November 29, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday November 29th

Hello again TES Friends!

The Eternal Season keeps right on rolling along - just hours now from December, the Holidays are here, and despite the record high in NYC yesterday, the Earth keeps getting a bit further from the sun, and the result - winter.

But for now, we are enjoying the 65 degree temps - and though cloudy, even the rain has stepped away for a bit.

So, what has been going on out there since the Hawks sleepwalked their way through the Nebraska game?  A lot.

Let's start with the in-season sports - like hoops.  The NBA is back, not that many folks seemed to notice it was gone.  Word broke over the weekend of yet another off-the-field scandal, this time at Syracuse, where Associate Basketball Coach Bernie Fine was fired Sunday amidst allegations that he has engaged in sexual abuse of children over many years - and like at Penn State, there was evidence several years ago of this, but at best it was mishandled,  worst, swept under the rug.  So far, it has not cost Jim Boeheim his job - but it sure appears tenuous.

Onto teams we care about, the Hawks play tonight against Clemson in the Big Ten/ACC Shootout - the game is in Iowa City, on ESPNU, at 9:15 eastern.  This will be the first live Hawkeye game that TES has gotten to see this season - really looking forward to it.  Go Hawks!