February 12, 2013

TES - Tuesday February 12th - Report!

The Eternal Season returns, as the never ending calendar is born again, and the 2013 section of the cycle begins.

And that is with the command that pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and today, they have responded.  And since baseball starts out the sporting calendar every year, it has been reset as the link to football and hoops and hockey has begun.

And we Dodger fans - are very excited at the prospects of our team, now clear of those who will not be named.  And with the offseason signings, this team is ready to knock the Giants off and bring the title home to LA.  Here is an excellent write up by Jayson Stark delving deep into the new season:


And ESPN's Baseball Tonight is now on the road covering both the Grapefruit and Cactus leagues.  The season starts on March 31st - but on April 1st, the Dodgers and Giants meet on the field to continue MLB's best rivalry.

That's in the future, but at the moment, TES is still in Hawkeyes Hoops and Caps hockey mode.  In fact, in a few hours, I'll be firing up the NHL GameCenter Live app on my PS3 to see the Caps face the  Cats in the back end of a home and home set.  In the Phone Booth, the Caps won 5-0 - their first shut out of the season, and first time to 5 goals. A turn of the corner could be in the works.  The puck drops at 7:30 eastern.

I have subscribed to the NHL Center Ice a total of 4 times before, but this is my first year with NHL GameCenter Live.  To date, I have watched hockey games at:

Home, on my 47 inch tv, via my PS3.
The laundry mat, via my iPhone 5.
Work, also via my iPhone 5, and my Macbook Air.
Various bars, on my iPhone 5.

If you are serious about hockey, GameCenter Live is the way to to.  Home and away broadcasts for all games, local radio broadcasts, multiple camera angles, and a huge repository of classic NHL games.

And then there is Iowa Basketball.

A team that has played three freshman, one sophomore, and one junior, for large stretches.  This young team, currently at 4-7 in the best conference in the land, has lost 5 of those Big Ten games by 4 points or less.

But now, those young guys are growing up, and the Murderer's Row of the early conference schedule is behind us.  Penn State is up next, Thursday night - and the Lions are 0-11 in B1G play.  Then the Rodents must come to Carver.  Things could get very interesting as we head towards March.  And the future of Iowa Basketball is very bright.

Tonight there are some serious rivalry hoops games - Kentucky at Florida on ESPN at 7:00, followed by Michigan visiting Sparty at 9:00.  A picture in picture kind of night!

Of course, Iowa Wrestling just wrapped up the Big Ten dual part of the season at 8-0.  Up next, the National Duals, the Big Ten championships, and the NCAA Championships.  It's time for the Hawkeyes to restore order and knock Penn State down a few notches.

And that will do it at TES for today, but we shall be back with much more regular updates as the day job allows.  Until then, enjoy the games!

Oh yes - and 199 days, 17 hours, and 29 minutes until Iowa Football.

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