September 12, 2013


Iowa’s Record: 1-1, 0-0 Big Ten, 0-0 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

August 31st v. Northern Illinois, loss 30-27
September 7th v. Missouri State, WIN 28-14
September 14th @ Iowa State, 6:05 pm, Fox Sports 1
September 21st v. Western Michigan, 12:01 pm, BTN
September 28th, @ •Minnesota, 3:35 pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2
October 5th v. •Michigan State, 12:05 pm, TBD
October 12th - Bye Week #1
October 19th @ Ohio State, 3:35 pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2
October 26th v. •Northwestern, TBD
November 2nd v. Wisconsin, TBD
November 9th @ Purdue, TBD
November 16th - Bye Week #2
November 23rd v. •Michigan, TBD
November 29th @ •Nebraska, 12:05 pm, ABC

•Big Ten Legends Division Game

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Western Michigan @ Northwestern, 9:00 pm, BTN
September 14th, 2013.  Iowa @ Iowa State, 0-1, 0-0 Big 12
Previous Meetings: 60, Iowa leads 39-21
Last Meeting: 2012 Iowa State 9, Iowa 6

Current Line: Iowa -3

Turnover Margin: -1,  B1G #10, FBS #83

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack 
Total   473.5  Pass  224.5  Rush 249.0  Scoring 27.5
B1G    #6               #6             #5                  #10
FBS    #43             #63           #28                #72
Total   317.5  Pass  201.0  Rush 116.5  Scoring 22.0
B1G    #6             #6                 #8                  #7
FBS    #36           #65               #35                #50  

Week 2: Missouri State

It was another hot and steamy Iowa day as the players took the field under the late summer sun.

The Bears won the toss and took the ball, so the Hawks started on defense, which is quite rare under Ferentz.

Meyer’s kickoff goes 5 yards deep, where it’s caught for a touchback, and the Iowa Defense took the field.  The Bears come out in the no huddle, with two wideouts split left, and the QB in the gun with a tailback alongside.  At the snap, he immediately throws it to the left, the receiver has turned around short of the soft coverage, it’s bobbled then caught, 4 yards.

Now the Bears are in the pistol with 3 receivers bunched on the left side of the formation.  It’s handed to the tailback as they fake the end around, and he goes right up the middle for just 1.  3rd and 5.

Back to the gun with the tailback to the left and 2 wideouts to the right.  The snap gets away from the QB and he has to run back to the 10 to get it, but there were flags at the snap, and the Hawks are offside.  Drew Ott, the first of what would be far too many penalties on the day.  

It gives the Bears a 1st down at the 35.  Back to the pistol, with 1 wideout left and 2 to the right.  The QB fakes the handoff, spins around, then throws it deep down the near hash, where as it comes down, his receiver has a step, but the pass falls off his hands and hits the turf.  Disaster averted.  

2nd and 10, the gun with the tailback to the right, and on both sides of the line, a wideout is lined up right behind another one, so you could say twin sixshooters on either side.  The tailback then goes into motion, straight toward the near sideline.  The pass is dumped underneath, caught after 5 yards, but he gets 6 more for another Bears 1st down.  

Gun, tailback to the right, 1 wideout left, 2 right.  It’s a handoff to the back, he tries to take it to the far side, but the Hawks string it out, and it loses a yard.

2nd and 11, and same formation.  It’s a low snap, but the QB grabs it and tries to hit a quick slant to the left, but the pass sails behind the receiver and falls incomplete.  3rd and 11.

The QB is alone in the gun, with two wideouts left, three right.  The Hawks bring the blitz, and the QB must unload it over the middle, where Lowdermilk nearly picks it off as he cuts in front of the receiver.  4th down, and the Bears punting unit takes the field.

From the 45, the punt lands at the 12, where KMM makes the fair catch.

The Hawks come right to the line, in the I formation with twin wideouts left.  It’s Bullock in the tailback spot and he gets the ball, and heads to the far side, but he tries to move it back to get around a pile, and he gets dropped for a 4 yard loss.  

Hawks now to the single back with Jake under center, and two wideouts left.  He drops back to about the 1 yard line, but then pulls it down and takes off, right up the middle, and out to the 16, where he takes a pretty good shot as he goes down.  But he pops right back up.

3rd and 5, Jake is in the gun with Bullock to his right, 1 wideout right and 2 to the left.  Jake fires it down the far hash, targeting Shumpert, where it hits his finger, and falls incomplete.  In his defense (this time), there was a player flashing right at him, and he may have pulled back a bit because of it.  Regardless, the Iowa punt team comes on.  

It’s another poor punt, very low, but it bounces further down the field, to land at the Bears 37, 46 yards net.  

Clock at 10:35 of the 1st, the Bears now have twin tailbacks along the QB, with two wideouts right and one left.  It’s a handoff to the near back, and he tries the far side, but gets popped as he tries to turn the corner, 1 yard.  

Back to the gun and 5 wide, the QB tries s a quick pass left, under the coverage, but it’s low and dropped.  3rd and 11.

5 wide one more time, and both Hawkeye safeties are about 10 yards deep.  Hitchens blitzes from the near side, and the pass is fired over the middle, and Lowdermilk is there again, and it falls incomplete.  4th and 11, the punt team returns.

The booth comments the the Bears seem confused by the Hawkeyes blitz packages.  Not one you hear often.

From the 38, the punt is short and left, and bounces out of bounds at the 29.  Iowa ball, clock at 9:40, timeout.

Upon our return, we see the Iowa band, dressed in gold polos with khaki shorts.  Dressed for the weather.  Your scribe a former (high school) band geek himself, and can attest to the discomfort of band uniforms during summer football games in Iowa.

The Hawks have Jake under center and Weisman deep, and two wideouts near side.  It goes to Mark and he tries the left side, but gets just 2, 2nd and 8.

Same formation with the wideouts flipped, Jake hands it to Mark, he heads left but then cuts it a step back toward the middle as he gets the line, and he is through!  He stumbles a bit as he crosses the yellow line, and that allowed the defense to catch up, and he is finally dropped at the Bear 46.  21 yards!

Iowa, right to the line, Bullock is now deep with single wideouts on each side.  Damon gets it and tries the far side, but again he is stopped and it loses a yard.  2nd and 11.

Jake is back under center, Bullock deep, twin wideouts left, and the tight end goes in motion from the far side to the near.  Jake fakes the handoff and rolls to the near side, where he fires it to Duzey, who makes the catch and turns the corner, where he is finally tackled at the 28, a 1st down Hawkeyes!

Same formation but flipped, it goes to Bullock who tries the left; good choice!  He turns the corner and finally gets hit after 9 yards, 2nd and 1 and the Hawks are at the 19!

Same formation but now with Mark at tailback, he gets it and heads left, gets hit at the line, but falls  forward for 3 yards and another Hawkeye 1st down.  Now at the 16.

Hawks still in the no huddle, one less tight end on the field as Mark is now behind the fullback.  It goes to Mark and he tries the left, but it only goes for 1.  2nd and 9.

Jake is now back in the gun with Mark to his right, one wideout near, two far.  Jake fakes the handoff and steps to the far side, and then he fires it that direction, he hits KMM at the 10 and he is forced out there.  3rd and 3.

Jake is looking to the sideline and shaking his hands, asking for the play to come in, and as they get to the line, Bullock runs up and grabs Jake, who then turns around and calls timeout.  Clock at 6:28.

We return with Jake in the gun and Damon to his right, one wideout high and two low.  Jake looks toward KMM but then fires it to CJF, he makes the catch and goes down at the 4, a Hawkeye 1st and goal!

Back to the line, Mark is now at tailback, and he gets the ball and tries the middle, but the Bears have it sniffed out and Mark is dropped at the 6.  2nd and goal.  

Hawks now with Jake under center, a wideout on each side, and Mark deep with an offset fullback.  Jake snaps the ball and drops back, but then he sees the right side of the line is open and he takes off!  At the 7 he has to cut the ball back toward the far sideline, he fakes a pass as he crosses the far hash, guns it and at the 5, turns for the pylon!  One man to beat but he goes down and Jake leaps over him and into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!  Meyer’s kick is good, and the Hawks lead it 7-0.  Clock at 5:14 of the 1st.  

Sadly, that would be the only scoring play of the half.  The Bears quickly go 3 and out, and the Hawks get the ball back at our 30 after the fair catch.

Hawk fans are looking for more, and the Hawks start with a solo tailback and wideouts on each side.  Powell, who is on the near side, goes into motion, and at the snap Jake hands it to him, (an end around), but as he gets to the far side his dancing can’t shake the defender, and he’s dropped after 2 yards, and a flag flies in.  It’s holding.  1st and 18.

Jake now to the gun, a tailback to his right, and one wideout high, two low.  Jake takes the snap, and fires it far side, and short, it’s Canzeri, and he makes the catch, 5 yards, 2nd and 13.

Jake to the gun with Canzeri to his left, they run the read/option and Jordan gets it, he starts up the middle, but then cuts it right, and he gets it out to the 37, 3rd down and 3.

Jake is back in the gun when he takes the snap, a blitz from the near side forces him to step up, but then he pulls it down and sprints for the near side!  He crosses the yellow line and finally steps out at the Bears 47, a scramble of 14 yards!  1st down Hawkeyes!

Now Jake goes under center, and the Hawks are in the I formation, with twin wideouts high - but a buzz comes from Kinnick as the fans realize the freshman has taken the field.  It’s a play action pass as Jake looks downfield, but then dumps it far side to his fullback, Plewa, #42 and he gets 7 yards before he gets sandwiched and dropped. 2nd and 3.

Hawks now quickly to the line, back to the I formation with twin wideouts near.  The freshman gets the ball and heads to the far side, he reads his blocks beautifully and at the line, he cuts it back upfield and explodes through the gap, 7 yards on his first carry, and an Iowa 1st down!

Now Daniels is alone at tailback, Jake changes the play at the line.  But then there is movement on the left side of the Iowa line, flags fly, and it’s a false start.  From there three more plays would end the drive, and penalties have struck again.  The quarter ends, and the second begins with Kornbrath booting it to the Bears 14, where it’s a fair catch.

The Bears get one 1st down, but then the drive died at the 31, and the Hawks had the ball back at the Iowa 40 after the punt.  Only a 29 yard punt.  Timeout.

Jake is under center, Mark behind him, one wideout high, two low.  It goes to Mark who heads far side, it looks like he is caught in the scrum, but then he bounces it outside and gets 8 yards, 2nd and 2!

Hawks quickly to the line, and Mark gets it again, and tries the middle, where it only goes for 2, but that’s an Iowa 1st down.  

Jake to the gun with Mark to his right, one wideout high, two low.  It’s the quasi read option, Mark gets it and heads to the far side, where he picks up 4.  2nd and 6.

The BTN replay ends just as the Hawks snap the ball, Jake rolls back and then toward the near side, he is looking downfield but then dumps it to the underneath pattern, it’s caught, Hillyer, 7 yards, 2nd and 3.

The Hawks are lined up and Jake is barking out his commands, and the right side of the Iowa line moves - another penalty, a false start.  1st and goal from the 13.

Hawks are now in the I formation, but the tailback Bullock goes into motion to the near side.  Jake turns and hands it to Mark, he plows straight ahead and gets the 5 yards back.  2nd and goal.

Jake is in the gun and the Bears blitz from the far side, and he never sees it.  He gets drilled in the back but holds onto the ball, but it’s a loss of 7 yards, 3rd and goal now from the 15.

Jake drops back from the gun, he feels the pressure and steps up, then tries to dump it far side to Bullock, but it’s no good, and on comes Meyer to try the 32 yard attempt.  

It’s on the near hash, but he pushes it wide left, and it’s no good.  A drive wasted, and your scribe waits for it, and there it is, the text from Tara commenting on the Iowa kicking game.  Clock at 6:25 of the 2nd.  

The Bears are in the gun with a tailback alongside and two wideouts up top.  It’s a pass to the far side, caught, but then he’s hit and he fumbles it, and the ball rolls out of bounds.  2nd and 5.

Bears are now in the pistol, it’s a toss to the tailback, he heads right and gets the corner turned, 6 yards, a 1st down State.

Now back to the gun, the QB keeps it on the read option, he tries running to the near side but the Hawkeye defense catches him and drops him for a 1 yard loss.  

2nd and 11, the Bears go back to the doubled up wideouts on each side, and the pass is just over the near hash, caught, 11 yards, and a 1st down at their 43.

Back to the pistol, the tailback gets it, he starts right, but then cuts back to the near side, he slips out of one tackle but then runs into a swarm for Hawkeyes, and the ball comes out, and the Hawkeyes have it!  FUMBLE!!!  Iowa ball at the Bears 45!

Jake hands it to Mark, who tries the middle to get 4.

Mark once more, but he gets stacked up after just 2.  3rd and 4.

Bullock is now behind Jake, he snaps the ball and faces immediate pressure in his face, but he gets it away to the near side and hits Duzey, and it goes for no gain.  The Hawks take the delay of game for punting sake, and the Bears fair catch at their 10.  Clock at 2:19.

The Bears would only gain 4 yards on the drive, and the Hawks called timeout after 2nd down and after after 3rd down, the punt lands at the Iowa 38, where KMM makes the catch.  Clock at 1:30 of the 2nd.  

Jake is in the gun with 3 wide.  He fires it far side to Shumpert, it hits his hands in heavy traffic again, but it’s no good.  

Jake is in the gun, Damon to his left, one wideout high, two low.  But then the nearest wideout goes in motion and parks beyond his parter in the slot, stacked up as the Bears have done.  Jake gets the snap and looks downfield, but he soon feels the pressure in this face, so he heads for the far side, where he just flips the ball to Bullock and he gets 12 yards for a Hawkeye 1st down at the 50 yard line!

Jake is in the gun and he is quickly blitzed, where the pressure gets to him and he is hit as he throws it, it floats up in the air, but fortunately falls to the turf.  Flags fly again, and the Hawks are called for holding.  1st and 20 from our 40, clock at 1:10.

The Hawks try a jailbreak screen to Powell, but he drops the ball. 2nd and 20.

Jake now fires it down the near hash, aiming for Cotton - it looks like the defender has gone through him to make the stop, but no flags fly.  3rd and 20.

Jake now drops back and fires it straight down the middle, CJF makes the catch in heavy traffic, but he is dropped after 14 when he needed 20.  One of the players who makes the tackle is lying face down on the turf and we have an injury timeout.  CJF seems a bit banged up as well, but he jogs off.  

The Hawkeye punt is caught at the 6, but he makes the catch in heavy traffic and its not a fair catch, and Cotton gets there and drills him on the spot.  

The Bears run one running play that the Hawks stop after 2 yards, and that brings the 1st half to a close.  

A half that has Hawk fans everywhere wondering why we have only a 7 point lead.  And the stats are wondering the same.

Total yards, Hawks 204, Bears 67.  1st downs 11 to 5.  The one turnover to none.  And TOP at 18:54 to 11:06.  That last one would hopefully indicate that the Iowa ground and pound in the 2nd half would pay off.

The BTN shows a bit of the Hawkeye Band at halftime, as we see them morph into Hawks and the camera then cuts away into the last commercial break of the halftime.  The players return, and the Hawks line up to receive the kick.  

Cotton catches it halfway deep, and takes a knee.  Iowa ball at the 25.

The Hawks start with Jake under center, Mark behind him, and a wideout on each side.  Mark gets it and heads off tackle left, he gets to the corner but then runs out of room, and steps out of bounds after a gain of about 6.  But as he starts to slow up, a Bear defender comes over and pops him, and from behind him a flag flies in, and that’s a 15 yard penalty for a late hit.  Hawks are now at the 45!

Jake is back under center with Mark in the tailback position, and 2 wideouts right.  Duzey goes in motion from the far side of the line to the near, and as he arrives, the snap is made.  Mark gets it and tries the right side, but he’s stacked up and it goes for nada.

Hawks now with double tight ends, Mark deep, and one wideout on each side.  Jake drops back and looks right, and then fires it to his underneath route, its caught, Shumpert, and he is hit and forced out of bounds after a gain of 7.

3rd and 3, and time is called as the Bears free safety is down, apparently from leg cramps.

He walks off, and Iowa actually huddles up, and then as they come to the line, they are in the I formation, with a single wideout left, and the jumbo package on the line.

Mark gets the ball and heads left - two yards past the LOS, be brushes aside a tackler who is falling down - he gets to the yellow stripe and the Hawks have sealed the corner, an Mark is in the clear and racing down the far sideline!  37 yards and he is finally caught and dropped, at the Bears 11, a 1st down Hawkeyes!

Hawks are in the same formation, but the wideout is flipped to the near side.  Daniels is now in, and he tries the right side, but gets bottled up, and it goes for no gain.

Daniels is alone behind Jake, two wideouts up top, and Duzey goes in motion from the near side to the far.  Jake snaps it, fakes the handoff, and rolls back and to his left, and then he lets it go where he has Duzey on the underneath route, it’s caught, he turns, and is taken down at the 5.  3rd and 4 with a 1st down possible at the 1 yard line.  

Mark is back in, and the play has again been flipped to the strong side.  Mark gets it, tries the left side, and only gets about 3, bringing up a 4th and 1.

The Hawks are in the heavy I formation.  Jake snaps it, turns, hands it to Mark, who plows straight ahead.  He runs into traffic and goes low, and as the camera changes to the end zone view, it seems he is down clearly at or inside the one yard line.  But the officials spot the ball closer to the 2, and even the booth can’t believe it, and the Bears get a gift from the zebras.  

But now they have the ball inside the 2 and an ocean of noise raining down on them from the Kinnick fans.  They line up in the pistol, and the handoff is faked, the QB rises up and tries to hit his tight end on the far side, it hits his fingers, but then flies out of bounds, no good.

Gun now with the tailback to his right, the QB fakes the handoff and drops back in the end zone - pressure comes right up the gut, and he cuts to his right, where the Hawks have a shot at him, and then he takes off - the defense has another shot of him at the goal line, but he gets by that, and finally is caught and dropped at the 8 yard line.  3rd and 4.

The Bears now have twin wideouts on each side, in the gun with a single tailback.  He snaps the ball and the Hawks blitz from the near side, so he has to dump it off into the flat on the far side, its caught at the 4, and he faces only one man to beat, but that’s Lowdermilk, and he stands him up and then pulls him down, and the Hawkeye defense has held, the punt team comes on.  

The kick is another short one, and KMM can finally find some return room, he catches it at the 41, and gets to the far corner, takes a hit and finally goes down at the 32, a 1st down Iowa!

The Hawks are in the single tailback with Bullock and he gets the ball from Jake, and heads to the right side, and turns the corner before the defense catches up, that goes for 7 yards, 2nd and 3.

Same formation, but this time Damon goes off tackle left, he crashes through the bodies and gets 4, and that’s an Iowa 1st down.

Jordan is now at tailback, and Jake changes the play.  Canzeri gets it and heads left, to pick up 3.  

Iowa now has twin wideouts to the near side - Jake snaps the ball, rises up, and fires a sideways pass to Shumpert, it’s caught, and he uses his blocking to get it down to the 10, a Hawkeye 1st and goal!

The BTN is again just coming out of their replay as the Hawks snap the ball, Jordan gets it again and tries the right side, but he is bottled up and gets nothing.  

Mark is back in there, standing to Jake’s left as he surveys from the gun.  It’s the semi read option, Mark gets it and heads right - there are a lot of bodies at the line, but Mark finds the seam, slides through, and he emerges at the 5, takes 3 more steps, and strides into the end zone, an IOWA TOUCHDOWN, and Kinnick erupts as Meyer comes in to make it 14-0.  Clock at 7:11 of the 3rd, and Mark has just passed the 1000 yard mark for his career.  

But then the Iowa kickoff team falls asleep, and the return is brought out to the 40 yard line, where Meyer makes the tackle, but as the play ends, a flag flies in.  Surely holding on the Bears.  

No - it’s called on the Hawks, a low block - a 15 yard penalty.  The booth points out no one on the kicking team blocks on a kick return.  Oh for the Big Ten refs.

Now at the Iowa 45, the Bears are in the gun, a tailback alongside, two wideouts to their left.  It goes to the tailback, he tries the left side and gets about 6, but another flag flies, and it’s for a chop block on the offense.  A 15 yard penalty.  Make up call?  1st and 25, back at their 40 yard line.

 3 more plays and the Bears are punting again.  This one, better, but it goes into the end zone for a touchback, and the Hawks have the ball at the 20 after the break.  

The Hawks emerge from the break with Jake under center.  He snaps the ball and fakes the handoff, and then drifts into the deep drop - he steps up and then fires the ball deep down the near sideline, where it’s caught at the 50 by Kittle and he has room to run!  He finally runs into the defense but not before he gets just outside the 30, a 47 yard pass and a 1st down Iowa!

Now the Hawks have a single tailback with twin wideout high.  It goes to Mark, he heads to the near side, gets the corner, and then jukes a player to pick up about 4 yards.  

Single wideouts on each side, Mark deep behind Jake.  He gets the ball and charges straight ahead, it goes for 6, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the Bears 23!

Mark departs and Daniels comes onto the field.  He gets the ball and tries the left side, it goes for 4 yards.  2nd and 6.

The freshman one more time, he heads straight up the middle, sidesteps one defender, and is dropped after picking up 5.  3rd and 1.

The Hawks line up quickly and execute the QB sneak - it’s successful, but flags fly, and the team was not quite set.  A false start, 3rd and 6.  

Jake is in the gun with one wideout high and two low.  He drops back and then finds CJF cutting across the middle, he catches it at the 15 and turns to cut up field, and he is finally dropped at the 7, an Iowa 1st and goal!

Bullock is deep and he gets the ball and heads right, it goes for about 3, and the Hawks now face 2nd and goal.  Mark comes back in.

The Bears call timeout to rest.  Clock at 2:14 of the 3rd.  

The Hawks huddle up and emerge in the power I formation.  Jake snaps the ball, turns and hands it to Mark, he tries the right side of the line, finds some space, and then upon meeting a bit of resistance he dives forward and into the end zone, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!  And Hawk fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Meyer comes in and makes it 21-0, clock at 2:12 of the 3rd.

This kickoff sails into the end zone for a touchback, and the Bears start at their 25.

The Bears are in the gun with three wideouts top, one below, and tailback along the QB.  It’s a complete pass the near sideline, but a flag flies, and it’s holding, and the Bears face a 1st and 20, right where the Hawkeye defense wants them.

The Bears show the same formation, and the QB drops back, and then fires it deeper down the near sideline, where it’s caught, 25 yards, and just like that a Bears 1st down.

The Bears trade one wideout for a tight end.  The QB faces pressure, but again escapes, and runs to the near sideline, where as he steps out of bounds, Hitchens flies by while diving out of bounds.  He puts his hand on the QB and that draws yet another flag, a personal foul, 15 yards.  1st down Bears at the Iowa 47.

The Bears now have 5 wide with the QB in the gun.  He tries an underneath pass to the near side, but Hitchens dives to knock the ball away, no good.

2nd and 10, same formation.  This is a pass right down the near hash - it’s into traffic and close, but no good.  3rd and 10.

Another pass to the near side, it’s caught, and Morris flies in to bring him down after 5.  4th down and 5 yards to go.

Back to the 5 wide as the Bears are going for it.  Iowa blitzes and the gap is left for the receiver to get free, he makes the catch and the Bears convert, 1st down at the Iowa 41.

The quarter ends, and we hope the Iowa defense is able to find another gear after the break.  

The Bears come out in the pistol - the QB takes the snap, turns, and flips the ball to his tailback, who heads to the near side, but Miller slams into him as he gets to the corner, and it goes for just 4.  2nd and 6 from the 27.

The Bears have 2 wideouts high, one low, and a tailback beside the QB in the gun.  The QB takes the snap and pump fakes the ball, and then he fires it to the far corner of the end zone, where the fake has beaten the freshman cornerback King, and the pass is caught for the touchdown, and the Bears are finally on the board, but down 21-7.

That’s all right - more running to kill the clock, and wear them down.  The kick is a touchback and the Hawks take the ball at the 25.

Jack is under center with Mark behind him, a wideout on each side.  As he reads the defense, Jake feels the linebacker on the far side is about to blitz.  The ball is snapped, he takes about 2 steps back, and then tries to float the ball to his tight end that was in the space where he thought the linebacker was going to vacate.

But he didn’t.  At the snap, he dropped back into coverage.  The pass aimed for the tight end is picked off, and then he heads to the far sideline and outraces the Hawkeye offense to the corner of the end zone, where he dives in to score, and just like that, the Hawkeye lead is down to 21-14.  Kinnick is a ghost town, aside from the Bears fans that are ovbiously quite excited. 

Clock at 14:15, and Iowa needs a return and a response.

And they get the return - Cotton makes the catch two yards deep, but he brings it out and finds a seem, and gets the ball out to the 35.  Now offense, do your thing!

Iowa, a wideout on each side, Mark alone behind Jake.  Weisman gets and tries the right side, that’s 5 more yards, 2nd and 5.

Same formation, Mark gets it and heads right up the middle, he steps around a defender but is then dropped, 6 yards, a Hawkeye 1st down.  No wait, flags.  

Ah, the Bears are called for a facemask, and the replay shows it.  Iowa is now at the Bears 39.

Bullock is now at tailback, as KMM is lined up near side, with a tight end going into motion on the far side. Jake aims for the tight end deep down the far sideline, but the pass is too far, and no good.

Now Bullock is deep behind Jake with a wideout on each side.  Damon gets it and heads off tackle right, where he gains 3 before being popped.  3rd and 7.

Jake is now in the gun, Damon beside him.  Two wideouts low, one high.  He takes the snap, steps back , and then quickly fires it to KMM on the near hash - he’s a yard or two short, and he starts to try and take the ball across the field, but then cuts it back and falls down just over the yellow line.  

1st down Iowa at the Bears 29.  Mark is alone behind Jake.  He gets the ball and tries the right side, but runs into a wall, for a gain of just 3.

Hawks move to the Power I, a single wideout on the near side.  Mark gets the ball and heads to the near corner, he gets there and turns it, and then dives forward for 8, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the Bears 17!

Again the Power I.  Mark again, but the Bears are waiting on the left side, it goes for just 1.

Jake is in the gun with Damon beside him, and he runs the read option, and Bullock gets the ball and heads to the near side - he turns at the LOS as the Hawks have sealed the corner, and he’s at full stride as he crosses the 10 with 1 man to beat!  But that defender dives as Damon cuts to the near pylon, and brings him down just inside the 2.  1st and Goal Hawkeyes!

Now this is the Power I - Heavy.  No wideouts, Jake under center.  he snaps the ball and fakes the handoff and rolls to the far side - he holds the ball like he is going to throw it but then he cuts upfield and into the end zone, an IOWA TOUCHDOWN!!!!  Channeling Chuck Long’s naked bootleg to beat Michigan State - ok, I’m dating myself.

Meyer makes the kick and the Hawks lead it 28-14.  Kinnick feels much better.

But the Hawks were not out of the woods yet.  Meyer’s kick lands at the goal line, and the return man cuts it to the near sideline - the Hawks catch up and seem to knock him out of bounds, but flags fly, and the Hawks are nailed for the late hit, out of bounds.  The replay showed the runner barely stepped out and was still running - hard to hold up at the speed of the game.  So the Bears start with the ball at the 43.

They get as far as the Iowa 14 after 7 plays.  After the Hawks call timeout, a Bears pass to the near side of the end zone is well defended and no good.  

Now they are in the gun, with a tailback along side, two wideouts top, and one bottom.  The QB snaps the ball and immediately has pressure right in his face, and that may have affected his pass down the middle, as it is nowhere deep enough for his receiver, but Tanner Miller is there and he dives and picks it off!!!

And that, of course, would be the last threat of the game.  Two more Iowa possessions around a Bears 3 and out bring it to a close, 28-14, and the Hawks have survived and ended the 7 game losing streak.  

And in Kinnick and Hawkeye bars all across the globe - the Beer Song rang out.  

Jake, 19/28 for 193, with the one pick, but two rushing touchdowns.  Still growing.

Mark, hauled the rock 30 times for a cool 180 yards, and the 2 tds.  That’s an average of 6 per touch.

Damon, 10 for 40 yards.  Daniels, 6 for 30, a 5 yard average.  

The Hawkeye defense only gave up 70 yards on the ground, and 127 through the air.  Granted, there was the looseness there for the first  (and only) td the Bears offense scored, but a good effort for most of the game.  

From the reading of the Iowa message boards that night, you had to wonder if we lost the game.

We have young players in some key areas, and it was a good thing they faced pressure and responded to put the game away.  We still have a ways to go before we start facing the good teams - and if this one of those Iowa teams that gets better as the season goes on - some of them may regret running into us come November.  We’ll see.

So now the Hawks could put the losing streak into the rear view mirror, and feel much better as attention shifts to the 2 hour road trip coming up.  

Week 3: Iowa State

Hello Clones - we’re coming...

The Clones, you may recall, entertained the Northern Iowa Panthers in week 1.  The Panthers, who had a rare subpar season in 2012, going 5-6.  

What did the Panthers do?  Well their tailback carried it 23 times for 199 yards with two touchdowns, and for good measure, scored the other two touchdowns on receptions.  

The quarterback completed 21 of his 28 passes for 218 yards with those 2 scores.  

In the end, the Panthers had defeated the Clones in Jack Trice Stadium 28-20.  This, a game where UNI had two turnovers and Iowa State none.  

And then they had their first bye week, so they had to think about the loss for 14 days.  14 days of very light hitting in practice.  

And now, here comes the Hawkeyes, who are averaging 250 rushing yards per game.  

With a young QB who must now have increased confidence after getting his first win.  

State still has a mobile QB, Richardson, who in that game was 22 for 32 for 242, with two tds.  And he was also their leading rusher, 21 times for 74 yards.  But he had a 24 yard run, so that 3.5 yard average is a bit suspect.

4 of those passes were caught by Coleman, at a 25 yard average, with 1 td.  So the Hawks will be watching him whenever the QB commits to the pass.  

Conventional wisdom would hold that our young QB might be fazed by his first road start.  But then again, his team appeared on ESPN when he was in high school - so I don’t think the Ames crowd will faze him very much.  

And when you consider that the Iowa offensive line is going to be carving up the very dodgy Iowa State defensive line for rushing yards - well, it will make Jake’s job all that much easier finding open receivers and tight ends, when the Clones have to shore up their defensive line with linebackers and safeties.  

Now, we can’t be committing penalties at the rate we did last Saturday.  And we can’t let them get any confidence from turnovers.  

I expect the Iowa running game to shut up the Iowa State fans, and the Iowa offense will be much more fluid without those penalties bogging down our drives.  Through two games with mobile quarterbacks our defense really has done well at containing them, and I expect that to continue.  

I keep writing that one of these days, we’re going to put a Hayden worthy 52-10 beat down on the Clones.  That’s probably next year.  This year, merely 38-17.


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