November 7, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday Novmeber 7th

Hello Again TES Friends!

And voila - the Monday is done with!  Banished for 6 more days.  Monday night brings us a great MNF matchup at the bottom of the hour, Bears at Eagles, on ESPN of course.  That will wrap up week 9 in the NFL, and the division races really begin to heat up from this point on.

And what a football weekend it was, with the Hawks rebounding from the heartbreak of a week before to down the Wolverines for the 3rd time in a row, that the first time in school history.  And the road to the Legends Division title and Big Ten title game appearance is still open - much more in the game notes that will be out Thursday night.

Monday also brings us a new chapter in the Eternal Season - the return of NCAA Hoops!  3 games tonight, the most noteworthy Valpo at Arizona at 9:00 on ESPNU.  Then Wednesday brings us 4 more games, and then on Friday - 125 of them!  That will include the Hawks who open against Chicago State - no, I don't know the mascot - at 7:00 pm. Not sure of tv coverage other than pay-for streaming at the Big Ten Network website, but if there is some, we'll have an update later in the week.  Hoops season, along with hockey, take us back to baseball season - and the cycle goes on for another year!

The weekend again brought us more than just on the field results - the Missouri Paper Tigers are now officially headed to the SEC, where they are aligning with their historical bedfellows - a conference that did not have a black football player until 1967.

But that was news that was in the works for a while.  The bombshell came from the Big Ten - where assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky has been charged with multiple cases of child sexual abuse over a several year period.  And things got even worse for the Lions when their athletic director and senior VP for finance were charged with lying to a grand jury investigating the original abuse claims.  It seems that Joe Paterno has not been a target of the investigation - but this hits extremely close to home.  You wonder if this could drive him to retire before the grim reaper does.  More from a suddenly un-Happy Valley as things come to light.

That will wrap things up here at TES for tonight, doing a little prep work before typing up the week 10 game notes tomorrow.  A new link has been added to the listings below - it's hoops season!

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