July 30, 2011

The Eternal Season - Saturday July 30th

Good Evening TES Friends!

At this time in five weeks, we will be celebrating the first win of the season for Iowa Football.  Camp is opening in 5 days, and soon after, we will begin to get an idea of the new starters, and the new kids who will be looking to make their mark in the games ahead.  This week, cornerback Cole Fisher, #24.  Thanks again to GoHawks TV for the video.

July 29, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday July 29th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!  Friday afternoon - when you will soon be out of there, in the event you aren't already mentally checked out.

The NFL signing/trading/camp chaos is continuing again today, but there are other sporting events that for a brief moment, have taken a bit of the spotlight away from football.

Namely, Tiger Woods is returning to competition next week at the Bridgestone Invitational.  Tournament directors, and the tv broadcast executives, elated.  The other PGA players - well, we shall see how Tiger does.  Knowing him, I wouldn't think he would be back if he didn't think he could play up to his standards.

A day after USA Soccer fired coach Bob Bradley, the several year flirtation of Juergen Klinsmann has culminated with his hiring.  The press conference is Monday, the first game under him will be against Mexico on August 10th.   I expect the entire soccer world is watching this with a bit of worry, as the US becoming a soccer power is the worst possible nightmare for a couple billion people.  Hoping he is the man to make it happen.

July 28, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday July 28th

Hello TES Friends!

Football!!!  Big Ten, or B1G Media Days have started, and Ron Zook (yes, he is still the coach) is leading off.  Nearly all the stuff that will be aired on the BTN is also streamed on the BTN website -


Right there on the homepage.  Been watching for about 10 minutes, no problems at all with the streaming.  Kirk takes to the podium at 2:00 pm eastern.  No, we won't learn any actual new news about the Iowa Football team in this 15 minute session.

It's Thursday!  At 6:00 pm tonight, college football will be 35 days away.  At noon today, 37 days until the Hawkeyes kick off.

July 27, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday July 27th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Lunch hour is now in the rear view mirror, the week is past the 50% mark, thoughts of weekends can now come into view.  It will come.

Continuing chaos on the NFL front, but at the moment the spotlight is in Cleveland, where Angels pitcher Ervin Santana has just no-hit the Indians in the 3-1 win.  That's right, the Indians had no hits, but got a run on an error, steal, sacrifice, and wild pitch in the 1st inning.  An unearned run, and no hits.  These things have kind of come in waves of late, we'll see what happens tonight!

But back to football, where more signings and now trades are making headlines today. McNabb to the Vikings, Kolb to the Cards (not done yet), Hasselbeck to the Titans, and, Tavaris Jackson to Seattle (along with Matt Lienart).  Seahawks fans, less than thrilled.

July 26, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 26th

Good Evening TES Friends - Night Edition!

The chaos has begun in the NFL - team facilities were opened up to players today, and many started arriving before training camps start opening tomorrow.  Every team's camp opens 15 days before their first pre-season game, that's the reason why teams are starting camp Wednesday through Sunday.

Teams can now start signing free agents - the college kind, those whose name was not called in the NFL Draft.  And to date, 7 Hawkeyes have signed on the line and become NFL players.  They are:
Ryan Donahue to the Lions, Brett Greenwood to the Steelers, Jeremiha Hunter to the Saints, DJK to the Eagles, Alan Reisner to the Vikings, Andrew Schultz to the Falcons, and Jeff Tarpinian to the Patriots.  I think all have a decent shot at final rosters or practice squads, but we'll see over the next month.  These guys are in addition to the 6 drafted Hawkeyes - teams don't have to worry about signing them yet as they hold their rights.

So, a great start to the NFL season for the Iowa program, the more players we get into the league, the more it shows high school kids that your NFL dreams should come through Iowa City.  And with so many guys on contending teams, the spotlight only gets brighter.

July 25, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday July 25th

Good Morning!  It's Monday - again.  But, this one is a little bit better, if you like football.

It the sources are correct, the NFL might even be returning in part today.  The vote by the NFLPA has not happened yet, but it seems it will by this afternoon.  Teams are also probably going to be able to talk to free agents today - theirs, and others.  Then starting on Wednesday, teams will start reporting to camp, but not all of them; a staggered schedule that would conclude Sunday.  So that is good, albeit there will be chaos for the NFL front offices trying to get all these deals done to get to the 90 man rosters.  We'll have our Sunday football on time, and the quality of play should not be an issue.  Well, except for the teams that we expect to be bad.

College football camps open in early August, but the spotlight is really starting to heat up with the media days going on - our concern of course are the Big Ten meetings, which will take place the 28th and 29th, in Chicago.  Or should we say, the Ohio State media days.  Actually, that will be the lead story, but not the only one, as we have four new coaches, two new divisions, and one new team.  There is not much happening on the gridiron itself yet, but preparations are being made to change that.