November 15, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday November 15th

Hello Again TES Friends!

I hope that all is well wherever TES finds you.  We shall be back to our more regular updates once the Iowa football season comes to a close, and my Notes retire for another offseason.

And wow - in my last update, I wondered just how warm things were going to get for Paterno with the growing Penn State scandal.  And within hours, word broke that he and the PSU AD were both dismissed by the PSU Regents.  If, as it appears, they knew at least something about the abuse going on, and didn't report it to the authorities, it is entirely fitting that they were shown the door.  And then, we were witness to extreme ugliness by select Penn State students, who rioted, apparently oblivious to the message they were sending to the world.  That their football team was more important than young victims of sexual abuse.  I assume most of them are regretting their actions now.

Then of course, came the first game without Paterno, and the Lions had a good effort, but fell, to Nebraska.  This going on, while the Hawks were completely falling apart in the final game in Kinnick for 2011.  Two road games left - both tough, but both also winnable - we'll see if the Hawks can get up off the mat to finish like we know they can.

As football winds down, the hoops season is really starting to heat up.  Well, the college hoops season, anyway - the NBA is now off through mid December, with growing prospects for going down the dark path that only the NHL has known.  But we can get all the hoops we need from the college kids.

ESPN is about to wrap up their 24 hours of live hoops action, from right here in NYC, where Coach K of Duke has just beaten Michigan State (sending the Spartans to 0-2 - ouch!) to claim win 903 - the most, all time, knocking Bob Knight from the top - and Knight was there calling the game on ESPN.  Another great matchup tips off soon in the Garden, Kansas and Kentucky.

And Hawkeye fans might be down on the football team, but look out now, the hoops team is 2-0 and averaging 95 points a game!  That's right, the Iowa Basketball team!  And - we haven't been able to see either one, only available for pay-for steaming from  So will be the 3rd game, Thursday night, against Northern Illinois - but the Big Ten network will be showing the game Friday at 11:00 am eastern - if you want to watch a hoops game that you already know the result of.  Finally, the Sunday game against Creighton, will be aired live on the BTN, at 3:00 eastern.

In baseball, Verlander has just claimed the AL Cy Young, we will learn Thursday if Dodger Clayton Kershaw wins it in the NL.  Hard to see him not winning it, seeing as he lead the league in wins, strikeouts, and ERA.  Couple days later, we'll see if Matt Kemp wins the NL MVP  - and there is news tonight that the Dodgers and Kemp are close to finalizing an 8 year, 160 million dollar deal.  Two great player to build on, and next year, new owners who care about the Dodgers, and not just lining their own pockets.  The Bums will be back!

The Caps and Preds are locked in a tight one in Nashville, 0 all halfway through the 3rd.  A win tonight has the Caps back in front of the East with the Rangers and Flyers.  Have Caps radio going on while I type - get it done boys!

And with that, TES will wrap things up for tonight, the Hawkeye game notes will be out Thursday night, and TES will return Friday.  Until then, have a good night!

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