September 13, 2012


Sedge’s Hawkeye Game Notes - 2012 Edition
Iowa’s Record: 1-1, 0-0 Big Ten
Iowa’s Rankings:
USA Today:

September 1st @ Northern Illinois WIN 18-17
September 8th v. Iowa State Loss 9-6
September 15th v. Northern Iowa 3:30 pm, BTN
September 22nd v. Central Michigan 12:00 pm, BTN
September 29th v. Minnesota 12:00 pm, BTN/ESPN/ESPN2
October 13th @ Michigan State 12:00 pm, BTN/ESPN/ESPN2
October 20th v. Penn State 8:00 pm, BTN
October 27th @ Northwestern 12:00 pm, BTN/ESPN/ESPN2
November 3rd @ Indiana TBD
November 10th v. Purdue TBD - Silver Pro Combat Unis
November 17th @ Michigan, TBD
November 23rd (Friday) v. Nebraska 12:00 pm, ABC

*Times Eastern

Scouting Next Opponent: Central Michigan - Bye Week
September 15th, 2012.  Iowa v. Northern Iowa Panthers, 1-1, 0-0 MVC
Previous Meetings: 15, Iowa leads 14-1
Last Meeting: 2009, at Iowa, Hawks 17 Panthers 16

Current Line:

Turnover Margin: +3

Current Week 2 Deep:

Hawkeye Stat Pack (2012 season to date)
Total   286.0 Pass  182.5.0  Rush 103.5  Scoring 12.0
B1G    #12               #10             #11                   #12
FBS    #112              #97             #102                #111  
Total   271.5  Pass  147.5 Rush 124.0  Scoring 13.0 
B1G    #3                #2               #9                    #3
FBS    #20              #14             #54                  #25  
Week 2 Recap: Iowa State

All right Hawk fans, let’s start with the good news - the defense is playing better than many thought it would.  Usually.  The Clones looked like they were going to bury us for much of the 1st half, but that old Hawkeye Bend Don’t Break defense only allowed 9 points.  I think if anyone had told us ISU would have 9 points at halftime, we would have been ok with that.

But 9 points at the end - and the offense couldn’t muster even that - well, things have to improve in a hurry.  For the record - the last time the Hawks lost a game in which the defense allowed single digits - October 4th, 1980, in Kinnick, to Arizona.  The score - Wildcats 5, Hawkeyes 3.

Yes, your scribe was around then - recently 10 years old.  But, not yet knowing I would someday be driving the Hawkeye Bandwagon.

A wagon that has many, many, empty, good seats.  If the old saying that teams improve the most from week 1 to week 2 is right, then we could be in trouble.  

But, as young as we are across much of the team, I think we could reasonably expect some wobbles in the early going, and that this team will in fact be playing much better as the season goes on.  Please.

The trophy cases still sit empty, and it will be three weeks until we have another shot to take one back.  But the Hawks must focus on the task at hand, because if we don’t score some touchdowns soon, it could get real ugly.

Now, the recap.  If reading it sounds like as much fun as watching it again - well, skip down to the preview part.

Unlike Chicago, it was a bright and sunny day in Iowa City as the camera shot lowered into Kinnick, were the Iowa Marching Band broke out ‘On Iowa’.  And transformed into the Tiger Hawk.

The Hawks take the field in the first uniform change of 2012 - the 1921/22 inspired throwbacks.  Those Iowa teams, undefeated.  And, for those kids out there, a reminder that our school colors are actually black and gold, not black and yellow.  Alas.

Chuck Long is in the booth! A good omen!  He, a 52-10 winner over the Clones in 1983, 59-21 in 1984, and as a senior 57-3.  That win, the one that propelled the 1985 Hawkeyes to #1 in the polls.

Enough history, let’s play football.

What’s this, the Hawks are kicking off? Yes, ISU won the toss, and took the ball.  A bad omen right there.

Meyer’s kick sails deep into the end zone, where it’s caught, and downed.  The Iowa defense takes the field.

The Clones open in the pistol with 3 wideouts on the strong side and another on the weak.  But the tailback moves along side Jantz as the snap arrives, and the read/option goes to the back, who tries the near side but is strung out, Hyde on the stop, 3 yards.

No huddle for State.  Start in the pistol, again the tailback shifts.  Two wideouts on each side.  Jantz keeps it and tries the middle, where he gets 3 yards, 3rd and 4.  The Iowa faithful raise the level - this game is in Kinnick, no doubt.

State with the empty backfield, 3 wideouts far side, 2 near.  The Hawks have the strong safety right down in the box.

The pressure comes right up the middle, but they can’t get to Jantz before he gets the pass off to the near side, it’s caught, 11 yards, 1st down Clones.  

Now on the 43, again to the pistol, Jantz fakes the hand off and turns to look downfield.  He has all day, and hurls it deep down the middle of the field, and as it comes down, we see BJ Lowery and the Clone wideout wrestling for position.  The pass falls to the turf but the flags fly - pass interference, State ball at the Iowa 42.

Clones, 4 wide with Jantz and the back beside him.  The tailback White gets it and tries the middle, it gains about 4.

2nd and 6, Jantz in the gun, tailback on the side, and 3 wideouts up top.  The Hawks blitz from the strong side but the pass over the middle is quick, and the tight end makes the catch, 1st down Clones at the Hawkeye 23.

Jantz, in the gun, two tailbacks now, one on each side.  Two wideouts up top, 1 below.  Jantz fakes the hand off and then tosses it to the other tailback running across the field, he catches it, and Morris gets him down after a gain of 8.

Jantz, the gun, two wideouts on each side.  It’s a quick, bubble screen to the far side, and it’s caught and it goes to the 8, 1st and goal Cyclones.

State moves quickly to the line - 1 wideout up top, two near side, a tailback along Jantz, and an H back on the strong side.  It goes to the tailback and he tries to come to the near side, but the Hawks string this out, and Hyde forces him out for a gain of just 1.  2nd and goal.

Same basic formation but the tailback and H back are flipped to the other side of the formation.  The back gets it and tries the middle, it gets a couple, but the Hawks force 3rd and goal from the Iowa 5.

Jantz, with the tailback along side, the players all turn around as the play is changed from the sideline.  Jantz scrambles to tell all the linemen the play, and as he gets back into the gun, the play clock is nearly out, so the timeout comes from the ISU sideline.  A break for the gassed Iowa defense.

After the break, 3rd and goal.  Jantz, the tailback to his right and just behind, 3 wideouts.  The snap, Jantz looks left, but then as the pressure starts to arrive, he comes back right and fires it over the middle - where it is caught in the back of the end zone, touchdown Clones., Hawks trail.

But, the kicker comes out and misses the PAT, wide right!  Hawks are down 6-0, clock 9:55 of the 1st.

The Clone kick lands at the 7, where Davis makes the catch, but it’s on the far side of the field, and he tries to bring it back to the middle - but that’s where everyone is, and he is downed at the 17.

James comes out under center with Bullock behind, a wideout on either side.

James rises and fires a quick strike to Davis, far side, it’s caught, he takes a step and is forced out, 3 yards.

The Hawks huddle up, and come out in the same formation.  The ball goes to Bullock and he tries to head upfield - it looks like he has a seam, but his jersey is grabbed from behind and he is brought down after 5 yards - 3rd and 2.

But, as we are seeing the ISU defense starters listed, something is going on, and flags fly, and that’s a personal foul - post possession - on the Clones.  15 yards, thank you, 1st down Iowa at the 33.

Now the Hawks bring out the I formation, with twin wideouts up top.  The ball goes to Bullock but he is nudged and dropped as he tries to cut upfield, no gain.

I formation again, one wideout on each side.  James fakes the handoff and rolls to the near side, he fires it to the near sideline where KMM juggles, but then makes the catch, but the juggle cost him the yard he needs, 3rd and 1.  It is a risky throw, and the booth says the pass should have come sooner.

Now, the Power I, with one lone wideout up top.  Bullock gets it and blows threw the line, 8 yards, 1st down Iowa, at the State 45!

Hawks, back into the single tailback, with two receivers up top, one near side.  Bullock gets it but his off tackle left run is stuffed for no gain.

Hawks, single wideouts on each side, Bullock deep, bring the tight end in motion to the near side.  James, drops back and quickly finds Davis, he has run a post route, and he makes the catch at the 27, and sprints up field!  He is caught and dropped but not until the 11 yard line, 1st down Hawkeyes!!!

Hawks line up in the I formation, with two receivers on the near side.  Bullock gets it and heads far side, he finds a small gap an gets to the 8, 3 yards, 2nd down Iowa.

James is motioning to the bench to get the play in, and finally the Hawks break the huddle with 10 seconds on the play clock.  I formation again, with two receivers near side.  Bullock gets the ball and tries to head near side, but that closes up so he cuts it back, and gets it down to the 5.  3rd down and 4.

James, in the gun, Bullock along side, two wideouts up top, 1 below.  James quick fires it to the end zone, aiming for Davis, but it sails over and is no good, 4th down Iowa, at the ISU 5.

Out steps Meyer, and the snap is high, but it’s down, up, and good.  Hawks trail, 6-3.  Clock 4:49.

Meyer’s kick has to be held because of the breeze, and it lands at the 3, and the return comes right up the middle, where the Hawks make the stop at the 25.  Timeout.

The break ends with the Clones at the line, Jantz in the gun, tailback beside, two wideouts on each side.

It’s a quick pass to the near sideline, the receiver makes the catch, and is forced out, a gain of 6.

Now State has 3 wideouts up top and 1 on the bottom.  Jantz fakes the handoff and keeps it, he heads to the far side of the line, where the Hawks have a shot, but miss, and then he shakes and dances up field, 13 yards, 1st down ISU.

Jantz, the gun, tailback alongside.  Two wideouts near with the H back on the same side.  He goes in motion to the far side, but Jantz keeps the ball, but his dancing is cut down by Morris and Gaglione, no gain.  

Same formation to start the play, but the tailback shifts to the other side of Jantz.  The ball now goes to him, and he finds space on the near side, and the Hawks finally drop him after 9, 3rd and 1.

The Kinnick faithful pump up the noise, and the Hawks line up in something like we have not seen in the past.  Both corners are right on the line on the outside - and everyone else is in the box - the furthest anyone is from the line is the free safety, who is lined up opposite the slot receiver, and he is just 5 yards behind the LOS.  At the snap, the Iowa defense blows through the line, and they catch Jantz and drop him for a 1 yard loss, 4th and 2.  State brings out the punt team.

At the snap, Alvis gets around the 3 man wall in front of the punter, and he leaps to make the block - it looks like he gets the ball, as it seems to veer to the left once in the air, but he also grazes the punter as he falls down - and of course, the punter sells it.  Flags fly, roughing the kicker on Alvis.  Iowa State gets the ball back, at the Iowa 34 yard line.

The Clone offense comes back in a 4 wide set.  But the ball goes to the tailback, and he finds a gap right up the middle, and picks up 14 yards before the Hawks get him down, 1st down Clones, at the Iowa 20.

BTN is showing us the replay as the play starts, but it’s another handoff that gets 4 yards, right up the middle.

4 wide once again, but another handoff, this gains 2, 3rd and 4.  But the Iowa fans prevent State from getting the play call, so they call timeout.

And - the AllState ‘Flag’ commercial isn’t even over when the game suddenly comes back on as ISU is snapping the ball.  They have 4 wide again, and Jantz is able to survey the field and then fire it to the near side, it’s caught, 1st and goal Clones at the Iowa 5.

ISU to the line quickly, two wideouts up top, one near, the tailback along Jantz.  The tailback gets the ball and tries to go to the far side, but Gaglione flies into the backfield and hits the tailback, but can’t get him down, but it slows him down, so it only goes for 1.

2nd and goal, State with the tailback to the right and just behind Jantz, two wideouts up top, one below.  The tailback gets the ball, but immediately he has to cut back behind the line, as the Iowa defense is right there.  This forces him to bring the ball to the near side, aiming for the corner, but the Hawks get there first, and cut it off - and as the tailback tries to cut upfield, Hyde plows into him, and the ball flies out!  And somehow, does not roll out of bounds, but back up the field!!!!  And, the Hawks fall on it - Alvis, at the 10 yard line!!! Hawkeye ball, clock at :19 seconds of the 1st.

 Now Iowa shows the 5 wide set - James in the gun, 3 wideouts up top, two below.  James looks left but then quickly comes back right and tries for Derby, and it sure looks like the Clone defender is holding onto the Iowa tight end, but no flags fly as the ball finds the turf.

Hawks back into the single tailback, a wideout on each side,  At the snap, James hands it to Bullock as the play tries to come to the near side, but the Clones are in the backfield and they drop Damon for a 4 yard loss.  The 1st quarter ends with the Hawks facing a 3rd and 14 from their 6 yard line.

After the break, the Hawks start at the line, but then drop back into the huddle.  They emerge with Bullock beside James, in the gun, and 1 wideout up top and 2 below.  The pass is an attempted screen to Bullock, and he had some room, but in a sign of things to come, it falls out of his hands and onto the field, no good.  4th and 14, the freshman punter lines up a step inside the back line for his kick.

The punt is not one of his better efforts, it lands at the 36, but the ISU return man has had to run up to catch it - and he misses it.  And the ball bounces forward, all the way to the Clone 46, and on top of that flags fly.  And it’s holding on the Clones, so they start at the ISU 36.

The Clone offense comes out in the 4 wide set, with the tailback beside Jantz.  The back gets it, but the Hawks are there immediately, and they drop him for a 2 yard loss.  2nd and 12, and the Clones are back at the line very quickly.

Now with 3 wideouts up top, and 1 below, Jantz tries a quick screen to the wideout in the slot, but the Hawks are there again, 2 yards, 3rd and 10. 

Clones go empty with 5 wideouts, 2 top, 3 bottom.  The Hawkeye secondary is not in press coverage, but all about 5-8 yards behind the line.  Jantz gets the snap, and there is no real pressure, and he is able to toss it straight over the middle where it’s caught, 14 yards, 1st down Clones right at midfield.

Once again to the line, twin wideouts on both sides.  Jantz fakes and tries the middle himself, but Alvis is there and takes down the QB after 3 feet.  2nd and 9.

Clones to the line in the pistol, with one wideout up top, two below, and the tight end in the H back position.  Jantz fakes the handoff and rolls toward the near side, he is looking left, but then comes back to the right and heaves it deep down the near sideline - where his receiver is wide open, it’s caught at the 28, and all the way down to the 10 before the Hawks get it stopped.  40 yards, and the Clones were knocking at the door once again.

Now the Clones show what looks like the old wishbone, the QB in the gun with twin tailbacks on both sides, and just behind Jantz.  Two wideouts up top, one below.  It’s an option play, and Jantz flips it to the near side back, and the Hawks should have it stopped at the line, but he bounces off a tackle and gets down to the 5.

3 wideouts, one tailback, one H back.  Jantz immediately rolls to the far side, but the Hawks have his receivers covered, so he tries to get the corner himself.  But the Hawks cut it off, so it only goes for a yard.  3rd and goal, from just outside the 4.

Jantz, alone in the gun, and 5 wide.  The Hawks bring the blitz from the near side, but Jantz gets the pass away - he has his man, but it’s a bit low, and dropped, no good.  On comes the field goal unit.

It’s just inside the far hash, but only 22 yards, and good.  Clones lead, 9-3.  

And here, at 11:13 left in the 2nd, the Iowa defense would allow no more Iowa State points.  One touchdown, just one, and the Hawks will have the lead.

The Clone kickoff lands at the 7, where Garmon makes the catch, and moves it out to the 27.  He then stays in the game as the Iowa offense took the field.

James is under center, with a wideout on each side, the fullback in, and Garmon behind.  James changes the play at the line.  Garmon gets the ball and tries off tackle left, he gets 3 yards for the effort.  

I formation again, and James drops back, and he flips it far side to Weisman, it’s caught, 3 yards, 3rd and 4.

James is alone in the gun, with two wideouts up top, 3 below.  James drops back, and quickly fires it across the middle to CJF, he makes the catch, and cuts up field, 17 yards, and an Iowa 1st down at midfield!

James, under center, Garmon behind.  James fakes it and stands up, looking deep down field.  He tosses it deep to the near sideline, shooting for KMM, but it’s too deep, and out of bounds, no good.

James, the gun, Garmon along side.  He fires it quickly far side where it seems Hilliard has the catch, but no, it hits the ground, 3rd and 10. Had it been caught, it only would have gone for 2 yards.

Hawks back into the 5 wide, James has time, but all he can find is an over the middle dump off to Shumpert, and he gets dropped immediately, 2 yards.  4th and 8, and the Iowa drives dies at midfield.  

The punt falls the 15, where there is a fair catch.  Clone ball, 8:19.  But then a flag flies, and it’s holding, Hawkeyes.  The Clones decline it, ball at the 15, timeout.

This Clone drive picks up 19 yards on the first two plays, but from there, the Hawkeye defense kills it, nearly picking off the 3rd down pass, and the ISU punt rolls out of bounds at the Iowa 19.  

Iowa ball, at 6:55 of the 2nd.

The Hawks line up with James under center as the booth discusses he already has he degree, and plans to head to medical school.  The ball goes to Bullock and he seems to pick up 6, but a flag flies, and the Hawks are called for a chop block.  

Now just inside the 10, the Hawks have James in the gun, and 3 wideouts.  It’s a screen, to Bullock, he makes the catch, and gets out to the 25 yard line, 15 yards, 2nd and 4!

The replay once again cuts into the play, we see Bullock falling forward 3+, 3rd and half a yard.

Now the Hawks are running the no huddle, and James quickly snaps it and plows ahead, a QB sneak, 1st down Iowa. 
Back into the huddle, James under center, Bullock, 3 wideouts.  James fakes the handoff, and stands up and fires it far side, where it’s juggled, but caught, by Shumpert, an out route, 12 yards, 1st down Iowa at the 41.

Now back to the gun, James fires it for Davis on the far side, and he gets his hands on it, but the ISU corner knocks it out as both players are going down, no good.

Under center, 3 wide.  It goes to Bullock, who heads near side, and picks up 5.  3rd and 5.

James, the gun, he fires it for KMM and it hits him in the hands - the ISU defender is right there, but the catch should have been made.  It’s not, 4th down, the Iowa punt team comes out again.

Fair catch, 16 yard line.  Clock, 3:45.

ISU starts in a 4 wide set, Jantz passes it to the near sideline, it’s caught, 9 yards.  Jantz then keeps it, right up the middle, and he gets 5 yards, 1st down.

4 wide, Jantz now fires it to the far sideline, it’s caught, 10 yards, 1st down.

Jantz drops back, has all kinds of time, but dumps it short, it’s caught, 5 yards.

Jantz, 4 wide, fakes the handoff, and then fires it again to the far side, but it’s a bit too high and no good, and then Hitchens drills the wideout for good measure.  3rd and 5.

4 wide, Jantz fires a swing pass to his tailback, Morris has him dead to rights after only a yard, but he slips out of the grasp and picks up 5 - and a 1st down.

Jantz, 4 wide.  He fakes the handoff and drops back.  He is looking left but then comes back to the right and fires it over the middle - where it’s picked off by Donatell!!!  And he has room to the far sideline, but he gets tripped up and falls at midfield.  Iowa ball!!!

But then a flag comes in, and Hyde is called for clipping, that’s a 15 yard penalty, Iowa ball at he 35.

Clock, 1:41.  James is in the gun, and he dumps it to Bullock over the middle - and he juggles, and then loses it.  

Once again to the screen, and Bullock makes the catch, and then falls down right across the yellow line, a 1st down Hawkeyes!

James hands it to Bullock, who tries the middle, but only gets 1 yard.

James, back in the gun, tries firing down the near sideline for Davis, but he has looked that way all the way, and the safety flies in and picks off the pass at the 31 - and then brings it back across midfield before the Hawks can get him down.  Clone ball, at the 43, clock at :52 seconds.

Jantz with 3 wideouts, he rolls to the far side and throws it deep down that side, but too deep, no good.  

Same formation, same basic play, but this time the pass is down the middle, and all the way to the end zone, and also, overthrown, no good. 3rd and 10.

Now 4 wide, Jantz dumps it over the middle to his tailback, 4 yards, 4th and 6.  Clock :29 seconds, and counting.

The Clones let the clock run down to 1 second, and then call time out.  They line up for a 57 yard field goal.

It’s long enough and high enough, but wide left.  No good, the 1st half ends, Clones 9, Hawks 3.  Still just need one touchdown.   

1st half stats.  Clones with twice as many 1st downs, and almost 6 more minutes of possession, but still, just 6 points ahead.  Iowa ball to start the 2nd half.  

Oh, and another season, another shot of the boring, white water tower.

The ISU kickoff lands at the goal line, and Garmon carries it out to the 17.

This Hawkeye drive gets one 1st down, but then it ends when back to back passes to CJF are tipped and no good.  The punt is returned to the ISU 44.

ISU, a 3 and out.  Thank you.  Iowa ball, back at the 10 after the ISU punt.

But this Iowa drive is three Bullock runs that net 8 yards.  Hawkeye punt, ISU ball at the Iowa 43 after a 15 yard return.  Clock 8:03.

The Iowa defense throws up another 3 and out on the Clone offense.  Punt, out of bounds at the 16.  Iowa ball, 7:23 of the 3rd.

This drive starts with another pass tipped and no good.  A screen to Garmon nets only 2, and here was another 3rd and long.  James tries a deep pass to KMM, and it was very close, but a tad to long, 4th down.

The Hawkeye punt lands at the 45, fair catch.

Clones, 4 wide to start.  But it’s a handoff that should be stopped for 1 yard, yet somehow manages to get 5.  

Right back to the line, and right back to the tailback, who gets 9, after once again not going down on the first hit.  

Back to the line and 4 wide, it’s another handoff, but the Hawks string it out to the far side, 2 yards.  But flags fly, holding ISU, 10 yard penalty.  1st and 20 from the 44.

ISU, 4 wide.  It’s another screen to the tailback, and the seem opens up down the far sideline and gets all the way down to the Iowa 10.  40 yards, and ISU was knocking on the door once again.

And here are the Clones, back on the line.  It’s handoff, but Kirksey sees it coming and drops it for a two yard loss.

The Clones now just have two wideouts on the near side.  At the snap, Jantz puts the ball into his tailbacks belly, but before he can decide to leave it or pull it out, Gaglione flies into the backfield and plows into the tailback, and this causes the ball to come loose and hit the turf, fumble!!! And Morris falls on it just outside the 20!  Iowa ball!!!

Clock, 4:17 of the 3rd.

Hawks, in the I formation, a wideout on both sides.  Bullock gets the ball and starts to head outside, but turns it back inside, to get only 3.  The replay shows he had blocking to the outside had he gone there.

James is under center with the fullback offset from Bullock.  It’s a fake, and James rolls to the near side.  He has CJF and hits him, right at the yellow stripe, but the big tight end bounces off the hit and turns upfield!  18 yards, Iowa ball at the 42!

James now fires a swing pass to Bullock, it’s caught, 8 yards.

James, now he hands it to Bullock, and he explodes through the line to pick up 15!  1st down Iowa, Clone 35!

Hawks, single tailback, twin wideouts.  It’s a fake, and James turns and fires it down the middle, floats it really, and CJF leaps to make the catch, and come down with it, 20 yards, Iowa ball at the 15!

Bullock now, tries the left, but gets only 1. His helmet comes off, so he must come off the field for a play.

Garmon in now, he tries the same side, and gets about 3 before being forced out.  3rd and 6.

James is alone in the backfield, with 5 wide - 2 top, 3 bottom.  James fires quickly to Davis at the 5, he makes the catch and takes the hit, but stays on his feet just inside the line!  He takes a step forward then dives for the pylon, holding the ball inside it as he flies out of bounds!   Touchdown Iowa!!!!

But, even in real speed, it looked like he was very close to the line.  The replay shows that indeed, he had a foot on the white, no td, but a Hawkeye 1st and goal from the 3 yard line.

Hawks emerge in the Power I - no wideouts, super heavy on the O line.  The booth says this is a good time for a play action pass.  But it goes to Bullock and he tries the left, to get 1.  2nd and goal from the 2.  That play ends the 3rd quarter.  15 minutes for something to happen.

Other side of the field, but same formation, same play, and a yard loss.  3rd and goal from the 3.

Same formation again, but the Hawks put a tight end in motion from the far side to the near.  It’s a play action fake, and James wants to throw it right away, but he pulls it down, and rolls to the far side to get away from the pressure - he fires it for his fullback and it hits him in the hands - and then, the field.  Dropped.  

Meyer comes on for the 21 yard field goal, and it’s good.  9-6, clock at 14:06 of the 4th.

His kickoff lands at the 3, and is taken out short of the 25.

The Hawks stuff the 1st and 2nd down for no gains, then Jantz’s 3rd down pass sails well past everyone, 4th down.  Another 3 and out.  The punt goes out of bounds at the Hawkeye 37.

This drive starts with a false start, and goes further back after James trips while stepping back from center.  Two plays later the punt lands at the 25, fair catch.  Clock 11:06 of the 4th.

The Clones manage one 1st down, but only one, and the Hawks get the ball back at their 12 after the punt.  

James hits Shumpert for 5 to begin the drive, then Bullock gains 2 yards.  3rd and 3, James fires for KMM, but it’s into heavy traffic and no good.  The punt bounces back across the 50 and out at the Iowa 49.  Clock at 7:39 of the 4th.

ISU starts with a dump off to the tailback that loses 5 yards.  They hand it to him to pick up 7 yards, and another 3rd and 8.  Jantz drops back and looks downfield, but as the pocket collapses and seems to have him nailed, he escapes and picks up 20 yards, to the Hawkeye 27.

Another handoff gains 5.  A quick pass to the wideout on the far side gets 3 more.  3rd and 2.

At the line, the Hawks have no players more than 4 yards off the line of scrimmage.  It’s a quick slant to the slot receiver, and caught, and Miller saves the td with a tackle at the 3 yard line.

Once again, can the Iowa defense make the final stand?

The Hawks call timeout at this point, Ferentz running down the field to get it before the snap.

The Clones have two wideouts on the near side.  But it’s a handoff, which goes left, and the Hawks allow only a yard.  2nd and goal.

As ISU comes to the line, the Hawks quickly sub two defensive linemen, and as the players get set, it seems the Hawkeye secondary is confused and out of position.  But at the snap, Jantz decides to keep it, and pays the price, as Miller flies into the backfield and trips up the QB for a 5 yard loss.

3rd and goal.  Clones, 4 wide, a tailback beside Jantz.  Jantz steps back and has time, but then he steps up and tries to fire it across the middle and never sees James Morris standing at the goal line, and he picks it off and starts flying up the far side of the field!!!  10, 20 30, 40, he could go, but the Cyclone QB gets over to hang on for a ride and finally gets Morris down at the 50!!!! Iowa ball, clock at 3:23 of the 4th!

Hawks, James alone in the gun, 4 wide.  He is flushed and rolls to the far side, and tosses the pass away.

3 wide this time, with Bullock along side.  James fires it near hash for KMM, and it’s no good.

3rd and 10.  5 wide now, and James has CJF on the hash, and tosses it his way - it seems the ISU player got his hand in there, but in fact, it hits the target’s hands and falls to the turf.  Another lost opportunity.

4th down, and the Hawks are going for it.  The booth is saying the Hawks shouldn’t do it, but James hits Shumpert right in the chest - and this falls to the ground.  Back to back plays where catches would have kept the drive alive, but it didn’t happen.

Clock at 3:02, ISU ball at the Iowa 49.

Jantz hands it off, and gets 2 yards.  

Jantz keeps it, and picks up 4 yards.  Timeout Hawks, clock 2:08.  3rd and 4.

Jantz keeps it again and loses 4, so that brings on the punt team once again.  Timeout Iowa.

The punt lands at the 10, where Hyde makes the fair catch.

Hawks, James in the gun, 3 wide.  He is flushed and rolls to the near side, and gains 7 yards on the scramble.  

3 wide, but then Bullock goes into motion and lines up outside the slot receiver.  James stands and looks downfield, but the pressure arrives just as he lets it go, and it’s no good.  3rd and 3.  Clock 1:43.

3 wide with Bullock beside James.  Damon goes into a pattern at the snap, and James tries to hit him over the middle, no good.  4th and 3.

James steps back, surveys, and then fires a strike down the near hash and hits Davis! And he stays up from the first hit and almost breaks it all the way!  But a Cyclone player makes a dive and gets him down at the last second.  29 yards, Iowa ball at the 46! Clock 1:32.

James, now focused, hits Bullock out of the backfield, the catch, made, 10 yards as he goes out of bounds and stops the clock.  1st down Hawks, ISU 44!

James, in the gun, Bullock along side, but at the snap, he once again goes into the pattern - and James floats the ball beautifully along the near sideline and lets his tailback run under it, caught, 12 yards, 1st down Iowa at the 32!  Clock 1:18, and now inside Meyer’s field goal range!  But, we are not playing for the tie in Kinnick!

James, in the gun, Bullock along side.  3 wideouts.  James drops back and tries floating it to CJF, his trusty tight end, but James has watched him the whole way, and he doesn’t see the ISU linebacker dropping back into coverage at the snap.  He leaps, tips the ball, and then catches it as it falls back to earth for the interception, and that does it.  

James, 20 for 42, for 236 yards, and the two costly interceptions.  Clearly, one his worst performances to date, but then again, he was not helped by his teammates on multiple occasions.  Perhaps just one of those dropped passes could have been the difference.

Much tougher going for Bullock, 22 carries for 53 yards, with a long of 15.  

Davis, 4 for 75, CJF, 4 for 61, and Bullock tossed in 5 catches for 56 yards, to get him over 100 net yards on the day.  

We just needed a couple more yards on that possession that overlapped the 3rd and 4th quarters, and we couldn’t get them.  Oh, for 6 more feet.

So there is work to be done.  The Iowa offense knows what has to happen, the coaches know.  There are 3 more games to be played in Kinnick before a bye week  - we should see progress, starting Saturday.

Week 3 - Northern Iowa

2009.  A sluggish game for Iowa, but the win started a run that could have gone all the way if not for the loss of Stanzi.  That, probably not going to happen this year, but it’s still a game that could get away from the Hawks if they are not careful.

The Panthers are 1-1, after two rather different kind of games. In week 1, they put up a very good fight in Camp Randall, losing 26-21, and they had the ball in Badger territory late before being denied on 4th down.  

Then last week, the Panthers welcomed Central State (Ohio, and a Division 2 school) and put a 59-0 beat down on their guests.  All that by the end of the 3rd quarter.

So - what that all means, I’m not sure. If you saw the Badgers this past weekend, well...they took the highly unusual step of firing their Offensive Line coach after two games, after falling at Oregon State 10-7 - a game where the vaunted Badger offense was shut out for 58.5 minutes.

And Central State is - a Division 2 school.

Who are these Panthers?  Their QB is a redshirt freshman, #17, Kollmorgen.  Against the Badgers, he was 18 for 34 and 265, with 3 tds.  11 for 18 for 239 and 3 more tds in week 2.  6 tds in two weeks.  Not jealous, or anything.

The Panthers got 160 yards on the ground against Central State, but against a Big Ten defense, only rushed for 41 yards, on 20 carries.  So, we can expect the improving Iowa defense to suffocate the running game and make the young QB put the ball up.

The Badgers rushed for 168 on UNI’s defense.  Central State - 27.  Not telling us much there.

I suppose the Panthers are feeling rather good about this game, with their success in Badgerville, and  the obvious offensive struggles of the Hawkeyes to date.  And if the Hawkeyes can’t fix their red zone issues, the Panthers might be feeling really good.

But, I also think the Hawks would not like to see Mike Meyer wrap up the Lou Groza award in the first half of the season.  And so, we will see better execution, and perhaps, some different play calling, once we get close to the goal line.  

But, this is against a FCS team, so don’t expect to see the Hawks breaking out any trick plays, or anything like that.  As bad as Saturday was, we can still win a Big Ten title*.  So let’s not give the scouts anything to note.

(*Remember getting waxed 44-7 at Arizona State in 2004?  That team won a Big Ten title.)

The Hawkeyes WILL SCORE TOUCHDOWNS.  Maybe not in bunches, but there will be touchdowns.  Rushing touchdowns.  Passing touchdowns.  And, this week, I’m tossing in a defensive touchdown.  A pick six.

The Panthers, they might score, some.  The Iowa defense, improving, and already ahead of where I think most thought they would be through 2 weeks, might give up a play or two.  On the assumption they shut down the running game, they will be able to tee off on the young quarterback.  

Last week, the Iowa offense hit bottom.  Now on the way back up. 

Hawks 27, Panthers 16.



VP, NY Metro Iowa Alumni Club
Iowa class of 1995

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