July 8, 2011

The Eternal Season - Friday July 8th

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

Only hours to go now...the end is in sight!

There is breaking football news today-  but not of the kind we are waiting on.  No, Ohio State is trying to self-punish in an effort to lesson the hammer the NCAA is going to drop on them, so they have vacated all their 2010 wins.  Umm, did Pryor and the others get these benefits in the 2009 or 2008 seasons?  I suppose the NCAA investigators shall have more to say about that.  You recall a while back, USC tried to do this, and still got walloped when it was all said and done.  OSU goes before the NCAA board on August 12th, and the ruling will follow sometime later.   Expect scholarship losses at least.

There is NFL news today, but it doesn't change anything - the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed the earlier ruling lifting the lockout.  So the lockout, and the talks, go on.  We already know they will stay in NYC through the weekend if there is progress being made, but I would bet that as today is Friday, there will be some leaks tonight telling us how far things have moved.  It's July 8th - tick tick tick.

July 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Thursday July 7th

Hello TES Friends!

Tonight - 8 weeks until college football.  And - my birthday.  Sigh.

The NFL owners, players, and yes, lawyers, are here in New York today - it is now sounding like we could be close to a deal - they are committed to staying through the weekend, if needed.  In the end, I guess $9 billion is something that can be split up.  Will continue to monitor the NFL news sites for any breaking developments.  Looking like we won't have to stumble around Sundays with no direction in a state of misery.  And, for further evidence that everyone can get a 2nd chance, Nike has re-upped Michael Vick - terms not disclosed. 

July 6, 2011

The Eternal Season - Wednesday July 6th

Good Morning TES Friends!

The Eternal Season - a Casey Anthony trial free blog.

Now that we are back in our old hood, I was able to finally take the field for my first softball game last night.  It felt good to be swinging the bat, (2 for 3, 1 run scored), and flashing the leather at 1st again.  We got smacked, but that's ok, it's corporate league softball, fun was had.  Remember, being a part of The Eternal Season means more than just watching sports!  Get out there!

But dress in little, cause it's hot!

Onto games that are played by people that are good.  There really hasn't been any news over the past 24 about the NFL lockout, we know they are meeting again this week.  But there is a growing sense that we could be near to a deal, if you follow the blogs and podcasts by people close to the game.  I guess the threat of missing checks for the players, and missing revenue of all kinds for the owners, is forcing everyone to get serious.  Just this weekend the NFL assured ticket buyers that the NFL Hall Of Fame Game (August 7th) is still on the books and will be played.  Clearly, being July 6th, things are now getting to a point where something has to be done - free agency, mini camps, training camps.  We will continue to keep our eyes on the news wire (wish I had one!) for any breaking details in the days ahead.

July 5, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday July 5th

Hello Again TES Friends! We're back!

I hope you had a wonderful (and safe) long weekend, and that you are able to ease back into things today - though why is it that every four day week seems almost longer than a five day week?

So, what has been going on as the TES Control Center underwent the move?  Well, some good and surprising tennis for starters.  We got the men's final that most of us wanted, and Djokovic was able to dismiss Nadal in 4 sets.  That, about 48 hours after his semi-final win ensured that he would rise to #1 in the world rankings.  Things were more of a surprise on Saturday, where the assumption of a Sharapova return to the top never happened.  21 year old lefty Petra Kvitova pounded Maria with crushing ground strokes en route to the 6-3, 6-4 rout.  At TES, we like to see lefties win things!  We have yet to learn if this win signals an official arrival for Petra -  on a bigger stage.  For Novak, there is no doubt.  Starting in a couple weeks,  the US Open Series, as the players tune their game for the hardcourts, and prepare for the fortnight across the river in Queens.  For the fortnight across the Pond, there is news today that ESPN has won the rights to cover Wimbledon, starting in 2012, for the next 12 years.  While the enhanced, multi-platform coverage for tennis fans is good, the fact the finals will be on ESPN will mean no over-the-air broadcast for those who forgo the cable or dish.