October 11, 2011

The Eternal Season - Tuesday October 11th

Good Evening TES Friends!

Sorry I have been so silent of late, been very, very busy at work as we prep for the arrival of the iPhone 4S on Friday (our doors open at 8:00 am if you wish to join the masses - look for me, I'll be stocking the floor with all those new iPhones!).  That, and we here at TES have been in the dumps since our dismal performance at Happy Valley on Saturday, put us in a mood where watching sports was not high on our list.  Dexter was - go figure.

Anyway, there will be more about Iowa Football coming up later this week, in the meantime, the sporting calendar continues to roll on, as the MLB League Championship series are under way, and the NHL regular season is now upon us.

We will start tonight on the diamond, where Texas is up 1-0 on Detroit in the 3rd, as the Rangers look to take a 3-0 stranglehold on the AL title chase.  That series is on Fox.  Win tonight, Texas can wrap it up tomorrow at 4:00 pm (Game 4).  Tomorrow night, the Brewers and Cardinals resume their 1-all series in St. Louis, 8:05 pm on TBS.  Yup, the meltdown in the local media that you would expect with the Yankees losing in round 1 has occurred.  Always next year!  With all those old guys you have locked up to long term contracts....

On the ice, the Caps have begun with a 2-0-0 start, as they look to make this the year that the Cup runs in DC.  I'll be there in the Garden, and sometime this season the Phone Booth, to cheer them on.

And now that hockey season has begun, that means the Hoops season is right around the corner!  The Hawks tip off in 30 days and 22 hours from tonight.  In the NBA - uhhh, don't hold your breath.  The failure to make progress on the lockout talks resulted in the league canceling the first two weeks of the regular season today.  Not that we at TES care much, college hoops is enough for our fix.

No college football today, but there is news of note, as TCU has agreed to join the Big 12 - which seems to solidify the conference for now - still pending the possible departure of the Paper Tigers to the SEC, but that won't happen before the 2013-14 school year.  In other news, that Gamecock QB, Garcia, that Iowa made look bad in our bowl game which seems like forever ago, was finally booted off the South Carolina team for what appears to be his 14th infraction.  Actually, 6th, but it points to the absurdity of SEC football that such a kid could be given so many chances.  Adios!

And with that, TES will take leave of you tonight - Tuesday night, meaning that Hump is just around the corner, and the weekend begins to become a reality.  We'll see you on the flip side tomorrow night - until then, have a good one!

Late update - Tigers now up 2-1 in the 6th. 

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