with a triangle of receivers on the near side, and Colter hits the man in back, but Hitchens flies in and drops for a 2 yard loss!  2nd and 12.

The Cats get 9 back on a pass to the far hash, and that brings up a 3rd and 3.  

Then Colter hits a very quick out pattern to the far side - it’s caught, and out of bounds, but 4 yards, an a jNW 1st down at the Hawkeye 49.

Colter keeps the next snap, he dances around a bit but the Hawks get him down after 4.  2nd and 6.

On the next play, the Cats run the option to the near side - and Morris flies and and drills Colter, but he somehow gets the flip off, it’s caught by the tailback, but the Hawks blow it up and drop it for a yard loss, 3rd and 7.  The replay shows, had Morris been there a fraction of a second sooner, that ball would have been fumbled with a great chance for the Hawks to pick it up and take it all the way home.

The Cats are forced to use a timeout as they have trouble getting the right players on the field, and the call comes from the bench, as Colter has no idea the play clock is running out.  

We stay at Kinnick for the timeout, and soon the Cats return to the 3rd and 7.

Once again, the Hawkeye defense is using the no-down linemen, dancing around formation, and at the snap, they do a good job surrounding Colter, so he can only go straight ahead, and Morris is there to wrap him up for a 2 yard sack!  4th and 9, and the Wildcat punt team took the field.  

Hawkeye fans are holding their breath, as with the ball at the Iowa 48, this would be an ideal time for a fake.  

But once again the Hawks appear to be staring extra long at the punter, and the kick comes down at the 17, where KMM makes the fair catch.  Iowa ball at 11:46 of the 3rd.

The Hawks start in the I formation, with Mark at the tailback slot.  He gets the ball and goes off-tackle, left, to pick up 3.  2nd and 7.

Same formation, but Jake drops back, looks downfield, and then dumps it off to the near side, caught, Plewa, but quickly caught, 2 yards, 3rd and 5.

Jake now the gun, Damon to his left, a wideout on the low side, and the triangle of wideouts on the high.  Jake snaps it, looks left, then quickly fires for KMM in the slot, caught, he steps forward across the line and down, 8 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!

Back to the I formation, Jake snaps it, turns, and fires the wideout screen to Powell, caught, he takes off but gets popped after a gain of 7.  

I again with Damon at tailback, he gets the ball, starts left, uses the stiff arm to get around a guy and get the corner turned, 4 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the 40!

Hawks now to the unbalanced line, Smith of top, KMM on the bottom, and Damon at tailback.  Duzey goes into motion from the near side to the far, and Jake changes the play.  It goes to Damon, and he heads left, gets only 1 yard as he stretches for the corner.  Had he cut it up field sooner he may have found a crease.  

2nd and 9, Hawks to the single wideout on each side with Damon at tailback.  Jake snaps it, turns to the far side and fires it to Hiller, he makes the catch and starts up field, 6 yards, and the Hawks faced a 3rd and 3.

Jake to the gun with Damon to his right, a wideout high, and two on the low side.  He snaps it, runs the quasi read/option, Damon gets the ball and tries for the far side, but it develops too slowly and they nail him for a 1 yard loss.  Plus flags fly in, and the Hawks are called for holding, but the Cats decline it, 4th and 4 from the Iowa 46, and on came the Hawkeye punt team.

The punt sails out of bounds on the far side, and the officials mark it at the 19.  Wildcat ball, 7:56 of the 3rd.

The Cats are in the gun, per usual, with a tailback off set to Colters right, and three wideouts on the near side.  Colter keeps it and tires the far side, but the Hawks wrap him up after 3.  2nd and 7.

Same formation, Colter snaps it, fakes the handoff, and then floats it down the far side, where the receiver bobbles but the catches the ball before he is pushed out, 31 yards, and the Cats were on the Iowa 47.

Same formation again, Colter drops back, and a Hawkeye defender files by him and misses, and he takes off and gets 13 yards before the Hawks get him down, jNW 1st down at the Iowa 34.  

Now the Cats have two wideouts on each side.  Colter snaps it, starts for the far side, option, then pitches it, caught, and wrapped up by Hitchens after 2 yards.  2nd and 8.

Colter takes the snap and immediately heads for the near side, it’s a footrace to the corner, and the Hawkeye win it, just 2 yards, 3rd and 6 from the Iowa 30.

Cat’s to the 5 wide look.  Once again, the Iowa defense is standing and shifting at the line.  He snaps the ball, and quickly fires it far side, it’s a short pass, but wide open, caught, and he shakes and bakes down to the Iowa 12, 18 yards, and a 1st down for the Cats.  

Could the Iowa defense make the stand?

The Cats have one wideout low, two high, and two tailbacks behind Colter in the triangle look, or what they called the wishbone when your scribe was young.  Colter snaps it, hands it off, and he tries the middle, but gets only 2, 2nd and 8.

Now just one tailback, to Colters left, three wideouts on the high side, one to the low.  Colter snaps it, fakes the handoff, then he floats it to the end zone, where the slot receiver is all alone, caught, touchdown Wildcats.  Hawks lead 10-7, and Iowa fans and coaches are wondering who blew the coverage.

The Wildcat kick is high and not deep, Canzeri catches it at the 20 and takes it out the 32, and the Iowa offense took the field at 4:49 of the 3rd.  

Hawks to the base formation, a wideout on each side, single back.  Jack snaps it, fakes the handoff, turns, looks deep down the field, then he finds KMM and fires it to the far sideline, caught, 21 yards and out of bounds, and the Hawks were at the Wildcat 47!

We just see the snap as the BTN comes out of the replay, it goes to Mark and he heads far side, but it gains only 2.  2nd and 8.

Base formation, Jake snaps it, steps back, turns to the near side, and he hits KMM again, but he runs out of room and out of bounds, 4 yards, 3rd and 4.

Jake is in the gun with Mark to his right, a wideout to the low side, and the triangle set to the high.  Jake snaps it, looks, feels the pressure so he pulls it down and tries for the near corner, but he gets cut off and dropped, minus 2 yards, and the Hawkeye punt team had to take the field.

Kornbrath’s pant lands at the 10, and the coverage team gives chase, but can’t down it before it bounces into the end zone, a touchback, Wildcat ball at the 20, clock at 2:47 of the 3rd.  Timeout.

We see video front the Iowa Black and Gold Blowout, held the night before in Carver Hawkeye.  Not long now before the take the court, looking to make their return to the Madness.

The Cats open with a tailback to Colter’s left, one wideout high, and two low.  It’s handoff, Trumpy, he tries the far side, gets 4 before the Hawks shove him back.  2nd and 6.

Same formation, Colter keeps it, feels the pressure close in, and dumps it off to the far side, caught, 4 yards, 3rd and 2.

Colter snaps the ball, runs the option, pitches it, and the Hawks can’t stop him before he gets 10 yards, and a Wildcat 1st down.

Cats now with a tailback to Colters left and three wideouts up high.  It’s a handoff, he squeezes through the middle, and gets 7 before he gets drilled.  2nd and 3.  

The Cats go with a bit heavier line, just two wideouts on the high side.  It’s another handoff, straight ahead, 5 yards, a Cat 1st down at midfield, as the 3rd quarter came to a close.  

We go to break and Hawk fans are having bad memories of previous games against Northwestern.  

We return to Kinnick, the Cats have 4 wide.  Colter fakes the handoff, keeps it, feels the pressure so he dumps it to the near side, caught, 7 yards, 2nd and 3.

The Cats have 4 wide again, Colter snaps it, pulls it down, starts for the far side, but Mike Hardy throws off a block and takes him down for another sack!  A loss of 4 yards, and it’s now 3rd and 7!

The Iowa defensive line is again standing, Colter snaps the ball, he quickly feels the pressure, the Hawks get a hand on him but he escapes, pulls it down and races for the far corner, he gets to the far sideline then dives for the 1st down sticks, he gets it.

But Colter is not getting up, and he reaching down for his ankle, the one that has kept him out of the past couple game.  In comes the ‘backup’, Siemian.

The Cats don’t even pretend to pass, a rush of 7 yards, then 4 yards, three more runs net 18, and the Cats were at the Iowa 11.

But from here, a false start set them at a 2nd and 12, and they run it again to gain 6, to bring up a 3rd and 6 from the Hawkeye 10.

The Cats had a tailback to the QBs left, three wideouts on the high side, and one low.  He snaps the ball, looks near side, but feels the pressure and tries to escape to the far side, but no, the Hawks drop him for another sack, and it’s 4th and 7 from the Iowa 13.  The Wildcat kick team takes the field.

It’s just a 29 yard attempt, and it’s up, and good.  We’re tied at 10 with 9:09 of the 4th.  

The Hawks can’t get a return as the kick sails through the end zone.  They open with Jake under center, Damon at tailback.  He gets it and tries the middle, gets hit but falls forward for 3.  2nd and 7.

Same formation, Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, rolls toward the far side, but he has a man in his face so he fires it to CJF, he’s open but the pass is behind him, he gets a paw on it but can’t snag it, 3rd and 7.

Jake is in the gun, with 5 wide.  Jake snaps the ball, dances around a bit, looking far side, but then he comes back middle, and fires it for KMM, caught, he goes down. 9 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down!

In the replay we see Jake had someone wide open on the far sideline, with acres of room to run.

We are back and Iowa is in the tight end heavy look.  Jake snaps it, looks, but then starts to float to the far side, he has to pull it down and try for the corner, as he gets a step from the sideline a Wildcat shoves him out, a flag flies, but the officials chat and decide it was no penalty, and Iowa had a 2nd and 8.

Jake is under center with two wideouts on the low side.  He snaps the ball, drops back, then cocks his arm and fires it to the under route on the near side, caught, Duzey, he crosses the field and steps out of a tackle, 20 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the jNW 41!

We once again come out of the replay after the Hawks have snapped the ball, Jake is back, he dumps it off to Mark underneath, caught at the 36, he gets up a head of steam and is down at the 30, another Hawkeye 1st down!

Jake under center, Damon behind him, a solo wideout high, and tight end heavy on the line.  Damon gets it, starts up the middle, spins away from a tackle but can’t keep his feet, down, 5 yards, 2nd and 5.

Same formation, Damon again, he can’t get around the defense and picks up only 2.  3rd and 3.

Jake now to the gun, Damon to his right, two wideout high, one low.  Jake snaps the ball, but quickly feels the pressure, he takes his outlet to Damon, caught, but immediately hit, it actually loses a yard, and Meyer comes in to try the 42 yard field goal.

We see that the wind is blowing pretty much straight across the field, at 16 mph, from right to left as Meyer faces the goalpost.  His kick is up, and sure enough, the wind pushes it wide left, and the Hawks were still deadlocked at 10 all, clock at 4:58 of the 4th.  

The Cats start with the ball the 24.  And Colter is back in.

He runs the option to the near side, pitched, caught, 8 yards.

Another handoff, straight ahead, 8 yards.  

Another handoff - he goes right up the middle, gets bumped, but stays on his feet, and now he is in the clear, racing for the near sideline, and finally knocked out after 30 yards.  The Cats had a 1st down at the Iowa 30.  That feeing of dread came up again.

Colter keeps this one and he rolls to the far side, keeps it, an appears to get get about 9, but then flags fly.

It’s a chop block against the Wildcats, diving at a guys legs from behind.  That’s a 15 yard penalty, and the Cats faced a 1st and 25 from the Iowa 45.

Colter is in the gun - a tailback to his left, and just behind him.  Two wideouts on the high side, and one low.  He snaps the ball and took off for the far side - the option - he looks at his target, pitches it, it hits him in the hands and HE DROPS IT!!!  And King flies in and falls on the ball, a turnover and the Hawks have dodged the bullet!!!  The clock at 3:14, now drive down the field and win this game!!!

Iowa to the base formation.  Jake changes the play.  It goes to Mark, he tries the far side, but it’s swarmed and he loses 2.

Same formation, Jake drops back and quickly fires it over the middle, caught, CJF, 19 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down at the 34!

Bullock get the ball now, he tries to middle but gets his legs wrapped up, 2 yards.  2nd a 8.  The clock drops below 2 minutes.

Damon gets it again, but only gains 1 on this play.  Hawks face a 3rd and 7.

Jake is in the gun, with one wideout high, and three low.  Damon to his right.  Jake drops back, steps up as he feels the pressure, goes to throw it but he gets hit, and the ball pops up and is caught by Van Sloten, he tries to run but he’s a lineman, and goes down quickly.  Disaster averted, but the Hawks faced a 4th and 11.

The Hawks let the clock wind down to 15 seconds, and they take a timeout.

Then the Wildcats take a timeout once they see the Hawks line up.

After the long break, Jake is again in the gun, he has a wideout up top and three on the low side.  He snaps it, and then steps up and rips it down the middle of the field, but it’s onto heavy coverage and picked off, and the Cats bring it out to the 22.

Keeping Jake’s 4th quarter interception streak alive, but this one won’t end badly, as the Cats take a knee and the game goes to overtime.

The Cats win the toss and take defense, the Hawk choose the end zone with the wind more or less behind them.

Jake is in the gun again, Mark to his left, two wideouts high, one low. Jake, ice in his veins, snaps it, quickly fires it near side, the under route, caught, Smith and he gets down to the 11 for an Iowa 1st down!

Iowa to the I formation.  It goes to Mark, he tries the middle, but gets just 2.  2nd and 8.

Same formation, Mark again, the middle, he finds room, and plows his way down to the 3!  6 yards, and a 3rd and 2 for the Hawks!

Same formation, as Jake make his call, and snaps it, but the whistles blow, and the Hawks are nailed for a false start.  Killer.  

3rd and 7 now.  Jake to the gun, Damon to his right.  Three wideouts up high, and one on the low side.  He snaps the ball and the Cats bring the blitz right up the middle - Jake is dead to rights and he appears to just thrown the ball away into the end zone…

But now the camera pans that way, and we see it’s actually a pass, and CFJ has the defender beat, the ball comes down, and he makes the catch TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  And Kinnick goes crazy, as Meyer comes in for the crucial extra point, and its good, and the Hawks lead it 17-10.

The Cats must match the touchdown, or the game is over.  

The Iowa faithful crank the volume up again.

Colter of course in the gun, a tailback to his right.  He snaps it and fakes the handoff, and heads towed the near side - he sees pressure and tries to escape, and can’t!  Ott nails him for another sack!  2nd and 11.

Colter goes keeper all the way, and he is lucky to gain 3 yards.  3rd and 8.

Kinnick is deafening at this point.  3rd and 8, and now Colter is alone in the gun.  He steps back, feels the pressure, heads a bit to the far side, has to run away now, he flips the ball to the far side, it hits the wideout's hands just across the yellow line, but King flies in and drills him and it falls to the turf!  4th down!!!

Northwestern takes a timeout.  The Kinnick volume drops - but only for a moment.

Colter is alone again in the gun with 5 wide receivers.  4th and 8.  He snaps the ball - quickly Iowa brings pressure with a stunt around the near side - he barely escapes that and has to take some steps back and to the near side, but here is another Iowa lineman with a path toward him, he gets around him and tries to take off, but another Iowa lineman slows him up, and he doesn’t see Trinca-Pasat fly in from behind and TAKE HIM DOWN!!!! GAME OVER, the HAWKEYES WIN IT 17-10! Kinnick erupts, the Hawkeyes surge onto the field, and in the stadium and Hawkeye bars around the country, the Beer Song blared at the highest possible volumes.  

Well Jake didn’t get the 300 I had hoped for, but he really never went deep down the field, so that partly explains it.  He ended up 19 for 27 for 169, with the OT TD, and the end of regulation interception.  KMM lead the receivers with 5 for 45, and Smith, who may be playing his way into the #2 slot, 3 for 41.  Jake spread it around to 9 different receivers, or 10 if you count Van Sloten.

The tailbacks, Mark 13 for 56, Damon 17 for 52.  The Hawks only totaled 136, as the Cats really sold out to stop it in the second half.  Jake should have been able to play action some deeper balls against them I think.  

The Iowa defense didn’t have their greatest day, stat wise, but anytime you hold the Cats to 10 points, it’s a great effort.  Colter was 11/14 for just 104 yards, but he did have that way-too-wide-open td pass.  

On the ground, the Cats gained 225, with 60 of those from Colter - a good job by the Iowa D of containing him.  Buckley had 17 for 99, but 30 of those came on that one carry.  Trumpy, 13 for 51, but also the costly fumble that killed the Wildcat scoring threat.  

So it’s a win that can have team feeling good - but also a game where the coaches have plenty they can focus on this week.  Hopefully they are starting with finding a lot more second half offense.

Week 10: Wisconsin

We meet again, Badgers.

It’s been two and half seasons that the Hawkeyes have been waiting to exact a bit of revenge on the Badgers for the 2010 game in Kinnick.  Yes, the one with the fake punt, that the Hawks lost in dramatic fashion 31-30.  

As you see above, the all time record between the Hawks and Badgers can’t be any closer.  Often this is a game where you can toss out the records because they have little to do with the outcome.  A classic rivalry game, the Best Rivalry in Division 1.

The Badgers are off to a 5-2 start, and like the Hawkeyes, they could have won the games they lost.  

They started out hosting UMASS, and it wasn’t a hoops game, so the Badgers won it 45-0.

Then Tennessee Tech went to Camp Randall, and lost 48-0.

The Badgers then travelled to Arizona State.  It was a tight game, and the Badgers had a great shot to win it at the end - when sophomore QB Stave tried to kneel down to set the ball in the middle of the field for the game winning field goal, only to have the officials not blow the play dead, and time ran out before the Badgers could get off the chip shot field goal.  Final 32-30.  In that game, Wisconsin gave up 352 yards passing.

Off that loss, they had Purdue come to town, and the Badgers had no problem, winning 41-10.

The next week was the game at Ohio State, again a tight one, falling 31-24.  Of note in this game, senior wide out Abbrederis almost kept the Badgers in it himself, snagging 10 catches for 207 yards.
They rebounded from that disappointment by smacking the Wildcats 35-6, and the next week had no problem with the Illini, wining 56-32.  But the Illini had 319 passing yards in this one.

So Illinois is 0-3 in the conference, Purdue is 0-3, and the Cats are now 0-4.  

In other words, the only good Big Ten team the Badgers have faced - they lost to.

The coach with the Tiger Hawk tattoo is gone, but the Badgers are still a running force to recon with.  

The question most Badger fans had going into the season centered around the QB spot.  Stave played enough last year to throw 119 passes, but he was a question mark coming into the season.  To date, he has completed 113 of 178, for 1486 yards, with 13 tds - and 6 picks.  He has also been sacked 9 times.  Abbrederis has hauled in 43 of those for 752 yards - with 5 tds.  Clearly we need to jam him off the line, and have safety help over the top.  

This will not be a game where the Hawks have to contain the QB.  Stave’s net rushing on the season is -20 yards. 

And thus, the Iowa defense can focus on the tailbacks.  And focus, they must.

Sophomore Gordon, who had Iowa on his short list, 107 carries for 1012 yards, with 11 rushing tds.  That’s a healthy 9.5 yard average per rush.

He has bumped senior White to second string, but it’s a good second string, 108 carries for 672 yards, 6.2 per touch, with 7 tds.  And unlike Gordon, White is a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield, bagging 21 so far for 189 yards and one more touchdown.

Between these two and some other, more average tailbacks, the Badgers rack up 297 yards per game - good for 8th in the country.  

But against the Buckeye defense, they only ran for 104.  So it can be contained.

On defense, the Badgers only give up 87+, on the ground, that’s good for 2nd in the B1G and 4th nationally.  OSU got 192 on them, primarily between Hyde and Miller.  

We don’t have a Miller, but we have a Weisman, Bullock, Daniels, and Canzeri, and we may need to use all of them to change up the pace and play selection.  Namely, using the speed backs on those zone read plays to the outside, and using the bruiser backs on the plays more up the middle.   

The Badgers give up just over 197 per game in the air, that combined with the rush defense has them at #2 and #6 for total defense.  Jake must be efficient, but also look to go downfield using play action and his rollouts.  We will need him to have his best day this week.

There is nothing that really stands out on the special teams, which of course means in a game like this they could have a huge impact.  In our 2 point loss in 2010, we had an extra point blocked, and botched the snap on a chip shot field goal to leave 4 points on the table.  That can’t happen this week.  In fact, we need to get some points on a return somewhere.  Cotton…

The Hawks have done an excellent job of starting quickly the past couple weeks, and doing so again will get the crowd going and have the Badgers just a bit nervous.  Of course we need to find a way to keep it going, the coaches and players all know this, and I'm sure the are working hard to make sure it happens.  

While the numbers would suggest the Badgers may be able to run at will - the Hawks have taken 6 of the last 9 meetings, and let's face it, was there ever a year that the Badgers didn't have one of the nation's best tailbacks?

Iowa needs a marque win, and knocking off the ranked Badgers would be just what the program needs to finish the season strong, and set us up for a run to the B1G title game in 2014.

Iowa matches the Badgers in rushing at 175, Jake throws for 250 with 3 tds, including a 70 yard bomb to Powell, and the Iowa defense forces three turnovers which spell the difference in the end.  The Hawkeyes start the final 4 game stretch with a statement win - Badgers 23, Hawkeys 31.


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