November 1, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday November 1st

Hello Again TES Friends,

And just like that, the month of November has arrived, which means the final month of regular season play for college football is here (well, for the Big Ten).  After the way October ended, hoping the Hawks can wake up this Saturday when Michigan comes to town.  More about that game in a few days, of course.

The changing of the month also means that basketball is almost here.  College, at least, which is what we here at TES care about.  10 days from tonight for the Hawkeye opener, picked 10th by the media, but I think we are going to catch a few people by surprise this season.  So many close losses last year, with a very thin bench - which is now full, with some great shooters and more size available for the rugged style of Big Ten play.  Overlook the Hawkeyes at your own risk!

November also brings us weather that makes it feel like it should be hockey season.  The Caps 7 game winning streak to start the season ended with two losses on the west coast, but they return home tonight to face the Ducks, a team who now has to deal with the time zone shock.  That game is on Versus at 7:30, so we'll be getting our hockey fix tonight. 

Against this backdrop of actual games on the fields/courts/ice, the college conference shuffle has gained a little more momentum this afternoon.  Breaking news that the Big East is inviting 6 teams to join - Boise State, Navy, and Air Force for football, and SMU, Central Florida, and Houston for all the mens and womens sports.  This of course in response to Pitt and Syracuse bailing the Big East for the ACC, with TCU and West Virginia heading to the Big 12.  Times, they are a changing.  No word from Chicago regarding the Big Ten making any moves in response to all this.  For now.  Then again, the Big Ten does a much better job being behind the scenes for their discussions.

A new month, a new season begins for one of our favorite sports as another one of our favs begins to wind down.  That's the Eternal Season, moving ahead day by day, like time itself, never ending.

Hump day tomorrow!  Clear it, and the weekend begins to come into view.  Have a good night!

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