September 18, 2011

The Eternal Season - Sunday September 18th

Good Evening Friends!

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend with friends and family.  I know, Monday lurks, but the good news is that 24 hours from now, it will be over and done with.

And what a weekend it was.  Nothing short of the biggest comeback in Iowa Football history to beat Pitt with a 4th quarter that will live long in the memory of Hawkeye Nation.  Was that the kind of win to propel the young team into greater things as the season goes along?  Perhaps, much more about that in the weekly game notes that will be out Thursday night!

And now, it looks like the Sunday afternoon is going to end with Dallas taking out the Niners in OT!  A day that included the Titans knocking off the Ravens, and Cam Newton again tossing for more than 400 yards but dropping to 0-2 where it counts.  Tonight, a juicy game as Michael Vick returns to Atlanta with the Eagles, at 8:20 on NBC.  Then tomorrow, the Rams face the Giants in MNF, 8:30, on ESPN.  One of those teams will be 0-2, and the playoff dreams will be on life-support already.

It's done!  Dallas wins with the chip shot field goal, rallying from 10 down in the 4th to claim it in OT, 27-24. 

In baseball, the Dodgers have a 15-1 lead on the Pirates, a win that will have them at .500 with 10 games left in the season.  Been a very trying year, but going out above that mark will help in 2012.  Get it done Bums!

And, for we hockey fans, it has begun - NHL teams have opened camp for the 2011-2012 season.  What has been the slow point in The Eternal Season is really starting to ramp up now!

And yet, with all this excellent news, the biggest story of the weekend was not on any playing field or sheet of ice.  It's that the mega blowup of college conferences as we have known them is on the verge of happening.  Today, the ACC has accepted the applications of both Pitt and Syracuse, currently of the Big East.  While more in our midwest parts, it is looking like Texas, Oklahoma, Okie State, and Texas Tech are on the verge of joining the PAC 12.  That would send A&M to the SEC, along with a school to be named later.  And there was news yesterday that both Iowa State and Baylor have both had discussions with the Big East to head there should the Big 12 break up.  The Big Ten issued a statement today saying that they are not doing anything - at the moment.  But with all this swirling around, it could finally force the Irish to pull the plug on their independence, and of course the Big Ten would have to have one more team to keep the divisions even.  They might not be saying anything publicly, but I'm sure talks are going on in the back rooms of B1G headquarters in Chicago.  That Div. 1 football playoff might be here by 2014.

And with that, TES must take leave of you tonight, as our TWC internet keeps going out, so that’s a sign to step away from the Mac and enjoy the last football game of the day.  Have a good night, TES will see you tomorrow – Internet pending!


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