September 19, 2011

The Eternal Season - Monday September 19th

Good Evening TES Friends!

Monday evening!  Just like that, we are on to Tuesday.  Be gone, Monday!

But hang around just long enough to give us another good game for Monday Night Football.  With those 8:30 starts, the games often do the job of killing off Monday and ending after the start of Tuesday.  Which for some of us is fine, but a major disservice to kids on the east coast.

No college football today, but news none the less.  In both Texas and Oklahoma, the regents have allowed the presidents go ahead with discussions with the PAC 12.  Also news today that the schools left behind behind by the possible exodus to the PAC 12 could merge with what is left of the Big East now that Pitt and Cuse are gone.  Stay tuned, things are likely to break very quickly in the conference shuffle!

Just wrapped up re-viewing and note taking the Pitt game.  9+ pages of hand written, translates to...we'll see on Thursday night!  Great to see it again when drinking only green tee, was having to numb the pain for 3 quarters on Saturday.  Should be no such problems this week. 

The Dodgers are off tonight, a day off reward for hitting the .500 mark.  So that just leaves MNF here at The Eternal Season that we care about.  Must rest up for another Park run tomorrow, then home to start typing the week 4 game notes.  Enjoy the football, we'll see you on Tuesday!

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