November 1, 2012


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2012 Edition

Iowa’s Record: 4-4, 2-2 Big Ten, 2-1 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

September 1st @ Northern Illinois WIN 18-17
September 8th v. Iowa State Loss 9-6
September 15th v. Northern Iowa WIN 27-16
September 22nd v. Central Michigan Loss 32-21
September 29th v. Minnesota WIN 31-13
October 13th @ Michigan State WIN 19-16 2OT
October 20th v. Penn State Loss 38-14
October 27th @ Northwestern Loss 28-17
November 3rd @ Indiana 3:42 pm, BTN
November 10th v. Purdue 12:00 pm, BTN
November 17th @ Michigan, TBD
November 23rd (Friday) v. Nebraska 12:00 pm, ABC

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Purdue @ Penn State, 3:30 pm, ESPNU
November 3rd, 2012.  Iowa @ Indiana Hoosiers, 3-5, 1-3 Big Ten
Previous Meetings: 73, Iowa leads 42-27-4
Last Meeting: 2011, Hoosiers 24, Hawkeyes 45

Current Line: Iowa +1.5

Turnover Margin: +8 B1G #1 FBS #13

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack (2012 season to date)
Total   325.8 Pass  192.1  Rush 133.8  Scoring 20.4
B1G    #11               #8             #10                  #10
FBS    #102             #98           #86                  #105
Total   355.0  Pass  196.5 Rush 158.5  Scoring 21.1 
B1G    #7                #5               #8                    #5
FBS    #39              #24             #61                  #30  
Week 9 Recap: Northwestern

This week, with all that is going on outside us here in NYC, we have good reason to forget about this game and move on to the next.  And so, we are all once again spared the mind numbing details.  Watching this game live, I was finding it very hard to figure out who we could beat down the stretch.  Seeing it again would only confirm those feelings, I’m afraid.

Consider - a game where Iowa was 9 plus minutes in the time of possession, and plus 2 on the turnover battle, and was never really in it after the 9 minute point of the 3rd quarter.  Yet it happened.

A game where the Iowa defense gave up just 84 passing yards - but somehow, allowed 349 rushing yards.  Rushing yards that simply deflated the defense, and everyone else who was watching it happen.

The Cats went with no QB shuffle as Colter started, and played almost the entire game, racking up 166 rushing yards, including almost all the yards in the opening drive - when he converted 3rd and 6 and 3rd and 9 plays by escaping the Iowa D and running for 1st downs.

A bit later, the Hawkeye defense had Northwestern in a 3rd and 1 from our 5, but once again, Colter escaped and the Cats lead 7-0.  

Iowa responded with a 11 play drive that would get down to the NW 22 - but James got sacked on 2nd down, losing the ball, only to get it back, for a loss of 5.  Then a pass to Bullock got 11, but Iowa was left with a 4th and 3, and Meyer came in to try the 40 yarder, and nail it.  Hawks trailed, 7-3.  

But ominously, Iowa had a delay of game early in that drive.  

Northwestern was soon passing the ball deep downfield, but Lowery undercut the wideout and picked it off, and Iowa had the ball back at their 29.  Here was our chance to take the lead.

This drive started with a 15 yard strike to CJF, and soon a 12 yard pass to Cotton, and the Hawks had a 1st down at the NW 40.  Mark rushed for 2 yards, a pass to Davis was off the mark, and then James dumped it to Mark on 3rd and 8 to pick up 5.  Iowa 4th and 3 from the Wildcat 33.

Iowa is going for it, but some how, once again fails to get the play off - delay of game.  

That brings the 1st quarter to a close.  Iowa fans, not happy.

Wienke comes in to pooch the punt, and it works to perfection, the Hawkeyes down it at the 1.

The Iowa defense is foaming at the mouth, but on the 1st down, they allow the Cat tailback Mark to go straight up the middle - he gets through the line untouched, and if were not for the pursuit of Hyde, it would have gone for a 99 yard touchdown.  But Hyde brings him down at the Iowa 27 - 72 yards.

The Cats would rush it 6 more times, the last one on 3rd and goal from the 2, and Colter had no trouble making it 14-3.  

The Hawks were unable to respond, their 7 play drive only nets 25 yards, and they have to punt it back to the Cats, where they got the ball back at the 15.

This drive featured clipping and false start penalties, and the Hawks were able to kill the 3rd and 12 pass after 11 yards, Iowa ball back at the 24 with 4:39 left in the 2nd.

A score here would have the Hawks right back in the game, with the ball back to start the 3rd.  Come on Hawkeye offense!

It starts well - Damon for 6 yards, then a 19 yard strike to Davis, and the Hawks were at the 49.

The Hawks would soon be down to the Wildcat 24, but on 3rd and 7, James was sacked for a loss of 5 yards.  4th and 12 from 29, first the Hawks call timeout, and then Northwestern does - but after the break, the Hawks line up to go for it - and James tries for Davis and it’s no good.  

From the 29 - plus 10, plus 7.  A 46 yard field goal.  If Meyer makes it, they trail 14-6, with the ball back to start the 3rd.  But it’s a wasted opportunity to get points, something we have needed of late.

And that brings the first half to a close.  Halftime adjustments, and knowing how the Cats have blown two large 4th quarter leads - Hawk fans were feeling all right.

The Hawks start with the ball in the second half, but it’s another touchback, so Cotton can’t get us far upfield.  

Damon gets 5 yards on 1st down, but then he gets stuffed for nothing, and James is again sacked on the 3rd and 5.  The Iowa punt team lines up, and Hawk fans are hoping the freshman gets off one of his better kicks.

But no - the middle of the Iowa line collapses at the snap, and the young punter can do nothing but kick the ball right into a Cat’s outstretched hands, and after the scramble, it was NW ball at the Iowa 4.

It takes Colter just one snap to run it in, and the Hawks trailed 21-3.  Another touchback, and the Iowa offense was again on the 25.

From here, two incomplete passes around a Bullock 4 yard run, and the Hawks were punting again after just 52 seconds of game time.  This punt, only 27 yards, and the Cats had the ball at their 43 to start the drive.

Iowa defense - we need a stop.

Two runs net only 5 yards, and the Cats faced a 3rd and 5.  But an underneath pass is caught, and it goes right to the yellow line, 1st down NW, at the Iowa 47.

Colter is now in the gun, he fakes the handoff, and then fires it deep down the near hashmark - where the pass is caught at the 5, and the diving Iowa corner can’t get him down, and he strolls in for the 47 yard touchdown.  28-3, clock at 10:43 of the 3rd, and the Hawkeyes were done.

Sure, we would get a James QB sneak for a td at the end of the 3rd.  Then to start the 4th, we allowed a entire drive of rushing, that went from the NW 26 to the Iowa 3 - but then the Hawkeye defense finally made a stand, forced a bad snap, and we had the loose ball at our 16.  

But the clock was already down to 9:21 at this point.  So the Hawks went into hurry up mode, and with the help of one pass interference, and one roughing the passer, they were soon at the Cat 1 yard line, and James again plowed ahead behind his line for the td.  28-17, maybe not dead after all.

And the Iowa defense threw up a 3 and out.  Iowa ball back at the 43 with 4:43 left on the clock.

The Hawks were in hurry up, though it doesn’t seem like they have as much urgency as they should for a team down by two scores.  In fact, from a 3rd and 4 from the NW 25, James is again called for delay of game.  Now 3rd and 9, he hits KMM for 6 yards, but the pass has him going down to make the catch.  4th and 3.

The Hawks call timeout.  From here, the 24, it’s a 41 yard field goal - we should take it.  If we get the onside kick we are already near midfield, and the momentum from that play could have us march right down the field.

Nope, James is in there, he tries a pass to the outside, and it’s too short and no good.  

And that does it.   Your scribe wonders aloud on Twitter if there are any games left the Hawkeyes can win.  Some days later, I’m not sure.

Week 10 - Indiana

Don’t look now, but the Hoosiers are on a 1 game winning streak.  

That’s right, last week they beat - Illinois, 31-17.  Yes, Illinois.

When the season started, they had dynamic sophomore QB Tre Roberson behind center, and he lead them to an opening win over Indiana State, and then a road win over UMass 44-6.  A game where Roberson had 5 carries for 114 yards - and 2 tds.  Early in the 2nd quarter.

But then he went down on another running play, and he has not been on the field since.

So in came another sophomore QB, Coffman, #2.  He has started every game since, which were all losses, until this past week.  A game he did not finish, as he was benched after a slow start.

But some of those losses were not all on the backup QB.  Ball State, 41-39.  Northwestern, 44-29.  MSU, 31-27.  Ohio State, 52-49 - the Big Ten game of the year of you don’t like defense.

After that game, it was sure they would beat Navy, but the Midshipmen scored with just over 2 minutes left to knock off the Hoosiers, 31-30.

Coffman had two picks in that game, so he was on the short leash last week, and after tossing another pick in the 1st quarter, rode the pine.

So the new starter is a freshman - #7, Sudfeld.  He was not fresh off the bench, having played in 4 other games, with as many as 20 pass attempts in the Ball State loss.

In relief last week, Sudfeld was 10-15 for 107 yards, and two tds.  Managing the game.

With their combined QB play, the Hoosier passing attack averages 286 yards per game - tops in the Big Ten (but only 28th overall).  

When the Hoosiers hand off the ball, it primarily goes to Houston, #12, a junior.  He has been as high as 102 yards on 12 carries (Ball State), and 11 for 91 against OSU.  But against an elite defense like MSU, only 22 yards on 10 carries.  Last week, 21 for 71 with 2 tds, and a receiving td of 10 yards to go with it.

If you thought the Wildcats ran a quick offense, it is nothing like Indiana’s goal.   90 plays, or a snap within 5 or so seconds after the ball is set.  Their base formation is the pistol, but they can and will run  any set, with motion guys, misdirection, and perhaps a trick play thrown in there for good measure.  

With that many plays, the Hoosiers average 443 yards per game - second in the B1G to OSU.

But, they need that many plays and yards, as their defense gives up 439 yards per game - last in Big Ten, and 93rd overall.  The next worst Big Ten team is Purdue at 69th in total defense - so the Hoosiers are really bad.

The Indiana defense gets there by allowing 222 rushing yards against - 27 more yards than the Boilermakers.   That has the Hoosiers at last and #109.

Weisman appears to be out with what seems a groin pull, so it’s Bullock then Garmon.  The Iowa O line has got to take it to the Hoosiers and let them know we are going to run it when we want to.  We have to run it, sustain drives, and keep the Hoosier offense off the field.  All to allow our defense to rest.

Indiana is not as bad at pass defense, but if the Hawks can establish the run, James should be able to find his targets.  He is still the same kid that tossed 25 tds last year-  he is due for a breakout game.  This one, on the road, no booing or hometown pressure - this could be the one.

And then those special teams.  Indiana leads the Big Ten in kickoff return yardage, at 24.3 yards per game, with one td.  Cotton, hoping you get some returns this week - you are due.

This is another one of those games where the Hawks must convert all but one of their red zone trips with touchdowns.  Meyer 1 for 1, but that must be it.

On paper, or the screen, it probably seems unlikely that the Iowa offense can keep up with a team like Indiana.  The Iowa defense will need to have a much better effort than they have had the past two weeks, and if they don’t, it could get ugly.

But then, Indiana is a team that had lost 11 consecutive Big Ten games, and the one they got last week is against one of the worst teams in the country.  It pains me that we are not playing Illinois this year - well, for 6 years.

So I think the Hawks are going to surprise some people when they come out and start putting up points from the start.  We must force Indiana into their season long averages on defense.  If we can, we can keep the ball, keep the crowd quiet, and make the Hoosiers realize that their one win will not become a winning streak.

Bullock back and not sharing the ball with anyone if he starts well - over 140 yards averaging over 5 yardsx per carry, with 2 rushing tds.  James with td tosses to CJF and Davis, and the defense finally scores on a momentum changing pick-6.  But it’s Meyer who has the kick that pushes the lead to two scores, and that is the difference in the Indiana resolve.  One week later, right back to reality.

Hawkeyes 38, Hoosiers 28.


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