October 16, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday Ocotber 16th

Good Evening TES Friends,

Well, what had been a great weekend for we here at TES (as of Saturday) took a major dive today, and it's not that the Cowboys blew another game at the end.  Tragic news from the IndyCar Las Vegas 300, where a 15 car crash killed two time Indy 500 champion Dan Wheldon.  Video of the crash is on the front page of ESPN.com, should you wish to see it.  Another stark example of the times that life can intercede in the hallowed arenas, or racetracks, of sport - where we go to escape life for a few precious hours. 

It certainly puts the highs of Saturday - the dramatic Hawkeye win over Northwestern, the Caps winning to move to 4-0-0, and a good time had with friends celebrating the Iowa victory - into perspective.  These are, after all, games.  We love them, and base some of our identity on the teams we love, but in the bigger picture of life, they are just sporting events. 

But the games do go on.  In baseball, the Rangers have disposed of the Tigers to return to the World Series, while in the National League, the Cardinals have a 9-4 3rd inning lead over the Brewers - and if that lead holds, that series ends with St. Louis advancing to the Fall Classic.

The first BCS ratings came out today, with LSU heading the field ahead of Bama, Oklahoma, Okie State, and Boise State (then the Badgers).  Clearly, that sets up some rather huge conference games in the weeks ahead.  But the biggest news of the weekend was again off the college football field, as the winds of change keep blowing through the conference alignment ranks.  Things are still in flux, we'll have more to discuss as they clear up in the days ahead.  But the Super Conferences - and likely Div. 1 playoff - are coming.

And with that, we shall wrap it up tonight, as Monday lurks, and I need to get started on the week 8 Hawkeye Game Notes.  They will be a lot more fun to write this week!  I hope your week gets off to a good start, until next time, have a good night!

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