May 28, 2011

The Eternal Season - Saturday May 28th

Good Evening, TES Friends!

We're back, and this time much closer to the home of Hawkeye Nation, albeit actually much closer to Kinnick North.  That's ok, we love to wear the Colors around the Twin Cities!  Hoping that the long weekend and quasi-start to summer has you spending time with family and friends as well.

It's Saturday, another one closer to the start of football season, which is now inside of 100 days away.  And so, we lead with video from another one of the incoming Iowa freshmen, this week Damon Bullock, a running back and safety from Texas.

May 24, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday May 24th

Good Afternoon Friends!

Wow, readers in Hong Kong, Germany, and Russia!  Greetings to all of you wherever you might be, sports love is universal and something that brings us all together.

Last night was very exciting for our winter sports playoff series.  Starting on the ice, the Bruins went up 3-2 on the Bolts with a thrilling 3-1 victory, one that sported what may be the save of the playoffs by Boston's Tim Thomas.  A stick save, and a beauty.  Check it out in slow-mo:

Boston will look to close out Tampa and advance to the Stanley Cup Final on Wednesday night, but before that, Vancouver looks to cement their place in the final in the west's game 5, tonight at 9:00 pm, Versus. 

May 23, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday May 23rd

Good Afternoon Sports Fans!

Saturday 6:00 pm came and went, with nary a rumble to be found.  If that guy had said anything about another worldwide flood, he might have been on to something.  Another week of rain slated for every day here in New York!

Anyway, here's hoping the paid media types can now get back to focusing on issues that actually matter.  You know, Mideast 'peace', global warming causing bigger, deadlier storms (my thoughts with those in Joplin, Missouri). Health care costs going through the roof, that kind of stuff.  Sadly, in an era when attention spans can't allow for such discussion, it will only be a matter of time before another fruitcake will come to dominate the airwaves.

And so we return to our comfort zone, the world of sports, and while the weekend was full of lots of on the court action, the lead today concerns when real life intercedes with the sanctity of the field.