August 26, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday August 26th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

All quiet on the eastern front at this point, but Irene rolls north, and the latest track has it running right across Gotham late Saturday through Sunday afternoon.  And so, our theme song for the next 48 hours is:

Why Bad Moon Rising?  Well, on Sunday, the lunar cycle resets, and the New Moon rises.  With a new moon, you get the highest tides of the month.  When does this happen in NYC?  Early morning - just as a Cat 1 hurricane is coming ashore.  Anywhere from 4 inches to a foot of rain, on top of the nearly 12 inches we have had this month already.  Plus the storm surge, and the high(er) tide.  A perfect combination. As we love CCR, how bout another timely song:

August 25, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 25th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Thursday afternoon - at 6:00 pm tonight, 7 days away from the start of college football!  Tick Tick Tick!!!

And at 6:00 pm, we'll all be done with Thursday, with just one day to go til the weekend.  Almost there!

Of course, the major sporting news over the past day plus was a bit sadder, as life once again forced its way into the secure world of sports venues.  Pat Summit, the legendary coach of the Tennessee Womens Hoops team (8 national titles), has been diagnosed with early-onset dementia, the kind that will most certainly lead to Alzheimer's.  She is just 59.  This news struck especially close to home, as our Mother Nancy died from complications of the same thing, at age 64.  Summit is hoping she can coach for at least three more seasons - relying, obviously, on her long-time assistant coaches (89 combined years among them).  But, as if getting the early-onset is not bad enough, there is the fact that it tends to erode brain capacity much faster than your regular Alzheimer's, which is more likely to strike much later in life.  The road ahead will not be easy, and there should be no shame in her stepping down if things get too difficult.  For all our medical advances, we are still a long ways away from getting this disease figured out.

August 23, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 23rd

Hello TES Nation!  Late Tuesday, Hump Day in sight, one day closer.  We are rocking and rolling here in Gotham, and I ain't talking bout the music!

Closer to the weekend, closer to football.  9+ days until real football, 10+ days until the Hawkeyes open the 2011 season. 

And news today that we won't have to see the Hawkeyes grimace as they take the Cy-Hawk trophy back to Iowa City in week 2.  The Iowa Corn board has heard all the negative talk, and announced that the trophy will be changed, and there will be input from fans on the new design.  Most likely voting on various designs.  More info to come soon. 

Being as we are in the last day of August, the sporting calendar is still pretty slim, aside from baseball, soccer, and the tennis pros in the final tune up before the US Open.  That's ok, as we at TES have been kind of consumed with watching reports from Libya for the past couple days.  We love seeing oppressed people rise up and overcome dictators, kings, and the like.  Now, if we can get those NATO bombers to head a bit more east, help some others out. 

August 22, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 22nd

Good Morning TES Friends!

Monday morning - blah.  At least the sun is out here in Gotham, and it looks to be a beautiful day ahead.  Hope it is in your neck of the woods!

Well we got to watch a little bit of several kinds of sports this weekend - from preseason football, to tennis, to a Dodgers/Rockies game, and some soccer in England, France, and Germany.  But since we have moved past the baseball season, there wasn't a lot there that was satisfying, on a personal level.  That all begins to change a scant 10 days from tonight! 

Monday, yes.  Just one more, and then - weekends (and Mondays) will have meaning once again.

Bears/Giants tonight, 8:00 pm, ESPN.  A wee bit of meaning. 

The NFL Supplemental Draft is today, and now Pryor is saying he would be willing to play wideout if his draft team so chooses.  Smart move, just being on an NFL team is a pretty good gig.

Make that a really good gig, if you are Larry Fitzgerald.  Signed an extension with the Cardinals for a cool $120 million over 8 years.  That may just throw a wrench in the Titans/Johnson stalemate.  Oh, and news today that the Colts owner is in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  That's right, this weekend the Colts basically confirmed that Manning won't be able to go in week 1, still rehabbing his neck surgery.  And so - the owner is in Mississippi.  For what it's worth Favre's agent hasn't heard from the Colts.  Yet.