May 14, 2011

TES - 5/14/11

Good Morning Friends!

Another Saturday has arrived, meaning we are now another week closer to our favorite time of the year, the start of college football season.  At 12:05 eastern we will be exactly 112 days, or 16 weeks, away from the kickoff for the Hawkeyes, with the actual start two days earlier on that Thursday night.  To get you a bit into football mood, I will include over the next several weeks highlight videos of soon-to-be Hawkeye freshman.  We start this week with running back/kick returner Jordan Canzeri. 

Back to current sporting events, a quiet night on the ice, but not on the hardwood, as the Grizzlies held home court with a 95-83 win to force game 7 back in OKC, at 3:30 Sunday.  There was, however, sad news out of the NHL, as NY Ranger Derek Boogaard was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment.  He was just 28.  No official word on a cause at this time.  The East final gets under way in Boston tonight at 8:00 pm, on Versus.

May 13, 2011

TES - 5/13/11 - Boo!

Hello Again Sports Fans!

We're back after another beautiful day in the City, but we couldn't have posted yesterday anyway as there was a temporary crash of Blogger.  Though it's back, they still have not restored the painstaking edits I did to the blog format Wednesday (to better show my Game Notes - the Stats box doesn't work with this format).  Whenever the current issues are fixed, TES will appear under the new look.  New look for now, it may change as TES evolves over time.

We start on the ice, as the Final Four, aka Conference Finals are now all set.  The Sharks were finally able to stop the bleeding and put away the Wings in game 7, with a 3-2 score.  That sets up the Western Conference tilt against the Canucks, so it features the two teams who had 3-0 leads, only to lose 3 straight and see their series go 7 games.  Over in the East, no such issues, as the Bolts and Bruins will meet fresh off their recent sweeps.  The Finals kick off Saturday night, in the East - 8:00 pm on Versus.

May 11, 2011

TES - 5/11/11

Good Afternoon, Sports Fans!

You may have noticed the post count in TES shot through the roof last night, thanks to some Blogger users I found the setting to back-date posts, and so now every one of my Hawkeye Football Game Notes can be found here - all the way back to 2005, dated on the day of the actual games themselves.  Go back in time and see where I started overdosing on the Kool-Aid.  And yes, the early ones are a much quicker read. 

Tuesday was another interesting night in the ongoing saga of post-season series.  On the ice, the Red Wings have climbed all the way out of the 3-0 hole with a 3-1 win over the Sharks - that deciding game 7 will be Thursday night.  If completed, that would be the just 4th 3-zip comeback in the NHL.  All the scoring was in the 3rd in this one, with San Jose grabbing the lead, only to see it slip away in front of a typical Joe Louis madhouse. 

May 10, 2011

TES - 5/10/11

We're back - hello again, TES friends!

As much enjoyment that being a sports fan brings us, we are again sadly reminded that in many of them, the pursuit of greatness can come with incredible risk.  In fact, the current issue of ESPN The Magazine is called 'The Danger Issue,' and highlights many of the plays that are most dangerous in sports.  On Monday, we were presented with a vivid example of those risks.

In the Giro d'Italia, one of the other major races on the cycling circuit, 26 year old Belgian rider Wouter Weylandt was killed when, at somewhere nearly 50 mph, his cycle clipped a retaining wall on a major decent - the resulting crash caused major head injuries.  Emergency workers were on the scene immediately and spent 40 minutes trying to revive Weylandt, but the injuries were too severe.  There was speculation that his team would drop out of the race, but today, all the teams are riding together at a slow place in memory of their fallen competitor.

Everything we do carries some kind of risk, I know you have all seen those stats about how most car accidents occur very close to home.  In many parts of the world, even some places here, sports, even the risky ones, are often an escape from the guaranteed dangers that lurk outside the safe confines of the stadium or field.  And then there are things like obscene sums of money and eternal adulation from millions of fans.  These games will continue to be played, and the races will be run.  In some cases, technology can make the athletes safer, but in others, there is really nothing that can be done.  Well into the future, there will be risk in sports, just as there is in living an active life.

May 8, 2011

TES - 5/8/11

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!

Well, Saturday was a day that was supposed to give us a bit of clarity on the courts and the ice. but things don't always work out that way.  So for we sports fans, some of these series are going on for a bit longer.

Let's start on the ice.  The Canucks had a 2-1 lead after the 1st, but the Preds got one in the 2nd to knot it up.  Then in the 3rd, Nashville's Joel Ward blew up for two goals, and nearly another, as they built a 4-2 lead.  Vancouver was able to get one back, but the Predators were able to withstand the final 6 man assault, and now head back to Nashville for game 6, 8:00 pm Monday.  We only have look back to round one, when the Canucks allowed the 3-1 down Black Hawks to come all the way back to game 7.  You play with fire...

Tonight the Sharks will again attempt to eliminate the Red Wings, in game 5, from the Shark Tank.  8:00 pm, Versus.

A very interesting day on the hardwood as well.  First, the Grizzlies overcame a 16 point hole by clamping down on OKC and only allowing them 10 points in the 4th.   That took the game to overtime, and from there, the deflated Thunder wilted, and Memphis stole the 101-93 victory, and 2-1 series lead.  Game 4, Monday night, 9:30.