November 22, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday November 22nd

Hello Again TES Friends!

6:30 pm on the east coast, meaning that the last full work day of Thanksgiving week is done, and we are just hours now from the official start to the Holiday season.  If you are hitting the road soon, safe travels to you!  And be sure to enjoy that home cooking!

Spent the day off here working on the last regular season Hawkeye Game Notes, which will be out late Thursday night, with no more days to kill before the showdown against Nebraska at noon on Friday.  So glad that this epic battle will end the season - where the Hawks may have had some trouble getting up for the Rodents of late, there will be no such issues come Friday.

And that will wrap up the college regular season (in Big Ten land), with the title game to come a week later from Indy.  Not much longer after that, the bowl season begins, and that takes us to the conference part of the college hoops season, as The Eternal Season rolls on.

Of course, before the March Madness wraps up, baseball will take the field, and today there is news that the owners and players have ratified a new 5 year CBA, with some major changes.  Those included the Houston Astros moving to the AL so that both leagues will now have 15 teams.  A 2nd wild card team will be added in 2013, and the two wild cards will meet for a 1 game winner take all showdown to kick off the MLB postseason.  Both the AL and NL games will be on the same night, providing a major jolt of drama into the postseason from the very start.  Also in this CBA, HGH testing begins in 2012, with 50 game suspensions for 1 positive test.  A golden era for baseball, when it comes to keeping the games on the field.

But also news today the Ryan Braun won the NL MVP over Matt Kemp of the Dodgers.  Which I think is BS, as Kemp had nowhere near the protection that Braun did (Prince Fielder batting behind him), and it was Kemp that was battling for nothing short of the elusive hitting Triple Crown.  A new contract in hand, Kemp will blow away Braun in 2012 and get his just rewards.  Including a much better Dodger season, with the ownership issues finally behind them.

No sign of life from the NBA, but the NCAA hoops season is now in full swing.  The Hawks finally fell when they went on the 'road', but they get a couple more games at home to shore things up and develop the bench.  Then it will be time to start proving the experts wrong, and climbing back up that Big Ten ladder.  Go Hawks!

Things have been up and down of late for the Caps, but they got a 4-1win  last night over Phoenix, and all winning streaks have to start with a win.  They host the Jets Wednesday at 7:00, and then the Rangers come to DC Friday, for a game shown on NHL Network at 4:00 eastern.  The Great 8 loves playing the Rangers, I think his recent 5 game goalless streak will end by then, if not Wednesday night. 

And let's not forget the NFL, with the Cowboy's OT win over the Skins, and the Giants going down to Philly, that means Dallas and NY are now tied for the NFC East lead!  Your Thanksgiving NFL games - Packers at Lions, 12:30 on Fox, then Dolphins at Cowboys at 4:15, on CBS. And the nightcap, which we still can't see with Time Warner Cable (think FIOS is getting close!) is 49ers at Ravens, 8:20 pm, NFL network.

And with that, we take leave, so we can spend a little more time digesting the Huskers season to date.  Hope that your short week is off to a good start!

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