October 18, 2012


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2012 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 4-2, 2-0 Big Ten, 2-0 B1G Legends
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

September 1st @ Northern Illinois WIN 18-17
September 8th v. Iowa State Loss 9-6
September 15th v. Northern Iowa WIN 27-16
September 22nd v. Central Michigan Loss 32-21
September 29th v. Minnesota WIN 31-13
October 13th @ Michigan State WIN 19-16 2OT
October 20th v. Penn State 8:00 pm, BTN
October 27th @ Northwestern 12:00 pm, ESPN2
November 3rd @ Indiana TBD
November 10th v. Purdue TBD - Silver Pro Combat Unis
November 17th @ Michigan, TBD
November 23rd (Friday) v. Nebraska 12:00 pm, ABC

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Nebraska @ Northwestern, 3:30 pm, ESPN
October 20th, 2012.  Iowa v. Penn State Nittany Lions, 4-2, 2-0 Big Ten, 1-0 B1G Leaders
Previous Meetings: 24, tied 12-12
Last Meeting: 2011, Iowa 3, Lions 13

Current Line: Iowa -3

Turnover Margin: +7 B1G #1 FBS #14

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack (2012 season to date)
Total   343.7 Pass  189.0  Rush 154.7  Scoring 22.0
B1G    #11               #8             #9                  #10
FBS    #98               #99           #75                #98
Total   317.2  Pass  199.8 Rush 117.3  Scoring 17.2 
B1G    #4                #5               #3                    #3
FBS    #19              #28             #31                  #21  
Week 7 Recap: Michigan State

Well friends, the Iowa Football team has certainly shown a flair for the dramatic in this first half of the season!  But down the stretch, they made the plays they had to make, and it was the difference in the end.  A great road win for a team that is going to need more of those if we are going to make things interesting come late November.

As Hawkeye fans began wrapping things up Friday night, we had word that the weather in East Lansing was going to be a bit less than ideal.  Then again, maybe perfect for old school Big Ten fans.

That was, rain, for pretty much the entire day, and the prospects of heavy rain along with t-storms.  Nothing to phase Iowa kids, but a football team, maybe. 

1, all young receivers learn you catch the ball with your hands, and not your body.  But when the ball is wet, you tend to try and pull it into your body to make the catch.  And often, do not.  This factor would both hurt and help the Hawks on this day.

2, tailbacks, receivers, QBs, being able to hold onto wet, slippery footballs.  This did not seem to be much of a factor, probably due to modern sticky football gloves.

This would of course, also impact the Spartans equally.  So the general consensus would be lower points that many of us had predicted.  

But not the end result, as your scribe had predicted.  Just had a feeling about this one.
As the ESPN cameras lower into the stadium, we see that it is about 60% full, at best.  43 degrees and rain - nothing that would have kept the Kinnick faithful home.  That is why we are Iowa, and they are not.

And now, we have the Spartans kicking off, as the Hawks have taken the ball.  As sure as there is college football on Saturdays.

The kick lands just inside the goal line, where the whistles blow, and the Hawks start out at their 25.  Game on, come on Hawkeyes!!!

No base formation to start this one, Iowa lines up with James in the gun, Mark to his left, two wideouts high, and one low.  But James turns and hands it to Mark, and he goes right up the gut for 6 yards.  2nd and 4.

Hawks to the same look, but now Mark is on the near (short) side of James.  James snaps it, steps back, and looking left all the way, sees pressure coming at him from that side.  He floats the ball over the pressure, but a Spartan defender is the one who is open, and the ball flies inside his hands, hits the body, and hits the turf.  The replay shows, if he hadn’t have been there, another Spartan was between CJF and the ball - with an equally good chance to pick it off.  

3rd and 4, Iowa goes back to the first set, James snaps it, quickly looks down field, then begins to roll to the near side.  It looks like he is going to run it, but then about 4 yards short of the LOS he gingerly fires it for KMM just about 7 yards in front of him, he makes the catch one yard across the yellow line, turns, and then steps out of bounds, right at the 40.  An Iowa 1st down!

Hawks now to the I formation with s single receiver high and low.  He hands it to Mark, who starts up the middle, but then cuts it a step outside, he is then hit and dropped, 2 yards.  2nd and 8.

Hawks to the Power I, just a lone receiver up top.  But then flags fly, and the Hawks are nailed for a false start - Donnal.  Kirk makes his notes.

Now back in the gun, Mark beside James, two high, one low.  James takes the snap and drops back, as Mark cuts across him to try and hide inside the chaos of the trench.  Soon the Spartans are pouring up the middle, and we learn why - the Hawks are running a screen pass to Mark, and they have blockers lined up to escort him a long way - but as James releases the pass, 6’7 defensive end Gholston tips it, it floats up into the air, and a diving Spartan linebacker snags it just before it hits the ground.  Interception, Michigan State ball at the Iowa 26.  Can the defense respond?

Sparty, Maxwell under the gun, Bell deep behind him.  It’s a handoff, Bell starts to the right, the Hawks have him strung out, but he cuts forward and gets about 4.

Same set, same play  This time Bell heads left, the Hawks have a diving shot a him behind the line, but miss, and then he cuts it back inside to drag Gaglione for about 4 yards, 5 yards total, 3rd and 1.

Spartans now in the power I, surprise, Bell, who goes right up the middle for 3 yards, and a MSU 1st down at the Iowa 14.

I formation again, with one wideout high and two low.  Bell gets it, starts left, but then a jump step  cuts it back to the middle, he runs through about 3 hits at the 10, emerges, at the 4 Castillo wraps his arms around Bell, and then Miller flies in to hit him high - but he just bounces off, and Bell drags Castillo forward and then falls into the end zone.  Touchdown Michigan State, Hawks trail 7-0 at 11:11 of the 1st.  

Iowa offense, a response.

The Spartan kick lands just inside the goal line where Garmon makes the catch and takes a knee.  I thought I saw it live, and the dvr confirmed it - at least two Spartans were offside on the kickoff (near side), but the officials miss it.  Iowa ball at the 25.

Hawks to the power I, a wideout low.  Mark gets it and tries to get to the far corner, but he gets cut off and dropped for no gain.

James to the gun, Mark beside him.  James steps forward and changes the play.  He snaps the ball, steps back, and then floats a quick, short pass to the near side - it seems KMM has it, but as he goes down, the ball comes out, no good.  3rd and 10.

Iowa back to the gun.  James drops back and quickly fires it over the middle, KMM makes the catch, but then goes down trying to make hit cut upfield.  It’s only 5 yards, we needed 10. Iowa fans grumble at another 3rd down pass that doesn’t at least go as far as the sticks.

Kornbrath comes in, takes the snap, and it lands at the MSU 42 and rolls to the 35.  Only 34 yards for the effort.  Timeout, clock at 9:42.

After the break, Sparty is in the I formation with two wideouts low, one high.  It goes to Bell, he starts forward, but then cuts it all the way out to the far corner, gets it, turns, and gets 11 before the Hawks can force him out - but flags fly.  He got the corner turned because of a hold.  1st and 18.

A game break, and we return to see MSU snapping the ball, it goes to Bell, he tries the left side to get 4, but flags fly again.  Offsides, Alvis.

Sparty to the I formation again.  1st and 13.  Bell, starts inside, cuts it back to the outside, and picks up 5 yards.  2nd and 8.

I formation, solo wideouts high and low.  It’s a play action pass, Maxwell turns and fires it deep down the middle, but as the pass comes down Hyde and Miller are there, and it’s no good.

3rd and 8, Sparty has the field spread out with 4 wide, and Maxwell in the gun.  He snaps the ball and steps back a couple paces, and he seems to have a solid pocket - but as he looks downfield, he fails to notice the pocket collapsing all around him, and the Hawks drop him for a 7 yard sack!  Gaglione!

The MSU punter comes in and promptly boots his punt out of bounds, Iowa ball at the MSU 47!  A 17 yard punt!  Timeout.

Hawks come out of the break in the I, two wideouts high.  It goes to Mark, he tries the left side, and gets nothing.  2nd and 10.

James now, alone in the gun, and 5 wide.  It’s a jailbreak screen to KMM, he makes the catch and turns upfield, 8 yards, 3rd and 2!

Hawks back to the power I.  But Mark goes into motion and sprints out to become a wideout on the far side.  James fakes the handoff to Brad, steps back, and floats the pass to Hamilton, who makes the catch, but then gets drilled immediately, no gain.  Should have run two yards further.  

Wienke comes in and the punt is a fair catch at the 10.

Sparty, the I, it goes, yes, to Bell, he tries the middle but the Hawks stand him up, (finally), 1 yard.

2nd and 9.  Spartans now have Bell alone behind Maxwell.  Bell gets it and tries the right side, for about 5.  3rd and 4.

Bell departs the field.  Maxwell is in the gun, no wait, it’s the backup QB, and he takes the snap and tries to run a QB draw, but the Hawks blow it up and drop him for a 3 yard loss.  4th and 7.  Alvis was the one who drew first blood.

This punt, booted from the goal line, hits the ground and rolls out of bounds at the Iowa 35. 52 yards, Hawkeye ball at 3:23 of the 1st.  Timeout.

The Hawks have Mark deep behind James, and it goes to the fullback, he tries off tackle left, hits the pile, and surges forward for 5 yards.  That’s better!

2nd and 5, no wait, an injured Spartan.

Now 2nd and 5, Mark gets it again, heads straight up the middle, it looks like he can get the 1st down, but he gets stood up and driven back, not forward, so he comes up 2 yards short.  3rd and 2.

The Hawks try Mark one more time, he aims for the far corner, but it’s full of Spartans, and they drop him for a 2 yard loss.  In comes the freshman punter.

His kick lands at the 24, but the return man is unable to go anywhere, as the Hawks hit him and drop him for a 2 yard loss! 

Bell is again on the bench, this tailback tries the middle and gets nothing.  Loses 1, in fact.  2nd and 11.

Sparty to the gun.  Maxwell back, a quick throw to the near sideline, caught, and he falls forward across the yellow line for a 1st down.

One more handoff to the non-Bell, he tries the middle and gets about 5.  And that brings an end to the 1st quarter.  Morris with the stop.  Timeout.

Hawk fans would liked to have seen much more from the offense, but at least the defense has seemed to find their footing.  I think must MSU fans expect there would be more touchdowns.  Alas, not for them.

After the break, we return to see MSU snapping the ball, and the tailback gets into the clear and down to the Iowa 40 before the Hawks can get him down - but a flag is back at the LOS.

It’s a personal foul, a chop block, on MSU, thank you!  2nd and 20 back at their 22!

Spartans to the gun.  The pass is over the middle, caught, but then Hitchens wraps him up and drops him before he can move, 9 yards, 3rd and 11.

MSU to the gun one more time, Maxwell drops back, has time, but then the pressure comes right up the gut, and he floats it near side but out of bounds.  4th down, in comes the Spartan punt team.

This is another low, short punt, but Hyde can’t get it, and it falls to the turf and rolls dead at the Iowa 31.

Hawks to the base formation with Mark alone behind James and a solo wideout on each side.  James fakes the handoff, but the pressure comes immediately, and James is running for his life when he throws the ball (away) to the far sideline.  2nd and 10.
James now, in the gun, Mark beside him.  Sparty has players rushing forward as if to blitz, and that causes flags, a false start on Iowa - Tobin.

2nd and 15, James in the gun, Mark next to him on the near side.  At the snap Mark sprints around the end of the line and then cuts it back across the field, James fires it for him, but the pass is high and off Mark’s hands - and nearly picked off by a diving Spartan cornerback.  3rd and 15.

James, the gun, he drops back, is looking downfield, but the pressure arrives and he tries to step up  - but a blitzing linebacker has steamrolled Weisman, and as he falls back, he hits James and that causes him to go down.  It’s recorded as an 8 yard sack - the first one the Iowa offensive line has given up since week 1.

The Iowa punt lands at the 50 and rolls dead at the 40.  MSU ball at 12:49 of the 2nd.  Timeout.

As we return, we learn the rain has stopped.  

Sparty to the I, and a tight end goes into motion and stops in the backfield.  It goes to Bell, back in there, and he gets about 5 going to the left. 

Sparty to the gun with three wideouts low, one high.  Maxwell looks right, but then quickly comes back left and fires it for the far sideline, where Miller undercuts the route, dives, and picks it off!!!

No, the official is saying it hit the ground.  3rd and 5.

MSU, the gun, three low and one high, but one wideout goes in motion from the near to the far side.  Pressure arrives but the pass over the middle is caught, he gets away, and gets all the way down to the Iowa 16.  On this play, the motion receiver is clearly stepping forward at the snap  - a penalty - but it’s missed.

Spartans now to the I formation, it goes to Bell and he tries the middle, but Alvis hits him low and stops him after 2 yards.

MSU to the base, Bell alone behind Maxwell, solo wideouts on each side.  Bell gets it and heads near side, where Miller dives at his legs to slow him down, and others arrive to clean it up, 2 yards, 3rd and 6.

Sparty to the gun with tailbacks on both sides of Maxwell.  Bell gets it, starts inside, cuts it outside, but the Hawks are there to swarm him before he can get to the yellow line - 4th and 1!

The MSU fans are wanting them to go for it, but on comes the field goal team, and the 24 yard attempt is good.  Spartans lead 10-0, clock at 9:13 of the 2nd.  Timeout.

The Spartan kick is short, and Cotton races up to catch it at the 20, right on the near side number.  He  makes the catch at full speed, and then cuts the ball back toward the middle of the field - he is running along the 25 as the Hawks set up the return to the right - he gets a key block as he crossed the near hash - and now, he cuts it back up field, across the 30, sees a Spartan approaching, cuts it back across the far hash with a stiff arm - he breaks that tackle and is now in the clear as he crosses the 35, the 40!  He is racing for the far sideline, across the 45 he spies another Spartan with the angle to cut him off, but across the 50, he sticks out his hand as the two players begin to joust while running at full speed!  But now Cotton disengages and pulls away, across the 40, the 30, the 20, one more man comes in and dives at him inside the 10 and misses, TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  80 yards!!!!

No, there is a flag back at the 37, on the MSU side of the 50.  It’s a block in the back on Hamilton - it was the kicker he did this to, and the kicker was not going to catch, or cut off Cotton.  A useless penalty, but at least it happened on this side of the field, so the Hawks have the ball at the MSU 47.

Hawks to the I formation.  Mark gets it and starts up the middle, 3 tough yards.  

The I again, Mark again, just left of middle, but tripped up, 1 yard, 3rd and 6.

James, to the gun, Mark beside him.  James back, he has time, steps a bit to the near sideline, and then he finds Mark on the far side of the field - the pass is caught at the 42, he turns to throw off the diving defender, surges upfield, gets hit, but dives and falls across the yellow line!  An Iowa 1st down!!!!

Yes, an Iowa 1st down.

Hawks back to the I.  James back, he sets and quickly fires it deep down the middle, where we see Davis is going down as the ball arrives inside the 10, and then flags fly, and MSU is nailed for pass interference!  

Iowa, now at the MSU 21.  Mark gets it and tries the near side, 2 yards.

James now, drops back, a blitz comes from the near side, but James throws it to the far side, for Duzey, but it’s too low and no good.  3rd and 9.

James is in the gun with Mark next to him.  James drops back and fires a bullet over the middle, where he hits KMM at the 9 yard line - in heavy traffic - for a Hawkeye 1st and goal!

Hawks to the gun again.  James drops back and faces a blitz up the middle, but he gets off the pass to the near side, it’s caught by KMM, he tries to pull away, but can’t.  4 yards.   2nd goal from the 6.

Hawks now to the base formation, it goes to Mark who tries straight ahead, 1 yard.  3rd and goal from just inside the 5.

James is alone in the gun, he sees the defensive set and changes the play.  He drops back and very quickly fires it over the middle, targeting CJF, but the pass hits a Spartan in the helmet, and the Iowa tight end can’t make the catch.  In comes Meyer, it’s a 23 yard attempt, and it’s right down the middle.  Hawks now trail 10-3, with 4:10 left in the 2nd.

Meyer is back on the field, his kick lands 2 yards deep, but the Spartan brings it out.  And he shouldn’t have, the Hawkeyes surround and drop him at the 13!

The Spartans start at 4:03 of the 2nd.  They have the I formation with 3 wideouts.  It goes to Bell, but as soon as he gets the ball, Iowa is right in his face, so he cuts it back and to the near side, but the rest of the Iowa defense flies into the backfield and they drop him for an 8 yard loss!  On a running play!

2nd and 18, Maxwell is in the gun and he drops back into the end zone - the pressure nearly knocks him down, but he regains his feet and takes off for the far side - he gets to the 15 and slides, or gets tackled.  3rd and 8.

The Spartans are in the gun with Bell along side, one wideout up top, two below.  And the Iowa defense has two safeties about 12 yards beyond the LOS, with both corners right across the line from the outside receivers.  Bump and run.

Maxwell drops back and quickly tries dumping it over the middle, but Morris sees it coming and prevents it from happening. The Iowa defense has held, on comes the MSU punt team.

This punt is nearly blocked, and it falls to the turf and rolls dead at the Iowa 46.  Clock at 2:18.

James, in the gun.  He drops back, and then fires it down the far hash, it’s caught, Davis, 9 yards!

Hawks run the no huddle.  James, the gun, Garmon next to him.  James fakes the handoff and then fires the pass near side for an attempted wideout screen, but the pass is no good - but as it falls dead, a Spartan picks it up, thinking it was a backwards pass, and takes off.  

Nope, it’s not a backwards pass.  James was on the 50, it was inside the 49 when it landed.  It’s reviewed, and confirmed.  3rd and 1.

The Hawks line up with Mark alone behind James, but it’s a quick snap, and instead of plowing forward, James tries to step back and move to the right, but that does not work, no gain, 4th and 1.

The Hawks present the heavy package, the I formation with tight ends on both sides of the line and no wideouts.  James is trying the hard count, but it doesn’t work.  Hawks call timeout.

We return at 1:24, and as the Hawks line up in the same formation, MSU calls timeout.

After the break, the Hawks are once again in the heavy, but as James is doing his count, flags fly, and Tobin is nailed for a false start.  On comes the Iowa punt team.

Well, that’s who it was called on.  The replay does not show any Iowa players moving.

Wienke comes in and Michigan State has no players back, and the punt comes down at the 7 where Cotton makes the catch - Spartan ball, clock at 1:15.

Sparty to the I formation.  It goes to Bell, and he gets about 4 up the middle.  Timeout Iowa.  Clock 1:04.

MSU to the base.  Bell gets it again, and hops up the middle, to get 5 yards, 3rd and 1.  Iowa timeout.

Sparty is in the I - Bell gets it, the Hawks appear to have him in the backfield, but he escapes up the middle, 9 yards, MSU ball at the 26.

Sparty runs the hurry up, but it seems a bit disorganized.  Finally they are set, snap the ball, and the Hawks almost have Maxwell down, but he gets off the pass to the far side, it’s caught, 20 yards, MSU ball at their 46.  Clock at :19 seconds, timeout MSU.

State to the gun, three receivers in the game.  Maxwell drops back and then dumps it over the middle, where the catch is made, but Hitchens makes the immediate stop.  Timeout MSU, clock at :12 seconds.  Ball at the MSU 49.   We hear that their kicker has made 3 50+ yard field goals this year.

MSU to the same set.  Maxwell back, and then he fires it down the middle, where his target is wide open, and caught, but wrapped up immediately.  The ball is at the Iowa 32.

Everyone expects the Spartans to run forward, spike the ball, and then bring in the field goal team.  As soon as the ball is set the clock runs, and we see that the Spartan QB has left the field, and some members of the field goal team are running on it.  But there is no one behind center to take the snap, and so Bell runs onto the field, but as the line is getting set, the clock expires!  And the Hawks leap with joy as they run off the field, and somewhere, KOK is smiling.  

The half ends at 10-3.  Your scribe tweets ‘ Spartans - got em right where we want em.’

Hawks have only 65 yards of offense, with Weisman accounting for just 20 of them.  Hawk fans wondering if those halftime adjustments will make a difference.

Meyer (not Kornbrath, as the ESPN team calls him) boots the 2nd half kickoff to the 3, and the return comes out to the 23.  Hawk fans hoping the defense can continue to make the stops.

Sparty opens in the I formation with a wideout up top.  It goes to Bell, who starts middle then cuts it outside, for 5 yards.  Gaglione makes the tackle, and is down after the play.  But he soon gets up and walks off under his own power.

MSU now to the offset I, but it’s a fake, and Maxwell rolls to the near side, then floats a short pass to the LOS, but the receiver is going down as it arrives and he can’t hang on. 3rd and 5.

Now the gun with Bell alongside, Maxwell tries hitting Bell in the near flat, but he can’t make the grab, and on comes the Spartan punt team.  

The kick goes 34 yards, and Hyde makes the catch, but then he gets drilled immediately for no gain on the return.  Iowa ball at the 31.

The Hawks have Mark alone behind James, and it goes to the fullback, he goes off tackle left and bumps into Duzey at the line, but then he regains his balance and gets 8 yards, 2nd and 2 for the 39.

Same look, same play, this time Mark gets right to the yellow line - but that’s enough for an Iowa 1st down.

Now the Hawks have three wideouts in the game.  But it goes to Mark and he tries the left side one more time, only to be hit and dropped a yard short of the LOS.  

James to the gun.  At the snap, he rolls to the far side and then tosses it that way, aiming for KMM, but the pass is too low and the catch is not made.  Another one that gets away from James that he should have had.

3rd and 11, gun again with Mark beside him, one wideout low, and two high, but set up right next to each other in the slot.  James drops back, pressure arrives from the near side, so James steps up, but then tries to take off, and he gets about 6 yards, but comes up 5 yards short of what he needed.  On comes the punt team.

The punt comes down at the 21, and a fair catch is made.  

MSU starts in the I formation, but it’s a fake, and Maxwell steps back and turns around - but as he steps into his throw, Kirksey blindsides him and the ball is out!  But the Spartans fall on it.  In the exchange, a loss of 8, 2nd and 18.

Spartans to the gun, the snap is made and Maxwell is looking left, but then comes back to the right and fires for his tight end, the catch is made but he is knocked out after just 1 yard. 3rd and 17.

MSU emerges with 5 wideouts in the game - but 4 of them on the far side.  One goes into motion to the near side.  Maxwell looks and then dumps it to his man over the middle, he makes the catch and runs for the far corner, but Morris gets him down 3 feet short of the yellow line.  

The punt lands at the 30, and Hyde makes the fair catch.  Iowa ball at 9:21 of the 3rd.

The Hawks start with James in the gun, Mark there, and three wideouts. James drops back and quickly fires it over the middle, caught, Davis, and downed after a gain of 6.  2nd and 4.

And while we are seeing a non-highlight about a game that doesn’t even start until 8:00 pm, the Hawks run no huddle.  Mark gets it and picks up a yard.  That’s all we know.  3rd and 3.

From the gun, James again fires it over the middle, for Davis, and he seems to make the 1st down catch, but then the officials rule it no good.  4th down, here comes the punt team once again.

This punt, much better, and the Spartan must back pedal to make the catch, where the coverage team soon arrives to limit the return to just a yard.  MSU ball at the 16.  Then we see that Rodgers is hurt on the play.  But soon up and jogging off the field.

Spartans have Bell deep with the fullback offset in front of him.  The tight end on the near side goes into motion and then stops in the backfield, looking almost wishbone ish.  Bell gets it, and heads off tackle left - the Hawks seem to have him bottled up, but then he gets away and gets to the far sideline and as far as the 44 before the Hawks can get him down.  27 yards.

Now to the traditional I, Bell gets it again and plows straight ahead, but the Hawks clog up the hole and stop it after just 3.

2nd and 7, State has 4 wideouts in the game with Bell in the backfield.  It goes to Bell and he tries the middle again, but the hole the expected is not there, and the Hawks stop this after 3 yards.  3rd and 4.

Sparty is in the gun with three wideouts far side, no, motion, two in each side.  It’s dumped over the middle, caught, and it looks like he can get the yellow line, but Miller forces him sideways, and then help arrives, and they drop him a yard short of the 1st down.  4th and 1.

The fans want MSU to go for it, but on comes the punt team.  The ball is short of Hyde again, he waves his arms to have his blockers clear out, it lands at the 20, and rolls dead at the 14.  Iowa ball at 5:34 of the 3rd.  

After the break, James is under center, the line, heavy, with Mark in the tailback slot, and KMM lined up on the near side.  It goes to Mark, he grabs it and secures it with both hands, then heads off tackle left - as he gets to the LOS the Hawks have sealed the corner, a Spartan dives and misses!  Mark is in the clear!  20, across the yellow line, then 25, from there, he cuts it a bit outside, and sticks out his right hand to shove a diving Spartan to the ground - but he gets a bit of Mark’s leg, and he has to put his hand down to regain his footing, and that allows another Spartan to wrap him up, but Mark carries him about 5 yards before going down!  31 yards, Iowa ball at the 45!

The Hawks now have KMM and Davis on the far side.  Mark gets it, heads to the same side, but finds heavy traffic and goes down after 2.  

Now the Hawk wideouts are split on each side of the field.  James drops straight back, and then fires it to the far side flat where Duzey is all alone!  He makes the catch at the 50, then turns and heads to the far sideline, where he crosses the yellow line before being forced out! 11 yards, and a Hawkeye 1st down at the MSU 43!

Hawks now to the I.  James changes the play at the line.  It goes to Mark, he tries the left side again, and finds only bodies.  No gain.

James now, alone in the gun, three wideouts high, two low.  Sparty blitzes but James gets off the quick, near side pass, Davis makes the catch, and goes down, 3 yards.

3rd and 7, James now has Mark back there with him, two guys high, one low.  James gets it, and then quickly fires it near side for Davis, where we see the ball fly out of bounds - but then a flag comes in, and it’s defensive holding on MSU!  That’s 10 yards and an automatic 1st down!

Iowa now at the 29.  Hawks to the base formation.  James drops back and fires a quick strike far side, caught, Duzey, then tripped up for  3 yards.

Same formation.  James steps back and tries for a quick slant to KMM, it gets deflected and nearly picked off, but falls to the ground. 3rd and 7.

James, to the gun.  He steps back, and then tosses it across the middle where he hits CJF in tight traffic, caught, and he lunges for the 1st down but comes up a yard short.  4th and 1.

The Iowa coaches waste no time, they bring in Rodgers (ok now) and the extra tight ends - we are going for it.  It’s the super heavy I formation, Mark gets it and heads a bit left, gets to the line, and almost breaks it all the way, but a bump knocks him down after about 5.  Still, an Iowa 1st down at the  15!

Mark is back there again as James hands it to him - but this time he tries off tackle right, and this is clogged up for only about 2 yards.  

And that brings the 3rd quarter to a close.  As we go to break, Spartans are holding up 4 fingers.  So they can count.

After the break, the Hawks face a 2nd and 8.  James has his two wideouts high, Mark alone behind him.  James fakes the handoff and looks near side, but pressure up the middle soon arrives, and he heaves it into the end zone but well out of bounds - targeting no one.  The booth thinks it should be intentional grounding, but no flags fly.  3rd and 8.

Now James is in the gun, with three up top and two below.  He drops back, looks middle but then throws it near side, where Davis makes a diving catch - but only for 3 yards.  The booth, and Hawk fans, wonder why another pass was thrown so far short of the sticks.

It’s a 28 yard field goal from the near hash, and Meyer splits the uprights, of course.   Hawks trail 10-6, and Iowa fans are hoping for another quick stop.

Meyer returns, his kick lands at the 6 and bounces to the goal, where it’s picked up and brought out to the 23.  

Sparty has Bell behind Maxwell and two wideouts low, one high.  It’s a quick pass to the near sideline, and no good.  2nd and 10.

Same formation with the wideouts flipped, Maxwell has trouble getting the ball up on the snap, so the play is broken, and the Hawks drop him for a two yard loss!  3rd and 12!

Maxwell to the gun - Bell beside him, and his three wideouts flipped back again.  He steps back, and then as he steps forward to release the ball, he gets clobbered, but the ball is out and deep down the middle - we see it come down where Draper and Miller seem to have the receiver completely locked up, but he leaps and snags the ball, and comes down with it for 37 yards.  MSU was at the Iowa 43.

Maxwell is back under center as the Hawks call timeout.  The booth thinks it was to try and challenge the catch, and it turns out it was, and upheld.  

Maxwell, back again under center, he drops straight back and then fires it deep down the far sideline, but Hyde is the one who looks like the receiver, as he undercuts the route and nearly picks it off.  But it falls to the turf, 2nd down.

The Spartans have Bell deep, two high and one low, but the one goes into motion, and it’s an end around, he gets to the corner and turns it, 7 yards, 3rd and 3.

The Spartans are lining up with twin tailbacks flanking Maxwell, the far one goes into motion, and then MSU calls timeout.  Clock 11:53 of the 4th.

Turns out, Sparty is challenging the spot on the end around.  All for a yard.  And, they get it.  3rd and 2.

Sparty had been in the throwing formation, but now Bell is there with the offset fullback, and solo wideouts on each side.  A tight end goes into motion and shifts into the backfield, for the three back set, but flags fly, that’s a false start!  3rd and 7!

Back to the gun with tailbacks on each side of Maxwell.  The near side back goes into motion to the far side and sets, the ball is snapped, and Maxwell soon flips it far side, where the catch is made underneath the Iowa coverage - but right across the yellow line. 1st down MSU.  Hawk fans are not happy.

Sparty is now closer to the I formation with the far side wideout in motion, once again to the three man backfield. But then there is movement, and flags fly, Gaglione is called for offsides.  Kirk takes his note, and Joe leaves the field.

Ball now at the 28.  True I formation, it goes to Bell, he starts middle but then hop-steps it outside, where he gets the corner, the Hawks converge, but he spins to gain another 2 yards before going down.  9 yards.

Bell is alone now, and he gets it again, tries the right side, 4 more yards, MSU ball at the Iowa 14.

Spartans back to the I, but it’s another end around, and this one gets to the corner and turns it, 7 yards, a 1st and goal, MSU at the 7.

Iowa defense, any time now!

Again to the I, Maxwell fakes the handoff then fires it over the middle, but the pass is too high and no good.  2nd and goal.

Sparty again shifts a tight end into the three man backfield, Bell gets it and plows straight ahead, two yards.  3rd and goal from the 5.

The Spartans break the huddle with Bell alone behind center - the wildcat - but about everyone else is shifting around, and MSU must burn a timeout.  

Spartans return to the field with Maxwell in the gun, Bell to his right, three wideouts far side, one near - no, all the wideouts now flip sides.  Maxwell drops back and looks near side, but then as he releases the ball, Alvis is hitting him in the legs, and the pass sails through the end zone, no good!  4th down!

It’s a 22 yard attempt from the far hash, not simple, but up and good, and the Spartans lead 13-6, clock at 7:41.

The Spartan kickoff is into the end zone and through the hands of Garmon, Iowa ball at the 25.  

And now we see video from our trip to East Lansing in 2009.  Stanzi to McNutt.  Good times - now a good omen?

Iowa opens this critical drive in the gun, with Mark to the left of James, and Davis near, KMM far.  It’s a screen attempt to Weisman, but the pass is too high and no good.  That play, not successful on the day.

Same formation, James has Davis far side in single coverage, and he guns it that way, but the ball falls short of where Davis is, no good.  3rd and 10.  The rain, which had returned as a light shower, now picks up in intensity.

The backfield is the same but now the Hawks have three receivers in the play.  James is under heavy pressure from the far side and dumps it near side into the flat, KMM makes the catch, but only for 5 yards.  Once again.  4th and 5.  

The Iowa punt finds the turf, it bounces at the 34, and rolls down to the 20.  A 50 yard net, no return.  

The special teams have done their part, now the defense must put up a stop.

Sparty to the I formation.  Bell gets it, and tries the right side, 4 yards.  2nd and 6.

I again, but the handoff is a fake, and Maxwell turns, and has to fire it as he is being drilled, the pass is low and his receiver dives for it, and misses. 3rd and 6.

Spartans are now in the gun, Maxwell throws it quickly to the far side, targeting Bell, but Morris is there and the pass is no good. There is the stop!  Now, Hyde, let’s get a return!

The wacky Spartan punter lands it at the 34, and it goes one more and out of bounds.  Iowa ball at the 33, clock at 5:47.

Hawk fans wondering, can the Iowa offense finally put something together?

Iowa has James under center, Mark deep, Davis and KMM out wide on the far side.  It goes to Mark, and he tries the far side, but gets only one, and flags fly.  The booth think it’s holding, but it’s actually a personal foul, tripping, on Donnal.  1st and 25.

Hawks to the gun with three wideouts.  It’s a quick screen to Weisman, he makes this catch, but the Spartans blow it up and drop him for a 2 yard loss. 2nd and 27.

Everywhere, Hawk fans begin to hang their heads.  

James, back to the gun, Mark to his left, two wideouts high, one low.  James snaps it, steps back, looks left, then comes back right, and fires it deep down the near sideline - and as the camera pans back, we see Davis is stride for stride with the defender.  But as the ball comes down, Davis dives forward, sticks out his hands, and SNAGS IT!   And then holds on as he hits the ground!  35 yards, and now Iowa is at the MSU 49!

Hawk fans, feeling a bit better!  Clock at 4:39.

The clock restarts when the ball is set.  Iowa comes to the line with Mark alone behind James.  It goes to Mark, he tries the middle, and gets about 5.

Mark once more, tries the left side, but can’t get away, it actually loses a yard, 3rd and 6.  The Hawks call timeout with the clock at  3:11 of the 4th.

The Hawks have Mark deep, KMM in the near slot, Davis outside near, Cotton outside far.  James snaps it, turns to his left, and hands it to Mark - he gets the ball, and starts left.

As he nears the LOS, we see the Spartans and Hawkeyes in a huge scrum, but Mark gets around the pileup and a yard short of the yellow line, he ducks low to avoid a hit, and as he crosses the marker, has a Spartan cornerback in front of him - Mark jukes to the left and shoves the defender to the ground, and he gets by!!!  And he regains his footing at the 32 and is in open field!  Across the 30, a foot race now, across the 25, the 20, the 15, and finally MSU catches up, and Mark is pulled down at the 8.  37 yards!!!  1st and goal Hawkeyes!!!!

James is under center, and he changes the play.  It goes to Mark who tries center, and he gets stood up and loses a yard.  2nd and goal from the 9.

The Hawks have trouble getting the play in, and the break the huddle with just over 10 seconds left on the play clock - they get to the line, snap it, and James rolls left, decides he doesn’t have anything, so he pulls it down and gets to the far corner, but then pays the price as he gets belted at the 5.  3rd and goal.

The Hawks are huddling up as the clock slips under 1:10.  They line up in the I formation.  James looks both ways as he approaches center, but then he bends down and snaps the ball, turns, Brad clears, it goes to Mark, he takes it at the 10, goes straight ahead, at the LOS he has to step over a fallen Spartan, but once he does, he takes three more steps and falls into the end zone!!!! TOUCHDOWN IOWA!!!!  CLOCK AT :55 seconds!!!

A Spartan is injured on the play, but then we see Mark on the sideline, and seems to be hobbling a bit himself.  

Meyer comes in and the booth points it it’s still raining - but the snap, hold, kick are all true, and the game is tied up at 13.  

Your scribe tweets: ‘hello again, Spartans.’

Meyer boots a low line drive kick, it lands at the 19 and rolls down to about the 10, where it’s grabbed, and brought out to the 24.

Clock 50 seconds, MSU with 2 timeouts.

Maxwell, alone in the gun, and 5 wide.  The pass is deep down the far sideline but too long, no good.  2nd and 10.

Maxwell is soon forced out of the pocket and running to the far sideline - he has nothing, and throws it away.  3rd and 10.

Sparty is still throwing, and it’s a pass from the center of the field to the near sideline, and caught, 13 yards, a Spartan 1st down.  But the clock is down to 30 seconds.  Hyde is dinged up on the play.

As the Hawks are lining up, they call a timeout.  Hyde had to leave the field after the last play, but now he can return - and he does.  

As soon as Maxwell gets back, there is pressure, and he must throw it away to the far side.  2nd down.

One more time, it’s Trinca-Pasat both times, and Maxwell must toss it before he is ready, near side, no good.  3rd and 10.  20 seconds left.

Maxwell drops back, feels the Iowa rush from the near side, rolls to the far side, and then heaves it deep down the far sideline - then we see Kirksey leap up to tip it, and the pass is no good!  4th down!  Clock at 12 seconds.

The Hawks have no one back as they try and get to the punt - it lands and rolls down field and that does it for regulation.  Hawkeyes and Spartans go to overtime.

MSU starts with the ball, at the 25.  It goes to Bell, he heads left, and gets 7 yards.  

Once again, but this time, right side, and this gets about 6 yards, MSU 1st and goal at the 10.

Bell now has the fullback in front of him, and he follows the lead up the middle, but the Hawks wrap it up after just 2 yards.  2nd and goal.

Bell is now alone in the backfield, he gets it once more, tries the middle, but the Hawks are waiting for it, and they stuff him at the line. 3rd and goal from the 7.

Maxwell is now in the gun with Bell back there.  He steps back, then steps up, and throws it down the middle, but too high and too long, no good.  The Iowa defense has held, and the MSU kick team comes on.

It’s a 24 yard kick, and good.  MSU 16, Hawks 13.  

Iowa now with the ball at the 25.  Mark is not in there, it’s Garmon.

Greg gets it and heads left, 1 yard.  

James changes the play as the booth notes he has single coverage on the high side.  It goes to Greg, he heads left again, and this time gets about 3.  3rd and 6.

James to the gun, and Brad now stands beside him.  MSU calls timeout.

Same formation after the break, James gets the snap and immediately fires it far side for Davis - he is wide open, makes the catch right at the LOS, and then gets to the sideline to pick up 9, and a Hawkeye 1st down!  

Hawks now to the I, Greg gets it and heads right - for a moment it looks like he has space, but it closes quickly, 2 yards.

James is in the gun, and there is a blitz at the snap - he has to run to the far side, and then he flips the ball downfield, where Garmon makes the catch, but is dropped immediately.  2 more yards.  3rd and 6.

James drops back and tries hitting Garmon in the wheel route - the pass comes down and he gets his hands on it, but it falls to the ground, and so does Garmon as he slams into the stands behind the end zone.  Seems slow getting up, but then he jogs off.

Meyer once again, from the far hash, 27 yards, and good.  16 all.

Iowa starts with the ball in the second overtime.  

James to the gun with Greg alongside.  James rolls to the far side and then tries the underneath route, but Cotton falls down making his cut, and the ball flies over him and out of bounds. 2nd and 10.

Garmon gets the ball next and tries left side, has nothing, cuts it all the way out, and is forced out after 1.

3rd and 9, and the Hawks burn too much time getting the play in, and must take a timeout.

James, in the gun, drops back, and then fires is deep down the near sideline - where Cotton must play defensive back, and break up the pass that the defender has dead to rights.  He does, and the Hawks live for another down.

Meyer takes the field.  This one, no chip shot, 42 yards.  Different distance, same result.  Right down the middle.  Hawks finally lead, 19-16.  Defense, finish it!!!

Spartans start with Bell deep.  Hawks know what’s coming.  It goes to Bell, he tries the middle, but that’s clogged, cuts it to the near side, but the Hawks string it out, and force him out after just 1.  2nd and 9.

The booth says the goal for Iowa is to put the game into Maxwell’s hands.

Sparty is in the gun with Bell to his left - another tailback goes in motion from the near side and stops just past Maxwell’s position, and then cuts it back to the near side.  The snap arrives and it’s kind of low, and Maxwell must scoop it up with his hands, can’t catch it clean.  He regains it, steps back, looking left all the way, and then he plants and fires it down the near hash - but as the ball clears the line, it starts to wobble, and about 10 yards further, his receiver leaps to make the catch - and MISSES, and the ball pops up into the air, TIP DRILL, AND 4 YARDS BEHIND HIM CASTILLO HAS THE BALL FLOAT INTO HIS ARMS, PICKED OFF!!!!!!  Greg takes two steps and then goes down, and the HAWKEYES have stunned the Spartans in East Lansing once again!!!  Final, Hawkeyes 19, Spartans 16!!!!!!!!!

And soon there is a giant pile of Hawkeyes on the field, always wonder how more guys don’t get hurt doing this, while Iowa fans everywhere boot up and begin to sing ‘In Heaven There Is No Beer.’

Iowa win #100 for Kirk Ferentz, and one that he shall long remember.  

But at what price, as now we face the prospects of a Garmon/Canzeri lead backfield this week.  It’s what it is, next man in.  On the upside, if either gets into the open space like the Iowa line can provide, they might be able to take it to the house - Mark isn’t going to outrun many defensive backs, even if he rushes for like 3000 yards over the next couple seasons.

Run them over, yes.  Mark, 26 carries 116 yards, and the one, key touchdown - the play that he was injured.  Today (Thursday), there is some question about Weisman for this week - the doctors seem to have cleared him, but if the other Iowa tailbacks can get things going, I doubt he will play.

James, 19 for 36, just 134 yards, and the one early pick.  Not a great effort by viewing the stats, but with the game on the line, he dropped a perfect pass to Davis, and managed the offense into just enough.  Saturday night appears to be clear if not a bit chilly - I think we will see James have a better result going forward.

So, the Hawks were able to enjoy the trip back to Iowa City, and then begin preparations for the circus that is coming to town this weekend.  For a game under the Musco lights.

Week 8 - Penn State

So, Penn State has shook off their early season struggles and comes into Kinnick on a 4 game winning streak.

When the season started, how PSU was going to play was one of the biggest stories in all of college football.  And, it started poorly for the Lions, falling 21-14 to Ohio (not OSU) in week 1.  

The next week, they visited Virginia, and the PSU kicker missed four field goals, and one extra point, as the Lions fell 17-16.  

But then, PSU got coach O’Brien his first victory with a comfy win over Navy, 34-7.  That started the streak.

A week later, QB McGloin passed for a career high 318 yards as PSU took down Temple 24-13.

And then, the Big Ten season opened, and the Lions had to visit Illinois to kick off the conference slate.  McGloin passed for one td and rushed for two more, as PSU shocked the Illini 35-7.

Ok, it wasn’t actually a shock, a week before the Illini had lost 52-24 to Louisiana Tech.  After PSU they lost 31-14 to Wisconsin, and then last week, fell 45-0 to Michigan.  So beating Illinois might be a win, but it appears to count for nothing.

Then two weeks ago, the Lions entered the 4th quarter trailing the MIldcats by 11 points - and rallied to win with 3 touchdowns in the final 9+ minutes, final 39-28.  McGloin, with 51 passes in this game.

And that’s your 4 game winning streak.  All you can do is play the games in front of you.  PSU was on a bye this past week.

And now, the games get tougher.

As you may know, the Hawks are 8-2 in the last 10 over Penn State, and the Lions have not won in Kinnick since 1999 - when just about everybody won in Kinnick.

Now it’s true, that was all against the old coaching staff.  There is a new staff, new energy in Happy Valley.  But the game is still played by the players.

To date, McGloin has completed 61.5 percent of his passes, with 12 tds, and only 2 interceptions.

That’s good enough for #2 in the Big Ten - but only #48 nationally.  Which says something about Big Ten passing, I think.  

For the past 3 games, the Lions have featured sophomore tailback Zwinak, #28.  68 carries for 317 on the season, with 3 rushing tds.  And 8 catches for 68 yards, so the Hawks will need to contain him in the front of the LOS as well.

And the Lions will also use senior tailback Zordich, #9.  Yes, Zwinak and Zordich.

This rushing adds up to just over 133 yards per game - good for 11th in the conference and 88th overall.  So once again the goal will be to contain the PSU rushing attack, and make the quarterback put the ball up.  His interception totals are going up this week.

PSU is playing like a team that only has regular season games for the next few years - there are no assurances they will punt on 4th down, and the prospects for trick plays/fake punts loom large.  The Hawks have a huge statistical advantage in all the special teams areas  - PSU’s kicker is 3 for 9 on field goals, season to date - and their net punting is dead last in the conference and #120 in the FBS.  Hyde, it’s time to take one to the house.  But our guys must be on high alert whenever the special teams are on the field.

Iowa is going to run the ball - Garmon will start, we shall see how he does, but it’s a near certainty that Canzeri will finally see action this Saturday.  And let’s not forget, he was the projected starter when spring ball started, so if his knee is truly ready, we could see big things from Jordan this week.

And that running game will help the Iowa passing game.  James will manage the offense, get the ball out quickly, let the playmakers have it.  I think he will be over 250 this week with finally a couple td passes for his effort.

The big stage on the BTN, Kinnick in the Black/Gold striping, Iowa fans with many, many hours to prep before kickoff.  Way back in the day - 2000 - it was an overtime win over Penn State that vaulted the Hawkeyes into the national spotlight, finishing #8 in the country after the 2002, 2003, and 2004 seasons.  And that game began the general decline of PSU that only rebounded in the late decade - though as good as Penn State seemed to be, they still couldn’t beat the Hawkeyes.

Iowa gets the total effort from all, finally, and starts quickly, to keep the fans excited and in the game.  The tailbacks, 170+, 2 rushing tds, including 1 of more than 50 yards.  

Hyde a pick 6 AND a punt return touchdown.  Yes, I just typed that.  

And the Iowa defense smothers the PSU offense for less than 200 yards net.

Hawks 38, Lions 13. 

Heading back to Iowa City for the game this weekend?  The Black and Gold Blowout - your first chance to see the 2012-13 Iowa Hoops teams, is Friday night. Get into town early and check out our improving basketball teams.  Carver will be rocking again in the seasons ahead.

The Hawks control their own destiny!  Bout time to start making teams know it.


VP, NY Metro Iowa Alumni Club
Iowa class of 1995

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