November 8, 2012


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2012 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 4-5, 2-3 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

September 1st @ Northern Illinois WIN 18-17
September 8th v. Iowa State Loss 9-6
September 15th v. Northern Iowa WIN 27-16
September 22nd v. Central Michigan Loss 32-21
September 29th v. Minnesota WIN 31-13
October 13th @ Michigan State WIN 19-16 2OT
October 20th v. Penn State Loss 38-14
October 27th @ Northwestern Loss 28-17
November 3rd @ Indiana Loss 24-21
November 10th v. Purdue 12:00 pm, BTN
November 17th @ Michigan, 12:00 pm, ESPN/2
November 23rd (Friday) v. Nebraska 12:00 pm, ABC

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Northwestern @ Michigan 12:00 pm, ESPN
November 10th, 2012.  Iowa v. Purdue Boilermakers, 3-6, 0-5 Big Ten
Previous Meetings: 82, Purdue leads 45-34-3
Last Meeting: 2011, Hawkeyes 31, Boilermakers 21

Current Line: Iowa -4.5

Turnover Margin: +8 B1G #2 FBS #17

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack (2012 season to date)
Total   328.0 Pass  198.4  Rush 129.6  Scoring 20.4
B1G    #11               #7             #11                  #10
FBS    #104             #95           #95                  #103
Total   366.0  Pass  219.8 Rush 148.3  Scoring 21.4 
B1G    #78               #9               #5                    #5
FBS    #41              #47             #50                  #29  
Week 10 Recap: Indiana

Let’s start with the good news: as the disappointing football season winds down, (over in 3 weeks), the Iowa Basketball seasons are just starting to get underway.  And while the football team should be better in the years ahead, we are primed to see major improvement now in our basketball teams.  And that should take some of the pain from this football season away.

Of course, it was just a less than stellar football season.  If the seniors move on to more school or promising careers, then the student athlete model is not as broken as some would claim. 

Once again, a game lost because of the contributions of the all.  Poor execution from the offense, down moments from the defense, and yes, coaching decisions that seemed to once again be made in the case of not losing, as opposed as playing to win.  

I can’t recap the play by play, as the late start meant by dvr didn’t catch all of it!  But once again, I don’t think any of us care to relive it in that detail.

Let’s start with the offense, as that has been the biggest letdown from this season.  Against a team that allowed over 220 rushing yards per game, we could only manage 96.  And though we won the TOP battle by about 3 minutes, it was our inability to sustain drives - by pounding out the yards - that allowed our defense to run out of gas with the game on the line.  Again.

Bullock, 25 carries for 83 yards - a 3.3 average, with the one td to put us ahead in the 4th.  But too many carries of no yardage left us behind the chains, where we have struggled to find first downs all season (an anemic 5-14 in this game).

James, 21 for 34, for a more promising 249 yards and the one td, but the terrible throw on a 3rd and goal that prevented us from going up either 17-10 or 21-10 at the 10:00 minute point of the 3rd.  You recall, the pass to the near short corner of the end zone, right into double coverage.  

But that pass came after Bullock had lost 3 yards, and then gained nothing, to bring up the 3rd and goal from the 12.  Behind the chains.  

And then, late in the 4th, as James found Davis for what appeared to be a 1st down - the officials got into the act and blew it.

First of all, we never had an alternate look from the BTN due to, I guess, the lack of cameras.   But in real time, and after our bad-angle replay, it sure looked like Davis caught the ball right at the first down marker - he was coming back to the ball - and then he stepped out of bounds.  But the ball was set about 2 feet short, and to the credit of James, he had the team at the line, and ready to quick snap the QB sneak.

But then the officials blew their whistles, and the Hawks were forced to wait on a measurement that confirmed that same bad mark.  And after the delay, the Hawks voted to punt, and we know what happened from there.

In the last two seasons, James is what, 93% successful in executing 1 yard QB sneaks?

Even he said that the formation Indiana had as Iowa came to the line had him thinking it would be tough.  But all those times he runs it from one yard out at the goal line, isn’t the defense usually in the goal line formation?

The defense - gave up less than 70 rushing yards.  But, 406 passing yards.  And as many Iowa bloggers were commenting, it seemed like the defense was giving up more over the top passes than anyone could remember under Norm.  We know that the new plan is to man up on the outside and keep at least one safety in close for run support - but that only works when the D line is routinely creating pressure.  And they were not.  

Then again, with what may have been the play of the game, the officials made up a completely bogus pass interference call on Hitchens after the Hawkeyes had killed a goal to go threat midway through the 3rd.  Had they not made up that penalty, the Hawks have still lead 14-13 -  a big difference then when the blown call gave Indiana a touchdown, and the Hawks trailed 17-14.

After catching up on the other Big Ten games from the weekend, it seemed the officials had a terrible week.  Logical then, they they would pay a part in the outcome of this one.

Add it all up, and it results in another gut-wrenching loss.  So the story of 2012 goes.  

And now, the Hawks have to find two wins in Purdue, Michigan, and Nebraska to become bowl eligible, or the season will end on Black Friday.  How fitting.

Week 11 - Purdue

Ah yes, Purdue.  Our protected rival.  

There was some talk that the protected games could be reset after this two year cycle, so we will see if we get an actual rival from the Leader’s division going forward.  Like say, Wisconsin.

Purdue, a veteran team that many were considering a dark horse to win the Leader’s division.  And they were 3-1 after the preseason, the one being a close loss to Notre Dame, 20-17.
That was a game that Purdue probably should have won, and it was a field goal at the end that finally gave the Irish the win.  So they were feeling pretty good for themselves as the Big Ten season opened.

But they had to host Michigan to open, and they allowed Denard to rush for 235 yards, as the Wolverines left with a 44-13 win.

A week later the Badgers came calling, and the Purdue defense allowed Ball to rush for 247 yards - on 29 carries, and Wisconsin racked up a total of 467 on the ground.  Net result, 38-14 Badgers.

This was a game with regular and heavy rain - so you would expect a heavy dose of the running game.  But Purdue was still gashed.

In B1G week 3, the Boilermakers traveled to Ohio State.  There, they knocked out Braxton Miller, but then allowed backup QB Guiton to drive down the field and tie the game with 3 seconds left - on a td pass, and then, a two point conversion pass.  OSU went on to win 29-22 in overtime.

Then, a trek to the Twin Cities.  Purdue lead 7-0 just three and a half minutes into the game.

But then, the Rodents got two tds to end the first at 14-7 - and then blew up on the Boilermakers in the second, to lead at the half 34-7.

Ten more points early in the third pushed the lead to 44-7, and Purdue would manage 3 tds after that for the semi-respectable 44-28 final.

Then Penn State came into town, and this one was never close, 34-9.  That left Purdue at 0-5 in the conference.

So they need 3 wins in their last 3 to be bowl eligible.  After Saturday, Illinois (likely) and then Indiana (maybe).

The Purdue offense is lead by senior QB TerBush - who has tossed 1150 yards, 12 tds, and 8 interceptions.

But - they also use the backup QB!  Senior Marve, the Miami transfer.  For him, 735 yards, 6 tds, and 2 picks.  He was in for 39 passes in the PSU game - completing 22 of them.  

That’s 10 picks between the two.  The Hawks should be able to snag some of those passes.

On the ground, Purdue’s top tailback is senior tailback Shavers.  But just 489 yards season to date, so not a top rushing threat.  The Hawks should be able to take this away.  In a related note, neither Purdue QB is running threat like we have seen of late.  So we should be able to keep them contained and focus on the tailbacks in running situations, and the passes in passing situations.  

Purdue, allowing just short of 195 a game, the Hawks must get the running game going - it will bring back memories of their earlier efforts if we can pound out those yards.  Weisman, maybe - if not, Bullock and Garmon.

To his credit, James did look a bit more downfield last week, and that must continue, because Purdue will be crowding the line.  Let this be the 300+ week.

There is nothing really noteworthy in Purdue’s special teams stats - they are just behind Indiana and just ahead of Iowa in kickoff return average.  But, with a team that is still searching for a consistent offense, we could really use a td from this unit.  I think it will happen again this week.

Let’s face it, if the Hawks can’t beat Purdue in Kinnick, we are finishing the season on a 6 game losing streak.  And I think the players know that.  They must play smarter (penalties), execute better, and the coaching staff must design a game plan designed to win.  If they all can’t do that against a team that is winless in the conference, then we’ll just start thinking about 2013 with two weeks to go.

And basketball!  The Hawkeyes open the season (both the men and women) in Carver on Friday night.  The ladies start with Northern Illinois at 6:30, then the boys get going with UT - Pan American after.  If you have Mediacom, you can see the games - the rest of us - I don’t think so.  If you are back for the football game, check out some hoops too.

Both teams got the season started with scrimmages against Quincy on Sunday - and both came away with easy victories (boys 100-54, girls 86-51).

Back to football - someone has got to step up and stop the losing streak.  Someone will.  Hawkeyes 30, Boilermakers 21.

And if you are back in Kinnick this weekend, remember that this game is a Black Out.  That means - all black.  Change on the field as well, as the Hawkeyes will be in the Nike Pro Combat uniforms.  With a different color scheme - black tops with gold lettering, and silver pants.  This is to honor our service men and women on Veteran’s Day.  Of course, if we win and the team likes them - these unis may show up in normal Iowa colors next year.


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