December 11, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday December 11th

And we're back!

Yes, the holidays are a bit crazy when you work for the flagship Apple store!  Will have a bit more time to blog post holiday - obviously the Insight Bowl Game Notes will be taking up most of my typing time over the next couple weeks.

I hope you are all well, not feeling the effects of the changing season as I have, and enjoying the sporting events as the calendar turns toward winter.  Here at TES, we have been working so much that even we haven't had much time to sit down in front of the tv, but we'll have the key days off we need to watch the major events that are coming up.

That means the Insight Bowl, 10:00 pm on December 30th, as the Hawks finally face Oklahoma, and their very-heavy Iowa alumni coaching staff.  The Hawks aren't given much of a chance to win this one - but that's ok.  The Iowa coaches have shown that with a month to prepare, they can have the team ready.  Much more to come the week of the game.

That will be a day full of football, as at noon eastern, I'll be in Yankee Stadium to watch the Pinstripe Bowl, Iowa State v. Rutgers.  For those of you who don't know, my little brother Jonathan is the Head Equipment Manager for Iowa State Sports.  After that game, a bit of time to rest up before the late Hawkeye start.  A great way to wrap up the football season.

The college football season, that is, as the NFL is now heading into the home stretch, with some very interesting - and intense - matchups to come.  That starts tonight, where the reeling Giants visit Dallas at 8:20 pm on NBC.  We are hoping that the Boys put the Giants out of their misery.

Meanwhile, the Iowa hoops team is still struggling to find their identity (and some more depth), but we are still confident that things are moving in the right direction.  And we look forward to the day the Big Ten season starts - as we can then, see the games on tv. 

The Caps appeared to be going through the expected struggles after a coaching change, but they have won 2 straight, so things seem to be ironed out.  Alex The Gr8 seems energized, which only means good things for the Caps ahead.  Next game, v. the Flyers, on Tuesday night.  Not to forget the big hockey news of the past week - the NHL has agreed to a major realignment - with 4 conferences, of a geographical nature.  We love this, as the Caps will play with the 3 NYC area teams - meaning they could be here in Gotham up to 9 times per year.  This could start as early as next season. The NHL, not afraid to shake things up.  It should set up for some great seasons in the years ahead.

And then, baseball.  Not only did Matt Kemp get shafted by not winning the NL MVP, it now appears  the award went to a cheat - Ryan Braun, of the Brewers, who tested positive for PEDS.  How could this happen in this day and age?  Good question - I just hope that if he is suspended, the award goes to the guy who should have won it in the first place.

Baseball did have some good news recently, all sides have agreed to a new 5 year extension of the bargaining agreement, meaning nothing like NFL or NBA lockouts are on the horizon for America's Pastime.

All right TES friends, we will be back in a couple days, and if anything truly newsworthy breaks, we can always use the mobile Blogger app to share our thoughts.  Monday lurks -  I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, and that the holidays are off to a good start for you and your families and friends.

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