August 5, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday August 5th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Late Friday afternoon, almost there!

A Friday filled with some of the best news in months.  Hawkeye Football has started fall camp.

That's right, and Kirk has just had his first 'in-season' presser, and per usual, we didn't learn much that we didn't already know. But that is all right, as he said multiple times, there are 4 weeks of practice, and on a team with so few returning starters, there is going to be intense competition for several key positions between now and September 3rd.  Battles that will help the team down the road, by providing depth that will be critical in the back half of the season.

The first pre-season polls are out, and the Hawks come in 30th in the USA Today poll (5th of the teams getting votes beyond 25).  Just fine, close enough to be in the polls after a couple weeks, and keep climbing up the polls as the team gets stronger going into October and November.

August 4, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday August 4th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Thursday afternoon, yes!  Moving right along, the end is in sight!

In sight of the weekend, that is, and one that will have us just 4 weeks from the start of college football.  Actually, today is Thursday - college football starts 4 weeks from tonight at 6:00 pm eastern!!!

There was college football news today, as the Big Ten has now confirmed that we will be going to 9 game conference schedules starting in 2017.  That means 5 home B1G games one year, 4 the next.  And in regards to the Iowa State series, they play in Iowa City on the years that we have 4 conference home games, so that game is not at risk.

This means that for Iowa, we'll have 7 home games every year, when you add in the non-conference non-BCS directional schools.  True, we might play a game in Soldier Field every now and then, but it's still a home game when you consider the fans in the stands.  So, it's good for the schools revenue wise, it's good for all of us when the tv broadcast rights come up again (one more game, more money), and it's especially good because with 9 games, we will never go more than 2 years without playing someone.  None of this dumb 6 year gap we are currently on with Illinois. 

August 2, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday August 2nd

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Getting a bit late in the afternoon on a Tuesday, which means Hump Day is nearly here, and once again, we can begin to think about the weekend.  Glorious weekend.

A weekend that will have us just 4 weeks from the start of football season (as of Thursday night).  In the NFL, things have quieted down a bit, as most major free agents have found homes (where they can't start actually practicing with a new team until Thursday).  Less news of player movement means more news of actual football, where the talking heads are now dissecting the various players and teams chances for the season.  Can the Cowboys rebound, is the Pack set to repeat, can the Patriots make a run at another title, and of course, the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl (so sayeth the coach. Again).  If the Jets give Shonn Greene the ball 20 times a game, that would help.

August 1, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday August 1st

Hello TES Friends!  It's Monday!

Which doesn't suck quite as much as normal, as it's also August - and football returns NEXT month!

At 6:00 pm tonight (eastern) we will be 31 days away.  All NFL teams have now started training camp, and all major colleges open camp this week.  Soon enough, all the news will be about two-deeps and game plans!

While the NCAA teams are getting ready, the NFL state of constant signing/trading news continues.  As of the last 24 hours, the Jets seemed to have responded to the Patriots moves, by retaining Cromartie and signing Plaxico.  A couple of Cowboys (Barber and Williams) are now with the Bears.  And over the weekend some pictures of Stanzi tossing the ball around to his Chiefs teammates was great to see.  With each passing day, there will be more and more news about what is going on inside the stadiums and practice fields.  It's almost the most wonderful time of the year!