December 17, 2011

The Eternal Season - Saturday December 17th

Hello Again Friends!

Time is a wasting for that holiday shopping, which means your scribe has been working night and day helping folks make those purchase decisions.  But not tonight, where all my current teams are in action.

Alas, the only one I can actually see is the Hawks v. Drake game, on the BTN, at 9:00 eastern.  The Cowboys and Bucks kick off at 8:20 pm, but we still don't get the NFL Network on our crappy Time Warner Cable. 

At the same time as the Hawkeye Hoops game, the Caps visit Denver to face the Avs - also a game I won't be getting - so I'll be following along with the gamecast, as with the football game, while watching the basketball game.  Sports multitasking.

I have been starting to put the Insight Bowl game notes together in my head, the actual typing starts on Monday.  Word broke just after my last update that our defense will be losing our leader after the game - Norm Parker will be retiring.  In light of his recent health issues, a wise choice. The great seasons that the Hawks have had under Kirk have all had one thing on common - a great defense.  I expect we might see some strategy changes with the new hire, but we won't soon forget the contribution Norm has made to Iowa Football.

The Hawks don't face the Sooners until the 30th, but the bowl season is now here.  Check out the listings below for the game specifics, all 35 of them.  Yup. would trade a bunch of those for a Div. 1 playoff!

Worked an extra long shift on what should have been my day off, so now I must grab some grub, and settle in for a little Hawkeye Hoops to wrap up the night.  Hope your weekend is off to a great start - the last weekend before the Holidays, and then, the new year!

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