August 12, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday August 12th

Friday night!  We made it TES friends!!!

The countdown clock is now inside of 22 days until the Hawks take the field.  The Big Ten Network was in Iowa City today, I was incorrect the other day, the Iowa Preview Show will air August 17th at 8:00 pm.  But today there was a lot of tweeting going on by the various BTN guys, and most of them were very complimentary toward the coaching, the hospitality, and the players.  In fact, if you were reading those posts all day, you would think this was a team that should be picked better than 6th in the conference.  Shhhh, don't let the word out, we are going to sneak up on people.

Soon after the reports came out that A&M was looking at the SEC, there were new ones saying that Florida State was doing the same.  But tonight there are reports that FSU is denying such talks have taken place.  But where there is smoke, there is you know what.  I think we all thought the conference shuffle was going to settle down for a bit - but it's looking now like the big guys will have to make some preemptive strikes to get the teams they want (i.e, the teams that have big populations around them, and thus, tv ratings/money).  Big Ten needs to get all the way to the east coast - not that Rutgers has huge (any) viewership in NYC, but having the likes of Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State playing so close would.  And yes, we Hawkeye fans would love to be able to take a train to see Iowa v. Rutgers as well.  If things are really about to be in play, the Big Ten must move - now.

Maybe we will have that NCAA Div. 1 football playoff in 2015...

August 11, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 11th

Good Afternoon Friends!  Thursday afternoon!

How bout a song to lead things off.  Suitable, as we are all mentally checked out by this point.

Can I get some more cowbell?

Thursday - 3 weeks from tonight - at 6:00 pm eastern - there will be real, live, college football.  Tonight, quasi real football - 5 NFL pre-season games, but the only one you can see nationally is Seahawks at Chargers at 8:00, on ESPN.  I expect if you live in a NFL city you can probably see these games on a local channel.  Probably just 1, maybe 2 series for the starters, but football it will be.

August 10, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday August 10th

Wednesday Afternoon TES Friends! 

Past the halfway point, we can now start to focus on the coming weekend!

Just a quick hitter today, once football season starts Wednesday and Saturday will be the off days for TES, Saturday for the obvious football watching reasons, and Wednesday is the day of primary writing for the Hawkeye Game Notes.

Speaking of football, but with goalies, tonight 9:00 pm, ESPN2, Mexico v. USA from Philly.  There is also news today that NBC has come to an agreement with MLS to provide coverage starting in 2012 - with a few games on NBC itself, but most on the new NBC Sports Network (which is actually Versus, the name will change on January 2nd). This game is 1 of 38 national team friendlies going on today, around the globe.

August 9, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 9th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Tuesday afternoon, that is.  Why not?

A great song by a great band!

Hump day in sight, the fact that the sun has gone down and risen again means we now sit 23 days and 2 hours from the start of college football.  24 days, 20 hours until the Hawkeyes take the field.  Since we are in a video sharing mode today, here is an excellent one from highlighting the first week of camp.

Just click on the site, the video will load in a moment.

August 8, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 8th

Good Evening TES Friends!

That's right, evening!  The Monday is over, finished, done with!  For this week, at least.

But we'll take it.  Football players all over the country, NFL, college, and high school are out there hitting the sleds and boning up on the playbooks, as the season grows ever closer.  And no two-a-days in the NFL anymore?  They probably have it easiest!

Then again, as some predicted, there has been a rash of injuries to NFL players through the first week of camps.  You probably would have thought pro athletes with million dollar contracts would have stayed in shape on their own during the lockout, but these injuries seem to indicate that many did not.  The mini camps and OTAs may not be fun, but they help players be ready for the rigors of camp.  By the time the season starts, they should be in playing shape - unless of course, the injury they suffer in camp knocks them out for the season, as has happened a couple times over the past couple days.

August 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday August 7th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Hope your weekend has gone well so far!

Got too busy yesterday, but once the season stars, Saturday will be an 'off' day for TES, as we'll be watching football from 12:00 noon through the 10:00 pm kickoffs.  That's right.  :)

At the link below, there is a quick video showing the Hawkeye QBs and wideouts working on patterns and passes.  More pics and videos to come as practice goes on.

With Saturday slipping into the rear view mirror, the countdown clocks have eased inside of 4 weeks.  24 days, 6 hours, and counting until football returns, on that Thursday night.  Which means 24 days until I am a year older.  Alas; the birthday always coincides with football, which helps with the pain.

NFL camps are in full swing now that the free agents can practice with their new teams.  No Hall of Fame Game this weekend, which is kind of a bummer, but then again, it's never really a compelling football game.  Those to come soon.  The NFL opens one week later than the NCAA, on Thursday night September 8th, with a great showdown between the Pack and Saints.  Then our weekends will be complete, with football Thursday night, Friday night, all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday night.  A world with 5 days of football.  Utopia.