October 2, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday October 2nd

Good Afternoon TES Friends!

I hope your weekend has been going well to this point!  Kind of a lost weekend without Iowa Football - wandering around on Saturday, confused, disoriented, nothing to do.  At least the Sunday routine is here for clarity.

Spent all day Saturday watching football of course.  Texas put a beat down on the Clones as payback for last year, the Badgers were very rude hosts to the Huskers, and Florida had a lead on Bama before reality set in and the Tide swamped the Gators. 

The big boys are now playing, and we are hosting my roommate's fantasy league, as they all host a Giants or Jets game watch on a rotating basis during the season.  Football with good friends - or in this case, friends who are also competitors, in the high stakes game that is fantasy.  Me, I just watch the games.

The change in the calendar means that post season baseball has now joined the Eternal Season.  There are 3 games today - Tigers/Yankees at 3:07 eastern, on TNT.  New York is up 1-0.  Then Diamondbacks/Brewers at 5:07, on TBS.  Brewcrew up 1-0.  The nightcap, Cardinals/Phillies, at 8:37, on TBS.  The hosts are up 1-0 after winning the slug-fest yesterday. 

And the Eternal Season is really about to ramp up as this week brings the return of hockey - and a nice treat from the NHL Network tonight, the Black Hawks/Caps preseason game is being broadcast at 5:00 pm,

And October also means that the hoops season is almost here.  Well, the college hoops season, which at TES is really the only hoops we care much about.  We are now at 40 days - and counting - until the Hawks open the 2011-2012 season!

OK my friends, have to go and be a host, the food will be arriving soon along with a restocking of the beer.  We'll be back tomorrow night - which means that when TES returns, the Monday will be done with!  Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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