May 21, 2011

The Eternal Season - Saturday May 21st

Well, all seems good across the globe, so well shall resume the countdown to college football season, which for some of us is the most sacred time of the year.  Short and sweet today, below is your video of another new Iowa Hawkeye - outside linebacker #57, Marcus Collins. 

Iowa Football Countdown Clock - 105 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes.  The Iowa D is bringing wanton destruction and chaos!

May 20, 2011

TES - 5/20/11

Good Afternoon Friends!

So here we sit, mere hours away from the worldwide earthquakes that will begin far out in the Pacific (would make for great surfing, I hear) and work their way around...

Ok, so the odds of that happening are right up there with this: Iowa winning the BCS national title, the NCAA Final Four title, and the Cubs winning the World Series - all within one calendar year.

So, the games will be going on Saturday night, Sunday, and well on into the future.  Sure, the end might come someday, but it will be our doing, not coming from above.  Well, unless it's a really big asteroid - just ask the dinosaurs. 

Back to more current events.  On the ice, the series that was supposed to be about great goaltending finally looked like it, as Tim Thomas killed 31 shots and the Bruins went a game up on the Bolts, by a 2-0 score.  Game 4 will be Saturday at 1:30 on NBC.  Tonight the Sharks look to start climbing out of the 0-2 hole the Canucks put them in, 9:00 pm on Versus.

May 19, 2011

TES - 5/19/11

Good Morning Friends,

Breaking news in the NYC area - it's not raining!  No sign of the sun, and the forecast is calling for even more of this for the next couple days.  Maybe June will be sunny!

Kicking things off today with the continuing playoffs to wrap up the winter sports.  On the ice, the Canucks are up 2-0 on the Sharks after routing San Jose 7-3 last night; games 3 and 4 are back in the Shark Tank starting Friday.  Tonight, the eastern final shifts to Florida as the Bolts and Bruins resume their 1-all series.  8:00 pm, Versus.  Thinking this one will go 7, not sure about the west yet.

In Chicago, the Heat flipped the script on the Bulls, and threw a lockdown defense on them en route to a 85-75 win in game 2 to knot that series up at 1-all.  Now they have 3 days to think about it, game 3 isn't until Sunday.  The west final resumes tonight in Dallas, where the Mavs are looking to go up 2-0 on the Thunder.  9:00 eastern, ESPN.  Cleveland got the 1st pick in the lottery!  Oh no. 

May 17, 2011

TES - 5/17/11

Greetings from a very waterlogged New York!  And we are only halfway done with this trend?  Oh well, can't change the weather (ok, we can, just not in the short term), so might as well deal with it.

As mentioned yesterday, it was a pretty slow night on the gaming front, but there was major news, and it was not good.  Well, if you are on the side of the owners it was good.  Hard to say whose side I am on, it depends on the day and the press conferences.  Yesterday the 8th circuit appeals court sided with the NFL owners and ordered that the lockout be granted a permanent 'stay'.  In other words, there is not really anything the 'union' can do now on the legal front.  They are again in mediation today, but all the momentum is now with the NFL owners.  We are into the back half of May now, that means training camps open in about 8 weeks.  The fans, we want our football - and we don't want crappy football if there is a last minute deal that gets the players on the field, but not ready to play.  Get it done and get the off season going.

May 16, 2011

TES - 5/16/11

Good Morning Friends!

Well, day two of what appears to something like a 6 day stretch of clouds and rain here in New York - glad this rain won't be impacting the severe flooding on the Mississippi, though we do get flooding out here as well.  I hope that wherever you might be, you stay safe!

Still wondering if the tweaks I made to the TES format are going to be restored by least I didn't lose some posts as some did.  

This weekend was full of some excellent sporting action, and we are going to lead with something that I didn't see coming - filed in the "Other Sports" category.   And that is - track and field!

Yes, a sport near and dear to my heart, in no small part due to my involvement in 3 of the 6 straight Iowa state titles that Ames High won between 1986 and 1991.  Yup, a long time ago, but I will be using that experience as I work on getting myself back into better shape over the coming months.  It's worth mentioning today, as the Iowa Hawkeyes completed an amazing run on Sunday to claim their first Big Ten team title since 1967.  And, as it should be, the battle for the title (between us and the Golden Rodents) came down to the final race - the 4x400.  There, the Hawks placed 2nd to the Gophers 3rd, and the difference in points gave Iowa the team title at 125.5-123.  Click the link for a  picture of your Big Ten 2011 Track and Field Champions,