October 18, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday October 18th

Hello TES Friends!
Half a day from being over the hump!  Hope your week is off to a good start.  Mobile Blogging tonight, had to swing into Opal to pick up our HawkPod.  In our Saturday jubuliations, we forgot to grab it.

Have a little Tuesday night college football on the screens, but the news of the day was again off the field, as the Paper Tigers seem headed to the SEC, while the Big East is making plans to target 12 teams.  That would involve a lot of movement, as they will be down to six football schools once Pitt and Cuse bolt for the ACC.  The conference shuffle is once again in full swing.  No word on if the Big Ten will step on the dance floor - yet.

The Fall Classic gets underway tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern, as the Red Birds take on the Rangers.  Should be a good series, which will pave the way for a very interesting offseason, with plenty of big names in the free agent pool.   Fox for your TV coverage. For no Joe Buck, try ESPN radio.

Of course, the World Series means that college hoops is just around the corner!  In fact, teams started practice at midnight last Saturday, or that afternoon in the case of the Hawks.  So begins the season where we begin the climb the ladder! 

On the ice the Caps have just wrapped up a 3-0 pasting of Florida to move to 5-0-0 on the season.  Keep it going boys!!!

Now, if the Cowboys could just finish a game...

Ok friends, wrapping things up here, I hope you have a wonderful night, and remember, at this time tomorrow, the weekend starts to come into view! 

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