January 19, 2012

The Eternal Season - Thursday January 19th

Hello Again, TES Friends!

So sorry for my prolonged absence, when you work for one of the highest volume retail stores in the world, the Holidays are a bit busy!  And then once those were over, I had a minor thumb injury (careless with a box knife), and that made typing a wee bit hard - not to mention painful.  Over that now, finally.  We'll be back with our more regular updates once again.

Just a quick note to say hello tonight,  The Eternal Season has rolled on into the new year, and we have new things to talk about.  It's an election year too, and while this is a sports blog, you never know what might prompt me to expound on the world around us.  I did double in history and poli sci, after all!

I hope that you have had a very good week (a short one for many of you), and that your weekend gets off to a great start.  A more thorough recap of what's been going on in the TES next time, I look forward to enjoying the 2012 calendar - just another leg in The Eternal Season - with you!